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7.56 X 1011 atoms of oxygen (1 mole O/6.022 X 1023)(1 mole V2O3/3 mole O)(149.88 grams/1 mole V2O3)

= 6.27 X 10 -11 grams vanadium oxide


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Q: How many grams of v203 would you need to have 7.56e11 atoms of oxygen?
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How much would a mole of oxygen atoms weight?

16.01 grams in a mole of Oxygen. This can be found underneath the atomic symbol on a periodic table.

What would you multiply grams of oxygen by to get the units atoms of oxygen?

There is no direct relationship between grams of oxygenand atoms of oxygen. Use the atomic mass to convert grams to moles and Avogadro's number to convert moles to atoms.Since you are converting from grams O, this goes in the denominator (on the bottom) of the first factor. You want to end up in units of atoms of O, so this goes in the numerator (on the top) of the last factor.g O1.00 mole O6.02E+23 atom O= atoms O16.0 gram O1.00 mole ONote that the units grams oxygen "cancel out" in the first factor and you are left in units of moles. Moles cancel out in the second factor and the final units are atoms oxygen.

What is the total mass of oxygen 1.00 mole of AI2CrO43?

In this molecule, there are 4 oxygen atoms, so 1 mole of this substance would have 4 moles of oxygen atoms. Each oxygen atom is 16 g/mole, so 64 grams.

Are there more silicon atoms than oxygen atoms in the silicon-oxygen tetrahedron?

This is the SiO4 anionic group. Thus, the answer you need would be that there are more oxygen atoms.

What kind of charge would the hydrogen atoms have compared to the oxygen atoms?

Oxygen -2 Hydrogen +1

Atoms in a molecule of oxygen?

Oxygen is an element. The oxygen in our atmosphere typically combines with itself, as does the nitrogen, forming a diatomic molecule--O2. So the two atoms in a molecule of oxygen would both be oxygen atoms.

How many atoms are in 16.00 g of O?

Since the atomic weight of oxygen is 15.9994 or 15.9994 grams/mole 16.00 grams of O would be 1.000 moles. 1 mole of something contains Avogadro's number (6.0221415 × 1023 mol-1) of particles of that substance - in this case atoms so 16.00 grams of O would be 6.0221415 × 1023 atoms of O.

How many atoms of Oxygen are there in 3Al2O3?

If you mean this Al2(CO3)3, then 9 oxygen atoms are represented.

How many molecules of water would result if two molecules of glucose combined with 12 molecules of oxygen?

Twelve. Glucose is C6H12O6, so two molecules of glucose would give you: 12 carbon atoms 24 hydrogen atoms 12 oxygen atoms The 12 molecules of oxygen would give 24 oxygen atoms, for 48 total atoms of oxygen. So...each carbon atom would take two oxygen atoms to give 12 molecules of carbon dioxide, and each remaining oxygen atom would take two hydrogen atoms to give 12 molecules of water.

How many grams of Florine would be in 1.6 of Oxygen?

1,9 grams

How many grams of oxygen gas is contained in 11.2L 02 gas at stp?

To determine how many atoms are present in 56 liters of oxygen gas at STP you first need to know that there are two atoms in a single molecule. Then, you would work the scientific formula to determine the number of molecules in the oxygen gas.

What does 5 atoms of ogygen and 4 atoms of sodium make?

Nothing.4 atoms of sodium would have a 4 + charge and 5 atoms of oxygen would have a 10 - charge.So you need 2 atoms of sodium and 1 atom of oxygen to get...,Na2O=====