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The substance is a mixture.

The component chemicals/ingredients have not reacted with each other.

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Q: Vince is baking a cake He pours flour and sugar into an empty bowl The substance in the bowl is a?
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1 Vince is baking a cake He pours flour and sugar into an empty bowl The substance in the bowl is a?

y u no think about it u mad k12 :D

Is flour a pure or impure mixture?

Yes Baking Powder Is A Pure Substance.

What happens when vinegar mixed with flour?

it turns into a doughy substance , but don't add baking soda and vinegar

Is plain flour and baking powder the same as self-raising flour?

No. Self raising flour already has baking soda mixed into it (which is another leavening agent used in cake baking)

How does the protein content in flour affect its baking qualities?

how does the protein content of flour affect its baking qualities

What is the difference between self rising flour and non?

Self rising flour is flour with baking powder and salt added to it. It is also finer, therefore it is good for baking because if you use regular flour you have to add the baking powder to it.

Does std flour have baking flour?

You are asking if STANDARD FLOUR HAS BAKING FLOUR? Standard flour from the grocer, or if you are lucky to have stone ground flour, is baking flour. The question is: What are you baking. So if you are baking bread that needs a rising factor, you need to add some gluten into it. Bread flours are higher in gluten content. I buy the generic flour and add my own additional gluten so I don't have that many varieties of flour in the freezer. I have whole wheat, multi-grains, etc which I use for bread making as well.

What is self-rising flour?

Self-rising flour is a mix of flour and salt and a leavening agent (baking powder). Most recipes that mention self-rising flour leave out the baking powder. You can make your own cup with the following: 1 cup of all purpose flour 1 1/4 teaspoon of baking powder and a pinch of salt Happy Baking....

How is self-raising flour different from ordinary flour?

Self-rising flour has baking soda, baking powder and salt added in. All-purpose flour does not have these ingredients, so you have to mix them in if the recipe calls for them. For recipes that call for all-purpose flour, and you are using self-rising flour, you can leave these ingredients out.

Amount of self rising flour to equal baking soda baking powder?

You can't. Self rising flour has enough baking powder in it for itself. You can't add more flour to it and expect it to work.

What is the opposite of flour?

Flour is an ingredient used in baking. It has no "opposite."

Which has more carbohydrates flour or Baking soda?

flour by 6.291g