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Try putting your foot on the brake and then shifting. Cars are amazing pieces of machinery and can have some interesting problems every now and then.

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Q: Why Gear shifter won't lshift into park?
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Why wont your 1996 Taurus shift into gear?

If the shifter will not come out of park, check the brake light fuse. The shifter release solenoid uses the brake light switch to unlock the shifter.

Gear stick wont go into gear clutch saxo?

1999 ford explorer 4.0 manual transmission gear shifter wont fit on shaft

Ihave a Chrysler 300 and your gearshift is stuck in park How do you get it out of park?

Your Shifter has a safety feature that will only allow you to put your car in gear if you step on the brake. If you blew the fuse it wont let you move the shifter so change the fuse in the fuse box.

2001 ford expedition will start wont go into drive?

Are you saying that the gear shifter will not move from park to drive or that when you shift to drive the vehicle will not move? We need more info.

Why wont my car start after automatic shifter in 'drive' or 'reverse' while key is removed?

It needs to be in park or neutral to start. All cars have a "safety" switch which prevents starting in gear.

What causes a 5 speed transmission not to shift with the shifter?

if you mean it wont go into gear and it grinds like a sob but other gears still work synchronizers. if you mean the shifter is loose an cant find the gear anymore - linkage. if it wont go into any gear sounds like a clutch problem

Ford f-150 and it wont go into park and the gear shifter is very loose?

The shift linkage is either broken or out of adjustment. Check the linkage where it connects to the transmission and make sure that it is connected properly.

Why wont the Key go to lock position so it can be removed and the shifter lock 1994 olds achieva?

Its the gear shift. It's not all the way in park. The car may not be moving, but its not locked in the park position. Check it out. I had the same exact problem

How do you tighten gear shifter won't stay in park?

What type of vehicle? possibly broken parking paw (not good) if it will park but shifter just wont stay you have a broken shifter safety switch (this is the switch that requires you to depress the brake to shift from park) if it is an older vehicle it is a broken shifter the button you press to shift is broken if it is your parking paw you will need a different transmission or take it to a transmission shop to have it worked on (paking paw is a small knob inside the transmission to keep the vehiclke from rolling and coould be broken if you park on hills without using the parking brake)

How do you get a 4runner out of park?

Shifter is blocked by a device attached to the brake pedal. If the brake pedal is not depressed it wont allow you to change out of park. There should also be a bypass button next to the shifter, in case the cable to the pedal breaks.

Why does your key get stuck in the ignition If you giggle your gear shift leverit comes out you have an 94 Lexus SC400?

It is because your shifter has not engaged in its place properly ( in park, P), therefore the ignition does not sense that it is in place and it wont let it turn and be pulled out.

Why wont gear shifter change gears on steering coloum?

Linkage broken or disconnected? Vehicle stuck in "Park"? Check to see if stop lights are working - shift interlock and stop lights same circuit - check fuse

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