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Which group advises the President concerning foreign affairs and defense

national security council

What other position does the vice president also hold

president of the senate

Which state does not ask its people to vote on constitutional amendments

Constitutional amendments must be ratified by the votes of 3/4 of the State Legislatures. There is no requirement for a plebiscite, or vote of the people. Each State Legislature can, if it chooses, base its decision on a popular vote, but I'm not aware that any do.

Who was the principal founder of Constitutional law in America

john marshall

How many executive departments are there in the executive branch

There are 15 major departments in the executive branch.

Who is the most powerful member of the lower house at the state level

speaker of tha house

Which person directs the operation of the entire presidential staff

Chief of Staff

Who must approve the appointed heads of the executive departments


Who or what acquired power over all courts as a result of the Judiciary Act of 1789

supreme court

What general categories of powers does the President hold

implied and expressed

Who started the system of rewarding political friends for election help

Andrew Jackson

Which case basically outlawed state taxes being levied on the federal government

McCulloch vs Maryland

The President is also known as the National Security Advisor


The Senate rarely rejects Presidential Cabinet appointees


Most accused defendants are tried in which court


Which of these cases set limits on searches of students in school

new jersey v. t.l.o.

Who tried to pack the supreme court by increasing the number of justices

Franklin Roosevelt!!

JM #14 :)

The executive office was created in 1939 by an act of Congress


The President holds regular meetings with the cabinet


What term is described as a group of advisors brought together by the President to serve his or her needs


The first issue to be decided at the Constitutional Convention concerning the establishment of the court was how many justices should serve


Why is Congressional District 1 the smallest

it has the most people per square mile

What is the opening statement of a document such as a constitution that declares the purpose of the state government


Which case established that an accused person must be advised of his or her rights prior to talking to a law enforcement officer

miranda v. arizona

Who is in charge of executing the budget

sponge bob is in charge of the budget!

None of the answers are correct. (for civics and governments only)

Which goal of the Preamble is addressed by the work of the Supreme Court

Establish Justice

Which of these court cases established the concept of separate but equal facilities for blacks and whites is the supreme law for all judges at either the state or federal level

Plessy v. Ferguson

Which court cases struck down the Plessy v Ferguson ruling

Brown v. board of education

What article of the Constitution outlines executive branch

Article II of the Constitution.

How many national congressional districts are in Oklahoma


Who elects the president if no candidate wins the majority of the electoral votes

If no candidate receives a majority of electoral votes, the Twelfth Amendment of the United States Constitution provides that the U.S. House of Representatives will select the president, with each of the fifty state delegations casting one vote, and the U.S. Senate will select the vice-president.

When On which coast were the original thirteen colonies that began the US located

Atlantic coast

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