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AnswerSoldiers wounded, killed, missing or taken prisoner during combat. Many of the men reported missing would subsequently have been declared dead, while others would be found to have been taken prisoner. The bodies of thousands of CEF members have never been recovered and they remain "missing" to this day.

a military person killed wounded or captured.

Caualties means deaths in war .

here is an example Right after the war in the Pacific, Japan surrendered to the Americans. The Philippines later was granted its independence but with over a million Filipino casualties. More than 60,000 Americans died and 300,000 Japanese lost their lives.
Men or Soldiers that had died

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In military terms the definition of a casualty is as follows:A casualty is a military person lost through death, wounds, injury, sickness, interment, or being listed as missing in action.

Many people have the misunderstanding that a casualty and a fatality are the same thing. As can be seen they are not.

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Answer Casualty means soldiers both wounded and killed in combat.

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a loss in soldiers or supplies during a war.

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Q: What does casualties mean?
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What does heavy casualties mean?

Many persons have gotten killed.

What was the biggest war with Mexico?

You mean with highest number of casualties? That would be the Mexican Revolution (1910 - 1921) with more than 1 million casualties.

What is the synonym of casualties?

The synonym for casualties is deaths.

How many allied and German casualties were there an D-Day?

At least ~12,000 overall Allied casualties , German casualties were estimated at between 4,000 and 9,000 casualties .

What was the casualties for the battle in okinawa?

12,513 US casualties .

How many union casualties were at the Battle of Shiloh?

There were approximately 13,000 Union casualties at the Battle of Shiloh.

What were the casualties in American Civil War?

about 650,000 total casualties

When was Casualties of Peace created?

Casualties of Peace was created in 1966.

How many death were there in the Battle of Gettysburg?

About 50,000 casualties total. Union Casualties, 23,000 Confederate Casualties, 25,000

How many casualties are there from the Iraq war?

According to the Department of Defense there have been approximately 4,500 Casualties on account of Operation Iraqi Freedom.

How many Central Powers casualties were there at the Battle of Caporetto?

At the battle of Caporetto, the Central Powers had 20,000 casualties, while the Italian forces of the Allies had over 300,000 casualties! (That's a lot of casualties!)

What were the seven days battles casualties for each union and confederacy?

The Confederate casualties were 20 000. The Union Casualties were 16 000.