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Three feet clearance is needed in front of electrical service equipment.

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Q: What is min working space in front of 240V panel?
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What is the normal voltage of house clectricity in the US?

120v or 240v. 120v is one leg of the main panel, and 240 is two legs of the main panel. 120v is lights,outlets. 240v, dryer,stove.

Can you use one wire from the panel with 240v on it to wire a 240v water heater?

In North America it takes two "hot" wires to obtain 240 volts.

What is the high leg in a three phase 480 panel?

there isnt a high leg in a three phase 480v panel only on 240v panels

Can GFCI circuit breaker handle a 240V circuit with a 120V circuit sub-paneled off if it?

I don't know if you are trying to ask if you can run a 240V panel off a GFCI or run a 120 V sub panel off of a GFCI. Can you clarify please,,,Thanks

Can a 240V wire be run from the junction box and not the service box?

Junction box for what? Do you mean a sub panel?

What is a reasonable price for an licensed electrician to install a 240V 30A receptacle in the garage for a dryer 10' from the panel in San Diego California?

Whatever the market will bear. If a guy is charging too much, get someone else. The real issues are things like accessability and how much space is in your breaker panel and how large is the electric service into the house. If your breaker panel is full and you need more space the electrician may need to put in a larger panel. Too many questions, not enough information to answer your original question. Sorry.

What appliances are connected to double circuit breakers used in the distribution panel?

240V appliances, such as range, dryer, air conditioner.

If you have a breaker that has a 120240v and your dryer has a 240v plug can you change the receptacle to a 240v?

if i have a breaker that has a 120/240v and my dryer has a 240v plug can i change the receptacle to a 240v

How do you rewire a 120v outlet to 240v?

You don't. Electric devices like outlets have voltage and current ratings that should not be exceeded. Also, the 240V would have to be run from the main panel and may require a different size wire depending on the current required.

Why can't the ground wire be connected to neutral at the receptacle instead of in the main panel?

First off, this is for a single phase 120/240V system only. The ground and neutral can be bonded at the receptacle but not instead of bonding them at the panel.You should always have them bonded together at the panel in a single phase 120/240V system. Otherwise you risk having a floating neutral in your system.

How do you hook up 240v 20a single pole breaker?

240 volts require 2 poles on a panel - 120V each pole - so the answer on "how" is that you can't.

How do you ground a 240V outlet?

A 220V should be grounded like every other fixture, through a green or bare wire to the neutral bus in the main panel.

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