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Bars, Clubs, and Lounges

Bars, clubs, and lounges are establishments that cater to a more adult atmosphere. Most serve alcoholic beverages, and center around leisure activities such as dancing.

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What is a game bar for nightclub city?

it's for checking your thing's like the party time or DJ time
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What do they call a bar in Australia?

A bar is usually referred to as a "Pub".
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What is info on the Canton Tea Gardens nightclub?

See the link to the right for an article talking about someone who performed there regularly: VJMUK ...
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What is a lounge bar?

A place which serves beverages and little sandwiches. Sometimes there is a grand piano in such places, and as such it is called a piano bar. The pianist plays tunes by request for the enjoyment of guests. It is customary to give a dollar or two to the musician if he/she plays a tune you requested. moreover, lounge is usually located in the hotel lobby or executive floors. offer a range of specialty teas and coffees. dessert trolley/pastry display is also a...
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How do you make a club like the kids next door?

well...build a tree house on a tree (make it sturdy) then invite friends/classmates and ask them to go to your house to visit or hangout during saturday/sunday and make daily missions like pranking or spying or buying some toy water guns to use it as your weapons ...
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Helsing's Vodvil Lounge?

located on Broadway, it consisted of restaurant, night club featuring entertainment(George Gobel, George Brunis dixieland group and a piano player who had a hit tune who had an unusual way of playing the piano, he was from Cinn. Ohio if memory serves me right.It also conisted of a men's sports wear shop. The alleys were open 24 hours a day and the pro bowlers were the best of the day. The pin boys made 11 cents a line and they stayed...
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Does the ab lounge really work?

even though on the ad it looks very easy but they people that "have lost the weight" on the ad are all ready fit - trim if you want to loose weight just stick to a heathly diet and execisse routein ...
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What is the average cost of a chaise lounge?

Depending on the model of the chaise also the type of materials used in constructing the piece,and fabrics used to cover the furniture and considering whether its antique or not the price could range from $300.00 up to $15,000.00 or more ...
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Has anyone heard of club gecko?

club gecko won nationals last year in abbotsford bc in a volleyball tournament. they are really good and have great players on that team. my friends daughter plays on that team and they're no sign ups or try outs. you have to be invited to be on that team and i was like shoot dang it. i really wanted to join it ...
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What are the average fees for a liquor license escrow in California and how much should a California liquor license escrow company charge for each escrow claim filed on a sellers liquor license?

When using the liquor license auction website(s) in California, you should expect to pay the following escrow fee(s): The escrow fees and costs for the sale/purchase of an alcoholic beverage license are always paid for by the buyer when using the auction website(s). Liquor License Escrow Fee $650.00 Recording & Certification of Notice of Intended Transfer $75.00 - $100.00 (varies by County) Overnight Messenger Fee (per package) $10.00 (if applicable) It is NOT recommended to pay any extra escrow fee(s) to an escrow company for...
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What are the best nightclubs in Amsterdam?

you can search in adultsearch dot com. link is not allowed so i put it this way ...
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What are the rules about confidentiality in the teacher's lounge?

Absolutely, and not just HS students, students of any age. However, HOW and to WHOM they make their comments/criticism is vitally important if they want to be taken seriously. ...
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What is fashionable nightclub attire?

vintage Elvis t-shirt, jeans and gola trainers......that's what I'm wearing 2nite... Answer not trashy No CUT OFFS, TANK TOPS< HEAD BANDS, PANTS ECCESSIVELY HANGING OFF HIPS, HATS OF ANY KIND, T-SHIRTS (FITTED T'S OR DESIGNER LOGOLESS T'S ARE ACCEPTED), DURAGS, RIPPED JEANS, JERSEYS, SNEAKERS, TIMBERLANDS, FLIP FLOPS, CAMOFLAUGE, COVERALLS, sports attire of any sort isnot accepted in most places :l ...
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Can a convicted felon own nightclub?

No state is given, however, if the ownership of the club involves possessing an ABC license, highly doubtful. ...
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What does the french words chaise and lounge mean?

"une chaise longue" is a deckchair in French. The writing 'chaise lounge', although derived from French, is American ('lounge' isn't a French word) ...
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How old do you have to be to get into the nightclub the office in truro?

Generally you have to be 18, but they hold an under 18's party every two weeks on a Friday. ...
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Why is table setting important?

It's just good manners to set the table for eg. when a guest comes over and usually we put a fork, knife, plate, glass for every meal but it's not a 'must' to set the table. It also makes the diner more comfortable if everyone follows the reccommended pattern for the place setting. That way wherever you go, you will know where the knife, spoon, fork, glass, etc. are when you need them. ...
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How old do you have to be to get into a hookah lounge?

Well, its tobacco, so the same age you have to be to buy cigarettes. 18.
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How can you tell if a girl likes you in a nightclub?

good question u can tell by seeing if she sits nxt 2 u. Also she might ask if u want something like a drink. if she butts in ur conversation or wants to talk 2 u alone it can also show good affection. ...