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Baseball History

This category is for questions relating to the history of baseball such as team origins, player records and origins of baseball terms.

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How did Jackie Robinson die?

Jackie Robinson died of heart problems and complications from diabetes on October 24, 1972. ...
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What are the official longest home runs in MLB?

Icons of the game have issued numerous prodigious blasts worthy of awe, but the actual distance is apocryphal and subject to much hyperbole. Examples include: Mickey Mantle - 660 Feet Mickey Mantle - 634 feet. On 4/15/1961, Cincinnati Reds outfielder Wally Post hit a shot in St. Louis that traveled 569 feet. In the news article from the Cincinnati papers, Stan Musial was quoted it was by far the longest homer he ever witnessed. Bob Nieman, a Cardinals out fielder who also witnessed...
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How did Jackie Robinson die when and where?

Jackie Robinson died on October 24,1972(age 53) Stamford,Connecticut
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When did Jackie Robinson Jr die?

Jack and Rachel Robinson had three children: Jackie Jr., who died in a car crash after time in the Army and in a drug rehab program at the age of 24. ...
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What team had the longest winning streak in NHL history?

The longest win streak is held by the 1992-1993 penguins with 17 games. The longest home win streak is held by the 2011-2012 Detroit Red Wings at 23 games The 1979-1980 Philadelphia Flyers hold the longest undefeated streak (wins and ties) at 35 games. ...
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What does whip mean in baseball stats?

WHIP is a new statistic for pitchers and it means Walks plus Hits per Inning Pitched. You add up the number of hits allowed and add to the number of walks allowed and divide by innings pitched. If a pitcher has walked 50 batters and given up 150 hits and pitched 180 innings, the WHIP would be calculated as (50 + 150) / 180 which equals 1.11. ...
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How many World Series rings does Josh Beckett have?

Josh Beckett is a two time World Series champion, winning in 2003 with the Florida Marlins and in 2007 with the Boston Red Sox. He was also the 2003 World Series MVP. ...
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What is a baseball made of?

outer layer= leather inside layer= compressed cork
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Who did George Steinbrenner purchase the New York Yankees from?

On January 3, 1973,*George Steinbrenner III with his minority partner E. Michael Burke bought the*New York Yankees Baseball team from*Columbia Broadcasting System (CBS) for $10 million US dollars. The New york Yankees are worth 1.6 billion US dollars as of 2010. *George Michael Steinbrenner III died at 80 from a heart attack in his Florida home on July 13th 2010 . *The New York Yankees are owned by Yankee Global Enterprises LLC (YES) . * Columbia Broadcasting System was started on April of 1927...
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Can major league baseball players wear number 42?

MLB permanently retired the #42 in 1997. However, they allowed anyone who was wearing #42 at the time to continue to wear it. Mariano Rivera of the Yankees is the only player wearing #42 currently as he was in MLB at the time of its retirement. Once he retires, no one will ever again wear the #42 in MLB. ...
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Do major league baseball players get free tickets to their games?

The tickets they get aren't free, but the players earn so much moolah that they are virtually free to the players. ...
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Do errors and fielders choice factor into batting average?

Yes, if a hitter hits into a fielder's choice he gets credited for an at-bat and is NOT credited with a hit. Whether its an error or a fielder's choice the players batting average WILL decrease ...
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Why is it called the bullpen?

This is from Tim McCarver, so take it with that in mind, but he said that it was born from a comment that an announcer made early on. He said "They look like bulls waiting to be let out of a pen," referring to the relief pitchers. More input from WikiAnswers Contributors: Apparently it is because a long time ago, they used bulls for entertainment and they kept them there. The game was played out in the fenced in areas of fields...
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How many hits did pete rose have at age 36?

Rose turned 36 on April 14, 1977 (an off day for the Reds) and had 2769 career MLB base hits. For the 1977 season, Rose had 204 base hits. ...
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How many World Series have the Dodgers won?

The Dodgers have won 6 World Series: 1955, 1959, 1963, 1965, 1981, and 1988. ...
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Who is the most famous Jewish baseball player?

I would have to say Sandy Koufax Agreed. Prior to Koufax, it would probably have been the '30's-'40's slugger Hank Greenberg. ...
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How many wins does Tony La Russia have?

As of June 20, 2010 Tony La Russa has a total of 2,590 games won and 2,247 games lost through his career of being a manager. He has the third most won games than any other manager through the history of mlb, trailing behind Connie Mack and John McGraw. He is also second all-time for games managed with 4,773, trailing Connie Mack with 3,731. ...
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What player played in the most World Series?

With 14 World Series appearances, Yankees catcher and outfielder Yogi Berra played the most times in this event. Berra, who played 19 major league seasons for the Yankees, appeared in the Fall Classics of 1947, 1949-1953, 1955-1958 and 1960-1963. The Yankees won 10 world championships during that time. ...
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What pitcher did pete rose have the most hits against?

Phil Niekro. Rose had 64 hits in 226 at bats against Niekro for a .283 batting average. The 226 at bats was also the most Rose had against any pitcher. ...
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Where did Hank Aaron hit homer number 714?

Aaron hit No. 714 off pitcher Jack Billingham at Cincinnati's Riverfront Stadium on April 5, 1974. Four days later, he broke Babe Ruth's home record, belting No. 715 off Dodgers pitcher Al Downing at Atlanta-Fulton County Stadium. ...
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What month does baseball season start?

It depends on if you're talking about Spring Training or the regular season. Spring Training starts in late February and the regular season begins in April. ...
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Why is baseball called America's pastime?

Baseball is considered a development from an older game called rounders that was made popular in Great Britain and Ireland. It became an extremely popular sport during and just after the American Civil War. It was called "America's Pastime" because during the late 19th and early 20th century it was probably the most widely played sport in the country. Baseball was to that time period as video games and television are to today. Before TV Baseball was what kids did after school...
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Who has the record for most consecutive at bats with a strikeout?

Joe Sewell of the 1929 Cleveland Indians went 442 at bats (May 20-September 20, a stretch of 115 games) without striking out. Pitcher Tom Seaver struck out the last 10 batters in a row during his 19-strikeout game on April, 22 1970. For a batter, pitching great Sandy Koufax struck out 12 times in a row in 1955. ...
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Where does the second baseman stand in MLB?

Usually between second base and first base.