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Bed Wetting

Bed wetting is classified as a sleep disorder. It is more common in children and adolescents, but can be an issue any age group.

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How do you help stop bed wetting?

A parent who has a child that may bed wet beyond the time they should stop should take their child to their family physician to have tests done to see how the kidneys are functioning and how the bladder is growing. Sometimes the bladder is not mature enough to hold urine, but will eventually become normal for the age of the child. It is not the child's fault and a parent should never get angry with their child for bed wetting...
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Should teen boys wear diapers if they wet the bed?

The answer is simple YES as it is better to get a good nite sleep and not wake up in cold wet sheets that need to be washed. With the society that thinks the problem is with the teen it is really the society and attitude here in the US that is the problem. No harm and no big deal should be made of this. Just support the kid and they will grow out of it without a complexity of shame...
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What should you do if you caught your teenage son or daughter wearing diapers even though they don't wet the bed?

Answer: If you ask someone who wears diapers- they will say it's normal. The same as if you are to ask someone who eats bugs whether or not they think eating bugs is normal- of course their going to say they think it is. But anyway, I think it is the moral responsibility of the parent to take the child to a psychiatrist and find out why exactly it's happening. Speaking from experience- it could be some bottled up issues about...
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Can Strattera cure bed wetting?

Strattera has not been approved for pediatric indications. It's approved for Adult ADD only, so take your doctors advice with a grain of salt. Many drug companies have come under fire recently for marketing their products to doctors for many "off-label" indications that have not been proven safe or effective in clinical trials. What I am saying is that a drug rep with dollars in mind might have put that recommendation in your doctor's mouth and he is playing right into their...
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Do any cartoon characters wet the bed?

Yes on the simpsons Ralph Milhouse Rod and todd flanders "Any else?"
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Is bed wetting a withdrawal of Adderall?

In my experience, my daughter's night wetting stopped almost completely when taking adderall. She stopped taking the meds during the summer & the bed wetting returned. She has woken up dry again since her first dose this school year. My daughter is 9yrs old and has wet the bed at least once per night since birth. ...
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What is the medical term meaning bedwetting?

The medical term for bed wetting is enuresis, also called nocturnal enuresis, or bed wetting at night. ...
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What causes bed wetting?

noctural enuresis
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How to do the bed wetting prank?

Put their hand in warm water while they are sleeping;)
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Will drinking milk make you wet the bed?

If you drink milk before going to bed there is a chance that you could pee the bed. If that does not happen then you could wake up in the middle of the night needing to go to the bathroom. ...
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How do you make someone wet the bed?

put their hand in a bowl of water while their asleep Use ice cold water. i tried it. it works!!! soo funny to watch them just let go! warm and hot water works to!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! once there hansd is in the water wait a minute and watch it all flow out..........for even better effects make them drink like 2 liters of coke as a dare or something before they go to bed. ...
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What causes bed bugs?

Bed bugs are not caused by dirt or filth, contrary to popular belief. The following is a risk assessment we use to determine likelihood of a possible infestation. It should give you a good idea of what causes infestations. With today's emergences of bed bugs, many individuals who never thought they would face an infestation are questioning their security level when it comes to being protected from bed bugs. There are a few questions...
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How do you fake wetting the bed?

first take a shower then dry yourself and leave the towel on the bed for a few hours or heat up lemon juice if u want it to be quick and pour it on the bed this is only good if your sheets and blanket are light colors. but the smell is what u need to work on lol ...
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What are some songs like wet the bed by Chris Brown?

like a virgian again,beg for it,body2body
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Why would a 14 year old boy wet the bed?

Either he was having a really really bad nightmare or he's going through puberty so I'm not really going to go into details but i hope this was helpful. Completely normal if it's puberty otherwise get some help. ...
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Can Lexapro cause bed wetting?

Bed-wetting is not a side effect of Lexapro that has been reported by the manufacturer. The link below gives a comprehensive list of all the side effects of Lexapro that were observed during the clinical trials of the drug as well as the post-marketing side effects that have been observed since Lexapro has been on the market. ...
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Do bed-wetting cause bed bugs?

I believe that urinating in the bed can cause bed bugs because the smell might can attract them. ...
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What are some different ways or styles of making someone wet the bed?

most people would put the person's hand in a cup of water DO NOT DO THIS IF THEY ARE LIGHT SLEEPERS if they are just get them to drink alot of water before going to sleep ...
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Does Chris Brown have a music video for wet the bed?

no but Chris brown would look so sexy wet in his bed, don't you think so.
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When should children stop wetting the bed?

6 or 7 years old is a good age. If they continue to pee the bed then you might need to take them to the doctor so they can check to make sure that the child is growing properly. And to make sure that no one is abusing your child. ...
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Do dandelions make you wet the bed?

Well, the French slang for a Dandelion is a 'piss en lit' (wet the bed) and this is because the Dandelion is know to have diuretic properties. A chemical found in it makes the kidneys switch on and produce urine. Dandelion is not the only herb with these properties, Parsley also does this as does any herb with caffeine (e.g. coffee). ...