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"Charlotte's Web" was written by E. B. White, and first published in 1952. It is a barnyard tale of a rescued piglet, a literate spider, and the girl who takes care of them.

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Charlotte's Web

How many pages are in a Charlotte's Web book?

192 pages are in Charlottes Web

Charlotte's Web

What words does Charlotte write in her web in the movie or book Charlotte's Web?

The words that were included in her web were: "Some Pig", "Terrific", "Radiant", and lastly, "Humble".

Charlotte's Web

What is Fern in Charlotte's web?

Fern is a little girll thatt saved a pig from getting killed by her dad so she raised the pig and named him "Wilbur"

Charlotte's Web

What was the name of the horse in Charlotte's Web?


Charlotte's Web

How many chapters are in Charlottes Web?

13 chapters

Charlotte's Web

Why does Templeton agree to save Wilbur's life?

Templeton agrees to save Wilbur's life because the Goose explains to him that if Wilbur dies, Templeton will not be able to eat food remains in Wilbur's trough. Since Templeton only helps Charlotte for a continued food supply, he really does it out of self-interest.

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Charlotte's Web

What is the rat's name in 'Charlotte's Web'?

Templeton is the name of the rat in "Charlotte's Web."

The name of the rat in Charlottes Web is Templeton.
Charlotte's Web

Who are the characters of Charlotte's Web?

The main characters in the novel Charlotte's Web are:

  • Wilbur (a pig)
  • Charlotte (a spider)
  • Templeton (a rat)
  • Goose and Gander (stuttering geese)
  • Fern Arable (daughter of the Arables)
  • Avery Arable (son of the Arables, Fern's older brother)
  • Dr. Dorian (a local doctor)
  • Lurvy (a clumsy farmhand)
  • Mr. & Mrs. Arable (Fern's parents who own a farm)
  • Mr. & Mrs. Zuckerman (aunt and uncle of Fern)
  • The Minister (told about the web)
  • Henry Fussy (a local boy)
  • Old Sheep (sheep)
  • Lamb (a lamb)
  • Joy, Aranea and Nellie (3 daughters of Charlottes)
Charlotte's Web

What are Charlotte's spider babies' names in Charlotte's Web?

Joy, Arania, and Nellie

Charlotte's Web

What is a Charlotte easton?

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Charlotte's Web

How many pages are in Charlotte's Web?

Charlotte's Web is by E.B. White. It has 192 pages. It is about "Some Pig."

Charlotte's Web

What is the audience for Charlotte's Web?

If you mean who is the audience then it would depend on where the pig and spider were. The audience at the Zukerman's farm would consist of Goose and Gander and goslings, Ewe and ram, cow, Templeton the Rat, two horses.

Charlotte's Web

What was the problem in the story Charlottes Web?

The problem is Wilber is going to get killed if he doesnt show that hes the best.

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Charlotte's Web
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What tv channel is Monster High on?

monster high is on nick but they could take it off. but they make more episodes online

Charlotte's Web

Who dies in Charlotte's Web?


Charlotte's Web

Is Charlotte's Web is similar to another book?

There are many similarities between Wilbur in Charlotte's Web and Babe.

Charlotte's Web
Freak the Mighty

Is Charlotte's Web fiction or non-fiction?

we say it's fiction

Charlotte's Web

What are some similes in charlottes web?

I don't now

Charlotte's Web

In Charlotte's Web what's the name of the rat?


Charlotte's Web

What is the turning point in Charlotte's Web?

When Charlotte tends to her children, and sadly, dies. Wilbur missed her bery much. He named three babies though!

Charlotte's Web

What is the resolution on Charlotte's web?

I dont know hahahahahahha

Charlotte's Web

What is the rats name in Charlotte's Web?

The rat's name is Templeton.

Charlotte's Web

What kind of animal was Charlotte in Charlottes Web?

A Spider

Charlotte's Web

In charlotts web what is the last word charlott writes in her web?

The last word that Charlotte writes in her web for Wilbur was "humble," because Wilbur was not proud and near the ground.

Charlotte's Web

How many pages does Charlotte's Web have?

It all depends on the publisher.


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