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The Chevrolet Aveo is a subcompact car manufactured by General Motors in two generations from 2002 to the present. The first-generation Aveo was available as a three-door hatchback, a four-door sedan and a five-door hatchback.

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Chevy Aveo

How do you open the boot of the Chevrolet Aveo?

You Grab It By The Rear And Jiglle Your Finger Around A Little :D i hope i helped

Chevy Aveo

How do you switch off front passenger airbag in Chevy Aveo 2004?

You can't switched it off without written permission from the NHTSA. Someone would then have to install a cutoff switch.

Chevy Aveo

What does the upside down horseshoe with exclamation point mean when it comes on in your 2009 Chevy Aveo?

Check the air pressure in the tires, you have a soft tire.

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Chevy Aveo

What are Types of iv fluids?

There are two main catagories of IV fluids, crystalliods and colloids. Each type has its own function. Crystalloids have small parts in them that are absorbed through the vascular bed and into the surounding tissue. Therfore crystalloids are commonly used for rehydration, and electrolyte replacement. Some crystalloids commonly used are: 0.9% saline, Lactated Ringers, and D5W (dextrose).

Colloids have large particles in them so they are not as easilly absorbed into the vascular bed. Because of this property colloids are used to replace lost blood, maintain healthy blood pressure, and volume expansion. Some common colloids are:

Chevy Aveo

What is the size of the front axle nut on a 2004 Chevy aveo?

1.25 inch and a quarter

Chevy Aveo

Where is the shift solenoid for a aveo?

In the centre console. You need to unbolt the plastic surround, lift and turn it at the shifter. You will expose the shift mechanism and see an electric switch near the shift lever at the top. Follow the wires attached to it, going under the white plastic, and there is the solenoid. The lockup problem is generally the solenoid but can be the switch or the brake light switch at the brake pedal.

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How do you change the timing belt on a 1984 Chevette?

The fact that you ask the question indicates you do not have the expertise to do this. Severe damage can be done to the engine if this is done incorrectly. Find a good trustworthy mechanic and pay the expert to do this job.

I done this many times but it has been quite a while since I've done one, but I do remember the top gear (Cam Gear) has a hole in it and also the rear cover has a hole in it also line those two up (easiest way I found was to put a Allen wrench approx. the same size through them both) then you have the top gear lined up. the bottom gear should also have some kind of mark on it also (can't remember what it looks like) it is also a good idea to take off the distribtor cap off and make sure the rotor is pointing at the number one spark plug location, if not (180 degrees out) rotate the engine one complete rotation (without timing belt on) then the rotor should be pointing at the number one spark plug location and you can install the timing belt and it should be all lined up.

There should be a tensioner that is bolted on to the engine with an off center hole with an Allen wrench hole also put in the proper size Allen wrench and rotate it (I think it is clockwise)until the belt has tension on the tighten down the the bolt with the off center hole and you should be done.


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Howq do you take off the Door panel to an aveo?

First remove the retaining ring from the door handle by starting at the 9 o'clock position and pressing between the ring and the door panel with a small screwdriver until the clip releases, remove the ring. Next there are 3 screws on the bottom of the panel, unscrew them. Rotate the window crank to the 6 o'clock position, then push in on the door panel until you can see the metal pole there is a small e clip that holds the window crank to the pole. Then using a small screwdriver or a hard piece of metal about the thickness of a quarter push downward on the retaining clip and remove the crank. Pull the panel out away from the door, then rock the door up so it can come out. You may have to remove the triangle piece that covers the manual mirror adjustment, if so be careful, I have yet to remove one without breaking it.

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What are the best vehicles to pull behind a 30' motor home - and why?

It would be what you like to drive. I have allways said use a trailer to put the car on or in this way you can pull what ever you want plus you have the trailer for other things. if you pull a car you are putting miles on it with it on or in you are not putting miles on it. now with a trailer you can put a Gas grill and have a grill where ever you go.

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How do you change the light bulb in the gear shift indicator?

First remove cover around gear shift pops right off and rotate 1/4 turn,next remove gear shift cover with small flathead screwdriver there are four tabs then rotate 1/4 turn.Next remove narrow plastic piece covering bulb.Remove clear plastic piece that surrounds bulb.Pull bulb out and replace very easy.No need to remove console use q-tips,tweezers,or superglue takes about 10 minutes

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What is the position of timing marks on left and right camshafts and on crankshaft belt drive pulley for a 1991 Hyundai Elantra GLS?

on the top two camshafts you gonna have to look for a paint mark on the wheel where the theeth are. its a litlle tinny dot of paint. then look at the other one and find the mark. clean the camshafts first with some wd 40 or some gas but be careful not to clean the marks off. when you find the dots rotate each camshaft until the left one's mark is at 3 pm ( looking at a clock) and the right camshaft's mark is at 9 Pm (both of the marks will be next to each other) MARK--- ----Marknow the bottom crankshaft. rotate it until the timing mark that's on it (or notch) is alligned with the nimber 0 that's on the timing cover Good luck

Chevy Aveo

How do you disable the DRL's on a 2005 Chevy Aveo LS?

Under the dash directly above the gas pedal, find the black relay/module that has an upsidedown white label that says "Hamsar". Disconnect the wiring harness that leads to this module. POOF!! no more DRL's. As far as I can tell this affects the DRL's and nothing else.

Chevy Aveo

How do you change fog light bulbs in a 1998 Pontiac Grand Prix?

I've changed my fog light bulbs on my 1998 Grand Prix GT at least 2 times. First of all, there were two types of bulbs at the Trak Auto or Pep Boy's store where I purchased the replacement bulbs. Spend the few extra bucks and get the long-life version or you'll be replacing them again within a few months. I think the lower grand ones can't handle the normal road shock. To replace the bulbs, you need to lay on the ground under the front bumper and reach up around behind the fog light assembly and turn the bulb socket connector a quarter turn and then remove the bulb socket connector from the fog light housing. Replace the bulb using a soft cloth. I try not to touch the new bulb with my fingers if possible. Insert the bulb connector socket into the fog light housing and turn a quarter turn in the opposite direction as it was removed.

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Is Chevy Aveo worth buying?

No!!!!! Many problems with the timing belt possibly costing thousands.

Chevy Aveo

What is p0562 code on Chevy aveo?

Trouble code P0562 means:System voltage low

Chevy Aveo

How do you replace the rear bulbs on a 2006 Chevy Aveo?

if you are looking for anything to do with the lights on the back of the car go to a carparts store and tell them what you need. they maybe able to help put something together. I had to replace my turn signal light bulb in the back of the car. you cannot get them in the orange bulb. they only sell them clear. I sales person spay painted one for me orange so I could use it. It is not hard to replace the lights on in the back of the car in the hatch or the trunk. Have fun. I have minor problems with mine but had to pay bigg bucks for the parts. good luck.

Chevy Aveo

How do you take out the stereo of a Chevy Aveo?

Remove the 2 side bars[need a small screwdriver,gently pry out]Remove the 4 mounting screws on the mounting tabs of radio,pull radio to you,disconnect plug and antenna.Reverse procss to install.

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Chevy Aveo

Transmission fluid Aveo?

Use Part #88900925 - GM T-IV Automatic Transmission Fluid.

here is the substitute for that fluid

Chevy Aveo

Is Chevrolet Aveo a good car?


Chevy Aveo

Are Chevrolet aveos reliable?

It depends what year you're looking at.I would stay away from '04 and 05 since they had problems with headgaskets and valves.The rest are fine but do consider that you HAVE to change the timing belt @ 60.000 miles or you are looking at a big repair bill.'09 and up are good for 100K.Like any other car keep up on mainteinace and you'll be fine.

Chevy Aveo

Where is th fuel inertia switch on a 2006 Chevy aveo?

they dont have one

Chevy Aveo

How do you replace a clutch on a 2004 Chevy Aveo?

I just recently replaced the clutch on my Chevy Aveo. The nice thing is that I didn't have to pull the engine. You do have to pull the axles out by removing two bolts on the bottom arm of the spindles. You might want to mark the spot so it goes back into the same spot. You also may want to remove all the transmission bolts and wire connectors before removing the axles because you will start leaking gear oil. It was fairly easy with the tough bolts in the usual places.

Chevy Aveo

How you install a thermostat on a Chevy aveo?

For tools You will need a ratchet with a 12mm socket and a short extension, a pair of channel locks or pliers, a flat screw driver, and a pan to catch the radiator fluid.

For parts you will need a thermostat housing ($85.00 at the dealer, abour $55.00 plus shipping on line. and a new gasket (this is an o-ring, and a great inprovement over the paper gasket and sealer that I am used to dealing with). and a little 50-50 antifreeze mixture to replace what will be lost.

This should only take about 15 minutes for the average Joe.

At the top of the radiator on the passenger side you will see a short radiator hose connecting the radiator to the thermostat housing. If this is the first time that the thermostat has been changed the housing will be plastic. The replacement will be cast aluminum (The plastic ones have been known to break).

You can drain some fluid from the system through the plug located under the bottom radiator hose. Or just catch it as best you can when you remove the radiator hose.

Remove the radiator hose by using the channel locks or pliers to expand the clamps and move the past the hose beads on the radiator connection and the thermostat housing. the hoses might be stuck to the plastic connections so carefully use the screwdriver to free the hosees. There will be a small bypass hose connected to the thermostat housing. this will be easier to remove after the housing is free from the engine.

The thermostat housing is held in place by two bolts. you will need the 12mm socket to remove them. The one at the top is visable and easy to reach. The second one is on the opposite side and not visible but easialy reached with the short extension.

Free the thermostat housing from the engine and remove the snall bypass hose in the same manner that the radiator hoses were removed.

The thermostate in part of the housing and to my knowlege not replceable.

Be sure that the old o ring is removed before installing the new o-ring and housing.

Reassemble in reverse order and your done. Don't forget to top off the antifreeze.

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Which has better gas mileage Chevy Cobalt or Chevy Aveo?

The Cobalt replaced the cavalier, a compact. The Aveo, is a sub-compact, and has better numbers.

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How can you change the light bulb where the gear shift is Park Reverse Drive etc on a 1998 Toyota Camry?

How can you change the light bulb for the gear shift on a 2002 Toyota Camry?


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