Coca Cola is the universal soft drink and one of the most recognizable brand names in the world. The recipe of this soft drink is locked in a vault in Atlanta, Georgia.

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Why does Diet Coca-Cola float but regular Coca-Cola does not?

Because the high sugar content in regular coke makes it more dense. Diet sodas in general are less dense because the artificial sweetener used is much much sweeter than sugar, and so it is not necessary to add nearly as much (about 10 times less). So diet sodas are less dense than regular soda, and a can of diet soda will float in water but not regular.


What happens if you put Tylenol in a soda?

Well, for one thing, it makes the soda taste really nasty.

The fact that you would even ask this question indicates that you've been told something about this. It's probably not true, but if you want to be sure, you might ask again, phrasing the question in a more specific way, like "If you put Tylenol in soda does it make girls want to love you long time" or something of the sort. (No, it doesn't, if that's more or less what you were really trying to ask.)

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Can Coca-Cola really dissolve a tooth overnight?

Not even close. Although teeth submerged in a cup of soda do eventually dissolve because of the acid present, this process takes several days.

This myth likely originated from a 1950 Congressional testimony by a Cornell University professor named Clive McCay. He was trying to convince a committee of House representatives that soda could cause cavities, and he claimed teeth submerged in Coke would soften and begin to dissolve in two days’ time. His claims, though, were a bit exaggerated, and other scientists noted that teeth would eventually dissolve in any liquid containing sugar and phosphoric acid. Like orange juice.

If the idea of soda dissolving your teeth worries you, keep in mind that no one keeps soda in their mouth long enough to do that type of damage. While soda isn't necessarily good for your teeth, saliva and proper dental hygiene help mitigate the effects of the acid.


How many coca cola cars in the world?


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When does the Coca-Cola championship season start?

The start date for the Coca Cola Championship, League One and League Two in the 2010-11 season is August 7, 2010 - a week before the start of the Premier League on August 14.

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Where do you find the expiration date for diet canadadry gingerale?

how do you read the expiration date on Canada dry ginger ale


How do you reduce the cost of coca cola products?

The cost of coca cola products is practicaly negligable now. and reduction of the price can be achieved by reducing profits.

Mission Statements

Evaluate mission statement of pepsi cola?

product : "foods and beverages"

client:" Investors"



Philosoph: "we strive for honesty, fairness and integrity."

Self_Image: "We seek to produce healthy financial rewards "

Public_Image: "enrichment to our business partners and the communities "

Concer For Profit: " we provide opportunities for growth "

Concer For HR: "enrichment to our employees "

I Hope I Did it Right

Read more: What_is_the_mission_statement_of_Pepsi"

Acids and Bases

How do acids in Coca-Cola clean a coin?

Coca Cola contains a very important chemical substance called Phosphorous Acid.

The chemical formula is H3PO4.

This means that this chemical is formed out of 3 atoms of Hydrogen (H3), 1 atom Phosphorous (P) and 4 atoms of Oxygen (O4). A collection of atoms you call a molecule, in this case a Phosphorous Acid molecule.

When you add water to this acid, Coke is a lot of water, the molecule will break apart, into 4 pieces.

H+ H+ H+ (3H+) and PO43-. Those pluses and minusesare the electrical charges that hold together the molecule. We have 3 pluses and 3 minuses. when you add a plus and a minus you get zero, this means balance, order, rest in chemistry, but water weakens the electrical forces by about 80 times. So the molecule falls apart, except for the PO43- part, that's even too strong for water.

Phosphorous is very important for humans, it makes it you can think!

Now metals (as in coins) can react with strong acids like our H3PO4 or to be more accurate, with the H+ atom. (an atom with a + or a -, we must call an ion) the H+ ion will "get" a minus particle, called an Electron, from the metal, which then becomes a Metal+ ion.

This Metal+ ion will not stick to the coin any more, and comes of with the dirt from the coin on it.

There is also a second process going on giving the Phosphorous Acid access to the metal of the coin.

Most of the time the stuff that makes the coins dirty are fat (fatty acids or lipids) and oxides (rust).

Well Phosphorous Acid can deal with that too. It will break down the fat and reduce the oxides.

The third process

The bubbels in the Coke (Carbondioxide) will bubble the dirt more lose.

The H+ ions getting the Electrons will eventually cling (they are stronger than water too) together and form Hydrogen gas(H2) , this gas will also bubble the dirty away.


Does anyone no where you could find share a coke with Ella?

my name is ella as well! i really want one~

Sugar and Sweeteners

How many grams of sugar are in a Coke?

The answer, by law in the United States, has to be placed on the coke can itself.

A 12 ounce can of Coca Cola contains 39 grams of sugar.

This converts to 1.37568 ounces. This is roughly a bit more than two tablespoons.

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Does warm coke and lime help a cough?

It can. I had the flu 3 weeks ago and this worked, it helped me breathe better and it cleared my throat. But an even better drink for a cough (better tasting to me) is ginger tea.

Here are directions for making Ginger Tea:

Buy fresh ginger root from the grocery or health food store and get a piece about the size of the palm of your hand. The fresher the better. I determine the freshness by breaking off a piece. The skin should be tight and when you break a piece, it should snap off. If it's weak, softer and doesn't have a crisp, clean break, it's old.

Always wash ginger well. Although some people peel it, I leave the skin on without peeling it. I do cut off the gnarly, dark edges though.

Break or cut off a piece about the size of your thumb and slice it thinly.

Once the ginger is prepared, here are two simple ways to use it to make ginger tea:

1 - Put the ginger slices in a pot of room temperature water and turn up the heat until it boils. As soon as it boils, take it off the heat and let it cool for 5 - 10 minutes.

2 - Put the ginger slices in a cup. Boil some water, and add the hot water to your cup of ginger and let steep for 5 - 10 minutes.

I don't strain the pieces of ginger out (I leave them in and like to chew on them when finished with the tea). Then, just before you drink it, while it's still hot, squeeze in an entire lemon and add a tiny pinch of ground cayenne pepper and mix it up. Do not add honey or any sweetener. That should do the trick.

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What is the pestle analysis for coca cola?

PEST Analysis for Coca - Cola: The Coca - Cola Company

The PEST Analysis identifies changes in the market caused by: Political , Economical, Social and Technological factors.

Political Analysis and Factors: Those Non- Alcoholic Beverages like; Coca-Cola, are within the food category, under the FDA (Food and Drug Administration). The government has control over the manufacturing procedure of these products in terms of regulations.Companies who fail to meet the standards of law, are fined by the government. Following are provided some of the factors that are influencing Coca-Cola's Operations.

1.Changes in Laws and Regulations like; changes in Accounting Standards, taxation requirements (tax rate changes, modified tax law interpretations, entrance of new tax laws), and environmental laws either in domestic or foreign authorities.

2.Changes in Non-Alcoholic business era. These are; competitive product and pricing policy pressures, ability to maintain or earn share of sales in worldwide market compared to rivals.

3. Political Conditions, specifically in international markets, like; civil conflict, governmental changes and restrictions concerning the ability to relocate capital across borders.

4. Ability to penetrate emerging and developing markets, that also relies on economic and political conditions, and also their ability to form effectively strategic business alliances with local bottlers, and to enhance their production amenities, distribution networks, sales equipment, and technology.

Economic: In 2001, the recession influenced the companies operations, but because of aggressive actions the US Economy estimated to have returned in positive growth in 2002. Currently, because of global recession, Coca-Cola can borrow capital and invest in other products, because the interest rates are lowered. Also, it can borrow to advance its research of new products and technology. By researching for new products is cost effective, the company could sell its products at a lower price, so its cutomers would purchase more Coca-Cola products at a lower price.

Social: The majority of US citizens are excersizing healthier lifestyles. That has strongly influenced the sales of non-alcoholic beverage sector, because many customers are switching to bottled water and diet colas like; Coca-Cola Light or Zero, instead of drinking beer or other beverages. Additionally, time management is quite 43 % of all households, and it has increased. Customers aged from 37 to 55, are concerned with their nutrition. Also, large portion of the population is within the range of baby boomers age. While many cutomers are getting at older ages in life, they are more concerned in long term increasing their permanence. That will continue to affect the non-alcoholic beverage sector, by increasing the demand, in healthier and other beverages.

Technological: Some factors that affect the company's actual results to vary essentially from the expected results, are the following:

1.The efficiency of company's advertising, marketing and promotional programs, The new technology advances of television and internet that use incomparable effects for advertising through the use of media. Those advances make the products seem attractive. This supports the selling promotion of the products. Coca-Cola in media tends to use this technology so, to sell effectively its products.

2. Entrance of cans and plastic bottles in the past, have increased sales volume for the company because they are easier to carry and customers can bin them once they have been used.

3.Since the technology is advancing continuously there has been entrance of new machineries' equipment all the time. Because of that, Coca-Cola's production volume has increased sharply compared to few years ago.

4. CCE-Coca-Cola Enterprises have six factories in Britain by using modern technology equipment so to ensure top product quality and quick delivery. In Wakefield,Yorkshire in 1990, CCE opened one of the Europe's largest soft drinks factory. That factory has the ability to produce faster the cans of Coca-Cola even faster than bullets of a machine gun.


How did coca cola get so big?

Well, they had a lot of advertising. They used images of fame and good-times to show that if YOU drank Coca-Cola, you could have all that too. Also, they were the first "cola" on the market, and they were the only cola on the market for a long time. Now, they're a corporate giant with over 60 drinks to their name, and the most-bought drink in the US.


Was Coca-Cola originally green?

The Coca Cola Company states that the drink has always been brown in color and that anything else is a myth. Although the famous contour bottle is green glass, Coca-Cola has always been brown in color, since its start in 1886.

Calorie Count

How many calories does a can of coke have?

8 fluid oz. = 105 calories

12 =155 calories

16=200 calories

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How does coke affect your teeth?

it's sugary as well as acidic,so it will do double damage to your teethby eroding it more than other thing.


What are coca cola's objectives?

To rule mankind when every single human consumes coke and the liquid inside the coke will soon takeover the brain of all human for the Coca Cola company to control.

Carbonated Beverages

How much sugar is in a can of coke?

The average American can of Coke is 10.91% high fructose corn syrup. That is 45g of sugar, same as 8 tsp of sugar.

I guess then, it's not a good idea to "Buy the World a Coke (1977 song)"

It's best not to consume more than 40 grams of added sweeteners per day-about the amount in a 12-ounce Coke.

A 12 ounce can of Coca-Cola contains 40.5 grams of sugar.


TAG line of coca cola company?

2009: Open Happiness

2010: Twist the Cap to Refreshness

Botany or Plant Biology

Does gymnastics affect your grow?

AnswerWell, I am a gymnast, and most of the people in my group are short. But not all gymnasts are effected by it. What can make you very much effected by it is if your parents are short.

How much are your broncos commemorative coke bottles worth?

$1.59 for a two liter bottel

Celiac Disease

Is Coke gluten free?

Coke is safe to drink if you require a Gluten Free diet and do not react to less than 200 ppm of gluten.

The Coca-Cola company makes this statement on their website:

"We are able to confirm that, in the U.S. and Canada, the following products are gluten free:

Coca-Cola classic caffeine free Coca-Cola classic Coca-Cola Blak Coca-Cola Black Cherry Vanilla Coca-Cola C2 Coca-Cola with Lime Coca-Cola Zero Barq's root beer caffeine free Barq's root beer diet Barq's root beer diet Barq's Red Creme Soda Diet Coke Black Cherry Vanilla Diet Coke Diet Coke with Lime caffeine free Diet Coke Diet Coke Sweetened with Splenda Sprite Diet Sprite Zero Cherry Coke Diet Cherry Coke Fresca DASANI Lemon Minute Maid Light Lemonade Simply Lemonade Simply Limeade POWERade Mountain Blast and 100% of juice products (without added ingredients) are gluten free.

Additionally, we can tell you that all of our other products meet Codex's definition of gluten-free, which is currently less than 200 ppm (parts per million) (0.02%) gluten. Codex is in the process of reviewing this standard and we are monitoring the progress closely. At this time the U.S. Food and Drug Administration does not have a regulatory definition of gluten-free."

NOTE: The standard has been revised downward to 20ppm instead of 200ppm, although full compliance is not required until 2012. The current proposed standard of the FDA that has the most support is also 20ppm of gluten for a GF product.

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How long does it take for Coke to decay the teeth?

It depends on how long the tooth is in contact with the teeth. we did an experiment in school and we concluded that if a tooth was soaked in coke it would decay in 0-1 weeks when soaked in fanta it took 1-2 weeks.


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