Whether you believe God created the world or the universe is the result of the Big Bang, ask questions here about the creation of the beautiful and wondrous earth we live on.

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Can evolution and creationism be reconciled?

Another answer from our community:What is to be reconciled, evolution is a theory of man; creation is from God. They can not be reconciled nor ever will be because man does not think like God, nor can God lower himself to his own creation. To say that creation and evolution is reconcilable is erroneous because there is no proof that evolution takes place, because if one were to believe in the "big bang theory" where did the matter from the "big bang" come from? Genesis 1:1 "In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth."

Another answer:

Evolution is a theoretical construct based on collected evidence, like the Theory of Gravity or Copernican Theory.

Creation is a myth based on a literal reading of sacred books like Enuma Elish, Rg Veda, Hesiod's Cosmogony or the Bible. In all four of these, the creation story is told in a series of poems and therefore must of necessity include symbolic language, mataphore and poetic imagery.


The average person, and especially people who believe in a god or gods, do not understand the word theory as it is used by scientists. Most people think that the word theory means a guess or a hunch, which is how the word is usually meant in everyday non-scientific usage. In science, however, the word theory is used of phenomena that has been tested over and over with experimentation and observation that produces the same results every time the experiments and tests are repeated. In science a theory is not just a hunch or hypothesis under these conditions, but is recognized as established fact, unless and until some other facts are brought to light that force scientists to revise or update the theories in question. Gravity is a fact even though it is called the theory of gravitation. The theoretical part of the theory of gravitation is that no one knows exactly what gravity is or just exactly how it works, but gravity itself is an established fact. In the same way evolution is an established fact. The theoretical part of evolution is by what mechanism it occurs, but evolution itself is an established fact, and it is incompatible and irreconcilable with either creationism or intelligent design.


In creationism it is generally accepted that all life as it exists now was specially created that way by a god or gods, and that since the creation no change in lifeforms has occurred. In intelligent design it is widely accepted that evolution does occur but that it is God-directed. Both stands are incompatible with the theory of evolution. There is overwhelming evidence that life evolved, and there are also a vast number of examples in nature of unintelligent design. Scientists are always revising or updating all of their findings when enough new evidence comes to light that indicates their theories are in error. That's how science works, it is self-correcting, and that's what makes science the best way we have of getting to the truth. Very few people who believe in a god or gods are willing to change their minds when new evidence comes to light. They would rather hold on to illogical beliefs, or beliefs that contradict their holy books than to find the real truth of life and the universe.

Another Answer:

For me this question is similar to one I heard many times in Political Science classes, "Will the Soviet Union ever tear down the Berlin Wall and allow its satellites and itself to enter the democratic world." Most all at that time would answer with an emphatic no. Just like today and this question of reconciliation between two dynamically diverse views on how we came to be here: creation or evolution.

But I have much hope as the fields of science are discovering more and more each day. DNA probably holds the final answer for all of us but the other sciences are proving Genesis and other biblical books more and more accurate with each new discovery. But that being said, in our modern society we see numerous religious people signing onto movements ascribing beliefs in both evolution and creation (see Clergy Letter Project in USA of 10,000 ordained priests and ministers). Or in Australia, a well known molecular biologist and medical doctor, Michael Denton, an avowed Agnostic, in his book "Evolution: A Theory in Crisis, 1986, p. 77), evolutionary theory "is still, as it was in Darwin's time, a highly speculative hypothesis entirely without direct factual support and very far from that self-evident axiom some of its more aggressive advocates would have us believe"

So the short answer is, only time will tell.

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What is the meaning of the word 'creation'?

Definition of Creation

  • From the Greek root kreas, which means flesh.
  • When something new is made.
  • Biblically, when producing something from nothing.
  • The divine act by which, according to various religious and philosophical traditions, the world was brought into existence.

Answer2: The art of creating, or causing existence of, someone or something. It can also refer to that which has been created or brought into existence. Creation, as explained in the Bible, means that Almighty God designed and brought into existence the universe, including spirit persons and the basic kinds of life upon the earth. The Hebrew ba.ra' and the Greek kti'zo both meaning "create, " are used exclusively with reference to divine creation. Throughout the Scriptures Jehovah God is identified as the Creator. Isaiah 45:18. (see Insight on the Scriptures vol 1 p 256 on Jehovah's Witnesses official website)

Old Testament

What are the main differences between the first creation story of Genesis 1.1-2.4 and the second one in Genesis 2.4-3.24 and what do these differences reveal about the authorship of Genesis?

There is only one creation account with Genesis 1 giving us an overview and Genesis 2 filling in the details of the account of mankinds pinnacle creation. Many literary works use this technique.

Chapter 1 is the only "creation account," since it gives detailed listing and timing of the creative acts of God. Chapter 2 does not attempt to say "This happened and then that happened." It's just Adam's own account of his own beginnings, written from his own viewpoint.

The confusion comes about because of peculiarities in words. It only shows up in some languages. The English language has definite past, present, and future tenses for its verbs, but Hebrew (the language of Genesis) does not. In Hebrew, the relative timing must be taken from the context, not the actual words themselves.


Why did God have to create bugs couldn't he find anything else to pollinate the world?

Because God found it good. All animals have a purpose, and we should be happy with that. Bugs do more than pollenate, they also fertilize, eat and destroy the bacteria and germs of dead and rotting carcasses that could otherwise be harmful to the environment and us. They also serve as food for nearly every other living creature. They are the first line of defense, a sort of 'clean up crew' before the other scavengers come along.

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What is a sentence for creation?

We marveled at his creation.

This world is God's most beautiful creation.


What do the kikuyu eat?

they grow there own crops to eat and sell on and they also hunt animals for food .


Why were animals made?

In the first biblical creation account (Genesis 1:1-2:4a), God gave man dominion over the earth. Presumably, dominion needed some lower order animals for man to dominate.

There is a quite surprising answer to this question in the second biblical creation account (Genesis 2:4b-25), where man is not given dominion but is made the servant of the earth. In this version of God's creation, after God made man he realised that man would need company (Genesis 2:18-19): "And the LORD God said, It is not good that the man should be alone; I will make him an help meet for him. And out of the ground the LORD God formed every beast of the field, and every fowl of the air . . ." It seems to have taken God quite some time to realise that what Adam really needed for company was a woman.

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The Bible

Can evolution and creation coexist?

Creation and evolution already coexist in the Catholic Church, simply because recent popes have been sensible enough not to put doctrine at odds with provable fact. The result is 'theistic evolution', the concept that evolution did indeed occur, but that God guided the process. Scientists do not accept theistic evolution as factual because it is incompatible with natural selection, but at least it allows traditional concepts of creation to coexist with scientific fact.

Now, not only the Catholic Church, but other mainstream denominations accept the reality of evolution and say that they see no incompatibility. Inevitably, Christianity must come to terms with our natural history.


How can you be a Christian and believe in evolution at the same time?

A noted paleontologist and agnostic Stephen Jay Gould saw fit to state, "Either half of my colleagues are enormously stupid or else the science of Darwinism is fully compatible with religious beliefs —and equally compatible with atheism" ("Impeaching a Self-Appointed Judge," quoted in Dawkins' God, 2005, p. 80).

Though there is a growing trend amongst many in 'Christianity' to accept evolution as an explanation for origins of life here on Earth, it is far from a proven 'theory.' Consider Australian molecular biologist and medical doctor Michael Denton, himself an agnostic, has written, evolutionary theory "is still, as it was in Darwin's time, a highly speculative hypothesis entirely without direct factual support and very far from that self-evident axiom some of its more aggressive advocates would have us believe" ( Evolution: A Theory in Crisis, 1986, p. 77). But for mankind, it seems for every 'educated' person supporting evolution there will be another not supporting it. This is an unending debate for many but not for the student of the Bible who is not a follower of some mainstream Christian group.

The choice for me is to either believe the words of Christ or to deny Him. Jesus said Mark 10:6 in the New King James Version (NKJV) 6 But from the beginning of the creation, God ‘made them male and female.’ referring to Genesis 1:27; 5:2. He also said this in the parallel account of Matthew 19:4 New King James Version (NKJV) 4 And He answered and said to them, “Have you not read that He who made them at the beginning ‘made them male and female,’ The Apostle to the Gentiles, Paul, also fully believed in the creation account (see Acts 17:24,26; 1 Corinthians 15:45; 1 Timothy 2:13; 1 Corinthians 11:8-9.

To my way of thinking then, there is simply no way of reshaping the Bible into a book that also somehow supports the theory of evolution. Either we are brave enough to accept the creation account at face value making theistic evolution impossible to believe or we fully discount the truth of Scripture. We cannot believe both the Bible and evolution as both Old and New Testaments consistently support the account of the divine creation of Adam and Eve.

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Does the bible ever say anything about shapeshifters?

Contrary to some naysayers, shape shifters are actually demon spirits. Demon spirits often manifest as "familiar spirits," also known as ghosts. The Holy Spirit through the Apostle Paul, in Ephesians 6:12, revealed the four classes of fallen angels; the angels whom threw their lot in Lucifer in eternity past, to usurp the Sovernity of the Almighty GOD. "Principalties," is the first class of fallen angels; the Greek word is arche which means first rule; despotism is a proper contemporary word meaning absolute ruler. "Powers" is the next class, Greek exousiameaning a spiritual potentate or governor. "Rulers of darkness" is the third class, Greek skotos, meaning spiritual blindness to the Light of the Gospel of CHRIST. The fourth class is a distinct class, "spiritual wickedness in high place," and this class are demon spirits, not fallen angels. They "kept not their first estate (as fallen angels), but left their own habitation (their spiritual bodies..." Jude 6; Gen 6:1-5. This begat demon spirits, disembodied spirits; JESUS referred to these spirits in Mat. 12:43-45.


What are Creationism and Creation Science?

Note: Sometimes the two terms are used interchangeably.
Creationism is defined as "the belief that the universe and living organisms originate from specific acts of divine creation."

Creation science is defined as "the interpretation of scientific findings in accord with the belief in divine creation."

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What do most scientists believe existed before the incident known as the big bang?

Most scientists believe that an infinite dense singularity existed before the incident known as the Big Bang.


Who were some of the great scientists of the past who believed in biblical Creation and what was their contribution to science?

Louis Agassiz (1807 - 1873) - Glacial Geology

Charles Babbage (1792 - 1871) - Computer Science

Georges Cuvier (1769 - 1832) - Comparative Anatomy, Vertebrate Paleontology

Michael Faraday (1791 -1867) - Electromagnetics, Field Theory

Galileo Galilei (1564 - 1642) - Astronomy, Inventor of the Telescope

William Herschel (1738 - 1822) Galactic Astronomy

Lord Kelvin (1824 - 1907) - Thermodynamics

Carolus Linnaeus (1707 - 1778) - Systematic Biology

Joseph Lister (1827 - 1912) - Antiseptic Surgery

Louis Pasteur (1822 -1895) - Bacteriology, Law of Biogenesis, Pasteurization.

Isaac Newton (1642 - 1727) - Calculus, Law of Gravity, Dynamics, Reflecting Telescope

Johannes Kepler (1571 - 1630) - Astronomy, Law of Planetary Motion (Keppler's Law)

Matthew Maury (1806 - 1873) - Hydrography, Oceonography

Gregor Mendel (1822 - 1884) - Genetics

Blaise Pascal (1623 - 1662) - Barometer, Mathematics

John Ray (1627 - 1705) - Natural History

Nicholas Steno (1631 - 1686) - Geology, Stratigraphy

Rudolph Virchow (1821 - 1902) - Pathology


Which book contains the creation story?

Answer 1

The first book of the Bible (Genesis) contains the creation account. This is the only book that describes how the whole world began. Chapter 1 of Genesis shows how God created everything in 6 days. Chapter 2 gives little more information about this creation in relation to the created man.

Answer 2

You will find the story of creation in the first few chapters of Genesis in the Bible.

Answer 3

much better and more likely creation story occurs in Job 38. In the Genesis myth, God says the magic words and the universe poofs into existence out of a rabbit's hat. Or out of nothing. It's called "creation ex nihilo".

In Job 38 God measures out the job, lays the foundation, sets the footings and lays the cornerstone, then he builds, constucts, forms the world. He wrapped it, fixed its limits, and set its doors and bars in place.

There is no escalation of mini-creations occurring in steps day by day, it all happens at the same time. Compared to God's description of a much more likely construction project, the "magic word, poofing into existence" story of Genesis is obviously poetic license.


What is the feeling of story a creation story from Luzon?

It is basically mythology.


Why do people support creationism when there is no factual basis for the claims made?

People support creationism in spite of the lack of evidence, by creating, in their own minds, reasons for believing in creationism. These ostensible can vary from imagining that only a deity can create the beauty or complexity of life, to attacks on scientific explanations for existence and long-disproved philosophical arguments. They support creationism because they fear that without creationism their belief in God would crumble.

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Why did God make homosexuals?

Please note that this question asks about why God made homosexuals, so it assumes that the person asking and answering the question share a common faith in God. See the related question for scientific explanations of homosexuality. Even though this question assumes a common faith in God, not everyone who believes in God shares the same beliefs about homosexuality. Here are some different viewpoints. * It isn't possible for us to identify all possible situations where all possible behaviors can be significant, but if you believe in a Creator, it's quite easy to imagine He/She would be able to identify the need for this kind of diversity, without putting judgment on the need to have the behavior included in the repertoire of human behaviors. Our problem is, some people become judgmental when facing what they do not understand. * This is a question that never can be truly answered and opinions can only be given. It's like saying "why does God allow babies to die at birth" or "why does God let good and honest people die by the hands of a murderer." I know I'm going to get my backside kicked on this one, but so be it. I am a Christian. This is strictly MY opinion on the matter. I do believe that most gays (some choose to be gay at a later date) are truly born this way. After all, we are created from the same substance as stars and our bodies are full of hormones. My theory is that some people have more of one hormone than another. No one has the right to chastise or cause pain towards ANYONE that is different be it sexually or racially. I was brought up that we are ALL God's children. To pick on or condemn a gay person or a person of a different color is a slap in God's face. HE is the only one that has the right to decide whether it's right or wrong. If one is a Christian then they must believe that no matter if they feel it's right or wrong regarding gays they do not have the right to harm or belittle anyone that is gay. I also find that people that protest the loudest against gays are simply afraid of the unknown. There is nowhere in the Bible that mentions gays are not acceptable. It does say "and man shall be with woman" but, also in the Bible it does mention gay activity (as we understand it today.) * God "made" homosexuals for the same reason He made other sinners. From Adam and Eve we have been given the right '''and''' responsibility to choose for ourselves whom we would follow: God, or our own wisdom. Adam chose poorly, and this world has suffered for it ever since. The side question to all this is whether homosexuality is something one is born with, or if it is the result of decisions made afterward. Given the number of people I know personally who have '''chosen''' to leave the homosexual lifestyle for a heterosexual one, I have to say that not all homosexuals are "born that way," and therefore have zero responsibility in their choices. By the same token, heterosexuals are just as "born that way" towards desiring the opposite gender, but the responsibility of choice on what to do with that desire is there as well. Matthew 13:24-30 provides a parable that may help explain why God allows certain things to happen; Jesus explains the parable in verses 36-42. See the Related Links for links to these verses. * God created homosexuals so they would provide valuable services, such as , food gathering, protection from attack/predators, production of goods/services for their society, while at the same time not increase the burden on that society by bringing into it more children in need of care, food and protection from attack.

* God does not make sinners - He makes people, and people choose to sin. God created man in his own image , but that has nothing to do with God creating homosexuals, because God is not a homosexual. God is in fact heterosexual, and therefore anything created in his image would also be heterosexual, not homosexual.)) We are placed on the earth with agency, or the ability to act for ourselves. God does not force anyone to do anything. The way you are is the way you have decided to be. Does God make people sin? No. He teaches us why we should not sin. So why would God make someone be homosexual? In the Bible we read the account of when He destroyed the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah. Why? Because they were all sinners and it was better for them to die then to continue sinning and making themselves worse. So what was their sin? The Bible says that it was two main things: Homosexuality and Bestiality (also called Sodomy, receiving its name from this biblical city). So if God destroyed those cities for being homosexuals, why would He make people homosexuals? He doesn't. It's your choice, and he wants everyone, including homosexuals to repent and return to Him. * This assumes belief that a deity exists. Without belief in a deity the answer is rather simple. The cause of homosexuality is identical to the cause of heterosexuality. * The Bible is God's word, the truth, and a guide as to living in this material world, and nowhere in the bible does it agree with homosexuality. We cannot bend the teaching of the bible to accommodate our likes and dislikes, but in fact that is what people do. You should read what the Bible says about homosexuality and then repent of your sins and be forgiven. * Readers should be aware that the foregoing opinions on homosexuality represent just a few of the many viewpoints embraced by the various organized religions. Indeed, some religions openly accept homosexuality while many others tacitly condone it. Most stop well short of equating homosexuals with "perverts, child molesters and murderers."

* God created homosexuals, or gay people as some say, as a means of population control. * When God created us, He created us to have free will and choices. and to make our own decisions. That's why when you sin or make a wrong decision, he doesn't strike lightning down on you. He simply lets you pay for what you did with natural consequences.

* God didn't create homosexuals, but created humans with free will and choice. Those people just made the decision to like the same sex. There's nothing wrong with it.


What is ''the creation story from luzon''?

The Creation Story from Luzon

When the world first began there was no land, but only the sea and the sky, and between them was a kite (a bird something like a hawk). One day the bird which had nowhere to light grew tired of flying about, so she stirred up the sea until it threw its waters against the sky. The sky, in order to restrain the sea, showered upon it many islands until it could no longer rise, but ran back and forth. Then the sky ordered the kite to light on one of the islands to build her nest, and to leave the sea and the sky in peace.

Now at this time the land breeze and the sea breeze were married, and they had a child which was a bamboo. One day when this bamboo was floating about on the water, it struck the feet of the kite which was on the beach. The bird, angry that anything should strike it, pecked at the bamboo, and out of one section came a man and from the other a woman.

Then the earthquake called on all the birds and fish to see what should be done with these two, and it was decided that they should marry. Many children were born to the couple, and from them came all the different races of people.

After a while the parents grew very tired of having so many idle and useless children around, and they wished to be rid of them, but they knew of no place to send them to. Time went on and the children became so numerous that the parents enjoyed no peace. One day, in desperation, the father seized a stick and began beating them on all sides.

This so frightened the children that they fled in different directions, seeking hidden rooms in the house -- some concealed themselves in the walls, some ran outside, while others hid in the fireplace, and several fled to the sea.

Now it happened that those who went into the hidden rooms of the house later became the chiefs of the islands; and those who concealed themselves in the walls became slaves. Those who ran outside were free men; and those who hid in the fireplace became Negroes; while those who fled to the sea were gone many years, and when their children came back they were the white people.

In a nutshell...

The Ifugao tribes of northern Luzon believed that the world was created by the Sun God during a cosmic war between the sky world and the underworld.

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What did Claudia find in her parents trash can in mixed up files of mrs basil?

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Why are creation stories important to people?

People intuitively realise that unless their God created their world, he lacks purpose and can probably be ignored. So, to maintain faith, religious leaders place great store on teaching the creation stories of their religion.


How did God create things?

If the question is simply asking for the method, God created things by speaking them into existence. For a detailed explanation of the subsequent processes of the Creation Event, please see the Expert Answer by Dick Harfield below.


What is the debate between Evolutionary biology and Creationism?

The debate is whether living things developed by random causes, or whether God created them.

Here are some arguments for Creation or against Evolution.

These point to Divine Creation:

  • The staggering complexity of every organ and every cell in the human body.
  • The vastness of our minds and emotions.
  • The fact that the universe has definite design, order, and arrangement which cannot be sufficiently explained outside a theistic worldview. (This is how Abraham, without benefit of teachers, came to reject the chaotic world-view of idolatry and the possibility of atheism.)
  • The laws of the universe seem to have been set in such a way that stars, planets and life can exist. Many constants of nature appear to be finely tuned for this, and the odds against this happening by chance are astronomical.
See: More detailed evidence of Creation


1) The glaring lack of transitional fossils has been noted by the evolutionists themselves, such as this statement from the famous paleontologist and evolutionist George G. Simpson; quote: "The regular lack of transitional fossils is not confined to primates alone, but is an almost universal phenomenon."
"The lack of transitional series cannot be explained as being due to the scarcity of material. The deficiencies are real; they will never be filled" (Nilsson, N. Heribert).
"To the unprejudiced, the fossil record of plants is in favor of special creation" (Corner, E.J.H., Contemporary Botanical Thought).
2) Instances of falsifying of evidence by evolutionists, such as Haeckel's drawings, Archaeoraptor, the Cardiff "specimen," and Piltdown Man.
"Haeckel exaggerated the similarities [between embryos of different species] by idealizations and omissions, in a procedure that can only be called fraudulent. His drawings never fooled embryologists, who recognized his fudgings right from the start. The drawings, despite their noted inaccuracies, entered into the standard student textbooks of biology. Once ensconced in textbooks, misinformation becomes cocooned and effectively permanent, because textbooks copy from previous texts. We do, I think, have the right to be both astonished and ashamed by the century of mindless recycling that has led to the persistence of these drawings in a large number, if not a majority, of modern textbooks (Stephen Gould).
Dr. Jonathan Wells published a book in 2002 entitled Icons of Evolution. Dr. Wells states that the book shows that "the best-known 'evidences' for Darwin's theory have been exaggerated, distorted or even faked."

3) Creationists see the "survival of the fittest" and the dating of rock layers by fossils as being perfect tautologies.

4) The fact that some qualified, educated, normal scientists do not believe in evolution. Or at least question it, even if they still preach evolution: "Nine-tenths of the talk of evolutionists is sheer nonsense, not founded on observation and wholly unsupported by facts. This museum is full of proofs of the utter falsity of their views. In all this great museum, there is not a particle of evidence of the transmutation of species" (Dr. Etheridge, Paleontologist of the British Museum).
"To postulate that the development and survival of the fittest is entirely a consequence of chance mutations seems to me a hypothesis based on no evidence and irreconcilable with the facts. It amazes me that this is swallowed so uncritically and readily, and for such a long time, by so many scientists without murmur of protest" (Sir Ernest Chain, Nobel Prize winner).

5) The fact that there is a shared, worldwide tradition among every ancient society that the world was created.

6) Evolving of new organs or species has not been witnessed during known history.

7) Mutations are harmful, not beneficial. One of the tasks of DNA and of long-term breeding is to avoid or repair any changes brought about by mutations. This means that our genetic apparatus is programmed to resist change.

8) Mutations, even if beneficial, do not create new organs.

9) The fact that a great number of fossils have been found in the "wrong" rock-layers according to what evolutionary paleontology would require.

10) The fact that you need DNA to make DNA. No genetic code can be demonstrated to have arisen by chance, together with the ability to read that code and carry out its instructions. Information does not arise spontaneously; and there is an incredible amount of information in even the tiniest cell.
"A living cell is so awesomely complex that its interdependent components stagger the imagination and defy evolutionary explanations" (Michael Denton, author).
"The astounding structural complexity of a cell" (U.S. National Library of Medicine).
Concerning a single structure within a cell: "Without the motor protein, the microtubules don't slide and the cilium simply stands rigid. Without nexin, the tubules will slide against each other until they completely move past each other and the cilium disintegrates. Without the tubulin, there are no microtubules and no motion. The cilium is irreducibly complex. Like a mousetrap, it has all the properties of design and none of the properties of natural selection" (Michael Behe, prof. of biophysics).

11) The problem of the impossibility of abiogenesis in general. "The concept of abiogenesis is not science. It's fantasy" (J.L. Wile, Ph.D.).

12) The fact that evolution was once used as support for the belief that Blacks (or others) are less than highly-evolved humans. "Darwin was also convinced that the Europeans were evolutionarily more advanced than the black races" (Steven Rose, author). He also "reasoned that males are more evolutionarily advanced than females" (B. Kevics, author).

13. The first and second laws of thermodynamics point clearly to a Creator, since things undergo entropy rather than get more orderly over time.

14. "Radiometric techniques may not be the absolute dating methods that they are claimed to be. Age-estimates on a given geological stratum by different radiometric methods are often very different. There is no absolutely reliable long-term radiological clock. The uncertainties inherent in radiometric dating are disturbing to geologists and evolutionists." William D. Stansfield, Ph.D., Instructor of Biology, California Polytechnic State University.

15. "Even total rock systems may be open during metamorphism and may have their isotopic systems changed, making it impossible to determine their geologic age." Prof. Gunter Faure (Department of Geology, The Ohio State University, Columbus.)

16 a). At current rates of erosion the amount of sea-floor sediments actually found do not support a "billions of years" age for the Earth.
b) The amount of Sodium Chloride in the sea, also, is a small fraction of what the "old Earth" theory would postulate.
c) The Earth's magnetic field is decaying too fast to extrapolate a long age for the Earth.
d) The rate of accumulation of Moon-dust has been measured; and the amount of dust on the Moon was found to be vastly less than what scientists had predicted before the Moon-landings.
e) Helium is generated by radioactive elements as they decay. The escape of this helium into the atmosphere can be measured. According to the Evolutionary age of the Earth there should be much more helium in the atmosphere, instead of the 0.05% that is actually there.Also see:

God's wisdom seen in His creations

More about God's wisdom

Dissent against Darwin

The facts

Discovering Creation

Understanding Creation


Where was God before He created Earth?

Answer --basicly he is everywhere.

First Answer:

While the Genesis account tells of the beginning of the earth and humans, God's activities before he began creating the heavens and the earth are not known. God is considered the Alpha & the Omega. The beginning and the end. Meaning he had no beginning. This is virtually impossible for human minds to comprehend because we all had a beginning. Therefore we cannot understand completely the vastness of Eternity. Although, if we believe that God was creative enough to create the universe, heavens, and earth; it is not entirely irrational to believe that he was busy doing other things that we are not aware of. There is knowledge untold in the workings of God. God more than likely created other galaxies, planets, etc. Although the Bible doesn't state when he created the angels, any reasoning person could reason that he created them sometime before the earth since they "applauded and cried out with joy" when God's earthly creation was complete. God was in the heavens with His angels and jinns before creating the earth, planets and anything else. From planet Kolob According to the Mormons, God came from Planet Kolob New answer He was in the same place he is now. We won't know until we have reached his level. Gods kingdon is NEAR the planet Kolob. Kolob is the governing star and governs all of the other planets and stars. New answer Let's tell the truth. The "mormon god" was once a moral man in their doctrine who ASCENDED into a God-Like state. That totally goes against the HOLY BIBLE in Genesis 1:1 IN THE BEGINNING GOD. It didn't say in the beginning was "God's Parents". They worship a "minor deity" or a demon who claims to be GOD was is NOT THE GOD OF THE UNIVERSE. ONLY GOD HIMSELF WAS AND THERE WAS NO OTHER. God created all the other creatures of the universe and HEAVEN which is HIS CHOSEN DWELLING PLACE.

Scientific View:

The Bible states categorically that God is Eternal. This does not mean, however, that God has always existed and always will. 'Eternal' means and has always meant 'existing outside of time' and that is exactly what both the Bible and science (forget the so-called conflict - it doesnt really exist, honestly!) both state and teach us. In Genesis it states 'In the beginning' - in the Hebrew this means 'at the beginning of time' - God created the heavens and the earth. Not that the 'heavens' were created first i.e. the galaxies, stars in them, our sun and then the earth - just as science confirms. In the scientific explanation - the 'Big Bang' which, let's be frank, is no more than a scientific term for the moment of Creation, the universe came into being - not only the universe but also time and space (if you believe Einstein's Special Theory of Relativity and Hawking's work). So if time itself came in existence at the Big Bang/Creation then, just as the Bible states, there was no 'before' creation in our sense. No 'before' existed. God existed, though, because God is eternal and outside the concept of time.

This eternality of God is difficult to grasp, but if you own a torch (flashlight) and switch it on, then the beam of light from it is also eternal (what a fitting analogy - God and Light!). Einstein and subsequent physicists proved that as things approach the speed of light time slows down for them until time actually stops at the speed of light. So for light, it has no concept of time as we do and, like God, is, in a sense, eternal. The eternality of God explains many things; it explains His ability to answer millions of prayers instantly - no 'stacking up in an IN tray' for prayer as there would be in our time-constrained state! Miracles can and do happen by God's will - he is not subject to the laws of nature, nor in the laws of cause and effect (a direct result of being 'in time') as we are. Prophesy - especially how God can know the future as well as the past, is a result of his eternal nature as he can see the whole of time stretched out in front of Him. Furthermore, we are told that God made us in His image - not simply as flesh-and-blood animals but also as eternal spiritual beings who, one day, will be with him, if we accept what Jesus did for us on the Cross. In the meantime, we have to be content with being constrained on earth, in time. In fact, the eternality of God can explain a great deal about Him and his relationship with us!

So to say 'what was there before Creation?' is as meaningless as saying 'what letter comes before 'A' in the alphabet?' There isn't one, and nor was there ever a 'before'. And Thank God for that - for if there was a 'before' then God would be diminished from His eternal omnipotent state into a time-constrained entity just like us.

Additional Comments:

Nowhere. Now, here. "(S)He" just is. Never comes nor goes.Just Is. Earth was never created. Nothis has been created. Creation would presume an objective time, an absolute time which God would be subjected to too. So, in that case God would not be Infinite anymore. Also, to really be infinite, Creator and Creation must be the SAME thing. If God (creator) is not the creation, in this case God is not infinite, as there is something which is not included in God. God came from people's mind.. I think people created him because they had the need to feel loved and protected by a superior being. Did God have a beginning?

Another Answer:

Ps. 90:2: �Before the mountains themselves were born, or you proceeded to bring forth as with labor pains the earth and the productive land, even from time indefinite to time indefinite you are God.� Is that reasonable? Our minds cannot fully comprehend it. But that is not a sound reason for rejecting it. Consider examples: (1) Time. No one can point to a certain moment as the beginning of time. And it is a fact that, even though our lives end, time does not. We do not reject the idea of time because there are aspects of it that we do not fully comprehend. Rather, we regulate our lives by it. (2) Space. Astronomers find no beginning or end to space. The farther they probe into the universe, the more there is. They do not reject what the evidence shows; many refer to space as being infinite. The same principle applies to the existence of God.

Other examples: (1) Astronomers tell us that the heat of the sun at its core is 27,000,000 degrees Fahrenheit (15,000,000� C.). Do we reject that idea because we cannot fully comprehend such intense heat? (2) They tell us that the size of our Milky Way is so great that a beam of light traveling at over 186,000 miles per second (300,000 km/sec) would require 100,000 years to cross it. Do our minds really comprehend such a distance? Yet we accept it because scientific evidence supports it. Which is more reasonable�that the universe is the product of a living, intelligent Creator? or that it must have arisen simply by chance from a nonliving source without intelligent direction? Some persons adopt the latter viewpoint because to believe otherwise would mean that they would have to acknowledge the existence of a Creator whose qualities they cannot fully comprehend. But it is well known that scientists do not fully comprehend the functioning of the genes that are within living cells and that determine how these cells will grow. Nor do they fully understand the functioning of the human brain. Yet, who would deny that these exist? Should we really expect to understand everything about a Person who is so great that he could bring into existence the universe, with all its intricate design and stupendous size? God doesn't exist as anything but a character in mythology. We also didn't come from nothing, it's called a singularity. Perhaps a relevant quote (approximated): "If people are willing to believe god has always existed or spontaneously came into existence and then created the universe, why can't they conceive of the universe always existing or spontaneously comming into existence? Why not just cut god out of the equation?

Another Answer:

From my research I am convinced that God was a creation of man. I believe that God came from the imagination of the inquisitive minds of leaders who were searching for answers to the challenging questions of their subjects. God therefore was created in the image and likeness of the political/religious leaders. The reason why some people don't believe in God is mainly because of all the inconsistencies and falsehoods of religious scriptures. Religious leaders have used their dogma to oppress, victimize and terrorize those who refuse to subscribe to their particular brand of bigotry.

Another Comment:

Jesus and John the Baptist were classic victims of tyrannical bigotry from greedy selfish religious charlatans.

Every single Nano particle of this universe has intelligence and as a result they can be manipulated. Whenever you can find the secrete to manipulating these particles then you can find the secrete to the universe and to the reality if the entity called GOD. There is no real/tangible proof that there is such an entity as God, who resembles a man and has the same emotional characteristics and prejudices. There is absolutely no tangible proof that there is such an entity as Satan either. There is absolutely no tangible evidence that there is a Heaven or Hell.

Science can prove that the Earth and the other planets orbits around the Sun and not as some religious scriptures testified that the Sun and Moon orbits the Earth. Science can prove that the earth is round and not flat as some religions testified. Through the practicality of science we can see far off galaxies but no imaginary place called Heaven or Hell.

If you want to see Hell then just look at some of the socially depraved countries of the world. There is no Hell at the center of the earth either just molten rocks (Magma/lava). The idea of Hell probably came from the vision of underground pits of Lava.

Another View:

The concept of God's Mysterious ways is a convenient excuse of religious fanatics for creating Fairytales. It is no different from parents who make up stories in response to their children's questions about the Tooth Fairy and Santa Claus. The fairy-tale regarding the birth of Jesus was copied from Greek Mythology where Hercules was the son of a mortal woman and the God Zeus. It is as sad as finding out that there really is no Tooth Fairy, Easter Bunny and Santa Claus. It demonstrates that people are growing up to the scientific realities of life and leaving the Fairy Tales and Fantasies to the moviemakers. Absolutely no individual involved in organized religion has a conclusive answer to the question of proving the existence of God! Many religious zealots will venture to market their particular brand of theology in an attempt to create a convincing argument that their dogma contains the only credible proof that the God-Fantasy is true.

Another Answer;

If something exists then it can be realized/experienced and proven. For something to be discovered it has to exist. Why not ask God ?

Additional Comments:

All conjectures, no proofs. Quick definitions (conjecture)noun: reasoning that involves the formation of conclusions from incomplete evidence

God has always exsisted, so that ? doesn't make sense. He was, and is, and will always be. He is eternal. There are ?'s and misteries we will never understand now, but the day will come where everything will be cleared. That's the point God is God.We are the created ones, not Him.Don't question more than what is possibly to be known. In the beginning there was no God. Like all human inventions, SHE was created some 10,000 years ago ( relatively quite recent when compared to the age of our planet) to meet human necessity! SHE is one the greatest, if not the greatest, human creations. Even if true, every reason that has been given for the existence of God could just as equally apply to Ahura Mazda, Brahma, P'an Ku, Nut or any other creator god. So, if we ever found proof that there was a creator god, we would still have to find a way to decide which god it was.


he was in the heavens with his beloved angels secretly watching and planning the universe Answer Everywhere just like now.


God has always been here there and always be here and for the people that don't believe god isn't real well look around you.... don't you seriously think there was a kaboom and bam! all this came from nowhere look around you the details in plants it has to have a genius ( a god) to have all this created the human body works such perfect way how can a cell just do that... and there's only one God one only and its him God Jesus final answer


God is in His own inhabited proverbs 8:31....

Another View:

He was in space, but not the conventional space as you know it. Before creation there was a roughly spherical light form out in infinite nothingness which was the essence of what you call God. This essence created all that is because, let's face it, who wants to be alone in empty space for an eternity. He has since manifested himself on Earth in multiple forms. God, most literally, refers to one being at first, who has since manifested himself in multiple beings all derived from this original source of light, including Jesus of Nazareth. So, Creator = God = Light. This makes sense because in many creation stories, God is said to have created the Heavens and the Earth in the beginning. What existed before the beginning? Nothing. Nothing and God. What existed before God? This is a difficult question for humans to grasp because it implies an infinite regress, but the most frequently cited conventional religious answer is that nobody created God.

Answer also: Jehovah God, who is a Spirit has always existed. Jehovah is fittingly and uniquely called the Creator and he was alone before creation had a beginning. Genesis 1:1, which says : "In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth." (Psalms 90:1,2) Jehovah's first creation was his only-begotten Son. (John 3:16), the beginning of the creation by God." (Revelatiom 3:14) This one, "the firstborn of all creation," was used by Jehovah in creating all other things, those in the heavens and those upon the earth, the things visible and the things invisible." (Coll 1:15-17) See Jehovah's Witnesses official website for more information.

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