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Depression and Bipolar Disorder

Questions and answers about Depression and Bipolar disorder, including symptoms of the illness, and how to help those who suffer from it.

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What are the symptoms of depression?

Here are contributions from a variety of WikiAnswer users: There are a lot of symptoms of depression! Here is a list of them. Now, looking at this list, one should never make assumptions and diagnose themself. Leave it to the professionals. Loss of interest in normal daily activities Feeling sad or down Feeling hopeless Crying spells for no apparent reason Problems with sleeping -- too much or too little sleep Change in appetite Feeling of constantly guilt/worthless Trouble focusing or concentrating Difficulty making decisions Unintentional weight gain or...
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What is the difference between a mental disorder and insane automatism?

The term 'Mental DISORDER" is much too broad to define here, as it encompasses ANY and ALL manifestations of "abnormal" mental activity and/or illness that is other than what is considered "normal." I have never heard the diagnosis "Insane Automatism" but assume that it must be a more "impressive sounding" phrase meaning the same thing as 'Temporary Insanity.' Therefore, temporary insanity COULD be included under the heading of mental disorders. Doctors, Psychiatrists, Judges and Attorneys have argued, labored and sweated over the meaning...
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How can you tell if you are depressed?

Most likely if you think you are depressed and you are seeking out help on the internet or from others then you are probably depressed. Normal sadness is triggered by unfortunate events/tragedies/bad days but it goes away, usually quickly or at most a few days, and can be relieved by doing activities you enjoy or being with friends and having fun. Depression can be triggered or occur randomly for no explainable reason at all and lasts longer than a few days, and...
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What should a woman consider before marrying an older man with bipolar disorder who has been married twice?

My advice to ANYONE marrying someone who has been married twice - look hard at what caused the marriages to fail before. In almost all cases it was a two way street, and unless there has been a lot of change and/or counseling in the life of the potential spouse, there isn't any reason to think the outcome will be different this time. Please think this out. I don't think it's a good idea. The fact he has been married twice...
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What are the symptoms of bipolar disorder?

During a manic episode, you may be abnormally happy, energetic, or irritable for a week or more. You may spend a lot of money, get involved in dangerous activities, and sleep very little. After a manic episode, you may return to normal, but your mood may swing in the opposite direction to feelings of sadness, depression, and hopelessness. When you are depressed, you may have trouble concentrating, remembering, and making decisions; have changes in your eating and sleeping habits; and lose interest...
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How can people prevent mild depression?

People can take steps to improve mild depression and keep it from becoming worse. They can learn stress management (like relaxation training or breathing exercises), exercise regularly, and avoid drugs or alcohol. ...
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How are the different types of depression classified and distinguished from one another?

there is just depression then there is chronic depression then there is severe chronic depression they are worst then the first one i the last one and it sucks. ...
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Do animals ever suffer from depression?

Some animals, like dogs and many primates, definitely display signs of depression (mainly loss of interest in pleasurable activities, changes in sleep patterns, and changes in social behavior). However, since they can't communicate how they're thinking and feeling the way a human can, it’s impossible to say for sure if animals exhibiting those symptoms could be diagnosed with depression....
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What is a quick way to heal a slit wrist?

Dial 911 and seek immediate medical attention. The injury, even if seemingly trivial enough to warrant self treatment, is a product of a highly lethal mental state. The mental state itself must be treated so that another attempt at self-harm can be prevented. Further, unless you are a competent medical professional working in an antiseptic environment, the chance of infection is high if you try to self treat the injury. ...
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Can you give blood if you're taking medication for bipolar disorder?

Yes. Most of the drugs used in psychoactive disorders have relatively short half-lives, so even trace amounts would quickly get metabolized and eliminated by the new host. In any case, the Red Cross has guidelines for donors on certain medications (see link below). ...
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Can a person with bipolar disorder own a gun?

This question really depends on the rules of ones state, and the requirements to own a firearm. I can really only speak to the state in which I live, which is Kentucky. The rules are usually similar, but every state is different. Many states include involuntary commitment as a reason that one would be denied, but simply having a mental illness is not (nor should it be) a reason for prohibiting someone to buy or own a gun. Voluntary commitment to a...
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What is Seroquel used for?

Seroquel can be used to treat many disorders- autism, ADD, bipolar, depression, schizophrenia, borderline personality disorders, sleeping disorders such as narcolepsy, abusive behavior such as alcoholism, gambling, drug addiction, psychosis, anxiety. Seroquel acts on the dopaminergic system, and so it is a mood stabilizer. In other words, Seroquel will make you feel secure, less anxious, not paranoid, and calm. It has a major sedative effect, as such it will make you sleep much, so if you have a sleeping disorder, then Seroquel is...
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How do you become psychotic?

The main factors that induce acute psychosis in people who are prone to the corresponding mental illnesses (mostly schizophrenia) or were already diagnosed with them are (in descending significance): any stress inducing circumstance (e.g. anxiety, work, emotional problems, sleep deprivation) certain drugs and certain withdrawals social deprivation, isolation or maladaption irrational belief systems However, no known method exists to induce psychosis in people who are not prone to develop the corresponding mental illnesses (i.e. the vast majority). Especially drug withdrawals and excessive sleep deprivation (weeks) can induce...
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Is it possible to have ADHD bipolar disorder depression and anxiety?

Someone with bipolar disorder already has periods of depression, and a symptom of depression can include anxiety. The increased energy levels associated with the manic episodes of bipolar disorder may look like ADHD. An individual with bipolar disorder is not likely to be diagnosed separately for depression, ADHD, or anxiety. ...
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How do you help your wife with depression?

My wife has depressionand Ican tell you there are different stages of depression , however, have a physician give her a questionnaire as to her severity of depression buy ifyou have already done this and she is on medication. at this point as far as I'm concerned by speaking with your physician and my wife all i can do is support her. Helping with depression is almost obsolete as far as my helping her. She also has bipolar , personality disorder, which...
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How is diaper fetishism related to depression particularly depression associated with major childhood trauma and feelings of abandonment?

The adult world does not allow this "dependence." Yet, many crave it, want it, desire to be young and innocent and safe. They don't have to do anything, but mind "mommy" or "daddy" and they will be okay. We all want to be loved. To be cared for. To be safe. Unfortunately, abuse and neglect takes this sense of safety away from some. It's not hard to conceive that a child's mind would imagine being an innocent, cute, little baby that will...
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Why do some emos cut themselves?

When a regular person starts to hang around different groups and is exposed to different things at the adolescent age, groups like "emos" tend to develop. This many result in bad influences. They may begin to hang around other "emos," in search of ways to solve their problems. Most "emos" do not concieve in isolation the idea to cut themselves to relieve pain, it is passed on through the cult. Experimenting with different ways to cure their emotional instability, adolescents begin to...
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Will bipolar mental illness and arrest record for threatened arson and police assault result in a permanent resident green card holder being deported?

A foreign national whether illegal or permanent resident status when convicted of a felony is subject to imprisonment and/or deportation after their imposed sentence has been served. The quicker the better! ...
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What do you do if you miss someone so much and can't talk to them?

You keep busy and start making rebuilding your life without them, thinking about them but not letting it take over you. Day by day it will get easier, but it will take time. ...
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Would people receiving ECT treatment for their depression be good candidates to receive electrical stimulus to the vargus nerve?

yes, actually it is. look up VNS on the web, its one of the newest tx for med resistant depression ...
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Why aren't depressed people called emos and it just seems to be teenagers labeled it?

Depression has been the name in common parlance for the disorder for over a century, while the 'Emo" subculture is an entirely recent phenomenon. Technically "Emo" is short for emotional, so that "Emo" person is just an emotional person, not necessarily a depressed person. Those who are depressed suffer from an active and acute mental illness, and an "Emo" person is just, as I said, emotional. Moreover, depressed people are overwhelmingly adults, with the average age of onset of a first Major Depressive...
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Can acupressure be a treatment for bipolar disorder?

It's not known to be an effective treatment for bipolar disorder.