Fruitcake (baked good)

Fruitcake is a dense cake made with chopped candied fruit which also commonly contains dried fruits, nuts, and spices and is soaked in spirits. Very popular during the holidays, it is often given as a gift and served at holiday get-togethers.

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Fruitcake (baked good)

How do you moisten an overcooked fruitcake?

You can try to add some water to the warm cake to see if it will absorb. Otherwise, it is very difficult and enar impossible to fix any food that has been over-cooked.

Fruitcake (baked good)

Do you need to refrigerate homemade fruitcake?

As far as i am aware, if you refrigerate it, it just makes the cake softer and easier to cut.

Fruitcake (baked good)

How many calories in 3 ounce serving of fruitcake?


Fruitcake (baked good)

In the story a Christmas memory who does not get a fruitcake?

In the Truman Capote story, no one is specifically named as not getting a cake. In the film version we believe that the aunts agree that Buddy's mother will not be getting a cake.

Fruitcake (baked good)

Is fruitcake a biodegradable?


Fruitcake (baked good)

What kind of food is german stollen?

Stollen is a very tasty bread filled with nuts and fruit. It is not so much like American fruitcake, but more pastry-like. It can be a little heavy, but is usually very flaky and of medium sweetness. Often it is covered with a glaze or icing, but not always. It varys from region to region.
A Stollen is a german loaf-shaped cake containing dried fruit.

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Fruitcake (baked good)

Why can't fat be used for gluconeugenesis?

It can. The central component of fat molecules known as glycerol can be converted into glucose in the liver.

Fruitcake (baked good)

What culture first invented fruitcake?


Fruitcake (baked good)

Why does fruit in fruitcake sink to bottom when baked?

Just because it is heavier. If you will mix it with the flour before the wet ingredients it will stay distributed a little better.

Fruitcake (baked good)

Where did the fruitcake originate?

The earliest recipe from ancient Rome lists pomegranate seeds, pine nuts, and raisins that were mixed into barley mash.

In the Middle Ages, honey, spices, and preserved fruits were added, and the name "fruitcake" was first used, from a combination of the words "fruit" (Latin: fructus, Old French: frui), and "cake" (Old Norse: kaka, Middle English: kechel).

Fruitcake (baked good)

How can you improve an overcooked fruit cake?

Once a cake has been burnt or over-cooked, it is very hard to make it edible again. You can try trimming off edges if those are the only parts that were over-cooked, or adding soem rich frosting. Otherwise, you cannot save it.

Fruitcake (baked good)

Fruitcake internal temperature?

King Arthur flour says 200°.

Fruitcake (baked good)

How do you moisten fruitcake that has dried out after being baked and iced?

Store the fruitcake in an airtight container and store a piece of bread with it. The fruit cake will absorb the moisture out of the bread. The bread will end up dry-they switch places!

Fruitcake (baked good)

What do you do with a fruitcake?

Give it to someone else, like the media always says!

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Fruitcake (baked good)

You want to bake a halal fruitcake?


Fruitcake (baked good)

How do you moisten over baked fruitcake?

Drizzle rum/ brandy over the top...... and poke holes into the top and with a teaspoon pur alcohol into the little holes.........Do this daily.......

Fruitcake (baked good)

How do you fix a broken fruit cake?

You cannot really "fix' it, however, all is not lost, cut into squares, trim the edges, and make a white icing ( almond flavour) and put a small amount of icing on each square, with a piece of red or green cherry on top, also instead of cherries use a piece of walnut or pecan.

Fruitcake (baked good)

Which is better for a fruitcake brandy or sherry?

Persoanlly, I think brandy is better. But it does vary and depend on the recipe.

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Fruitcake (baked good)

Can you bake fruit?

Some types of fruit can be baked, apples are a good example.

More information:

As a rule of thumb, tree fruit can be baked, as can most berries. Citrus can be baked as juices added to baked goods. One fruit that cannot be baked would be any type of melon.

Fruitcake (baked good)

How do you store fruitcake batter?

You can try a few things.

*Place it in a cool place or a freezer.

*Wrap it in plastic wrap.

*Store it in an air-tight container.

*Keep it away from direct heat / sunlight.

*Keep it away from moisture.

Fruitcake (baked good)

What is the origin of fruitcake?

pineapple, raisins cherries citron ginger flour eggs


Fruitcake (baked good)

Where does fruitcake originate from?

Fruitcake originated in ancient Egypt and was considered an essential food for the afterlife.

Fruitcake (baked good)

Is it difficult to make a Christmas fruitcake?

Not half as difficult as it is to eat one.

Fruitcake (baked good)

How do you soak a store bought fruitcake in rum?

"Soak" is a misnomer for what is actually done.

What people usually do is to pierce the cake with thin skewers or thin knitting needles and then sprinkle the rum over the cake - do not use too much, you don't want a soggy cake.

Wrap the cake in tinfoil or greaseproof paper and place in an airtight container.

Repeat the process at weekly intervals - alternating with pouring the rum on the top and on the bottom of the cake.

Fruitcake (baked good)

Did Egypt make the first fruitcake?



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