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From role-playing video games to the ones that make you dance, puzzles to Scrabble, solitaire to poker, games can be a source of solo fun, a gathering point for the guys, or the center of a family fun nights.

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What are the advantages of television in religion?

Television has helped the world to integrate their ideas, culture, knowledge and lots and lots of information. The television helps us to keep our faith in God. By showing us how the almighty helps people. Channels like GOD plays devotional songs and explains verses from the bible. There are channels for many religions. Certain occasions like the election of the pope can be watched live, which gives the believers relief and keeps their religious side active. ...
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Where to rename your Pokemon?

There is a man in the north of Goldenrod city, who lives in a tent. Go inside, and he'll rename your chosen Pokemon. Traded Pokemon can't be renamed though. ...
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How do you edit script on elite map?

You have to have an experoence with scripting and programing (like you do roblox and stuff) ...
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Why do I hate World of Warcraft?

Well that's is a dumb questions because no one knows why you hate WoW
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How can you trade items in tinierme?

Go to the profile of the person that you want to trade with. Find the Send Trade Request button, then select items, insert a title and optional message then send. You will get a notification if they offer items back or reject it like when receiving a MiniMail. Approve/reject their offer. Add me on Tinierme? MorganaZomg ...
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Where can I legally download java games?

If you want to get other games that are not java you could always try out Steampowers. Its a website that sends your steam games when you get enough points from doing survey, and it's completely legal as steam still gets the money as the website buys the game with advertising money. ...
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How do you play lesbian chicken?

You get a bunch of girls if its lesbian chicken but boys if gay chicken. Then spin a bottle the first person and second person kiss: 1st kiss 3 seconds 2nd kiss 5 seconds 3rd kiss 10 seconds 4th open mouth 3 seconds 5th open mouth 5 seconds 6th open mouth 10 secs 7th then the same with tongues 8th then intimate when you do for 1,3,5,10 mins then untimed til one person gives up. ...
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How do you delete Movie Star Planet user?

yes u go to help up the top in the bar then there should be delete user (bottom of list) hope u find it helpful! EAT PIE MEGAMAN ! dude dont delete without telling your BFFs! They will wonder! ...
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Why doesn't the game corporation inc work?

1. because you have lost your connection 2. because some one has hacked into your computer 3. you have not got flash player 4. it should be working ...
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Questions for spin the bottle?

1. Have you ever been affected by current events? 2. Do you believe Edward Cullen is real? 3. Do you believe in Santa Claus? 4. Do you have super powers? 5. Do dwarves live under your house? 6. Can you touch your nose with your toe? 7. Do you know where Wally is? 8. Why did the Mysterious Chicken cross the road? 9. Who would you most like to have as a pet dog? 10. Have you ever eaten grass? ...
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How do you do the beer bong?

you fill the funnel with beer, then put your mouth over the end of the tube, then someone lifts the other end of the tube/funnel and then you just swallow ...
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How do you save game in swat 4?

you can't
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Where is the slum in mass mayhem 3?

on your screen look HARDER.find it. no um.....ok error code:1095 shutting down computer in sequenced. to stop download turn off browser. Please Try again later ...
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What are 21 questions to ask a boy?

"21 questions" is always a fun game to play, even as friends or when dating. Here are some possible questions-- 30 of them! When's your birthday? Do you have any siblings? What's the most hilarious trick your siblings and you ever played on someone? What are your parents like? Do you like sports and what kinds of sports? Have you ever wished you could play a particular sport? What's your favorite color? What's your favorite food? Do you like TV? Which is your favorite TV show? Who...
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Where can you buy pogo legs?

They were in Wal-Mart.
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How do you play twenty guesses?

There are only two fundamental rules, one for Q and one for A. Rule #1: Q may only ask questions that can be answered with a yes or a no. Rule #2: A may only respond with a yes or a no, whichever will be more helpful to Q. ...
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What is the answer to level 38 on fill the pot?

Place 3 pots in the middle at the bottom next to each other. Place the 4th pot directly under the shortest tap. Onthe left tap place a down/right right/up, up/right and a straight. On the right tap place a down/left, left/up, up/left ...
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Who are the best Beyblades ever?

1. earth eagle 2.rock Leone 3. galaxy pegasus 4. storm pegasus 5. dark wolf the worst ones are 1. lightning ldrago 2. flame libra 3. flame seggetario 4. rock Scorpio 5. poison serpant But in my opinion Basalt(aka Twisted Tempo) is better than everyone else. ...
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How do you beat the Kim Possible a sitch in time present game?

1. Beat Shego by running close to her and kicking (or pressing the space bar.) 2. Jump up to the platform and run across, run as fast as possible across the dino head and to the next part. 3. Press either the left or right arrow along with the up arrow to jump off the totem poles. 4. Run across and jump on to the tall totem pole which will fall on to of Shego and run across. _________________________________________________ 1. Press the right arrow...
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What are race and chase board games?

Board games in which you race and chase.
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What happened to groovy girls?

I still see them for sale and all, but I just went to their website and it is totally messed up! I haven't been on for like a year though. I know thhat this wasn't helpful, but I'm wondering too. ...