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This category covers question about the Gran Turismo (often abbreviated as "GT") gaming title, a critically acclaimed simulation-racing series produced for the Sony Corporation. Gran Turismo was first released on December 23, 1997 and its popularity grew. Gran Turismo is now in its sixth series, releasing Gran Turismo 6 on December 6, 2013.

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What are some car codes for GT5?


Gran Turismo

What day does ferrari come on in gran turismo for psp?

On day 9 , if you leave it beacuse you have no money on day 69 the last finish it and wait until the day restarts and go to day 9.

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How do you get nitro in Gran Turismo 4?

Not all the cars can have nitro but for those who can, you just have to buy the nitro parts.

Gran Turismo

How do you sell your cars on Gran Turismo PSP?

You can`t sell your cars on Gran Turismo PSP.

Gran Turismo

When is Gran Turismo 5 coming out in Australia?

Gran Turisimo 5 is coming out in November the 3rd

Gran Turismo

Is there a Ferrari Enzo in Grand Turismo for PSP?

Yes, but it takes long to get the right day.

Gran Turismo

What are the 5 fastest cars on Gran Turismo 5?

I'm speaking fully upgraded here just for your reference. The 5 fastest cars that i know of would be the Red Bull X2010, then the Formula Gran Turismo, and the Bugatti Veyron. After that I'm not sure, but i believe it's the Toyota Minolta 88CV, Ferrari Enzo, and Dodge viper ACR, in no particular order.

Gran Turismo

How do you get the srt4 neon on Gran Turismo 5?

it is available in the used car dealership on a rotating basis

Gran Turismo

Is there a tuning shop in Gran Turismo 5 Prologue?

No, however you can gran turismo 5 and then tune from car from there

Gran Turismo

When is Gran Turismo 5 coming out on PS3?

The release date is Nov 2 2010 see related link

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How do you get easy money and xp in gran turismo 5?

well for online and live.go into a open lobby.make your own.then click race.then an automatic win

Gran Turismo

How do you get unlimited money in Gran Turismo 5?

You can't. This isn't a game with cheats. If you want unlimited money, you have to be like Senna on the track. Nothing comes easy.

Gran Turismo

How do you change your oil on Gran Turismo 4?

go to gt auto and select oil change gt auto is left of the house

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What is the best car in gran turismo psp'?

Bugatti Veyron top speed 443 kms

GT by Citroen top speed 412 kms

Saleen S7 top speed 397 kms

Gran Turismo

What is the fastest car in Gran Turismo 4?

The Fastest anyone has ever gone in a Mazda 787b is 412.6. At current it is the fastest car in the game.

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Is a samsung s2 portable hard drive ps3 compatible?

No, I have one and it doesn't show when you connect through usb

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How do you get car damage in gran turismo 5?

You ca nonly have damage on premium cars (Approx 200 cars in the game). All the other cars are called standard and do not support damage. Here's a list of all premium and standard cars :

Gran Turismo

What car is on the cover of the original gran turismo?

On my version of the game, There is just a random car under a cover.

Gran Turismo

Can you customize cars in Gran Turismo 5?

You can tune it and buy upgrade in engine but you could only select colours the car comes with, you cant design it

Gran Turismo

Does Gran Turismo 5 have motorcycles?

As of right now, it does not have motorcycles. Although, there has been some talk about having motorcycles as downloadable content in the future.

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Can you play Gran Turismo 4 on PS3?

Only if the PS3 supports backward compatibility for PS2 games. (New PS3s do not)

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What is nitro?

A type of fuel for RC car, helicopters, and boats. Very expensive, up to £35 per litre

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How do you drift in Gran Turismo 3?

1: Take off the traction control. To do this, go to a race and in the race menu select Machine Setting. By the Rom tab or Other, set the TCS and ASM to 0 [ zero ] 2: Drifting is caused by the cars weight suddenly changing direction [ gforce] accompanied with some oversteer [ spinning out the rear wheels ] With powerfull cars you could achieve a drift easily at lower revs by aggressively swirving on the road while only accelarating on when doing the turn [ swirve ] Gearing down and accelarating hard on sharp bends will result in drifting. Accelarator control + Lateral Gforce = [ Drift ]

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How do you get the CTR yellow bird in Gran Turismo 5?

You get it buy going to the ucd and hurting girls making them bleed bad


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