Joe Paterno

Joe Paterno was the head coach of Penn State's football team for 45 years. Revered on campus, Paterno is known as JoePa. Paterno was fired in November 2011 after a former coach was arrested on child sex abuse charges.

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Does Joe Paterno smoke?

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Joe Paterno was a nonsmoker. However, in November 2011, he was diagnosed with a treatable form of lung cancer. While undergoing chemo and radiation, Joe Paterno had fallen and broken his pelvis. On January 22nd, 2012, Joe Paterno passed away at 85 years old.

What were Joe Paterno's nicknames?

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When I was at Penn State in 1989 or 1990, the head cheerleader (who we called Flounder - not sure how that started) had a cheer where he would call out and wait for us to call back.

Flounder: "When I say 'Go', you say 'State'

Flounder: GO!


Flounder: GO!


There were a bunch of other ones, like BLUE, WHITE, etc., but when he went on to do one for Joe Paterno, it was kind of clumsy...

F: when I say "Joe Pa," you say "terno"

We were supposed to say "terno," but we never did. Instead we would yell back "JOE PA" again.

It was catchy, and before you knew it, everyone was calling him JoePa.

Well that's my recollection, someone else has an earlier story. That was the first I heard it.

Does Joe Paterno call the offensive plays?

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Yes he has called the offense his entire tenure in Green Bay. He also called them in his other positions before becoming head coach. The laminated sheet he holds is the entire offensive game plan for that game with every different situation on it. He has also had a very high ranked offense in Green Bay calling the plays.

When did joe paterno become the most winningest coach in NCAA history?

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Joe Paterno passed Bear Bryant to Became in College Football History with a 29-27 win over Ohio State on October 27, 2001 at Penn State. Joe Paterno died in Janauary 2012.

Who was the head football coach at Penn St before Joe Paterno?

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Joe Bedenk.

Bedenk coached one season (1949), taking over for Bob Higgins after Higgins retired due to health issues. Engle took over in 1950. Bedenk had been the offensive line coach under Higgins and returned to coaching the offensive line when Engle was hired.

How much was joe paterno paid?

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Along with his wife, Paterno made a one-time endowment donation of $4,000,000 in 1994, and has made an annual contribution of $100,000 since, including 2012. These two programs alone (and there are others), have generated nearly $6,000,000 towards PSU and the library that bears his name. It does beg one to wonder - with all PSU has done to strip his name and association with the university, will they be as quick to act in returning these donations back to the Paterno family.

How old are joe Paterno sons?

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one sister named Sissy and late brother Georgie.

How many wins does Joe Paterno have to date?

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Joe Paterno has won two national championships at Penn State one in 1982 and another in 1986

What is the highest score in college football?

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The record for the highest scoring NCAA football game ever belongs to a game played between Georgia Tech and Cumberland in 1916. The game ended with a result of 222-0 in favor of Georgia Tech.

Will Joe Paterno be looking for a job?

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Don't think so. He is going to spend most of the rest of his life testifying in court.

Did Joe Paterno play football?

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yes he did

Who is Joe Paterno married to?

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Joe Paterno is married to Sue Paterno.

Is joe paterno Jewish?

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He is descended from Italian-American immigrants who were overwhelmingly Roman Catholic. He identified that way as well. Most White American Jews are descended from German, Polish, and Russian stock.

How tall is Joe Paterno?

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5 foot 3 inches

How long has joe paterno been a head coach?

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According the NFL Films (just heard this on ESPN), 350 players.

Did Joe Paterno play for Vince Lombardi?

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No. However, during Paterno's senior year in high school at Brooklyn Preparatory School, where Paterno was a star quarterback and cornerback, "Brooklyn Prep's" only loss that year was to St. Cecelia High School, of Englewood, N.J. , whose head coach was none other than...Vince Lombardi.

Which big ten football official played for joe paterno at penn state?

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here's the list of officials... it's one of these guys:

2004 Big Ten Football Officials Roster

Terry Anderson

Robert Bassett

Steve Beckman

Carl Britt

Scott Buchanan

Michael Cannon

Daniel Capron

Jeffrey Carr

John Carson

David Chesney

Robert Davis

Joe Duncan

Brent Durbin

Paul Engelberts

James Filson

Roger Haberer

Steve Hassel

Tom Herbert

Richard Honig

John R. Kouris

Thomas Krispinsky

James Krogstad

Rick Kruger

John Langan

Jim Lapetina

Darrel Leftwich

William LeMonnier

Dennis Lipski

Julius Livas

Jon Lucivansky

Jack Lyman

Mike Mahouski

Dana McKenzie

Dennis Morris

Percy Mun

Norm Nelson

Richard Nelson

Steve Newman

David Nowak

John O'Neill

Dino Paganelli

Stephen Pamon

Tony Payne

John Quinn

John Roggeman

Bobby Sagers

Michael F. Sheahan

Robert Smith, Jr.

Donald Swanson

Jack Teitz

Alphonse Terry

David A. Witvoet

Henry Zaborniak