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Who in sport would have a higher duty of care?

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The question of who has a "higher duty of care" sounds like an issue for legal advice, in which case a licensed attorney might be the best source. The following answer is not legal advice, but a general statement about the responsibility of Taekwondo officials.

Ultimately, everything that occurs during a Taekwondo event is the responsibility of those who host the event, with the tournament host, and/or director at the head of that chain. Within any particular ring, and during a match, the center referee is in charge of match management, and the one who is primarily responsible for enforcing the rules of safety.

Which modern summer Olympic sports are the most watched?

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Most Watched Summer OlympicsThe most watched Summer Olympic Sport has to be the basketball games. Because all of the stars that are playing for the teams are mostly in the NBA. When watching these stars play in the Olympics you can see them playing their hearts out for their countries.

What are the parts of a racket?

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There are three parts of a tennis racquet. The part that you hold is the "grip". Above the grip is the "neck". Someone who holds their tennis racket by the neck is said to be "choking" their racquet; this is not the correct way to play. The part that you hit the ball with (and the largest part of the racquet) is called the "head". The part makes up the head is the "rim". As for a badminton racquet, I would assume that it's very similar.

How many Olympic events does badminton have?

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Badminton debuted in the Olympics at the 1992 Summer Olympics in Barcelona. The 2008 Games will be the 5th that badminton has been competed. 4 events, namely the Singles and Doubles for Womens and Men was held in 1992 and in 1996, Mixed Doubles was included in Atlanta Olympics.

What are the signal of referee in badminton?

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If you mean line judges, if they point at the line that means the shot is in, if they spread their hands out, the shot went out. If you still have a question, ask away.

What year was badminton introduced to the Olympics?

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Badminton first appeared as a non-medal sport at the 1972 Games in Munich.

It was not played again for 20 years until, at the 1992 Games in Barcelona, badminton debuted as a medal sport and has been included in Olympic sport ever since.

What is the scoring system in badminton?

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there are two ways as of now, old scoring system (service point??) and new scoring system (rally point), which is just introduced last year and now it's approved by the IBF. Using the old scoring system, you get a point only if your side serves and wins the rally. You have two serving chance (first/second serve) except when the game begins. The new scoring system, you get a point regardless your side serves or not. And there is no second serve. You only serve once. You can google with "Laws of Badminton" and it will give you more details.

What are the main roles in badminton?

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you can play doubles or singles. There is not really any "role". you just do what you want, without fouling etc.

What the formula of double elimination tournament?

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A double elimination tournament means you have to lose twice before being eliminated from the competition. If you lose once, you are sent to the "losers' bracket". In the losers' bracket you are allowed to continue competing against other teams that have also lost once. If you lose a second time you are eliminated. The winner of the losers' bracket places third in the overall competition.

How many countries play badminton in 2011?

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50 countries sent athletes to compete in badminton at the 2008 Games in Beijing: Algeria






Chinese Taipei

Czech Republic







Great Britain


Hong Kong, China












New Zealand










South Africa

South Korea


Sri Lanka






United States



What is the age limit for badminton in the Olympics?

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16 years old is the age limit for all sports in the Olympics which includes Badminton which is featured as a sport in the Olympics.

What year in the Olympic games did badminton become a medal sport?

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Tennis returned as a medal sport at the Olympics in 1988, 68 years after it had last been featured as such. The previous Olympics in 1984, and also in 1968, featured it as a demonstration sport only.

How many feathers are there in a badminton shuttle according to Olympic rules?

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There are 16 feathers in a batminton shuttle according to Olymic rules.

Who are the Indian badminton players participated in olympic?

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At the 2008 Games in Beijing, Anup Sridhar participated in men's singles and was eliminated in the round of 32. Saina Nehwal participated in women's singles and was eliminated in the quarterfinals.

When did badminton became an olympic sport?

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Badminton was a demonstration sport in 1972, an exhibition sport in 1988, and a full medal sport in 1992. Badminton most certainly began on the Asian continent, but the exact origins are unknown.

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What European shoe size is UK size 10?

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UK size ten would usually be about an eleven or some times ten it depends if you have a fat foot.

How to make Solicitation letter for basketball awards and trophies?

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One can find out how to write an invitation letter by looking up other invitationals for the same type of event. Once one has gotten some kind of idea in their head as to how to go about it, one can personalize it to their event.

What is badmiton?

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Badminton is a game that uses rackets to hit a shuttlecock back and forth over a net. It can be played by two opposing players or opposing pairs.

How does the badminton work?

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You continue playing until someone wins by 2.

Often, there is a number to stop at when the first person to get that point wins.

ex. Game to 21, win by 2 to 30. This means, they'd go win by 2 until 30. The 1st person to get to 30 wins and there is no rally after.

If it is in a match, it is best out of 3, so you cannot have a tie.

How do you improve agility for badminton?

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Agility is important in badminton because when you fail a shot you have to pick the shuttlecock back up off the floor.

Who is the most famous black badminton player?

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Difficult to say. For whatever reason, badminton has largely been popular in Asia and in Great Britain, as well as amongst upper-class elites in the United States. I am told that the sport is finally becoming more popular in Africa, but it has not yet become popular enough to know the names of top players. I am also told that there are a few black players in Canada who compete at a high level.

How many members on the Us olympic badminton team?

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Badminton is played like tennis, singles or doubles.
Badminton is played in singles and doubles. In singles one player on each side of the mat and in doubles two players on each side of the mat. Thus the number of players may be 2 or 4 depending on singles or doubles.

Who won the first badminton Olympic tournament?

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The first event that awarded medals in the Modern Olympics was the triple jump which was contested April 6, 1896. The gold medal winner was James Connolly of the United States with a jump of 13.71 meters. Silver went to Alexandre Tufferi of France with a jump of 12.70 meters and bronze went to Ioannis Persakis of Greece with a jump of 12.52 meters.