Oregano is a culinary herb use to add pungent and spicy flavor to many dishes. The leaf is more flavorful in dried form than in fresh and has a warm ad slightly bitter taste.

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How do you use oregano plant?

Oregano is an herb that is used in many Mediterranean cuisines, in the Middle East, the Philippines and Latin America, including Mexico. Traditionally, stems are harvested and dried and the leaves are then stripped from the stems and crushed. However, if you are in a hurry, fresh leaves can be taken from the stems and chopped. If you grow a lot of it, you can simply take cuttings and leave the rest of the plant to grow.

Oregano is most widely-known for its use on pizza, usually as part of the tomato sauce. In Turkish cuisine, oregano is used as an herb on grilled meats and kebabs. Oregano has a stronger flavor than thyme, basil or marjoram (to which it is closely related) so it tends to be used in spicy dishes, particularly for flavoring meats.


What can you subsitute for oregano?

The herb closest in flavor to oregano is probably marjoram, which is in the same family. It is subtler, though, and lacks the in-your-face aromaticity of oregano.


What is the dosage of oregano oil for sinus infection?

An article said the someone took 4 drops every 2 hours for 4 days then less for a total of 10 days. A new nasal spray is also available that you are to use twice a day. It seems to work in clearing nasal passages.


How can you use oregano in a sentence?

Oregano- Noun, a plant that is often dried and used as a spice, especially in Italian dishes.

  1. Oregano is a flavorful spice used by chefs.
  2. Sam wanted to spice up his pasta sauce, so he added some oregano.

What is oil of oregano?

Oregano is high on antioxidant activity which is probably the origin of the many health benefits of oregano oil. Oregano Oils thymol and carvacrol are believed to be the main sources of its benefits. The most widely known and spread benefit of oregano oil is its ability to cure mild stomach problems. It is also well known for its cough-clearing qualities. However, Oregano has many other benefits, among these: exterminating fungus, digestive problems, migrane headaches, athletes foot, sore throat, breathing problems, drandruff (and other skin problems).


Can oregano oil help itching skin?

There is no scientific proof of this, but Aveeno lotion is excellent for dry skin and particularly for diabetics who can suffer from bouts of itchy skin. Lanocaine is a topical anesthetic and will get rid of the itch immediately. Keep putting on that Aveeno lotion and for the very itchy areas try the Lanocaine. These products can be bought in the drug section of large grocery stores or a drug store.


Is oregano gluten free?

Yes, oregano is gluten free.


Can you take oil of oregano while pregnant?

I hava no idea,but that site maybe could help you[Pregnancy and Birth]: Or you can search your problem by the search box under the top....


What botanical family does oregano belong to?

It is a member of the Labiatae family, commonly referred to as the mint family.


What is oregano plant called in Hindi?

Oregano is known as azwain in hindi, Oregano prepared from azwain leaf.


What are oregano called in Marathi?

In Hindi- Ajwain leaves-dry


Does oregano in bottles expire?

Herbs don't expire as in "they are bad for you after this date". However, they do loose their flavour. if you bought the Oregano more than 2 years ago, there will be little or no flavour added to your cooking when you use it.


Does Oil of Oregano help psoriasis?

Psoriasis is a genetic disease for which there currently is no cure but there is hope for a cure on the horizon. See a dermatologist, one that understands psoriasis. For some steroid creams work. Some people respond to light treatment. Some need a biologic medication.


How do you use oil of oregano for a cough?

Put about 5 drops of it under your tongue and then swallow it. You can wash it down with some water if it burns too much. Repeat this about every hour or so, until your cough is better.


Dosage of oregano for asthma?

If you wish to use Oregano Tea in treating your asthma, according to the "Herbal Medicine Handbook" published by Springhouse, in Springhouse, PA copyright 2005, use one heaping teaspoon of dried oregano in a large cup...pour 8 ounces of boiling water into this and steep for 10 minutes. The tea may be sweetened with honey if you are not allergic. If you are taking iron supplements, separate taking your iron pill at least 2 hours before or after drinking this tea as the oregano may interfere with the absorption of the iron. It can also be used as a bath. Please read carefully. In a *large* pitcher or other heat-proof container, place 100 grams of oregano and pour in one liter of boiling water...(that's about 1/2 of one of those large platic pop bottles) and let it steep for 10 minutes. Add that to a your bath water and sit in the bath and breathe the steam. Do NOT have the water so hot you cannot sit in it. My final caution is if your asthma is really bad, don't wait for the oregano to clear it up. If you are having problems breathing, get yourself or whoever is having breathing problems to the nearest emergency room!


How much ground oregano should you substitute for dried oregano?

You can use nearly the same ratio to substitute for most herbs. 3 to 1. You want one third the amount of dried as the amount of fresh that is called for. That would be approximately 1 teaspoon of dried to one tablespoon of fresh. However, it also depends on how fresh your dried herbs are. Fresher dried herbs will have a stronger flavor and you may be able to use less. Older dried herbs will have a weaker flavor and may require more.


Can oil of oregano cause diarrhea?

It can cure diarrhea caused by infection if it is all natural. If it is adulterated or extracted with chemical instead of steam distilled it could. Also if it killed off a lot of bacteria or yeast, the body may eject the kill off with diarrhea.


Does Oregano oil cure molluscum contagiosum?

My daughter had molluscum on her back side for almost a year. My dermatologist told me to paint the lesions with clear fingernail polish (I did it about every other day for a week) and they completely disappeared never to be seen again.


What is oregano plant called in kannada?

Cuban Oregano is a precious herb with very intense and deep flavour. ...They are also known as Dodda Patre in Kannada. The plant grows as a shrub and spreads easily in gentle weather with minimum care. The leaves are round, spongy with a very aromatic flavour


Can rabbits eat oregano leaves?

Rabbits can't eat dried spices or herbs. Any dried spiced leaf or herb will give your rabbit diarrhea. Spices are unhealthy for most animals, including rabbits. Spices are too potent for animals.

Fresh oregano is a strong-tasting plant, and some rabbits like it, but some don't. If your rabbit likes oregano, it's fine to include it as a "salad" green. A daily salad is healthy for a rabbit! Salad greens should be rotated from within a wide variety so that you don't serve any one kind too much. Some plants can be dangerous if served too often.

See the related question below for more details about the rabbit diet, and helpful links.


What is oregano plant called in Tamil?

Orengano is a family of karpuravalli plant . Oregano is different from omam. it is also known as omavalli or commonly known as mint leaves.


Can rabbits eat oregano?

Rabbits can eat fresh oregano. If your rabbits like it, you can include fresh oregano in the rotation of "salad" greens. Don't give your rabbits dried oregano, though, or any dried spice or herb, because it's too potent. See the related question below for more details and helpful links about the rabbit diet.


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