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Saw is a horror franchise that comprises seven films distributed by Lions Gate Entertainment and two video games published by Konami. It started with a short film in 2003, which was created by director James Wan.

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What does the mausoleum trap on saw 4 do?

Test one person on sight and the other on communication to see who can find their own key on the other person b4 they die ...
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Are they making saw 8?

LioneGate did announce that it has been picked up, and is in pre-production (Script) phase currently. There should be an update about it's release date by January, 2015. ...
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Who are the target audience for an action-adventure film?

The target audience for an action-adventure film can be for anyone really but usully for older men and or families.... hope this helps... a little bit ;) ...
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What is the most gruesome saw trap?

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Who were the other masked people at the end of saw 7?

Well if you want to ruin the movie I guess I can tell. Dr. Gordon is the one in the mask that has continued Jigsaws legacy. The other two are not reveled in the movie. ...
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Who is Hoffman in saw?

a detective that began investigating the jigsaw killer and ended being his apprentice and succesor after john died ...
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How are all the saw movies connected?

The Saw movies start out being about John Kramer ("Jigsaw"), who is a cancer patient. As his time is running out, he sees how so many people take their lives for granted, and decides to test their will to live in order for them to value their lives. To do this, he sets them up in traps that will test them, while hoping that they DO live. As John grows closer to dying, he has Amanda take over for him (with...
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How do you make a reverse bear trap?

you just turn the bear trap inside out
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When does the next Saw Film come out?

Saw 4 is coming out this Halloween (Oct. 26) Saw 5 is being worked on...and a release is sceheduled hopefully for Halloween 08. Since not all actors will comply it might be 09 Saw 6 is on stand by...will probably be greenlighted if 4 makes the big bucks ...
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How did Mary shaw from dead silence die?

After Mary kidnapped Jamie's great-uncle Michael when he was a child, the townspeople suspected her, and then broke into her theater where they made their way to her quarters. There, they forced her to scream, and then cut out her tongue. They don't explain how this killed her, but this was the reason, and the subsequent reason why she ripped the tongues out of all her kills. ...
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What is the book eager based on?

what is the main idea of the book eager?
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Who is the main actor in saw?

Tobin Bell plays Jigsaw, and Cary Elwes plays the doctor imprisoned by Jigsaw ...
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Why is Saw the movie series called Saw?

A lot of people think it's because in the first movie the victims only chance at survival was using a saw to cut of their own limbs. The movie title Saw actually comes from the fact that the media in the movie gave the serial killer the name Jigsaw. ...
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Can a 12 year old watch Saw?

I wouldn't recommend it, unless this is a 12-year-old who has already seen many other horror movies and is able to stomach them. The Saw movies are torture horror: extremely violent, gory and disturbing. The first one is a bit less gruesome than the sequels, but it's arguably the most disturbing. Blood and guts alone don't make a movie scary, and the original is definitely the scariest one, even if it's not the most violent. Either way, it's a very scary, very disturbing...
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If Trapmaster's flip effect targets a trap can that trap be used to destroy Trapmaster Does it matter if the trap is a counter-trap?

Yes, if you have a face down say rageki break, you can use it. Chain link 1 trapmasters effect activates targeting rageki break Chain link 2 rageki break effect activates targeting trapmaster Resolve: Link 2 Rageki Break destroys trapmaster Link 1 Trapmaster destroys rageki break Both cards would be destroyed by eachother. ...
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What is a pee trap?

The drain under a sink when it goes thru the wall instead of the floor. If looked at from the side, it would look like a P. ...
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What is the name of the last saw movie?

That would be the seventh film of the series, which was released as "Saw 3D". ...
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How does Saw 7 End?

Saw 3D(7) ends with Hoffman in the bathroom scene from the original Saw Dr. Gordon was the last person to be taken in by Jigsaw and was told to act accordingly if anything happened to his wife Jill whom Hoffman put in the reverse bear trap and she died. When Gordon puts Hoffman in the bathroom to be locked away for eternity he throws the hacksaw he used to cut his own foot out of the room making sure Hoffman had...
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Where can you get a jigsaw mask?

The doll from Saw is named Billy, I assume that is the kind of mask you are looking for :) Check the link provided below. ...
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How do you deal with jealousy in a long-distance relationship?

You have to have a lot of trust !!Beware it is easy to lie and lead a bouble life. Afterall, how can you tell if what they say is true-i.e. where they have been, who they have been with. How do you deal with jealousy in a long-distance relationship? I would tell him/her don't be jealous just pick up the phone and call me. I promise not to bite you (smile) A: I would say trust them until they give you reason not to....
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How will Saw 3D end?

Well I just saw this movie today. Detective Hoffman kidnaps Jill tuck and places her in an unwinnable reverse bear trap and kills her. After that, three people in pig masks knock Hoffman out and kidnap him. One of those three people is dr. Gordon, the guy from the first saw movie. The three people throw Hoffman in the bathroom where Gordon and Adam used to be, one of them takes the hacksaw. Before they locked Hoffman in the bathroom, gordon's...
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What was the movie the aviator based on?

The Aviator accurately protrayed the life of actor/businessman Howard Hughes. ...
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How many saw traps were made?

52 gory traps were made during the 7 movies
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Is the movie saw 2 good?

yes the saw 2 movie is great i loved them all im just waiting for saw 7 to come out saw 6 probley is the best movie ive seen so far..... Saw 7 is gonna be the s**t man i cant wait ...