The Little Mermaid

The Little Mermaid was written by Hans Christian Anderson, and published in 1837. The original story was full a painful one, without a very happy ending. The Little Mermaid has been retold many times in popular culture. The best known modern retelling is probably the 1989 animated Disney version.

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The Little Mermaid

What country does Prince Eric rule in Disney's The Little Mermaid?

Although the country is never specifically named, it's likely that Eric is the prince of Denmark, the original author's country of origin.

The Little Mermaid

Why is Ursula mean in The Little Mermaid?

You see Ursula is mean to Ariel because she wants Ariel to fail in making herself human so the treaty.

The Little Mermaid

Are they remaking The Little Mermaid in 2012?

They are not remaking The Little Mermaid in 2012. But i did hear that it is coming back to theaters in 3D. The only problem is that you gotta wait intill 2013.

The Little Mermaid

When did Ariel have a daughter in the Little Mermaid?

She had a daughter named Melody in The Little Mermaid 2: Return to the Sea.

The Little Mermaid

What is the name of the mermaid in Disney's The Little Mermaid?

The main character is Ariel, a 16-year-old mermaid who wishes to become human.

Other mermaids in the film include her father King Triton, her six older sisters (Aquata, Andrina, Arista, Attina, Adella, Alana), and the mer-people of Atlantica.

The Little Mermaid

Was The Little Mermaid written by the Grimm brothers?

No, the little mermaid was written by Hans Christian Anderson

The Little Mermaid

What happened to The Little Mermaid after her three days were up?

She had a chance to save herself but it required her to kill the prince. So she let herself die and became the foam of the sea

The Little Mermaid

What is the problem in The Little Mermaid?

The conflict in The Little Mermaid is a mermaid wanting to be a human.

The Little Mermaid

Who starred as the little mermaid in the movie little mermaid?

Jodi benson played the voice of Ariel in The Little Mermaid.

The Little Mermaid

What is the overall tone of the little mermaid?

It is more than a little sacrilegious. The title character comes out On top in the cartoon film- not the case with the original where she dies by dissolving into the water ahead of schedules- Mermaids were said to live for 300 years- three times the maximum human life-span- and at the end of this period to effevesce into the Water- thus- no Mermaid fossils- Mr. Anderson had some science-fiction touches to explain away a lack of evidence. The original story attacked race-mixing and as mentioned killed off the lead girl character- not so with Disney. The three day limit thing also pushes the sacrilege envelope ( Calvary?) I saw the film when it first came out and thought- This is Not for kids!

The Little Mermaid

Remember this short story An Asian girl's grandmother forbids her to wear ballet slippers because they remind her of her own foot binding as a girl. They read Anderson's The Little Mermaid at end.?

Yes, It was In the book,Ribons, and the pain that the Mermaid felt when she got her legs to impress the prince was the same way her granmother felt, because the Chinese believed that women should have small feet and that would help them get a good husband. Although the practice is discontiued nowadays, women who had their feet binded as children have foot prolems today.

The Little Mermaid

How many sisters does Ariel in The Little Mermaid have?

6 they are as follows:

Aquata, Andrina, Arista, Attina, Adella & Alana

The Little Mermaid

Was ursala A mean person in The Little Mermaid?

Yes but she a human while she is in Eric's ship and her name is Vassenca and when she is sea she's a sea witch and her name is Urslla

Read a story, see a play (musical) and watch a movie!


The Little Mermaid

What are the names of the evil eels in 'The Little Mermaid'?


The Little Mermaid

Who are Ariel's sisters in Disney's The Little Mermaid?

Ariel has six older sisters.

  • Aquata - blue tail and seashell bra, brown hair in a ponytail with pearl decoration
  • Andrina - lavender tail and seashell bra, blond hair in a bun with pink decorations
  • Arista - red tail and seashell bra, blond hair in a ponytail
  • Attina - orange tail and seashell bra, brown hair in an up-do with small crown
  • Adella - yellow tail, green seashell bra, black hair in ponytail with pearl decorations
  • Alana - pink tail, violet seashell bra, short black hair with small crown

Their actual age order is not known as various Disney products have listed the ages differently, although Ariel is always depicted as the youngest. In Ariel's Beginning (which predates the events of the original The Little Mermaid movie), the vanity game lists their ages as: Attina - 21, Alana - 20, Adella - 19, Aquata - 18, Arista - 17, Andrina - 16 and Ariel - 15. In the events of the first The Little Mermaid movie, Ariel states she is 16 years old.

The Little Mermaid

How many sisters does Ariel have in Disney's The Little Mermaid?

Ariel has six older sisters: Aquata, Andrina, Arista, Attina, Adella, and Alana.

The Little Mermaid

What is the name of the crab in Disney's The Little Mermaid?

Sebastian was the name of Ariel's red Jamaican crab friend in The Little Mermaid. He is voiced by Samuel E. Wright in the movies and TV show and by Kevin Michael Richards in the Kingdom Hearts series.

The Little Mermaid

What is the name of the yellow and blue fish in The Little Mermaid?

flounder because that is the type of fish he is

The Little Mermaid

Is anyone willing to sell a doll of The Little Mermaid II's Melody cheap?

there was dolls of Melody, in Toys r us when the movie was out, my friend Madonna Matilda DE lay saw for her daughter Madame Poo-Bag, a box containing dolls Ariel, Eric, Melody, Triton, Morgana, Undertow & Baby Melody, complete with outfits...

preh she has them now, by the way you love Dan Collins

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The Little Mermaid

How old is Prince Eric in Disney's The Little Mermaid?

23 years old, he have his birthday before Ariel the mermaid save him from drowning!

The Little Mermaid

In The Little Mermaid 3 how did Ariel's mom die?

Drift net

The Little Mermaid

Did the priest in The Little Mermaid really have an erection?

Claim: The minister officiating at Ursula's wedding ceremony in The Little Mermaid displays an erection. Status: False. Origins: In the film's first wedding scene (the one in which Ursula, having taken the appearance of Vanessa and the voice of Ariel, attempts to marry Prince Eric), as the bride and groom are approaching the minister, the side-profile shots of the minister allegedly reveal him to be sporting an erection. The minister is dressed as a bishop (wearing a tunic and tights) in this scene, and the triangular bulge claimed to be an "erection" is actually his knee sticking out from under the tunic. The minister's bandy legs and the blending of the tunic and tights make it difficult to distinguish his knee in some frames, although it is clearly visible in others. Do you take this man? Get out! This rumor gained renewed prominence in September of 1995 when the American Life League, a conservative Christian organization based in Stafford, Virginia, offered it an example of the "subliminal sex messages" Disney had been planting in their films and urged their supporters to boycott Disney. The rumor (along with others about the video cover of The Little Mermaid and the word 'S-E-X' in The Lion King, for example) was widely disseminated by the media over the next few months, leading an Arkansas woman named Janet Gilmer to file suit against The Walt Disney Company and Buena Vista Home Video in Washington County Circuit Court, claiming that: Through its marketing efforts, the use of the Disney name, and a 'G' rating, the defendants represented to the public that 'The Lion King' and 'The Little Mermaid' videocassettes were suitable for use and viewing by young children. Furthermore, the defendants never stated or suggested to the public that these videocassettes contained drawings and animated scenes that depicted sexual messages or other material that was unsuitable for young children. [ . . .] Consistent with the explicit sexual message displayed on the package of The Little Mermaid, Disney included a visible sexual message in the movie itself. During a scene in the movie where two of the characters are to be married by a clergyman dressed as a priest, the movement of the priest's garments in the area of his crotch suggests that the priest is getting an erection as the bride and groom approach the alter [sic]. The depiction of this 'event' is visible at regular speed on the home video, but is even more noticeable when viewed in slow motion or frame-by-frame. [Complaint in Gilmer v. The Walt Disney Co.] Gilmer dropped her lawsuit two months later.

The Little Mermaid

Will there ever be The Little Mermaid 4 or 5?

Never say never, but since Disney seems to have moved away from the quickly produced direct to DVD sequels, there's no reason to believe there will ever be any more installments of The Little Mermaid series.

The Little Mermaid

What is the name of The Little Mermaid font?


The Little Mermaid

Where and when was The Little Mermaid written?

The Little Mermaid was written in Denmark, Copenhagen and was made in 1989.


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