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No cold war=No Vietnam War

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Q: What were ways to have prevented the Vietnam war?
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What reasons prevented the USA from winning the Vietnam war?


How could did the conflict n have been prevented?

If communist North Vietnam did not try to conquer South Vietnam, the war would have been prevented.

How did Vietnam war transform p0licy making in the US?

The Vietnam War was able to transform policy making decisions in the US in many different ways. The biggest way is that it prevented the United States from intervening in other conflicts on the Asia mainlands.

Which are the ways of providing the Korean War and which are ways that providing Vietnam war?

The word "providing" does not compute in this sentence.

What Public opinion over the Vietnam War helped prevented this president from running for reelection?

Lyndon Johnson

How did the Americans escalate their involvement in the Vietnam war?

Two ways: 1. Transitioning the guerrilla war in RVN to a conventional war by deploying tanks and conventional troops. 2. By directly bombing North Vietnam. Vietnam was no longer a guerrilla war.

What presidency was destroyed by the war in Vietnam?

Lyndon Johnson's presidency is generally thought to have been destroyed by the Vietnam War. He had plans for what he called The Great Society, however constant problems of the Vietnam War prevented him from achieving this lofty goal. His administration was constantly criticized for continuing the war to the point where the war was practically the only issue being addressed by him.

How did Vietnam war transform policy making in US?

The Vietnam War a war that changed the United States in more ways than one. The Vietnam War was able to transform policy making in the US by preventing the US from intervening in other conflicts on the Asia mainlands.

How was the us affected after the Vietnam war?

The United States was affected by the Vietnam War in many ways. The Vietnam War led to veterans coming home ill from the exposure to agent orange, ptsd, and addictions. The country as a whole was affected by a negative economy.

What war was Vietnam?

the Vietnam war

In what ways the Vietnam war not technically a war?

The same way the US Civil War (American Civil War) wasn't technically a war. Neither were declared.

Was the Vietnam war in Pennsylvania?

No, the Vietnam War was in Vietnam

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