Can you payoff a mortgage with a primossory note Back by a bond and a set off bond?

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Hello, I in fact we also used this financial tool or instrument to pay off two of our mortgages with Washington Mutual Bank and two lines of credit or helocs with them as well. The company that we used was Gateway International Inc.. They seem to be on the up and up and nobody can verify that are not including the FBI of which we checked with, in order to verify our trust in Gateway. We have certified mail receipts and original copies of the notes along with directions for the lender to redeem the notes for cash at the federal reserve. The package looks good to us, Washington Mutual did foreclose on one home and is in process on the other. When we asked the investor what the hell was going on he simply said that he has been through this before and he knows he owns the homes and has addressed the payoffs in his 2007 tax filings and the IRS has been made and is also aware of WaMu double dipping collection policy with its consumer mortgage loans. We are under the assumption that is is illegal to proceed with foreclosure and to take possession of the homes after they had already been paid off in full, almost six months ago. The crime being that WaMu has three days to return the note if they were not going to accept it. They indeed did not, 2nd they re-keyed our home and took possession of six months after accepting payment in full. They never returned the notes to the investor, and they now have been paid in full and have possession. I am looking for a very large settlement when this is all said and done from WaMu. They have trashed our credit and taken our home and have done it to many others as well, google it and see. I would only recommend this plan if nothing else could be done to save or sell your homes. Andrew
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