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Worms are soft-bodied invertebrate animals. They are long and often parasitic.
Unsegameted worms offen are larger and their shape makes them more  popular since flat worms aren't noticed so the more popular the  more advance.
Definitely not. Tapeworms are not common at all to have, and most  people do not have one inside of them. dez nuts gottee
It eats remains like animal waste, apple core, and other  bio-degradable things. The leave waste that is soil. The live off  of small air pockets in the soil.
it is above the textured part
through bilateral nervous system
Theres a National Park between Orange and Forbes with a creek full of them
Nematoda and Platyhelminthes have bilateral symmetry
They get water through their skin
 A cascade of muscle contractions powers an earthworm's locomotion through the soil
Earthworms help improve the health of a garden because its feces  fertilize it.
You would find an earthworm about 8 inches underground.
Earthworms do not live very long, probably about a week, withoutfood.
I am not sure what you are asking. But, I am  going to go with "What animal eats an earthworm's young?"  Some predators of earthworms and their young,  include, but are not limited to ants, mites, centipedes, earwigs,  nematodes, fly larvae (maggot), termites, springtails, sowbugs,  snails,...
The worms help the soil, thus helping plants. They eat food that you throw out, and their body waste helps the soil. They break down minerals into forms that are more easily used by plants. Small burrowing animals sometimes eat things that might damage plant roots, which helps plants too. This...
Tapeworms were discovered in 1758 by Carl Linnaeus, a Swedish  physician and botanist.
  They eat and grow large!!!!!
they breathe through there skin
A symbiotic relationship is mutually beneficial, this isn't. This relationship is a parasitic relationship.The relationship between a tapeworm and a mammal is parasitic, not  symbiotic, because the mammal gets no benefit from the tapeworm.  The tapeworm is feeding off the mammal and this will...
  Each bristle is a seta; plural of seta is setae.
The bristles along the body of an earthworm are called the Setae,which are set along its segmented length. In all the body segments except the first, last and clitellum, there is a ring of S-shaped setae embedded in the epidermal pit of each segment.
Many have red blood, but some have green.
Both have internal organ systems and get their food using a pharynx.
They eat dirt and decayed leaves.
Earthworms can adapt with the dirt. If a earthworm is in your  garden you might not be able to see it. That is because it is  blending into its surroundings (adapt).
ANSWER   Animals digest their food. The proteins carbohydrates and fat in food. are broken down into simple molecules.  
The intestines help carry the earthworm's waste to the anus, where it is expelled from the worm.
worms lay 1000 and earthworms lay only 500
Yes, especially as of 2015. The CDC and WHO have been working to  eradicate the guinea worm, and it is has been a very successful  campaign.
They belong to the phylum Platyhelminthes. One species, the cucumber tapeworm, scientific name Dipylidium caninum has genus is Dipylidium and its species is caninum. However, there are more than 1 species of tapeworm. If you want to find genus or species you'll have to google it.
  Flatworms are of the phylum Platyhelminthes. This phylum has three classes: Turbellaria -- predacious worms Trematoda -- known commonly as flukes Cestoda -- tapeworms
It depends on what you want to use the worms for. For fishing-nightcrawlers are good. For composting-red wigglers work best. For gardening-earthworms will aerate the soil very well.
No it does not. Earth worms do not have bones.
No all worms are just blood. They don't really have a skull or bones.
yes and pound for pound, contains more protine than beef!!
  this depends on the kind of worm, you most likely mean the common earthworm this is a detrivore but there are other worms that are parasitic in their feeding metheods.  
Yes they live in cold water but they are inactive due to the low temperatures
it will start moving slowly looking for soil to go under before turning into ice
Flukes ARE oviparous
  Earthworm Anatomy - External Features   InvertebratesEarthworms are invertebrates. That is, they do not have a backbone. Insects, sea stars, spiders, jellyfish, and millipedes are other examples of invertebrate animals.SegmentsStudy the illustration of an earthworm shown below. You will...
Yes,because then why would they be moving
Yes, in the correct dosage. However, tapeworms have the ability to spread egg carrying cysts throughout your body and even to your brain, so if you think you have tapeworm you should definitely see a doctor.
Cat wormer is available over the counter, just be prepared to clean up what comes out.
No. Earthworms feed on decomposing organic mater. Sand is not  organic.
No, you do not necessarily need worms in your compost. If yourcompost is fermenting properly from bacterial activity it will betoo hot for worms to survive in it.
Tapeworms are part of the phylum platyhelminthes. They are long, flat, parasitic worms that are adapted to life inside the intestines of their hosts. Tapeworms are the simplest animals to have three embryonic germ layers, bilateral symmetry and cephalization. They are NOT annelids because that...
The adult beef tapeworm is usually a whopping 15 to 30 feet long (4.5 to 9 meters) and lives in the small intestine. An infected person usually has only one or two worms. The tapeworms use their head, called the scolex, to attach themselves to the intestinal wall. They have 1,000 to 2,000 body...
yes they do cause frogs are herbivores    Yes
There is such a thing as true worms. Some examples would be earth worms, red wrigglers, blood worms etc.
No, earthworms are very beneficial in a garden. Keep them in your garden!
In rich soil, normally found under types of mulch, like old leaves and such.
No with their butt where else would they eat
In graduate school I conducted research on heartworm disease and as a veterinarian I deal with it frequently, so I can provide a detailed response to this question. There are both male and female heartworms (Dirofilaria immitis) which live in the heart and pulmonary vessels. The adult heartworms...
There are different worms that can be used for worm composting. Redwigglers are the best. You can also use blue worms, manure worms,red hybrid worms and tiger worms.
flatworms are the only triploblastic organisms that lack a coelom
Their cells are too close to the animal's exterior surface.
Here are some characteristics of flatworms: . They have flat bodies and are very thin. . They have both an anterior and posterior head. . They are invertebrates with bilateral symmetry. . Some flat worms are parasites.
most the time they live on live rock but they are usually found on corals as well.
From the mouth the soil moves to the crop, where it is stored . Behind the crop is a muscular structure called the gizzard. Here, the soil and food are ground. In the intestine, the food is broken down and absored by the blood . Undigested soil and wastes leave the worm through the anus.
If this was thrown up and looks like a piece of spaghetti, then that is a roundworm. You should bring in a small fecal sample collected over a 2 day period to your Veterinarian's office and have your Vet check for other parasite eggs & give your pet a good check up too at the same time. Then the...
Cestoda, Turbellaria, Trematoda, and Monogenea
tapeworms, planarians, flukes
  through the skin   through the skin
yesType your answer here...
Fat, white, worm-like creatures inside clay-like mounds could betermites. While termites are best known for inhabiting the woodworkof houses, they can also build huge mounds in the dirt.
They are all types of invertebrates.
Yes, you can get tapeworms from your cat, which usually happens if you don't wash your hands after dealing with the cats feces.
Whelk there are really no symptoms but it's : Icing Swelling Loss of sightMany times there are no symptoms. Sometimes there may be cramps, nausea, diarrhea, weight loss. I suppose it would depend on where the worms took up residence inside you, and how severe the infestation is. (?)
tapeworms do not have any venom to give off but they can give diseases!
Scolex and the Proglottids.
The Symbiosis type for Flatworm and Horseshoe crab is Commensalism.
The best way to get rid of a tapeworm is to drink really hot water. Try microwaving a glass of water for about 45 sec and drinking it straight.It really works!!!
A night crawler has a harder outside and small legs, earth works are larger and not as hard.
The bacteria helps break down the leaves and other vegetation that worms eat.
tape worms don't have a gut because they absorb already digested food and have no need to break it down further
No it is not as it does not have any back bone. It is classified asNematodes Vertebrates are members of the subphylum Vertebrata, which containschordates (animals with vertebrates) with backbones or spinalcolumns. No, earthworms don't have an internal skeleton - therefore they are invertebrates.