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Bonanza (TV Series)

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From the optimistic Eisenhower era through the turbulence of the 1960's and beyond, Bonanza provided a brief respite to a simpler and more wholesome America. Debuting September 13, 1959, the Cartwrights entertained us for 14 seasons until the show's finale in the spring of 1973. The characters, Pa, Adam, Hoss and Little Joe became comfortable friends every Sunday for an hour, and have earned a place in American TV history.
According to Wikipedia, the Ponderosa ranch would have covered over one thousand square miles.
Hoss' name was Eric. I dont believe it was ever used on the show.
The name of the song was Mary Ann. His inspriation was actress Dawn Wells, better known as Mary Ann on Gilligan's Island.
That's far enough out there that it's not even a little bit of a problem. Even first cousins, although a little risky, won't have serious problems unless it's a normal practice of the family.. If the common family has a consistent history of a specific genetic disorder you MAY make your children...
Many of the items used for interior shots of Bonanza were takenfrom the studio's props department making it almost impossible totrack down the dinnerware that was used. One of the patterns often used was the famed BLUE WILLOW. I amtrying to figure out the Red Pattern, which seems to look likeO.P.Co...
He did have a son when he left the series so maybe he did.
Bonanza was never filmed in black and white. The mother company of NBC was RCA which wanted to sell color TV's. The Cartwrights were always in color, unless of course you didn't own a color set.
There are 430 episodes of Bonanza .
The actress is also the one who played on Benson opposite Robert Guillaume. And her name was Inga Swenson
In the first episode Adam is 29, Hoss is 23, and Joe is 17
None! 'The Widow-Maker' was the fifth episode of the 19th season of Gunsmoke, airing on October 8th, 1973. See the related links isted below for more information:
Adam Cartwright and Little Joe Cartwright
As a child I actually saw this horse. Along with the Buckskin and black and white Pinto ridden by Lorne Green and Michael Landon. As much as my research has been able to turn up the black horse was Quarter Horse or a Quarter cross. But this question deserves more research.
The role of Ben Cartwright was played by Lorne Greene.
Benjamin Cartwright, patriarch of the Ponderosa.
It is possible that Teal wanted to retire since he was over 70 years old.
September 12, 1959 to January 16, 1973
Actor Pernell Roberts left after the end of the sixth season, episode #202, Patchwork Man, original air date, May 23, 1965.
The last episode before Dan Blocker died was the last episode of season 13. One Ace Too Many (#415) aired on April 2, 1972.
The late Pernell Roberts left Bonanza , after fulfilling his contract , because of his frustrations over the lack of character development , the lack of depth in the plots and the adolescent treatment given his character Adam Cartwright .
His 1st wife, Elizabeth, died after she gave birth to Adam, Inger died because she got an arrow in the back shortly after Hoss was born, and Marie died when her horse fell on her
What a great question! Charles Dickens, Mark Twain, Financier Henry Comstock, Lotta Crabtree, Actress Adah Isaacs Menken.
\n"iter", Latin for "footpath"
There could be a couple of reasons for this. One, someone overlooked that particular detail, or two, all their bullets were in their guns already.
1. Showdown, original air date 9-10-1960, Season 2, Episode 1. 2. Denver Mckee 10-15-1960, S-2, E-1. 3. Silent Thunder 12-10-1960. 4. The Spitfire 1-14-1961, S-2, E17. 5. The Stranger 2-27-1960, S-1, E-24. 6. The Trail Gang 11-26-1960, S-2, E-11. 7. The Bloodline 12-31-1960, S-2, E-15. 8. The Mill...
Pernell Roberts finished the 6th season, so last episode of that season.
Although there may be others one in particular comes to mind. The Wish, #326 Season 10, Episode 23, original air date March 9,1969. Hoss entends to spend his 2 months of vacation fishing but helps a black family on their farm instead. The Wish was written by Michael Landon and was his favorite...
The only one I could find was a woman named Regan Miller. I think he had a couple more but I can't find the names.
No, his first acting role on television was "Another World" in 1975.
The clothing the Cartwrights wore every week were pretty authentic for the time period and status of the family. Although it was understood that the Cartwrights were wealthy, they ran a working ranch where every member worked very hard just as their hired men did.
David Cassidy, 70's teen dream and future star of the Partridge Family. His father Jack Cassidy also guest-starred a couple of times.
Some of them did. Ben Cartwright was married three times, all three wives met with misfortune and died. All the Cartwright men planned to marry at one time or another but only Little Joe married in the first episode of the last season. She also died.
There was more than one judge over the 14 years Bonanza was on the air, so I can't really answer.
The first episode was " A Rose for Lotta" and it aired on 9/12/59
From season 6, To Die In Darkness, original air date May 5, 1968.
Many different locations were used in the series 14 year history. A sound stage on NBC studio lot, Incline Village near the California/Nevada border, Lake Tahoe, and many other sites around Los Angeles.
they said that Hoss drowned trying save a women but we obviously did not see it
Bonanza lasted from September 12, 1959 to January 16, 1973 .
The premise: Ben Cartwright, owner of the sprawling Ponderosa Ranch near Lake Tahoe, post-Civil War era, and his three sons Adam, Hoss and Little Joe deal with life in 19th century and raise cattle, mill wood ect.
There seems to be some discrepancy in regard to Blocker's faith.Some places he is listed a LDS*, some a Methodist, but a Baptistspoke at his funeral. It appears he was a Christian but whatdenomination he was is uncertain. *Latter Day Saints (Mormon)
No, Candace Bergen was not on a Bonanza episode.
I could find no accurate info as to how many times any of the Cartwrights were shot. But I believe that Little Joes received non-fatal wounds at least twice.
There has never been an accurate accounting of Little Joe Cartwright's collisions with bullets.
Yes, violence was often portrayed on the show.
He died of a pulmonary embolism while in the hospital.
Actor Michael Landon who played Little Joe Cartwright for 14 seasons died on July 1, 1991 of pancreatic cancer.
I was unable to find Robert (Bob) Carter on the guest star list of the series.
I could find no Bob Carter on the guest star list of the series Bonanza.
The show ran 430 episodes from 1959 to 1973.
Lorne Greene played the part of Ben Cartwright.
I think you mean Hoss, which was played by actor Dan Blocker.
One has been made already: "Bonanza: The Return" (1993). Stars Ben Johnson, Michael Landon Jr., Richard Roundtree, Jack Elam, Dirk Blocker, Dean Stockwell, Linda Gray.
They were on their ranch land named The Ponderosa, in Nevada.
For a time, it appeared that Roberts' character, Adam Cartwright, would marry his fiancee Laura Dayton (played by Kathie Browne) and ride off into the sunset. But Laura chose Adam's cousin Will (played by Guy Williams) instead. When the next season of "Bonanza" rolled around, it was mentioned that...
Not 100% sure but I thought at some point the character Candy had been married long before he came to the Ponderosa.
Presumably you mean William H. Marshall William Horace Marshall 19 th August 1924 - 11 th June 2003 the American actor, director, and opera singer [bass].. It would seem not although he did portray 'Thomas Bowers' the travelling opera singer in Bonanza.
Pernell Roberts played oldest brother Adam, Dan Blocker played middle brother Hoss and Michael Landon played youngest brother Little Joe.
The Cartwrights employed a Chinese cook named Hop Sing.
Hoss Cartwright's horse was named Chub.
The fictional Ponderosa was a 2 hour horse/buggy ride to Virginia City, NV.
The horses used on the series Bonanza were the property of Fat Joe Stables of Los Angeles. The horses were leased to the production company but still remained in the ownership of the stables.
Blocker's last episode was #415, last episode of season 13, One Ace Too Many, original air date April 2, 1972.
If you mean in the TV show Bonanza then there were originally three brothers. (Adam, Hoss, and Little Joe) In later seasons however, after Pernell Roberts quit the show, Ben adopts an orphan named Jamie, so there are technically four Cartwright brothers.
Answer . Buck was the name of Ben's horse.
His name was John Cartwright.
Titled 'The Hunter', Little Joe is pursued by a homicidal maniac.
Three brothers, Adam, Hoss and Little Joe.
Wayne Newton played Andy Walker on two episodes of Bonanza, both in 1966.
This episode was called Look To The Stars, episode 1962#3.26 and it's air date was March 18, 1962.
Bonanza ran 430 episodes, from 1959 to 1973.
The painter of the map seen in the opening of Bonanza was painted by Robert Temple Ayres. He may or may not have painted the picture shown at the close of each episode.
Elizabeth My Love (Adam), Inger My Love (Hoss), Marie My Love (Little Joe).
Actor Pernell Roberts wanted out of the series so the writers sent his character Adam to Australia. The character was not killed off so if Roberts wanted to return he could.
In 1959 when the series began Landon was 23 years old.
Landon was present for the entire 14 seasons which ran from September of 1959 to January of 1973.
Pernell Roberts, born May 18, 1928 - died January 24, 2010. Michael Landon, born October 31, 1936 - died July 1, 1991. Dan Blocker, born December 10, 1928 - died May 13, 1972. Lorne Greene, born February 12, 1915 - died September 11, 1987.
As of January 2008, there has not been a release date announced. You can use the link below to keep up to date. the entire series and season 3 are being released this Tuesday from shout factory. you can also order online. season 4 will be released in sept.
San Francisco, Virginia City and even Sacramento.
The Chinese cook was named Hop Sing.
I read a long time ago that he was approached about this in secret and offerred a substantial amount of money to do so. Further, even though Mr. Roberts wasn't working steadily at the time, he refused. I don't remember where I read it and can't confirm anything.
Chub was the name of Hoss's horse.
The Gamble, original air date April 1, 1962, season 3 #93.
Blessed Are They, Season 3 Episode 30.
January 16th of 1973 was the final episode.
The iconic tune was written by Jay Livingston and Ray Evans, orchestrated by David Rose and arranged by Billy May.