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Persian Empire

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At different times, under different ruling families, there were several different Persian Empires. Usually, the term refers to the Achaemenid dynasty empire founded by Cyrus the Great (559BC - 530BC) which was eventually conquered by Alexander the Great. To rule such a large empire, new groundbreaking systems were set up which influenced all who came after.
The Greek who wrote about the Persian was was Herodotus in 'The Histories'. Also Thoukydides wrote about this war.
Yes. Islam is followed in Persia. Most of the followers of Shiasect of Islam.
Cyrus the Great and Darius the Great.
After 50 years of warfare trying to enforce peace amongst the Greekcity-states, the Persians agreed in 449 BCE to peace and left theGreek cities to go back to destroying each other, and turned theirfull attention to maintaining peace and prosperity within theirempire. They intervened 60 years later,...
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The Greek city-states within the Persian Empire in Asia Minor wererestive, and two of their mother-cities in Mainland Greece, Eretriaand Athens, provided military support to them. During this in 498BCE, forces from the two cities over-reached by burning downSardis, the Persian provincial capital of...
The Spartans were part of an alliance of Greek city-states whichopposed the Persian invasion. The alliance drove the Persians outof mainland Greece.
Principally Herodotus of Halicarnassus. Others wrote inferioraccounts.
Median Empire, Lydian Empire, Neo-Babylonian Empire
The presence of the nomadic tribes affected Persia, because when it controlled, their population increased and so did their religion level. This led to getting more land.
King Darius appointed Satraps or governors to rule various provinces in his empire for easier governance. By appointing Satraps, he was free from mundane daily bureaucratic issues of ruling an empire that streched from the northern borders of India, the entire Middle East and all the way to Libya...
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The Greek city-states in Asia Minor revolted against Persian rule.Persia put the revolt down and then turned on Eretria and Athensfrom Mainland Greece, who had both given support to the rebels.This extended to general war with the southern Greek city-states.
The Persians put down a revolt of Greek city-states in Asia Minor. Other Greek cities joined in and the limited war spread over the eastern Mediterranean, lasting 499-449 BCE. The effects were the usuual outcomes of war - death and destruction on the battlefields and to the residents of the areas...
The Persians had part of the Greek world within its empire, andthese cites were restive and called in their mother-cities inpeninsular Greece to intervene. Persia decided to incorporate thesemainland cities within its empire under friendly local tyrants torestore peace. Some of the mainland cities...
First explain what this third Persian war was then it might be possible to answer.
Both wer Greek city-states with a broadly-based oligarchic system of government, and were allies when it suited them.
The Delian League, an alliance of the Greek city-states.
The Greek hoplites used bronze-pointed spears, iron swords. Their light infantry used bows, javelins and rocks. Their cavalry used bows and javelins.. The Persians used a variety of similar weapons.. The warships used rams, javelins, bows and other assorted missiles.
The Persian War lasted 50 years and was fought around the EasternMediterranean.
Byzantium's territory in the Middle East was conquered by Muslims. This was the beginning of the fall of Byzantium. Persia was completely conquered and subsumed in the Islamic Empire.
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Greece. There were two Persian Wars. The First Persian War in 490 BC had only one major battle (Marathon). The Second Persian War in 480-479 BC had three major battles (Thermopylae, Salamis, Plataea). Salamis was a sea battle. The sites can be found on a map of ancient Greece, and possibly even on a...
The Persian Empire took control of Asia Minor in the 6th Century BCE. Included in this were the Greek cities which dotted the Mediterranean and Black Sea coast. Mainland Greek cities supported revolutions of those 'daughter' colonies in Asia, and the Persians looked to punishing this interference,...
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First, Second, Third wars are an unrealistic modern construct of some less-than-informed people. The phases of the Persian War were: Ionian Revolt 499-493 BCE. Persian punitive expedition against Eretria and Athens 490 BCE. Persian invasion of peninsular Greece 480-479 BCE. Delian League...
The Greek city-states in the eastern Mediterranean.
It ran for 50 years, was destructive, and ultimately achieved none of its objectives. Sound familiar about all wars?
Themistocles. He persuaded the people to use a large strike ofsilver In the mines to pay for the fleet rather than dividing it upamongst themselves, foreseeing the increasing threat of a Persianinvasion in retaliation for the defeat inflicted at Marathon.
Persia and its associate Media expanded the Empire to stretch fromtoday's Libya in the west to Pakistan in the east. It held thisempire together for two centuries by maintaining internal andexternal security by mobilising local forces, reinforced byPersian-Median central forces. It also maintained a...
Iran its the present day name for Persia though Persia was extented throughout the entire Mesopotamia.
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There can be no doubt that the Persians treated the Jews extremely well, especially in comparison the their treatment under the Babylonians. Isaiah chapter 42 speaks of the Jews, during their captivity by the Babylonians, as a people robbed and spoiled, snared in holes and hidden in prison houses. ...
Susa, Persepolis, Babylon, Susa, Memphis, and a hundred Greekcities in Asia Minor.
Along the Mediterranean Sea from today's Libya in the west, throughEgypt, the Middle East and Central Asia to today's Pakistan at theIndus River to the east.
The Persians believed that trade forced people to lie, cheat, andbe greedy
The Persian empire was gone before the Roman empire became powerful.
The provincial Governors called Satraps, and his centralcouncillors.
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It was begun by Persian King Cyrus the Great from 550 BCE, andtaken over by the Macedonian King Alexander the Great from 331 BCE.
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Athens led the anti-Persian alliance of Greek city-states after the Persians were driven back. They used this position, and the revenue fron the war fund, to doninate the cities in the alliance, and after peace was made with the Persians, they kept control of the allies, using the war fleet...
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Its called ''the Persian wars'' or the ''Greco-Persian wars''.
Athens organised an Anti-Persian confederation, known in madern terminology as the Delian League as its treasury was initially located on the island of Delos. There were about 180 city-states in the League at its height - minly around the Aegean Sea. The other several hundred Greek city-states...
It depends on how the question is intended. If the question is about the borders of the Empire, you can get amap of the Eastern Hemisphere and look at Egypt and Turkey in thewest and Central Asia and Pakistan in the East. That area spannedthe Persian Empire. Please see the Related Link with such a...
2.6 million square miles, from today's Libya through Egypt, AsiaMinor, the Middle East, to central Asia.
None - it was a sideshow in centuries of warfare.
Persian armies: Mardonius, Datis, Artaphernes. Greek armies: Aristagoras, Pausanias, Xanthippos, Cimon.
It began in 550 BCE and was consolidated over the next 50years.
It did not devastate Egyptian civilisation. Egypt had been indecline for centuries and been previously taken over by Libya andNubian kings and then Assyria. Internal problems followed whenAssyria lost control. The Persian takeover was a step inre-establishing order until Macedonia took control and...
In the absence to today's methods of communication, it established a system of roads with posting houses along the way which provided horses and messengers to pass information rapidly. It also used sea transport transmission to areas with water access.
It brought an end to the Persian expansion west through the Greekworld.
There was no Spartan-Persian War, unless you are talking about Agesilaus' efforts in Asia Minor during the 390s BCE. He didn't defeat them and they didn't defeat him. He was recalled with his forces for urgent business at home.. If you are talking about Thermopylai, The Persians invaded mainland...
It continued to extort the war contributions from the Delian League cities after the war ehded. This money it spent on maintaining its fleet to take the money, and spent it on glorifying the city, supporting its culture and lifestyle, and keeping half its own population on the public payroll. The...
They were both city-states which contributed sea and land forces to the Greek coalition which opposed the Persians.
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It put a limit on Persian expansion westwards.
Horrific death and dsetruction. It is a mater of how they were different: - the Persian War was an attempt by Persia to include the Greek cities within its empire to enforce peace. - the Peloponnesian War was attempt by Athens to dominate the Greek world.
Bows and Arrows, Spears, Shields, and Swords
no Persia is in Asia and Greece is in Europe
Soldiers were paid in cash and kind. Even volunteer armies had tobe paid to enable them to feed and sustain themselves. The Persianswere a mix of standing and conscripted soldiers and their money andsustenance came from foraging, looting and the treasury of thePersian government.
Ionia - the Greco-Persian Wars was a result of the Ionian revolt . The wars began when the Greek city-states in Asia Minor revoltedagainst Persian rule. Athens interfered, bringing Persian reprisal,which widened the conflict to the rest of the Greek world.
Jews have returned to Jerusalem. However, there is no Jewish groupseriously considering rebuilding the Temple as this would requiredestroying the Dome of the Rock Shrine of the Muslims and probablystart a massive war.
The one of 480-479 BCE.
a few of the natural borders of the Persian empire is the middle east, Mesopotamia, Babylonia, Persepolis, etc. another is that he reunited Athens and Sparta, but didn't conquer them.
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the Persian empire was much bigger and a lot more powerful.
The Book of Esther places Esther during the reign of Xerxes, who was king of Persia from 486 to 465 BCE. However, scholars say there are good reasons to believe that the story is fictional and that there never was a Queen Esther of Persia.
Most kings and leaders of most countries did not allow the Jews toreturn from whatever exiles and banishments they were sufferingfrom, either because they did not care, they were not in power overthe states that had banished Jews, or they believed that thebanishment was proper because Jews were evil...
Persian Empire mounted a punitive expedition against the Greek cities of Athens and Eritrea for their support of the Ionian Revolt.
They were the largest, but couldn't control all their land.
They allowed themselves to be fooled into splitting their fleet, with the Egyptian third of it being sidelined from the battle. They allowed themselves to be dragged into entering the bay of Salamis, again splitting their fleet by going around both sides of Psyttalia Island and by moving in in...
It was the bend in the 'straight' at Salamis.
The Greek and Persian War started in 499 B.C.
The infantry component of their expeditionary force. The cavalrywas embarked in their ships headed around the coast for Athens,hoping to capture the city, with traitors opening the gates forthem, in the absence if the Athenian army at Marathon. It was the absence of the Persian cavalry which...
it became overconfident of its own strength and the Delian Leagueit led, and interfered in the affairs of other cities includingthecity-states of the Peloponneian League led by Sparta, leading tothe disastrous 27-year Peloponnesian war which ravaged Greece.Athens lost and was stripped of its empire.
Mainly Herodotos of Halicarnassos.
Their forces were defeated, they were split politically, and had Persian rule over them confirmed.