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Television show hosts help keep the show running smoothly and keep the viewers entertained. They often recap what has been going on during the program and lead you into will happen next. Ask questions about the hosts of popular shows here.


Dick Clark's full name at birth was Richard Augustus WagstaffClark, Jr. As with most people in radio and TV, he chose to use ashorter version of his name. Dick Clark was known as America OldestTeenage beause of his youthful appearance. Dick Clark is rememberedfor his television show, orginally from...
As of September 2011, Jeff Probst does not have any children.
yes son tony who married amy hunter had a daughter
Mimi Madrigal, Katie Darwin and Mari Flores, all current off-duty law enforcement officers
Before becoming the host of The Jerry Springer Show , GeraldNorman "Jerry" Springer was the mayor of Cincinnati, Ohio for oneyear. He was also a political campaign adviser to Robert F.Kennedy, a lawyer, an Army reservist, a member of the Cincinnaticity council, a political reporter and commentator,...
America's Got Talent Deal Or No Deal Robby's World St Elsewhere Mobbed The Howie Mandel Show Howie Do It Take It All The Amazing Live Sea Monkeys Muppet Babies Deal Or No Deal Canada Nickelodeon Guts Bless This House Carol & Company And Many More
She has worn many different outfits when she does the on location spots, she has sometimes appeared in pants , Blue Jeans, Shorts, bathing suits. and even a towel while getting a massage to include just some of the different outfits. On the show while turning letters she has worn many different...
Dec joined in 1990 and ant joined in1991
Vanna White (birth name Vanna Marie Rosich) was born on 18, February 1957 in North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, USA see related link
Vanna White does not make her salary a matter of public record and Sony Pictures Television has not released either Vanna White or Pat Sajak salary information.
Lisa Ann Russell was born in Sterling, Illinois on March 21st 1972,later moving to Chicago, Michigan and then to California where shebecame a model for Revlon and went to college. Lisa later gotacting experience by making a guest appearance on Saved by theBell: The College Years (1993) in 1993 where...
Pat Sajak has been married to Lesly Brown Sajak for many years since December 31 1989. So, in other words, no. (He never was married to Vanna White, so she's not his ex-wife, either.)
He got married to his second wife on 30 April 1990 and had a son Mathew the same year. His daughter Emily was born a few years later in 1993.
No, they have been just friends for over 25 years, although they live on opposite coasts of the USA when they are not taping shows together.
Rolf Harris-he appeared with it on an ABC's "The Rolf Harris Show" in the 1970s.
I just read it on another answer.....He makes $400,560.00 per episode
Vanna White is an American who was born Vanna Marie Rosich and has Croatian, English, Italian, Spanish, German, and Greek origins. See the related question below the answer information
She has broken a heel on her shoe, and she has stumbled, since the show is taped if she did fall they would just tape it again.
Jeff Probst was born on November 4, 1962.
Yes. Mandel is a germophobic with OCD, who is afraid to shake hands with other people. About 10 years ago he had to admit his OCD in the The Howard Stern Show.
No. As of September 2014, Squire Barnes is not married.
Susan Stafford was co host with Chuck Woolery
he went to dusable bitch
yes he does he is a master at it
He is part owner of an Annapolis Radio station WNAV 1430 and a Westmister, Maryland radio station WTTR.
His MySpace says agnostic.
Varson is 6ft 1 inch
They were her Aunt Lynda Day George of Mission Impossible and Uncle Christopher George of Rat Patrol. Christopher George was born in Royal Oak Michigan on 25 Feb 1929 and died of heart failure 28 Nov 1983. His acting career continued until just before his death. His brother was named Nick. Lynda Day...
Her first episode as Pat Sajak's assistant presenter aired December 13, 1982. Vanna White remained with the daytime version of Wheel until its cancellation in 1991. White's popularity soared after the primetime version of Wheel made its debut in September 1983. Within a year, Wheel was the...
Yes, Howie Mandel is color blind. He once joked about how it workedagainst him as a carpet salesman, saying, "There were a lot of uglyhomes in Toronto because of me." Luckily he continued on to careersin which he didn't really need to differentiate as much.
UK newsreader Emma Crosby is 40 years old (born June 5, 1977).
He does not have any children.
There is a nice Picture of Vanna White and her children when she has gotten her star. It's is one of 66 photo's of celebrities and their children on the related link about half way down the file.
no, sorry I was wrong. On a clip that she did she said that she had slipped once and it may have been included in Vanna Speaks book that she wrote
The Alex Trebek syndicated version of Jeopardy premiered on Sept 10 1984 and has aired continuously since the premiere. The Art Fleming daytime show first ran from March 10 1964 until January 3 1975.
She has a business that sells the yarn
Yes I can answer this: GET A JOB and stop wasting your life watching stupid daytime television! Yours truly, Price is Right-hater
no they had a hippo called hippo harry but it died
One estimate of her birth year was 1969, but another source gives1967 (speculative date January 2, 1967).
While Vanna White does walk back and forth many times over each puzzle I don't believe that she walks a mile on any one episole Since three puzzles don't require her to turn more than one letter to start the automatic turning of the first two and the fifth puzzles. Vanna announced on the 2000 show...
'Bamboo Harvester' the horse that played Ed in the tv sitcom Mister Ed died in 1970. There are two versions of his death. The horse that replaced him, and that was subsequently also known as Mister Ed, died in 1979. For full details see link.
He is a self declared agnostic
Vanna White says that after she wears a gown to a public affair she donates those gowns to charities. For more information a link to her detailed answer has been added under related links below the answer information. The link also provides answers to other questions Vanna White has answered in her...
OCD makes him not want to germs from shaking hands He also has a fear of germs.That is why he does the fist bump.He has ADHD.
Not on the show or in any photos of him except for pictures of him in sunglasses.
No, the actor has a left and a right hand.
No Vanna White did not remarry after her Divorce from George Santo Pietro in November 2002. see Wikipedia link under related links The Vanna White Famous why links includes film and Television clips as well as an assortment of Photos
According to Vanna White she has never worn the same one twice. * see related link
Vanna White Has a couple of homes in California
He is Catholic. (Saw it on a Famous Catholics site a couple days ago.)
Ashley Banfield wears Lafont brand glasses in gunmetal. I don't know the model but I read that her model will be discontinued soon.
There was no legal change that I know of, but why would he have to? Dick is a nickname for Richard. Going by first and last name like most of us, he would be...Dick Clark!
The best way to contact Bob Barker is through his agent. The nameof the talent agency is The Prappas Company and their address is:9201 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 204, Beverly Hills, CA 90210. Make sureto address it to Bob Barker.
He was a DJ in Viet Nam, but it was still a war zone and he earned the appropriate Military awards for serving in a combat zone.
No they are not siblings, they are however good friends. They tease each other by saying blonds have more fun. Anne actually went on the Guy show where they cooked pizza and some vegetables and they addressed the rumor.
Ant and Dec are referred to as PJ and Duncan, as these are the names of their characters retrospectively from Byker Grove. Ant and Dec also went onto be pop stars under the name PJ and Duncan, before moving onto "Ant and Dec".
why yes, yes he does
Once she married a man named Ira Bernstien but they got divorced in 1985. Then she remarried a guy named John Kappas but he died in 2002.
Pat Sajak did a show on April Fool's Day (2008) where he wore a "bald cap" and a wig which he enticed Vanna to pull off as a prank. The next day, Vanna pulled on his (real) hair and said that he wasn't really bald. (At the end of that episode, he had wished everyone a Happy April Fool's Day!) No,...
YES She has a healthy baby boy, nearly 10lbs, and returned back to work in September 2012.
No. The longtime host of Wheel of Fortune did get a lot of questions about his hair, and on April 1, 2008, did an on-air practical joke at the end of the show, in which he prodded Vanna White to "uncover his secret." She yanked on his hair and it was actually a toupee identical to his normal...
Walter Cronkite married Betsy Cronkite, their marriage lasted nearly 65 years.
Vanna White was born Vanna Marie Rosich in North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, the daughter of Joan Marie and Miguel Angel Rosich. Vanna White took the name of her stepfather, Herbert Stackley White Jr., a former real estate agent in North Myrtle Beach. You can read more about Vanna under the...