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MATLAB (Matrix Laboratory)

MATLAB is a software and a package to implement signal processing. Using this tool one can create and test various signals & systems. These signals and systems can be tested for various parameters and operations. The real time simulation of signals, images, audio and video are performed using MATLAB. Various programs, syntax, applications and uses of MATLAB and signal processing can be discussed in this category. As the need for signal processing is increasing day by day, there is a need for separate category.
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after you plot, typeaxis([xmin xmax ymin ymax])and that should do it.
Virtual restoration is a digitally restored version of a piece ofart. This technique is used to describe a method by which anartwork can be cleaned. It basically shows how the artwork willlook after cleaning.
It is a programming language which was developed by mathworks, Itallows matrix manipulations, plotting of functions and data,algorithms implementation, UI creation, and interfacing withprograms written in other languages
It segments the market by measurable characteristics such as gender and age. The demographic dimensions normally used by marketers are usually, age, gender, family structure, income, life-cycle stage, race and religion. It works on the premise that customer wants are closely linked to variables such...
The Average (mean) filter smooths image data, thus eliminating noise. This filter performs spatial filtering on each individual pixel in an image using the grey level values in a square or rectangular window surrounding each pixel. For example: a1 a2 a3 a4 a5 a6 3x3 filter window a7 a8 a9 The...
d = det(X) returns the determinant of the square matrix X . If X contains only integer entries, the result d is also an integer. The determinant is computed from the triangular factors obtained by Gaussian elimination[L,U] = lu(A) s = det(L) % This is always +1 or -1 det(A) = s...
advantages and disadvantages of image processing is similar to advantages and disadvantages of digital image processing
Any device that outputs a voltage higher than its input voltage. This device can be capacitive, inductive, or other.
The screen based images should have the same resolution as the screen - usually about 72dpi.
Virtual images are used in . reading laterally inverted words such as the word ambulance spelt in the reverse . magnifying glasses . spectacles Real Images are used in . cameras . in the eyes . projectors . microscopes
It is the processing (changing) of color images using a computer.
If an image can be formed on screen it is classified as real. Virtual images cannot be projected on an image.
There is always a confusion among the newbies about the difference between Image Processing and Computer Graphics. Unless specifically mentioned , Computer Graphics is all about Synthesizing a new image from Geometry , Lighting parameters , Materials and Textures . The Emphasis is on Digital Image...
This feature is a measure of the smoothness of the image.
MATLAB (by The MathWorks Inc.) is a high-level and dynamically-typed computing language, frequently used in science and engineering. 1. Read the User Manual 2. Start the MATLAB program 3. Write down your commands on the Command Window or use their built-in tools for data analysis, etc.
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significance of abc-dq conversion
% program to design butterworth low pass filter clc; clear all; close all; alphap=input ('enter the pass band ripple'); alphas=input('enter the stop band ripple'); fp=input('enter the pass band freq'); fs=input('enter the stop band freq'); F=input('enter the sampling freq'); omp=2...
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Matlab has a lot of functions for interpolate, depending on what you're trying to do. You don't need a toolbox for it, either. Type "doc interp1" to get started and navigate the help file from there.
Image Processing classify as three type. (1) Low level image processing (noise removal, image sharpening, contrast enhancement) (2) Mid level image processing (segmentation) (3) High level image processing (analysis based on output of segmentation)
Digital Image Processing is a type of Digital manipulation pertaining to pictures and video. "Photoshopping" a digital picture is an example of Digital Image Processing. Another example is what takes place in a digital camera when the image is captured on the image sensor and converted into a JPEG...
Brightness and contrast represent a way to adjust an image. They come from the display technology, being common controls in all monitors. The color brightness/contrast are similar to the grayscale counterparts, in most cases being applied to all channels (even if from the physical point of view...
For a grayscale image, brightness represents an image adjustment where a constant value is added to all pixel values shifting the grayscale curve on the y axis.
MATLAB has a number of advantages over other methods or languages: . Its fundamental data element is the matrix. A straightforward integer is measured an matrix of one row and one column. Several mathematical operations that work on arrays or matrices are built-in to the Matlab environment. For...
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A wellbore flow project using Matlab should be very interesting. It is a multiphase flow problem. It is likely that the oil in the reservoir is undersaturated, so gas evolves as the hydrocarbons enter the wellbore. You will have to model heat transfer as well. You may the discussion in Petroleum...
.m files are scripts. You can type "edit ___" where ___ is the name of your new script, and create it and save it.
image segmentation edge detection image manipulation threshold
if u hav windows, right click on the image and click on open with then, click on paint On paint, click on file, save as, and sava the image in jpeg format on save as type, which is usually below the file name.
Excel is considerably easier to learn, but is very limited in its data analysis and graphics. MATLAB has a very steep learning curve, but can do anything you want. Seriously, anything. If this is part of your work or research, I highly recommend learning MATLAB.
Ans:The purpose of frange in DTFT.m isto set the range of frequency in order to observe spectra of thesignal
That depends on the original image, the camera, the scanner...
The Capability Diagram. . . . . Normally, the generator meets all the voltage and frequency requirements of the grid. This can be achieved with two closed -loop controllers. Change of excitation current of the rotor or as so called the AVR . change of fuel supply to the turbine or as so called the...
gray scale so that we can process our image
There have been many technological advancements over the years.Amazing processing speeds, quality, controls, and print methods areamong the advancements we use today.
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Resolution has quality of images and their purpose. Resolution is measured with pixels, more pixels, more details on the image, also for printing you need usually 300 pixels per inch and for web 72-96 is enough.
A mask is a black and white image of the same dimensions as the original image (or the region of interest you are working on). Each of the pixels in the mask can have therefore a value of 0 (black) or 1 (white). When executing operations on the image the mask is used to restrict the result to the...
Just save it in format zou want, you can do that from File - Save , Save as, Save for Web and Devices
Many programming languages do the same. Note that you can extend the range, simply by multiplying by some number. For example, if you want a random number between 0 and 10, multiply the random number by 10.
% Definitions R2D = 180/pi; % rad to deg D2R = pi/180; % deg to rad F2M = 0.3040; % feet to meter m = 45.46; % kg g = -9.8; % gravity (m/s^2) j = sqrt(-1); dt = 0.001; %1000Hz R1 = 15*F2M; %m R2 = 15*F2M; % Initial conditions xBall = [0; 0]; % theta/omega % Machine initial conditions Torque =...
you have to have your image on a site and after a week or so google will find the image and put it on google images.
You could calculate two perpendicular gradients to each image pixel point. If both gradient are small the pixel pertains to a flat region.
zeros makes a matrix of the specified dimension, filled with zeros.
That is a trade-off that the end user has to decide. Compression reduces size which saves space on a disk (including within a document) and cuts time while sending and doing backups. You have to look at how the photo will be viewed and decide how much distortion of the image is noticeable and how...
Saliency is an attempt to determine which regions of an image are the most conspicuous. It's a loosely bio-inspired concept - when processing a new scene a low-level process drives rapid eye movement (called saccades) as the brain seeks to determine what it needs the eyes to focus on first. This...
Scalable Image Processing Methods for Target Acquisition and Tracking also can be noise at digital images. See related link, maybe can help you.
In data analysis applications, such as image processing, a lookup table (LUT) is used to transform the input data into a more desirable output format. For example, a grayscale picture of the planet Saturn will be transformed into a color image to emphasize the differences in its rings. In image...
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Matlab is a language and package as well. The language used in Matlab tool is Matlab. Matlab itself is a language. Matlab is a package. Matlab is a tool. Its an all in one.
Digital image processing is great because you can save a filedigitally and it can be uploaded in a matter of seconds. Adisadvantage is that some may edit their photos instead of takinghigh quality photographs.
Alternative Current has both negative voltage and positive voltage and that are phases that it must go trough to complete one cycle, A bridge rectifier is nothing more then a rectifier that ac tally rectify both +/- phases to give out pulsating Direct Current of either polarity if wanted.
This following loop creates a unit ramp input : for t= 0:0.1:5 if(t1) y(count) = 1; end Rz(count) = tf(y(count)*T,[1 -2 1],T); Rs(count) = d2c(Rz(count)); end % T = 0.005; this is for a discrete system
Matlab is a scripting and mathematical language processor for working with mathematical equations. C is a structured programming language for writing programs. Those programs can contain mathematical equations, but they won't be in quite the same format that you're used to from math class. ...
Ease of Use . Platform Independence . Predefined Functions . Device-Independent Plotting . Graphical User Interface (GUI) . MATLAB Compiler
/* Discrete Fourier Transform and Power Spectrum Calculates Power Spectrum from a Time Series Copyright 1985 Nicholas B. Tufillaro */ #include #include #define PI (3.1415926536) #define SIZE 512 double ts[SIZE], A[SIZE], B[SIZE], P[SIZE]; main() { int i, k, p, N, L; double avg, y, sum, psmax; /*...
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removing noise from digital images. Noise is random color pixels which appears at digital images.
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1. Image acquisition 2. Image restoration/enhancement 3. Image segmentation 4. Image interpretation
Image Processing Research Group - An online open research communityfor research & project guidance Visit the link below.
●Active Stereo Vision. ●Two or more cameras placed at different locations. ●One is usually stationery other can be moving. ●Passive Stereo Vision. ●Two cameras separated by a distance known as base length in the same plane.
One of the main advantages of Simulink is the ability to model a nonlinear system, which a transfer function is unable to do. Another advantage of Simulink is the ability to take on initial conditions.
This command looks for object edges, object edges or any edges are determined wit difference between neighboring pixels.
Noise is static, kinda like when your tv screwes up
gamma img processing,uv imaging,visible imaging,microband wave imaging etc etc
Speak Recognition,Speaker Recognition, Speech coding, Voice analysis, Speech synthesis, Speech enhancement
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Adobe Photoshop CS5 Classroom in a Book is official Adobe recommendation to get started. see related link for details.
we can represente a RGB color in matlab by a pure quaternion q=0+R*I+G*J+B*K we apply the function q=quaternion(0,R,G,B); for this you must download the qtfm toolbox.
imagej is one of the best tool available ...........
Do you mean on a piece of paper? If so, you have to add perspective to it. One way to do that is to draw a background. Another way is to give your object a 3D illusion through techniques such as shadowing and shading.
You can do this by selecting the sequence of images you want to animate and then using the Matlab's function called "im2frame". This will result in a video.
segmentation is the process of dividing/splitting an image into it's constituent part for analysis purpose...
The four major areas of computer operations in digital image processing is contrast enhancement. The second is remove the blur from pictures and smooth out graininess. The third would be magnifying, and rotating an image. Finally the image is compressed for storage.
An image is called real if the light rays coming from a point(point on object) meet at a point after reflection or refraction. An image is virtual if the light rays do not actually meet after reflection or refraction. These rays appear to come from a point which is the point where we say virtual...
coupling many stages of boost converters
One can sort out all the images which are crucial bu the order of their importance while telecasting.