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MATLAB is a software and a package to implement signal processing. Using this tool one can create and test various signals & systems. These signals and systems can be tested for various parameters and operations. The real time simulation of signals, images, audio and video are performed using MATLAB. Various programs, syntax, applications and uses of MATLAB and signal processing can be discussed in this category. As the need for signal processing is increasing day by day, there is a need for separate category.

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What is mask in image processing?

A mask is a black and white image of the same dimensions as the original image (or the region of interest you are working on). Each of the pixels in the mask can have therefore a value of 0 (black) or 1 (white).

When executing operations on the image the mask is used to restrict the result to the pixels that are 1 (selected, active, white) in the mask. In this way the operation restricts to some parts of the image.

Some images like icons have a mask stored in them that is used when computing which parts of the image are transparent or not.

There are two types of masks: layer mask which is pixel depended (described above) and vector mask which is a path that clips out the contents of the layer and is pixel independent. It is much easier to edit vector mask by the way using path anchor points.

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What is full wave rectifire?

Alternative Current has both negative voltage and positive voltage and that are phases that it must go trough to complete one cycle, A bridge rectifier is nothing more then a rectifier that ac tally rectify both +/- phases to give out pulsating Direct Current of either polarity if wanted.

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What is Clutter in image processing?

Scalable Image Processing Methods for Target Acquisition and Tracking also can be noise at digital images.

See related link, maybe can help you.

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What is autonomous segmentation in digital image processing?

Autonomous = done automatically by a software (used in robotics)

Image segmentation = dividing the image into parts that can be used later to recognize relevant image features (like objects)

The definition of autonomous segmentation is summing up both terms and refers to a automatic, without human intervention, segmentation of the image. It means that the segmentation algorithms auto-calibrate themselves. This may seem a simple task for a controlled indoor environment, but can also become a huge complexity in outdoor scenes where the lightning conditions are ranging from complete darkness to direct sunlight on the sensor.

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Why gaussian filter for FSK?

It's a mild tradeoff between the magnitude response of the filter and minimizing the impact of envelope distortion by maintaining a linear phase in the passband. One could argue the same would be achived by a Bessel-Thomson type filter, but this is the extreme of linear phase response. (a gaussian filter to inf dB) which is not necessarily the best compromise when you need to space multiple channels in a given amount of bandwidth. The B-T would be perfect, if your signal were the only one...probably not the case for your application so a gaussian is chosen as a reasonable compromise to prevent inter-channel interference.

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Matlab program for FM demodulation?

Matlab has a built-in function called "demod" in the communications (signal processing) toolbox where you can specify 'fm' for frequency demodulation.

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Program calculate determinant of matrices in matlab?

d = det(X) returns the determinant of the square matrix X. If X contains only integer entries, the result d is also an integer.

The determinant is computed from the triangular factors obtained by Gaussian elimination [L,U] = lu(A)

s = det(L) % This is always +1 or -1

det(A) = s*prod(diag(U))

The statement A = [1 2 3; 4 5 6; 7 8 9]

produces A =

1 2 3

4 5 6

7 8 9

This happens to be a singular matrix, so d = det(A) produces d = 0. Changing A(3,3) with A(3,3) = 0 turns A into a nonsingular matrix. Now d = det(A) produces d = 27.

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What is rastor image and vector image?

Rastor images/Bitmaps are images that consist of individual pixels. Memory is a pixel image file format which uses a low ammount of memory due to poor quality. When you emlarge a pixel it reduces the resolution. This would be a good example. Bitmaps are used for windows based systems because it is a basic file with low memory usage.

Vector images consist of indivual shapes and use a low ammount of memory because it is a simple image like a drawing used by shapes. you can modify it without losing quality. Vectors are good because they are a small file size wth unlimited zoom without loss of quality, but they cannot produce photos well. Vector images are used for myspace sites or used as a background in a default picture.

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Define boost converter?

Any device that outputs a voltage higher than its input voltage. This device can be capacitive, inductive, or other.

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How do you add a watermark to a digital image?

How To Add Watermark To A Digital Image: It's relatively easy if you have the software program (it will instruct you step-by-step.) There are so many different software's you will have to go onto: www. to decide which one is right for you. Type in: Software for watermarking digital imagery. This will enable you to watermark ANYTHING and just not digital images. There are two types of watermark one that is visible and another the is invisible :)Also you can add watermark to protect image or to protect important image hidden inside normal image. I use Aoao Photo Watermark Software for protecting my images by visible watermarks:

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How do you upload images in Google images?

No One Can Upload Images To Google Images,

Those Images Are Crawled By Google Robots.

One great way to have photos uploaded to Google Images is to save the file name just as you want Google to list it in Google Images.

Make sure this Image is then uploaded onto a website that is listed in Google Search Results.

When the spider searches the web page, Google will identify the image automatically and list it in Google Images.

There may be other ways, however, this is a good start.

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What is 'mean filter' in digital image processing?

The Average (mean) filter smooths image data, thus eliminating noise. This filter performs spatial filtering on each individual pixel in an image using the grey level values in a square or rectangular window surrounding each pixel.

For example:

a1 a2 a3

a4 a5 a6 3x3 filter window

a7 a8 a9

The average filter computes the sum of all pixels in the filter window and then divides the sum by the number of pixels in the filter window:

Filtered pixel = (a1 + a2 + a3 + a4 ... + a9) / 9

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How do you plot frequency spectrum using fft function in MATLAB?


the FFT function returns a complex vector thus when you plot it, you get a complex graph. If you plot the absolute value of the FFT array, you will get the magnitude of the FFT.

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What are the types of image processing?

there are two types of image processing.


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Can you show some Viva questions for matlab?

# What is mat lab? # What does mat lab stands for? # What does mat lab do? # How are solutions expressed in mat lab? # What are the advantages of using mat lab? # What is the basic data element of mat lab? # Does matrix in mat lab require dimensioning? # What are toolboxes? # What areas are toolboxes are available in? # What are different types of system mat lab can handle? # What is the statement for linear convolution? # What is the statement for cross correlation? # What is the statement for auto correlation? # Statement for finding FFT? # What is the language used in mat lab? # What is a vector (reference to mat lab)? # What is matrix? # Syntax for simple array definition? # Significance of increment in array definition? # Why is terminate needed in array definition? # How is a matrix defined? # How are different row elements separated? # If we don't use a comma in separating elements of same row what else we can do? # What is a plot? # What function is used to generate a 3D graphic? # How many digits mat lab shows by default? # Syntax of hyperbola tangent function? # Syntax for inverse cosine function? # Function for complex conjugate? # Function for real part? # Function for imaginary part? # What does fix stand for? # What does ceil and floor stand for? # Command for polar coordinate plot? # Command for discrete sequence plot? # How do we label x and y axis? # How can we take values from the user? # What are the applications of dip in image processing? # What is signal? # What is a oneD and 2D signal? # What is a continuous and discrete signal? # What are random signals? # What are periodic signals? # What are stable systems? # What is the order of the system?

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What is the function of neutral CT?

A CT is a current transformer, used to measure current flow in a conductor. Neutral is power return, usually grounded at the distribution panel. A neutral CT, then, is a device that measures the current flow in the neutral conductor. In a three phase star system, each phase returns current to neutral, but the three phases cancel each other out, resulting in effectively zero current in neutral. The neutral CT is used to detect an imbalance in the system, perhaps caused by a ground fault or by some failure in one of the phase loads. In a single phase, single ended system, there is current on neutral, so the value of a neutral CT is not so great. If you also had a hot CT, you could compare and detect imbalance between hot and neutral, which would be an indication of a ground fault. (Actually, a ground fault current interrupting device, also called a GFCI, usually compares current in hot and neutral simultaneously, because both conductors are wound together as the sensing transformer primary - any perceived current is a ground fault.) In a single phase, double ended system, such as the 120/240 split phase system used in the US, a current CT could indicate ground fault or a system imbalance but, usually, imbalance might be a normal situation as various loads are turned on and off.

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What are the advantages and disadvantages of image processing?

advantages and disadvantages of image processing is similar to advantages and disadvantages of digital image processing

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What is edge detection?

Edge detection generally applies to a square wave signal, such as a clock pulse or a trigger pulse. Then the edge detection comes from either using the rising voltage, or the falling voltage of the signal (usually a square wave) to trigger the next event. Using the falling voltage implies a delay in the signal and the rising pulse to trigger an immediate `step` in the circuit.

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Why does PIV differ for different rectifiers?

try yourself

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What is function of zeros command in matlab?

zeros makes a matrix of the specified dimension, filled with zeros.

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Using Butterworth Filter in Matlab?

% program to design butterworth low pass filter


clear all;

close all;

alphap=input ('enter the pass band ripple');

alphas=input('enter the stop band ripple');

fp=input('enter the pass band freq');

fs=input('enter the stop band freq');

F=input('enter the sampling freq');


%to find cut off freq and order of the filter


% system function of the filter













ylabel('phase angle');


title('phase angle');

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Technical name for symposium to ece?

e genec

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What is meant by interleaved boost converter?

coupling many stages of boost converters

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Who is the founder of MATLAB program?

Cleve moler

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An image is a smaller version of the image itself?

ya definetely.


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