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White Tigers

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Beautiful, but misunderstood, white tigers are really just genetically flawed Bengal tigers. Extremely rare in the wild, they can appear in a litter with normal colored siblings. Those in captivity often suffer from inbreeding abnormalities.
"White Tigers" aren't a subspecies of Tiger. White fur is a rare  variant among most, if not all, big cats. So i cant answer your  question directly. However, Bengal tigers weigh up to 300-560  pounds. Siberians weigh up to 300-675 pounds. Sumatrans weigh  170-310 pounds.
endangered, vulnerable, and threatened species, white tigers
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The hunters are the predator of white tigers because they hunt them for their medical values, thus killing them. Now the white tiger species is endangered... so I hope that nobody hunts them anymore because they are about to be extint and it is against the law. I hope all of you do not think that...
What do white tiger ears... what?
Well,Humans hunt white tigers for usually fur, meat, or just some people are usually just cruel to these endangered species. dah! how can you not figure that out? :l
White tigers, whose white color is a genetic variation in the Bengal tiger, weighs on average 500 - 600 pounds. Male: 180-258 Kilograms 397-569 Pounds Female: 100-160 Kilograms 222-353 Pounds
their top speed is around 35 mph
the life span is about 15 to 20 years
The kind of locomotion that a white tiger has is its four legs. The  legs help the tiger to walk and run from place to place.
== Answer ==   Yes, it is. It's native environment is being destroyed, effecting it's life, concluding it to death.   No. They are a color morph of the great blue heron, found only in south Florida.They are still quite common.
Water, nature, trees for oxygen and the animals they eat helps a white tiger live
Well the obvious reason is that the White tiger... is white compared to the Siberian. But they do kind of have different hunting strategies, different habitats, and they like to eat different prey.
There is no natural environment for a white tiger. A white tiger is a genetic mutation. It is a sick animal that could never survive in the wild. Therefore it has to be taken into zoos and conservation areas in order to survive.
No.  Tigers are solitary. Males and females come together to mate,  then the male leaves. Females and their cubs form family groups  until the cubs are old enough to make it on their own. 
  == Answer   ==    No if you are talking about naturally occurring Eucalyptus forests. These grow in Australia which is not where the Capuchins live . They inhabit forests of Central and South America. Eucalptus however is introduced to a number of parts of the world and I do not know...
They are going extinct because people keep hunting them and destroying their natural habitat
it became endangered by people shooting the for there meat and for there beautiful fur.
None known currently in the wild, but several hundred white Bengal tigers in captivity. Also, there are a few Bengal/Siberian hybrid white tigers in captivity. The Bengal is the only subspecies known to carry the allele that makes them white.
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Physical Adaptations of white tigersIt's hind legs are longer than the front which helps them leap forward distances of 10mlarge padded feet to help them stalk their prey silentlyclaws are up to 10cm in length to grasp and hold onto preytheir tail is 3ft which helps them balancetongue has rough...
Save the places where they live.
  A heterotroph is a living organism which is considered to be a consumer, meaning that it requires organic material, called organic substrate, to gather carbon for growth. Because the white tiger is not a producer of energy in the food chain, gathering energy from an inorganic source ...
A December 2010 tally counted 3200 wild tigers of all kinds.
yes the white tiger can eat you
the job of a white tigger..? Well that's easy! ITS TO LIVE ON EARTH AND BE BEAUTIFUL!
  The okapi (Okapia johnstoni) is a mammal of the Ituri Rainforest in central Africa. Although it bears striped markings reminiscent of the zebra, it is most closely related to the giraffe. Native just to the Ituri forests situated in the north east of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, it...
The white elephant is not a species but an albino genome that is  extremely rare that scientist call the genome extinct
Since white tigers are more rare than the traditional orange tigers (Bengal), they are unfortunately hunted and killed for their precious fur. This is the main reason tigers are endangered animals.
the white tiger hunts at night
The whiter tiger is endangered because humans are racing there habitat and hunting them
the white tiger is considered endangered because it is going extinct and people are the reason.
they take them and hide them in the jungle. To hunt for their food they would seek up on them.
True white tigers are rare. They are characterized by white fur with stripes that can be pale brown all the way to black in color. Most importantly, they have pale blue eyes that can appear almost white or colorless. The color of their eyes distinguish them from albino tigers, who would have pink...
The snow white tigers do not have any stripes. The white tiger has dark stripes all over its body like the Siberian tiger. The snow white tigers do not have any stripes whatsoever. Their fur is simply white. They are sometimes also called the ghost tiger.
it uses its teeth and claws
a white tigers threat is a human they hunt down white tigers and put them in the zoo!!!
White tigers are the result of a naturally occurring mutation ofthe gene that determines pigmentation. . As such they have ALWAYS been rare. . With fewer tigers overall they naturally become rarer. . But this also mean that they aren't considered a separatespecies - any more than humans with a...
Well, one weakness would be that it has a more difficult time camouflaging itself, which makes things like hunting or hiding difficult. Animals that are white are good in the snow, but elsewhere they would be pretty noticeable.
Like all big cats, tigers have amber or yellowish colored eyes.
how high can a tiger jumpThe tiger can jump 16 feet straight up
No, actually there is no such thing as white Bengal tigers. Bengal tigers are orange with black stripes, and Siberian Tigers(white tigers striped in black). Siberian tigers are the same as White tigers.
White tigers are just like regular tigers except they're white. They produce 3-4 cubs, just like other tigers. However, for all tigers, only 1 from the litter is likely to survive.
Both tigers are white, but Albino tigers will not have stripes on their tails. If you shave a white tiger's and an albino tiger's tail, the white tiger's tail will have stripes on the skin, while the albino tiger does not. An Albino tiger also will have pink skin, and their nose and lips will be...
There are not many white tigers in the wild- more are in zoos where they are fed by keepers. In the wild they hunt. White tigers gather food by running and jumping and stalking.
Since white tigers are only white color morphs of the Bengal, they can reach 500 pounds and be ten feet long for an adult male.
There are about 100 white tigers left in India.
they camouflage and then jumo out and run fast and pounce on their prey
A white tiger is a tiger with a recessive gene that creates the pale coloration. Another genetic characteristic makes the stripes of the tiger very pale; white tigers of this type are called snow-white or "pure white". There are only around 200 of the white tigers left in the world. White tigers are...
because people are hunting them down every day and there are only about 4500 tigers left in the world
maybe its because their food like wild pigs and deer are getting really far away from them witch makes them very hungry just like dinosaur's.
Beacause people want their beautiful fur.
It never has. A white tiger is just a severely inbred Bengal tiger. White tigers haven't even their own sub species.
they have lions and various other wild cats
a mammal is a animal that is warm blooded and that can have babies and can milk and feed them. thank yhu(:yes they are mammals
No.  All tigers are from Asia. 
In captivity, white tigers can be found pretty much all over the world. They're real popular animals in zoos and similar.Under natural conditions, white tigers are amazingly rare. Not only are they born rare, but their striking colors makes for poorer camoflage, so it's harder for them to stay alive...
yes they are they are very smart a tiger and a white tiger are the amount smart
About 1in200,000
people are hunting them for there fur
there are less than 4,000 left
  == I only know one and that is their strips on their makes it harder for their prey to see them so that would help them ==  
I Would believe so because tigers are generally bigger and stronger then lions. Also in a fight a tiger can use both paws and a lion only can do one paw in combat.
the tigers ecosystems are usually large grassy areas & forest such as India
the way any animal does by seeing it or hearing it
by eating manure from an old ladies but.
Tigers can be found in Asia and the Middle east. Tigers habitats range from rocky countries to tropical rainforests. They are mainly nocturnal animals, they use their stripped coat to blend in with their environment.
'white tiger' = 'biały trygrys'
stop hunting them and protect them
they are white with black strips dah lol
As it gets older, its stripes fall off and it will turn completely brown. and grow a mane and move to Africa to live with the other lions in the Savannah.Just kidding. I have no idea. :)
The first white tigers were found among the Bengal race, but cross breeding with siberians have made some hybrid white tigers.
Yes, in fact the reason white tigers are even around is of inbreeding in captivity.
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White tigers are not albinos. White tigers have prominent stripes, but a true albino would have no stripes at all. White tigers are not separate species, just differently colored members of the same species.
they have the same amount of legs as any other 4 legged animal!
It competes for food in the arctic.