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Ancient China

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China is one of the oldest civilizations in the world. The first historical records of Ancient China start around 2100 BCE. The period of Ancient China ends with the overthrow of the last dynasty in 1911 when the modern Republic of China was formed. This is the place for questions about all of Ancient China’s innovations in social organization, culture, literature, philosophy, politics and everyday living.
Acupuncture was important to the ancient Chinese because it wastheir form of medicine but with using needles that put pressure onyou.
Construction, as well as chopstics and baskets. Household articlesand weapons, as writing materials. Take your pic.
Excavations at Kuahuqiao, Yuyao, and Banpo Village have documentedrice and millet cultivation 6,000-7,700 years ago. They alsodiscovered spade-like farm tools made of stone and bone. The first signs of settled agriculture were around 5000 BC.
To entertain themselves.the lovely sound of the flute makes us want to get up and dace.Ancient china created the flute in the 900 b.c. Ancient china invented the flute first.the they invented the recorder.after they invented the tuba.
China invented gun powder, fireworks, kites, and ceramics.
Through the famous Silk Road, the Chinese traded externally: goodsfrom China could wind up in many countries, but the Chinesespecifically traded with people from India, providing them withsilk and getting coral, jade, pearls, etc. in exchange.
Ancient Chinese cities that start with 'N' include: Nanjing.
The gunpowder tubes were filled with gunpowder, with one end closedand the other end open. A small hole was left for the blastingfuse. When ignited, the gunpowder would burn inside the tube,producing a large amount of gas, which would produce enormousforward propulsion.
You Can Think Of It As Technology Because It Helped It Make Its Warriors/Soldiers Better Which Helped Them Win Wars And That Either Gives Them More Land Or Gives Them More Of Something . So Yeah A Sword In Ancient China Is Technology .
I don't know about ancient, but in the early 1400s the admiralCheng Ho, in a series of seven voyages, explored and madediplomatic contact with south east asia, India, the Persian Gulf,Africa and the islands of the Pacific. Michael Montagne There was adiplomatic mission carried out by Zhang Chen...
Ancient Chinese lived just the same as the Chinese now.They are no different.They ate rice and cheese and what not.They are the same I think.I enjoy the Chinese lovley people!
Beijing was also known as Peking
stone and tools made from iron.
the nobles jobs in ancient china were to dance around the kings and lay eggs!
They helped their parents and got educated.
If there is an "emergency". Such as the power going out. We also use it for light, like in the woods, a campfire for example. we use it to start control fires, we use it to START fires, we use it everywhere, we're just so used to it, it's oblivious to us how much we use them!
Their grew crops and vegetables.
I think so because there is alot of other websites that say so
china was ruled by an emporor
Yes and no. China did invent daggers, but so did every other civilization that figured out how to sharpen a rock. If a civilization was able to utilize metal, it created daggers. The Far East, Middle East, Africa, Europe and (arguably) the Americas all invented daggers.
Actually, every dynasties has parts that were peaceful, and some parts that are not peaceful at all.
Some physical features are the yellow river, yangtze river, thehimalaya mountains, the gobi and taklamakan deserts.
Cold winters, hot summers, harsh
to many people these days rely on computers.I should know , I was 12 when the first computer was made
There was no zero in ancient Chinese numerals. The ancient Chinese number system was not a positional system, so there was no need for a zero.
Cucumbers,bok choy,oranges,lemons,peaches,apricots...........
The ancient Chinese Emperor lived in the Forbidden City inside a building called the Imperial Palace.
Is there adjectives to describe ancient china
The are several reasons for the maintenance of Chinese cultureafter invasions: . The complex civil service required to keep the countryeconomically healthy was run by the Mandarins (highly trainedbureaucratic scholars in the government of Imperial China). TheInvaders did not want it to fail and did...
The ancient Chinese and Egyptian civilizations were similar in that they both developed in river valleys.
The Ancient Chinese used matches for Fireworks
Sometimes Chinese rulers inherited the throne. At other times, theyfought for the right to rule. In either instance, the Chinesebelieved that rulers came to power because it was their destiny, orfate. This idea was called the Mandate of Heaven. A mandate is alaw, or an order.
One of the main teachers name was Confusis. He would teach anyone who wanted to learn even if they couldn't pay the fine. Con fusis taught anything he could.
Yes. The time is too short for people to change their face and shape.
most of the techers well all of them especially math teachers and all of the people who lived there for their daily uses
It is believed that the kite had originated from China because theyhad the bamboo to build the frame and silk to make the sail and theflying line. Also, dominoes and playing cards are said to come fromChina.
Tea has been in China for thousands of years. Not only was it important in their lives and considered very special, but they used it for healing as well. They said it could cure abscesses around the head, help blatter and lung infections, quenching thirst, staying awake, and all around well being in...
The Shuo Wen, the first "official" dictionary, had over 10,000
the system of labor was forced labor very close to slave labor
It was used when china had invaders coming, this paper money protected them and the Chinese gave the invaders some money to go away.
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yes rice has been arund for over 10,000 years :D
There is a link to a websit with this information below.
It has 4 wooden poles standing in the ground, mud for the wall and a huge rock for the roof.
I will offer you the most concise answer possible to such a broad question. Basically, "Ancient China" is referring to the dynastic ages (around 2,000 years) leading up the last emperor of the Qing Dynasty in the early 1900s. After that, there was a civil war between the Communist Party and the...
The Chinese civilization began on the Huang HE .Which means (Yellow river)
According to tradition Xi Ling Shi (also called Xilingshi, XiLingshi, Leizu, Lei-tzu, Si Ling-chi, Hsi Ling Shi) was a Chineseempress who reportedly discovered silk-making in the 27th centuryBC.
They ate, drank water, and slept.
Probable near the year 800.
wedge is the ''most ancient'' tool. It has been used through 100.000 years.
Like all ancient civilisations they were conquered, but have risenagain
The Silk Route was over 5,000 mi, and there were over 4,000 km in the territory of China.
Well those vehicles are called Litters. The Roman Litter was called a lectica . I don't know the exact name for a Chinese Litter.
Women took care of children and cleaned the house. They cooked and could not own land. Some planted and harvested crops.
Ancient China was ruled by dynasties. China has had over 30 dynasties rule its country. The last dynasty to exist before the Communist party, the Republic of China, took over was the Qing dynasty which was ruled by Empress Ci Xi.
Some similarities between Ancient Egypt & Ancient China are: They are both one of the oldest continuous civilizations Both cultures economies were based on agriculture Both had an early system of writing Both had an inherited system of rule, Emperors and Pharaoh's alikewere seen as Gods and had...
made of herbs from nature and stuff that was available to them which wwas trees bugs and many stuff from nature
The ancient Chinese spoke Sinitic Languages-Sinitic meaning 'of or relating to China'. However Mandarin was the most predominant language over most of the country. Various time The Chinese speak various dialects: Prior to Three Kingdoms they were speaking Hokkien in Central Plain, the Language...
Bows, spears, slings.
The wheelbarrow was a very important, useful invention. Wheelbarrows distributed the weight of the load between the user and the wheelbarrow itself, allowing the user to bring more of a load than they would've without it. Ancient Chinese wheelbarrows had one wheel in the middle, so it could navigate...
China is north of the equator. China extends from around 20 degrees to around 50 degrees. The southern most point of China is about 1400 mi (2250 km) from the equator.. Even though the most southern point of China is about 2300km away from the equator, some part of China passes through the equator.
Jiaozi of the Song Dynasty
In China, in the eastern parts, the southwest is home to Tibetans and the northwest was inhabited by Tocharians but is now populated by Altaic peoples.
They were used to get around and in war
Confucianism,Taoism and Buddhism.. That's all
There were 4 types of traditional clothing in Ancient China: PIEN-FU A 2 piece ceremonial costume, consisting of a tunic top extendingto the knees, and worn with a skirt or trousers[ankle length]. CH'ANG P'AO A one piece ankle length tunic dress. SHEN-I A cross between the first two, a 2 piece...
The Acient Chinese mainly used chopsticks as their main eating ustensils. They used them to eat rice, vegetables, meat and pultry etc.
mostly used for firework .used a little to make weapon and used for war ps:if you want to know more about china.my msn lovebeijing@live.cn
It is somebody that talks to the spirits during a se'ance and is paid very well.
it depends on what you think is more important to most people the paper is the most important.
They are different in the following ways: Languge,both written and spoken. Clothing Attitude toward the outside world,ancient Chinese (before 1400) were more open.
You must actually ask a question with a sentence so we have no idea what your talking about. You must actually ask a question with a sentence so we have no idea what your talking about
gunpowder fireworks silk
it ended in 1333
Social classes are divisions of people in society in accordancewith their economic status. Ancient China was divided into sixsocial classes. Rulers: The Emperor, leaders or other kinds of rulers Nobles: The nobles made up the highest-ranking class after the rulingfamily. They fought in...
They didn't. kung fu came to China from India. A Buddhist monknamed Bodhidharma brought kung fu with him when he Inmagrated toChina.
Yes! Education was important to Ancient China! There was even a great school that only the smartest students could teach and learn at!
THey made dumplings,noodles,lasagna , and ping(other types o pasta were called ping)
they wore very beautiful makeup ha ha
Skulls from primitive man have been found with holes bored in them for brain surgery (called trepanning)
No one in particular invented porcelain, it was most likely the Chinese ancestors. It was not until the Tang Dynasty(618 - 907) , that Tao-Yue perfected it.
The clothing in ancient china was made by silk. This is what royalty wore back then.