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Cosplay is a type of costume role play. It is heavily associated with fantasy or science fiction roles, such as anime and comic books. Cosplay is commonly seen at conventions, such as Comicon or Metrocon.
Katara from avatar: the last airbender is a good person to cosplay as. I have the same problem, my hair's brown and there are like, no anime characters with long, brown hair.
I've done some searching. All I can find is the cosplay coat.However I'm sure it exists somewhere. Another option would be tomodify a slightly different winter coat to suit your needs.
Well if your looking to find them i have two places. Amazon mayhave several cosplays that are exactly like his dress that costfrom 60-300 dollars. Or, you can go to a bridal shop and find oneto the likeness of the dress for a whole lot more. I wouldrecommend Amazon but the bridal shop may have one...
There are a lot of great characters you could cosplay. Personally Iwould recommend Zelda (Legend of Zelda) or Maka (Soul Eater.) Asfor male characters, Finny (black butler,) Link (Legend of Zelda,)or Finn the Human (Adventure time.)
Buy the costume.
It is basically an interview that describes your cosplay. they havequestions that you answer such as , What got you into cosplay? Howdid you decide on this cosplay? How did you put together thiscosplay? Basically a self interview on cosplay.
I do not watch this show, but i will give you pointers. you shouldget the characters that best describe you and find the things youalready have to go with the costume, then go shopping for the stuffyou need. Or you could do the main characters.
Well, it depends who you want to be, and yest its quitecomplicated... Say you wanted to be Hataria- It's either get apurple wig and be a "hair stylist" and make like Hataria's, or justspray your hair purple and curl the backs of you hair, leaving somestrands of hair in the front. Then for the...
I posted a site with a list of cons in the links below.
yes, the costume price of L is very affordable compared to the other anime character, in addition, L is also popular, almost all anime lover (otaku) know L, so there will be a high probability you would win a cosplay competition as L
First I suggest finding a dress. This can be any dress, as long asit has puffy sleeves (you know the type). I'm not going to lead youthrough the basics of how to make a dress. I'm assuming you want todye it. Hopefully the dress you found is white. If not, bleach it.If so, then use fabric dye to dye...
Well, all she/you really needs is a cute knee-length skirt, mint green shirt, and pink medium-sleeved cardigan. Just style your hair and wear white socks and black button-over shoes. With bobbles, she just wears little cherry-type bobbles. It's not a hard or expensive cosplay. You shouldn't need to...
Amazon has everything you need. Or you go to a nearby thrift shopor Micheals and get the materials needed for clothing. HelloCosplay has some great wigs and cosplays as well.
See CosplayMagic at the related link below .
The king of Easy and Cheap Cosplays is L from Death Note. All you need to do is get a white, long-sleaved shirt, jeans, maybe some socks, and spiky black hair (being pale and having dark eyes with shadows under them helps too). For props, either find something Death Note related, or candy. Lots and...
popular cosplays include Lelouch from Code Geass, Any naruto character, Sailor Moon is still popular and Inu Yasha.
No, i have not thought of that before! Great idea! You will need ablack dress that has intricate designs on it along with darkertights and boots. You will also need (if you want) multi-coloredhair. You can have black colored nails and dark makeup.
There are no specific cosplay shops. But if you go to hot topic youcan find maybe a few things. Amazon has a few things that you maylike as well.
Yotsuba or the little snow fairy sugar
the sword that would look better in a final fantasy AC cloud strifecosplay, I would say would be claymore. but on the other hand... itdoesn't really matter, from my experience you can just make yourown.
You just need a baggy white long sleeved shirt. Thrift stores, Wal-mart, Target, etc.
Anime and other conventions like Sakura con or comic con. You could also convince your friends to do minimalist cosplays with you, for instance, I have convinced my brother to cosplay Yato from Noragami. He is just wearing a track suit and a ripped loose scarf.
It starts in the late 1980s.
I don't believe that there are much stores that sell Final Fantasy 10 cosplay costumes, so your best bet would to be checking online. Online stores have great selections of Final Fantasy cosplay costumes.
mmm...HA, I know a website cosplayshow.com has lots of great costumes. I had buy a Naruto costumes and outfits last month, when i received them, makes me surprised, wonderful....!!!
Well I heard from a video that you can make it with a miniature camera with half of a goggle piece taped to your face. It may hurt whne you take it off :(. Google Directory Cosplay . http://www.google.com/Top/Arts/Animation/Anime/Fandom/Cosplay/ . Anime Costume resources: . http://anime.about.com...
anime is the animated form of manga and Japanese manga characters, can be seen in the form of television or movies, and computer. cosplay is where you dress up as a character (movies, anime, manga, tv shows, books) and such.
Sure, there is Animeggroll in Crestwood. See related links for more information.
Just cosplay the charactor you like ,personally i like iuyasha
the only thing you have to make is the frog hat other than that just buy black boots and order bel's ten years later varia uniform
Google Directory Cosplay . http://www.google.com/Top/Arts/Animation/Anime/Fandom/Cosplay/ . Anime Costume resources: . http://anime.about.com/od/cosplay/tp/aa12.htm
je hebt gelijk een ijsje is ook lekker!
See CosplayMagic at the related link below .
there are groups for all ages ive seen little kids to people in their 60 - 70 probably older at cosplay events lol
its easy just work out what you want to do at the party and where it is like any other party, get everyone you know who wants to come and invite them, the best thing to do is open up an invite sender on facebook then you know exactly whos coming, that's what i did and ur all set
It is an extremely complicated process that would take way to long to describe here. You need learn about sewing, design, creating your own templates. Your best bet is to piece it together at a thrift store or ask a cosplay store to make it for you custom.
This is how I dye all of my fabrics for cosplay. If it's notalready white, get a decent sized plastic tub (can be found at anydollar store) and bleach it until it is white or mostly white.(Note: Only use enough bleach to get the fabric completelysubmerged). When it's done bleaching, wash it with...
you basically need to rip/cut the arms off a light grey button up top with a collar and attach a turquoise/light blue tie. then you need a black skirt with an optional blue stripe round the bottom edge. you will need black tights and black shoes or thigh-high boots. that are the basics. you will...
Really the only thing you need is a forehead protector and an akatsuki cloak.
You should cosplay from your most favourite anime or game. Personally I would choose an anime you watch or a game you play and if it's popular, cosplay as your favourite character.
You basically need to rip/cut the arms off a light grey button uptop with a collar and attach a turquoise/light blue tie. then youneed a black skirt with an optional blue stripe round the bottomedge. you will need black tights and black shoes or thigh-highboots. that are the basics. you will also...
That depends on the contest. Most often there will be guidelines. Usually you have to sew the entire cosplay yourself. But you usually find a sign-up room or link (usually posted on the contest's website or the location it's held should have the answers) and just sign up! :)
I have never heard that idea. It must be unique. I would say take alarge piece of styrofoam and cut it into the shape you want, butthey do sell gelled wigs that work well too.
It's always fun to cosplay at anime convention such as Comic Con, Anime Expo, ot Fanime. But you could just go to Japan town in San Fransico.
Riku from Kingdom Hearts is Soras friend, he was since he was little. He (from my experience) Is a pretty fun guy but is egoistic. He thinks of himself as being able to beat Sora but still respects him as a friend.
The answer to your question requires too much instruction. You need sewing instruction, design instruction, pattern creation instruction and you also need to have some skill and talent. Your best bet is to have someone make one for you.
Of course there are, you'll have to do some research to find out ifthere is one in your area. You could also buy items form theinternet, again you'll have to do some research regarding findingwhat you wnat and checking prices.
you can always order off amazon withsome of the cheapest cosplayswill be 35- 150 dollars \( ^ - ^)/
This is hard ^^; The only character I can think of is Flay Allsterfrom Gundam Seed. In the series she was a scared little girl but when her father was killed in the war,she had a mental breakdown and she became crazy obsessed with this one guy and wanted him to fight in the war until he exhausted...
Oh, hard and interasting questions. There aren't many animes with african-american girls, but I do know some characters that you could cosplay as. Here are some choices (In order of best, in my opinion.): 1) Shihouin Yoruichi- from bleach. ( This character I would definatly recommend. I love...
You can Cosplay as whatever character you like, but if you would like to look as much like your character as possible, I suggest Deidara because he has blue eyes and blond hair.
Maybe Mira Nygus from soul eater? I dunno, I don't see a lot of anime with African American characters (which id too bad because I'm also African American)
The best thing about cos-play is your skin color , height or weight don't matter. You choose your favorite character from your favorite series and you go as that. True anime fans or more interested in your costume than your complexion. Have fun :)
Yui Hirasawa or Ritsu Tainaka from the japanese anime "k-on", its super simple. All you need is to straighten your hair and get a navy blue school girl outfit. look it up, its quite interesting.
R. Dorothy Wayneright from the anime "Big O" or try the related link below to the Anime Characters Database website where you can select an anime character with characteristics that will help you to select a specific character .
See CosplayMagic at the related link below .
Checkout the measurements at CosplayMagic at the related link below .
Post on forums or on different sites that you want to make a cosplay group.
ebay is your best bet. Or to make it yourself. I make my own costumes for myself and my bjd and often sell them on ebay. Just be careful who you buy from. And make sure they ask for a size because they NEED that to sew it so it fits you.
Anime conventions are your best bet for cosplay. That or Harajuku Japan.
try Ebay, there is alot of cosplay items available there
You can find a Alphonse Elric cosplay at the related link below.
If u need to get the DVD for it then try checking out the Media stores.....well i think they have not arrived yet!!
I'm thinking of doing it, you can't really see much of it in the episode besides the sleeves and head piece. I also don't like the tutu shape as I think it would be really hard to do acrobatics in, so I'm thinking of changing it a bit, but I want to make sure its still recognizable. I will also...
It depends on the cosplay... If its furry, then you wash it a special way, etc.
you could were a black sweaat shirt purple contacts and dye and cut your hair to match his
Characters from Naruto, Bleach and Final Fantasy are the most popular.
There's only one really trustworthy cosplay site: Cosplay Gamer, they sell alot of really nice video game costumes, weapons, wigs, and accesories they offer 1 year warranty so your guaranteed to like your costumes or you get 100% of your money back. thats one of the main reasons I get all my...
you can buy the cosplay online or make it with these materials :You need a white blouse that has a collar, a pleated black skirt, a black cuff shirt that has no pockets or a black blazer,white fabric,and fabric paint: white, silver, black, and red. i hope this could help! :)
First, what are some of your favorite characters? Then, to make it easier, choose the one that has the closest body composition as yours (eye color, hair color, height, etc). If you want something different, try seeing which Cosplay is cheapest to either sew or buy! If you have any thing more, or...
There is one I know of in melbourne but unsure of other areas I am actual doing a business plan to open a cosplay cafe at parramatta in Sydney
buy? gee, well he's a hard dude to cosplay. the cosplay.com marketplace might have one for sale. you could always make one, which is just looking at what others have done for repliku/dark riku and changing the colors and patterns
put hair inot a pony tail with bangs hanging down. Wear a black shirt with red on it or if you have an akatsuki cloak wear that. Purple nailpolish if you really want to. Put two lines on your face.
You can find them on Milanoo (which is a website).
Try http://cosplaysushi.com/. I just recently bought there and they offer discounts. I purchased Naruto Akatsuki for only 38$.
Since its most likely not the girl that posted the picture, icannot help you find her. Plus I do not specialize in internettracking. And i do not know much about dating but if you were tofind her, i would suggest asking her to go out for some coffee ortea.
Try a search at the site below.
Kyou from Clannad Mikasa from Attack on titan and Yomi from Ga Rei Zero
Your best bet will always be to go online. You can find lots of different items and people who can custom make almost anything you could ever want. Most brick and mortar stores have a very limited selection of very low quality costumes.
That all depends on who is making them, and what the characterwears. However, I always recommend making cosplay outfits out ofmaterials that you would use for every day clothes. Avoid usingmaterials like overly shiny and cheap costume satin. If you makeyour cosplay as you would if you were to wear...
The answer is way to complicated. It requires sewing instructions, design instructions, template creation instructions.. all of which requires skill in addition to instruction :) My recommendation is to have someone who knows what they are doing, do it for you.
Depending on how large your bust is, one or two Ace bandages will do the trick. They stick together, so just wrap them around your chest under the cosplay.
I have seen them available on multi-use shopping sites such asamazon, and ebay.
you can always buy online, however i find shopping in consignment much better. you can try online cospay store your-cosplay.com
I bought twice from link below. A trusted wholesaler I think but not a fast shipper.