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Questions relating to the use of oceans and seas for transportation, food, and warfare.
Rockabilly Girls' Tattoos Simply, it's right for the era. Tattoo imagery has changed a great deal over the last couple of decades, designs such as those you mentioned were fairly popular during that time period as they were simple to do, looked good and held up well in the long run. A good source fo…
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Nautical Star HistoryNautical stars were first tattooed on early sailors because they relied on the stars to find their way, therefore they always had a star to be with them and always knew where they were going in their own lives and at sea. It was kind of a sense of security and guidance.Here is m…
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Battle of St. George's Caye I myself cannot give details of the Battle of St. George's Caye as it is popularly known, but see Emory King's History of Belize (3 vols), paper, for details and further references. If I recall correctly, against the Spanish Armada the British and the settlers had 2 …
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%DETAILS% Not militarily, but there's a recent "sport" called Punkin' Chuckin' where pumpkins are launched from all kinds of home-made "cannons" powered by rubber bands, springs, fire extinguishers, compressed air, or whatever. I think the record distance is well over a quarter mile.   P…
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FAQ Farmers have identified these My grandfather was on board the the Carpathia. His name was Arthur Vale and he was a stoker. My grandmother, Anna Oberg, immigrated to the US from Sweden and was on the Carpathia when it picked up the Titanic survivors in 1912. However, I cannot find any historic…
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FAQ Farmers have offered these possibilities Its likely that a pipe would be more period than a horn. I do know the bosun's whistle existed in some form prior to the reign of Henry VIII (he had some commissioned in gold), though it's anyone's guess if the calls were the same. Using a bosun's pipe…
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The Chinese, or differential, windlass was invented in 1582.
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Answer I had a great uncle serve on the Tacoma. Out of curiosity what name is on the keys? Answer My grandfather had a tattoo that said USS Tacoma. He was born in 1898. Name George Parks. This was probably the cruiser USS Tacoma (CL-20), guessing that he served in his early twenties Answer…
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%DETAILS% Answer You might try checking Amazon.com, www.historychannel.com, or www.nationalgeographic.com
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Try the Early America or American Revolution links to the right.
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Sparrows are (I should say "were") symbolic for sailors that have logged 5000 nautical miles at sea. These are blue swallows as far as tradition goes. The others are just new schooler trying to bring back some old school with there own twist. I personally have one tattooed under each arm showing for…
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%DETAILS% I'm sorry, I can't confirm that word. The one I would normally associate with what you describe is "langridge", which has definite evidence for use."Then Gunners put the junk into containers and called it 'canister' or 'case'"Later developments for damaging ships rigging and dismasting …
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After much searching for myself! Try http://www.hipkiss.org/data/maps.html There are many maps on this site and I have not looked at them all, but this one includes Principle Steamship Routes: http://www.hipkiss.org/data/maps/london-geographical-institute_the-peoples-atlas_1920_the-world-commercia…
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Nautical StarsSailors have long used nautical stars as symbols of protection and guidance.Here is more information and input:A friend of mine who is a marine told me that a star is a symbol of protection. He has them tattooed on his shoulders.Back in the day when being gay wasnt the thing to do, but…
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Traditional Tattoos and Piercings I believe that tattoos originated after James Cooke first arrived on Tahiti. Tattooing was very popular in the South Pacific. Fletcher Christian and George Stewart of Mutiny on the Bounty fame both had stars tattooed on the left of their chests. Perhaps these were e…
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Several FAQ Farmers? Opinions The nautical star is associated with punk because they have adopted it to stand for unity. Like checkers, it has the two alternating colors meaning racial unity and tolerance.It could be that punks, and alter-natives in general, just dig sailor stuff. Maybe most of the…
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When we think of pirates, we think of Long John Silver. Piracy (the verb) has been around for thousands of years. Vikings did it too. Around 1800 the US Navy took the lead at stopping piracy on the high seas, so other than a few crooks, all that is left is the lore.   Probably one day younger…
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OK, be prepared to do alot of research.1. check the newspapers of the time they will have info about what ships are leaving and comming in and most importantly WHERE they have come from.ie; " Today the Vanilla arrived from England by way of America, south America." as you can see these are short. on…
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They used lanolin. I was able to ask my husband because he recently crewed for 9 months on the Lady Washington, Washington State's Tall Ship Ambassador.   before tarring one would rub tallow on there hands and the tar comes right of. I've been a tall ship rigger for over ten years.
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A flag at the top or highest point in a "Hoist" is superior, and the lowest one, that is closest to the deck, is inferior.A hoist is a series of flags put up together that send a message to another vessel.
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One of the best places to find the information you seek is at your local library. Then, you might shop at some of the bookstores that sell a variety of books, including books on United States History, and Maritime History.
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The MV Commander is the longest continual service ferry boat in current operation. Im unsure if it is the longest all time though. I can't say if its the longest in history, but the SS St. Mary's Challenger has been in service for over 100 years (mostly as a cement carrier). And since ships tend to…
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Answer I grew up on the Isle of Man which was settled by Celts and later by the Vikings, and I was taught in elementary school what I believe is the true answer to the Larboard/Starboard debate. It is very simple and I was told the reason by an old seafarer, and by my school teacher in 1943, I st…
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Answer To find who were the oldest people to voyage the waters by boat we can look at where the oldest boats where ever discovered. China over 7000 years ago. http://www.china.org.cn/english/travel/50131.htm I also assume, but may be mistaken, that the peoples of Mesopotamia and North Africans too …
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The East- West trade route connecting China to Britain (British). Acapulco-Philiphines-Spice Trade Route (Dutch).
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Some associations of history enthusiasts are trying to build ships as it was done in the 18th century. The only thing to do to learn how ships were built at this time is to look at the historic records and historical books.its not the only thing you can do, i am currently looking for model boat plan…
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The most successful warships in terms of sinking the most "enemy" vessels in both World War One and Two were German submarines sinking unarmed or lightly armed and mostly privately-owned, non-military civilian-manned merchant ships and tankers, often at night without warning. Early in both wars anti…
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Several good links are listed below. The Maine Lighthouse Museum in Rockland (the link for which is also listed) has an extensive display which deals with the significance of Maine lighthouses in American maritime history.
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In the book "The spriti Of 76 lives here" Patrica Gamach,there is an excellant section on New England pirates~~Toe
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Top heavy from carrying too many cannon
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For the most part civillian officer's wear either coveralls (sometimes called a boiler suit) or regular civilian clothes as long as those clothes don't interfere with their jobs. exception: Cruise shiups and passenger liner Crew will usually wear a uniform derived from a traditional uniform (most of…
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"Shooting" a torpedo is the proper term; the word "Fire" means only one thing aboard a submarine, and it has nothing to do with launching weapons. While the Nordenfelt-designed Turkish submarine Abdülhamid (1886) was the first submarine in the world to shoot a torpedo while submerged, it did not s…
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Answer Tasker H. Bliss (AP-42) was built in 1921 as President Cleveland in 1921 by the Newport News Shipbuilding and Drydock Co., Newport News, VA and was owned and operated as a passenger liner by the American President Lines. The steamship was chartered by the Army in July 1941 and renamed Task…
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As far as I know, mermaids were the embelishments of very "lonely" sailors who mistook sea-cows, (manatees) for something a bit more alluring... I believe it just became the hallmark for many sailors who wished to carry on the salty tradition for lonely sailors everywhere... Lar Waimon   I've…
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Answer Sorry, I'm no expert, but basically the team that wins the cup represents a country, and that country is the host for the next race series. Switzerland won it from New Zealand last time, and since Switzerland has no coastal water, they chose to race in Valencia, Spain for 2007 but they hav…
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the nautical star, a hipped roof too in colonial America women would use the balcony of these to "look out" for their husands at sea. also the north star, and a boat steering wheel thing. or a compass.
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Answer Yes there were plenty of questions. But the way of technology now they are being answered.Thankfully for the remaining members of those families. Many Familie members were lost. Many thought that it was a drill.
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Probably the only reason is that the standard aircraft traffic pattern is a left-hand pattern (all turns in the traffic pattern are made to the left). Putting the superstructure on the right puts the "tower" outboard of the pattern, allowing flight operations to be viewed from one side.  Could…
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i don't know much about them i know that they do mean something though but i know that the red and black is the chaos star  Originally the first tattoo inks used consisted of black ash or soot from a campfire. As tattoo inks started to evolved different mineral pigments were used to give color…
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I participated in a couple of burials at sea during my eight years in the USN. One was for a retired Navyman who did not even die at sea but requested this honor. The tradition goes back to the days when a ship might not reach land for weeks or even months at a time. The only possible way to preserv…
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Answer See the closely related questions linked to the right. Answer I see this is a much debated subject but as not a soul has came to a answer I will for you..... It is easy to see that in different society's it's got a different meaning for punks its anarchy, dreams ect. But for so…
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that he had sailed the Atlantic ocean
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Answer http://images.google.com/images?q=nautical%20star&hl=en&lr=&sa=N&tab=wi like that. Answer they look like your mom
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Well, the weight (made of lead) on the end of the line was/is a "sounding lead", so I guess the line could be a "sounding line", but I don't think the rope itself really has a name. By the way, the sounding leads come in different sizes/weights, to be used depending on the depth of water: hand lead,…
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Actually, M/S stands for "motor ship", M/V stands for "motor vessel" and S/S means "steam ship". The Latter response is correct RMS on British ships refers to Royal Mail Ship. MS = Motor ship. SS = Steam Ship. In naval (military) usage USS is "United States Ship"; HMS is "Her (His) Majesty's Ship…
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Nautical Star Symbolism I always thought of the 'nautical star' as just a 'nautical star'- something having to do with navigating the seas. Perhaps other cultures have adapted it as their own symbol for signaling their sexual preference or anything else - but then wouldn't it be called a 'lesbian s…
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Answer All power vessels must have a white Stern light. Rules differ slightly between power boats and sailing vessels, where sailing vessels can have both their port, starboard and stern lights on their mast. An all around white light denotes a vessel at anchor. If a vessel is longer then I th…
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According to Wikipedia, an American woman's lower back tattoo became popular in the late 1990's among young women. Such a tattoo is commonly referred to as a tramp stamp. This object of personal expression and wearable art is often showcased by women wearing midriff's, low rise jeans and belly chain…
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Answer to Meaning of Sparrows They symbolize the least in God's kingdom, He will still take care of and provide for. They symbolize humility as well and sometimes joy when found in a group. A lone sparrow sparrow is also significant to sadness, desolation, loneliness as pertains to Jesus in the …
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The rules, laws and standards of International Travel in the 19th century were vastly different to how International Travel is handled in the 21st or 20th century. Prior to 1910; many immigrants, traders and a variety of people from a multitude of social classes and standings took a variety of route…
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Answer Not necessarily. It means whatever you want it to mean. It was originated by sailors who commonly used the stars to guide their way home. They used the nautical star tattoo to help symbolize a safe trip home.
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North American Aboriginals were adept at using boats, such as canoes to move on the water, so I don't think that they were that impressed with the European ships. They would have been very amazed to see the white men themselves, and their advanced use of tools and metal items. The Aboriginals we…
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The type of jackets or shirts that they wear out on the deck, because of each color is a different job. Like orange for this job, blue for that job and purple for this job.
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Genesis 10:5 The maritime people were those who lived in the area around the Mediterranean Sea. Their ancestors came from the sons of Japheth who was a son of Noah. Gen 10:5 NET From these the coastlands of the nations were separated into their lands, every one according to its language, according …
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Answer The Maltese cross is identified as the symbol of the Christian warrior. The cross is eight-pointed and has the shape of four "V" shaped arms joined together at their bases, so that each arm has two points. Its design is based on crosses used since the First Crusade. The eight points symbol…
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Christopher Columbus was looking for a western route to what was called "The Indies (China, Japan and the Spice Islands) so that Spain could trade with those regions without dealing with the Portuguese monopolies along the eastern route or the Islamic states along the Silk road. He thought the world…
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The old Viking longboats were steered with a board (oar) that was mounted on the right side of the ship and 'steering board side' evolved into 'Starboard'. When approaching port, the steering board had to be on the side away from the landing, so it was approached on the left or "Port" side The port…
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There is a tattoo for everything.
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scientific article and exerts from he bible
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The living quarters on submarines are very, very small and it is difficult/impossible to give women their own space (including bathrooms, dressing rooms and bed rooms). Women would have to sleep in the same bunkbeds as the men, dress in front of them and see men dress.There is an added danger of sex…
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A boat has only one deck or "level". A yacht has 2 decks and a ship has 4 or more.  There is no difference between a ship and a boat, except for semantics. That is, what we call a ship and what we call a boat are completely culturally-based, and have no real objective criteria. In general, boa…
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They wanted a railroad, boats to be built and farms made. They were also scared of Fenian raids.
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There are descriptions of windlasses (used to lift water from a well) in Spain in the 4th Century. The Chinese invented the differential, or Chinese windlass in 1582.
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The Carpathia is best known as the ship who tried to rescue the passengers and crew of the doomed Titanic. Some of the people who were on the Carpathia's passenger list included among others the ship's cook Mr. Samuel Ackerly, First Officer Mr. Horrace J. Dean, and baggage steward Mr. Arthur King.
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The only thing I know is that each point on the star has a different meaning. The five points are said to stand for, independenceintegrityintuitionindividualityinnovation
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The Maltese cross is known around the world as a symbol of the fire service. It is often seen painted on fire trucks, on the clothing of firefighters, depicted on firefighter's badges, and is quite often the chosen design of firefighter tattoos. So where did the Maltese cross come from, and how did …
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sailor moon is a japenise cartoon that everyone will love
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Ok, I am a Deck Officer. I will be serving onboard container ships.I chose cargo ships as working on these is very hands on, the crew are usually hard working, down to earth, good at working in a team and probably most importantly, are not afraid to get their hands dirty!In Comparison to cruise line…
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Canada West and Canada East offered a railway to link Nova Scotia to the mainland. They promised money for bridges, roads, and other development.
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Answer fishing Answer The cod fishery (producing salt cod), the seal fishery (producing oil for lamps mostly), being England's oldest colony (a dubious fact at best).
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It was the RMS Falaba, that went down with 104 people on 28 March, 1915. It was the first passenger ship sunk by torpedo during World War I.
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the victoria ship
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1Harvard UniversityUnited States100.0Academic Peer Review Score100Employer Review Score100Student to Faculty Score98International Faculty Score85International Students Score78Citations per Faculty Score1002University of CambridgeUnited Kingdom99.6Academic Peer Review Score100Employer Review Score100…
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Legal Age The age at which a child can be left at home alone is only legislated in two states, Maryland and Illinois. The legal check is whether or not the child is safe and has the ability to take care of themselves. Most authorities agree that leaving a 12 year old alone at home for an hour or …
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hawaiians religion Hawaiians religion is very different from other religions.Hawaiians = like this ,,,,, you have to respect others. You have to treat people like ohana.Ohana means family and family means no one is left behind.Hawaiians also couldn't look @ the king or queen or thetll get killed.The…
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Thor Heyerdahl Thor Heyerdahl was a Norwegian explorer, qualified in geography and zoology. He was also noted for studying the arts and culture He was most famous for two transoceanic travels, and a third cross-sea trip. 1947: Heyerdahl and five others traveled on a raft named Kon-tiki from South A…
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My mother went from San Francisco to Tanggu Port (at Tiensin) of Peking in September 1940 so I know it was operational there. I have a picture of her on the boat. She was a missionary teacher on her way to the mission fields. Joanie SchirmI too know the ship was sailing in December 1940. My mother, …
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Answer It was the H. L. Hunley, a submarine developed by the Confederate navy during the U.S. Civil War. The mission had mixed results, however, because the Hunley sank soon afterwards, and all hands went down with it. The H.L. Hunley was under Confederate Army command because the Confederate Na…
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James Cook officially discovered it in 1778. However the Hawaiian Islanders had found it about 1300 years earlier.it was discovered by the Marquesas and Tahitians in the early 800's
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Answer A Portuguese explorer named Vasco Da Gama was the one who opened this sailing route. A link can be found below.
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The Balkin Peninsula is surrounded by : The Adriatic Sea, The Aegean Sea, and the Black Sea.
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Victory, Peace, and Valor.
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The United States Navy can trace it origins back to the Continental Navy which was established in 1775 during the American Revolutionary War.
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The Portuguese invented the three-masted ship in the 1400's. These type of ships replaced the ships that had an oared galley. Three-masted ships were easier to steer.
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Answer Because most captains had wives, so to keep close to their wives they named them women I always heard it had religious foundation; i.e. Eve was created from Adam so, many things created by man, espesially ships, are given female names.
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The nautical star symbolizes "finding one's way". It shall help you find your own path in life. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ The symbolism of the nautical star does not mean to find your own path in life. I can see how p…
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Born in Scotland, lived in America and died in Paris. He is entombed in the chapel at the US Naval Academy.
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It would be between Class 82-85. They were running three classes at a time around 7 months pre-training to graduation. I graduated Class 89 in March of 1975. Class 86-87 was the class they completely flunked. I think it was Class 86 "The Class that never was" but it might have been Class 85. Best g…
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The name of the first Confederate sub was the C.S.S Huntley.
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The Titanic had 4 elevators, 3 in first class and the other 1 in second class. A little-known fact reveals that there was also a lift for crew to use to transport food between the galley and the orlop deck at the bottom of the ship, where refrigerated items were held. It was able to stop at some d…
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I do not have a crew list or know of one. However, I do know that Joseph Needham-Taylor joined the ship's company in 1796 as a midshipman. He eventually rose through the ranks to Admiral. His feats as a young officer are so similar to those of the ficticious Horatio Hornblower, that some believe he…
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A windlass is a type of winch, fitted with a wildcat for hauling chain, and/or a gypsy for rope. Windlasses have horizontal drums or wheels for handling heavy anchor chains, hawsers, etc. From what I can tell, it comes from the Old Norse for winding things around a pole: Vin and ass.
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machu dam disaster It was 11th August 1979
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The three Greek figures that are engraved into the marble represent Peace, Victory, and Valor.
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Some of the experets of titaninc are of cousre the people who sailed on her of which only one is left, however she was less than a year old whne she sailed on titanic so she remembers nothing. Other famous experts include Lawerence Beesley (he as a 2nd class passanger), James Cameron (the Dircetor o…
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