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History of Maritime

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Questions relating to the use of oceans and seas for transportation, food, and warfare.
Skandinavians. Thor. Loke...There were many belives.
Baffin Island, Labrador, Newfoundland.
The voyage on the Titanic was its maiden voyage
She was discovered in September 1985 by a research team led byDr.Robert Ballard from the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute inMaine- the first sighting of her wreck was of one of her boilers.Subsequent research by deep-sea sonar revealed that she had brokenin two and that her stern section (which...
raiding foreign countries
Yes, there were a number of ethnic groups that were on board  Titanic. Though a large number were understandably from Europe,  there were ethnic groups from the Middle East and Asia as well.
Yes, his kids were Sarah Kidd and Elizabeth Kidd.
After the Titanic had completely submerged, the lifeboats with the  people on board had traveled away but some came back to try and  find some of the survivors just like near the end of the Titanic  movie, but when a ship came by to collect bodies and investigate  everyone had already died of...
No. It sank in the atlantic ocean, off the coast of Canada.
It sank because the iceberg created a reasonably large hole (rip)in the hull of the ship, which allowed water to come in,uncontrollably filling the lower decks. When water came into theship, it raised the average density within the hull (which allows aheavy steel ship to float). The ship sank lower...
Jose Gaspar was supposivley created by a pirate named John Gomez. He claimed to have been one of Gaspar's crew men. Gaspar was titled 'fake' until later in the early 20th century. Written information has been located and Gaspar's sunken ship location was said to have been located but not found or...
It was ripped apart when the bow and stern were going down tothe bottom of the ocean. . Yes, that's true- survivor's eye-witness accounts report seeingthe first funnel collapsing forward as she was going down. Theother funnels were torn off the ship as she was plunging into theabyssal deep and broke...
First Class (parlor suite) £870/$4,350 ($83,200 today)   First Class (berth) £30/$150 ($2975 today)   Second Class £12/$60 ($1200 today)   Third Class £3 to £8/$40 ($298 to $793 today)
Vikings used hulled barley to make flatbread over open fires.
The Titanic sank on its maiden voyage (its first voyage) and set  sail at noon on April 12th 1912 and hit the iceberg and sank at  11:40pm (ships time) on April 14th 1912
No, but Olympic and her were the first vessels to have a squashcourt. She also had three tennis pros on her maiden voyage (Karl Behr, R.Norris Williams, Helen and Ostby) and a squash pro (FrederickWright).
Due to a certain bacteria in the ocean that has been eating away at  the metal and everything else, the Titanic will probably have  disintegrated within the next 20 years
The Titanic's architect was Thomas Andrews, a very experienced ship  builder/designer/architect and unfortunately went down with the  ship on the night it sank
They can not control who wants passage to another continent/country  etc. It being cold and icy does not determine whether or not they  would leave. Everyone knew that there were icebergs out there at  that time of year, but 1) They thought they would avoid all the  icebergs 2) They thought the...
The special dining room that was decorated all fancy was used bythe 1st class passengers, mainly for dinner and supper
Because the Titanic was one of the first tough, strong, and biggest  to be built
Because there weren't enough lifeboats on the ship to hold every  single person on board, and the lifeboats werent even filled to  full capacity, all made to hold 60 men but some were only filled  with 12 people.
Titanic sank because it hit an iceberg, which opened a gash inthe hull longer than engineers had expected, flooding more of thewater tight compartment than engineers had calculated with. . No need to look for a curse to explain that. . The captain was under pressure to make a speedy first crossing...
The Vikings have been around from around 750AD to the year 1066when the Vikings conquered and settled in England
The vikings play in minnesota on home game.
Isidor Straus was the name of the Macy's store partner whose wife  Ida refused to leave him.
Captain Edward John Smith's parents were Catherine Hancock and  Edward Smith
Benjamin Guggenheim indeed dressed in his best. When Titanic sunk,his message was delivered to his wife in New York City that he wasprepared to go down like a gentleman.
If you put the Titanic facing upwards, it would have been taller  than the Eiffel Tower, taller than the Pyramids, but not as tall as  the Empire State Building, so no
At the very bottom of the Atlantic Ocean it is about 2.5 degrees  Celsius, so 36.5 degrees Fahrenheit
Unfortunately Captain Edward John Smith went down with the ship,  following the old saying "Every ships captain shall go down with  his ship"
Captain Edward John Smith was born on January 27th 1850
2,208 people were on board Titanic (712 of whom survived).
The person was J. Bruce Ismay, Chairman and Managing Director of  the White Star Line, survived the disaster. He was not classed as  company president. However, this title is used for people at his  level of authority in many similar business types
She was an American socialite who became famous for surviving the sinking of the Titanic.
There was only one Gym, which is seen in the Titanic movie, but  there were also badminton courts, squash courts and tennis courts  and so on
Third class was for the poor while first class was for the very wealthy.
jean de Brebeuf did not have kids
Titanic's lifeboats were last accounted for in December 1912 andwere left to rot, likely as not. They definitely were NOT reused on any other vessels.
The Captain was in bed when they had the collision, but if the  people in the Crow's Nest had seen the iceberg and alerted the  people in the control room just 30 seconds earlier the ship could  have avoided the iceberg
There was lots to keep people entertained on the Titanic. It had a swimming pool, squash court, a gym, Turkish bath, libraries, restaurants and cafes, and live entertainment.
Carpathia was the FIRST ship to reach, Titanic.
it was a very important day, the Titanic was know as the biggestship to step sail. Having it sink like it did was a big shock
VinlandA.K.A 'wine land' because what the vikings thought were huckle-barries were actully red grapes.
I guess food clothing money weapons etc
Roll on Roll off passenger ship.
None. He provided his own ship and supplies.
Someone from every class died in the Titanic, but mainly in 3rdClass, because as in the movie they locked up the passages so thatthe richest people, first class, could get to the boats firstbecause they had payed the most money, and then 2nd class and 3rdclass, but some of the crew forgot to unlock...
James Cook did not discover New Zealand. However, the ship he was in when he circumnavigated and charted the islands was the HMS Bark Endeavour.
In Pirates of the Caribbean 1 it was Elizabeth Swann. They were ten  years old at the time and she was also the first to spot the  shipwreck.
Titanic's only sailing (and sinking) was in April 1912.
It was published in Britain. The year was 1724.
Most definitely, the bacteria and particles in the bottom of the  ocean will cause rust until the ship completely disintegrate, and  even the Titanic will completely disintegrate within the next  twenty years, showing that most ships will last underwater for only  around 130 years, but depending...
no they did not only the first class passengers had maids
Most lifeboats have a small compartment containing a few bottles of  fresh water and some cookies and maybe a few other small snacks,  but they werent made to last long.
yes by an Australian billionare
The spanish Armada finally set sail to England on the 12th of July 1588 with 130 warships , in a formation like a crescent ! The reason they were attcking England was as follows - Queen Elizabeth was turning Eng;and into a protestant country Sir francis Drake was stealing many gold objects from...
Titanic had a triple-chime whistle that could be heard from as faraway as 11 miles.
There were 4 columns, but only three of them worked, the extra one  was just for decoration.
Leif Ericson was born in Iceland, but moved to Greenland in 986. That same year Bjarni Herjolfson, who was following Ericson to Greenland, missed the island and sailed in a south-westerly direction and sighted both the Labrador coast and Newfoundland. And so hearing of Bjarni Herjolfson's...
dynamite and spear guns
There were monkeys in the shipyards, yes, but "rigging monkey" is amaritime figure-of-speech. They were not primates. According toWikipedia: " RiggingMonkey refers to a crewmember of a sailing vessel whose primary responsibility is to climb the mast , usually with the assistance of a boatswain...
Do you mean the US NFL team or the ancient ones? If you mean the ancient ones, some warriors aged and became poets and other calm duties, such as telling and sharing stories with the young and the old.Some also became builders after they thought that fighting weren't really for them.
The Titanic was built by Harland and Wolff, shipbuilders for WhiteStar Line. They were on a mission to build an unsinkable ship.
There is a statue of Captain Smith in Lichfield, England done byKathleen Scott, the widow of Robert Scott who died near the SouthPole around March 30th, 1912, two weeks before Smith.
It had around 885 crew members
True.. this is actually true. In the Science Explorer Focus on Life Science by Prentice Hall says, "Scientists have put these bacteria to work cleaning up oil spills in oceans and gasoline leaks in the soil under gas stations.
They were Muslim pirates who operated from the North African Coast between the 11th and the 19th Century
No one. He supplied his own ship and supplies.
The ship Mary Celeste was going east.
Although Anne Bonny's life is little known, it is estimated by historians that she was born on March 8, 1702
Naw... He lived in London... *Sarcasm*
Referring to being very large or massive.Example: That ship is "titanic!"
The 3 bucket system on passenger ship is a procedure for cleaning.  The three include clean, rinse and sanitize and they are not needed  even in other sectors.
The Titanic was rediscovered in 1986. It lies 12, 600 feet or 2.33  miles at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean.
The Olympic never collided with her sister ship the Titanic , either in port or out at sea. The only vessel tohave a near-miss with the Titanic was the much smallerAmerican liner the United States as Titanic wasleaving the port of Southampton- she was dragged into the muchbigger ship's path,...
Titanic sunk about 963 miles from her destination, New York City.
If the Titanic did not sink it would probably be a floating hotel or still a cruise ship
Captain George Vancouver's cause of death is still unknown. He  passed away on May 10, 1798 in Petersham, London in the United  Kingdom.
At first they even didn't realize what had happened, well, actually they just thought they crashed (but they actually "killed" the ship). After he was told that the ship was going to sink in 2 hours he only told Titanic's Staff about it, and that the staff must go and tell everyone to put their life...
They were the first European Americans. Indians were already there.
The scheduled time for the titanic's docking was wednesday,april17,1912 at 11:40pm
He was searching for new lands to colonize.
Historical evidence and tradition says that the tomb of St. Peter  himself lies beneath the alter of the basilica. St. Peter's is  located within the Vatican City.
Maybe. From the viewpoint of those they attacked, they had much the  same effect. But Vikings had a very complex society, rather than  being relatively uncivilized tribes of marauders, as the term  barbarian suggests.
Second-Class on Titanic had no people that were particularly famousBEFORE the sinking but the disaster immortalized many survivors ANDvictims, such as the bandleader Wallace Hartley, who played as theship went down; Father Thomas Byles who gave comfort to the doomedbefore being lost himself; and...
eight of these were used to try to attract help