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Home is not only a dwelling with walls and a roof, but home is where the heart is. Our homes and our gardens that we grow and cultivate reflect who we are. In the Home and Garden category, you can ask questions about homeowners' rights and responsibilities, the best plants for your garden, how to do home repairs, and much more.
  Yes it is. In the winter will look just like other tres withouth any leafs.
If you're talking about the filament I think it's tungsten.
Harvard has several rooming arrangements availableÊfor students.  Students can live in gender neutral housing or in married and  family housing.
Frogs live in pounds because they need water to live....they can't live in rivers or else they will drown.
o.k. ive herd that there are berries now im not going to be specific cause that will take 4 Eva is haha now ther are other things such as leaves,huckberry,and that's all i know sorry!:0 but i guess i did save you a lil' bit a information
  Yes, it is possible. It is however, very time and dollar consuming. If it is at all possible… AVOID IT LIKE THE PLAGUE!     In order to get this done it will require engineering, expensive X-Rays of the existing slab just to name a few items.     There are alternatives that...
Don't cause once you do you can't unlock it
Simply buy a new one., you'll save much more time and money.
That's when you disable the fridges auto defrost and do it when you want it.
Well. Mine squeaks terribly when you turn it on. And no sites tell me where to pour in water. SO PLEASE HELP ME!
there are 9 types of engineering 1.civil 2.mechanical 3.electrical 4.
It is illegal to grow most species of morning glories in Arizona due to their classification as a noxious weed.
Unfortunately if your battery stain is white, it has penetrated too deeply into the concrete slab to bring back the color. Concentrated sulfuric battery acid has been known to eat through a 4" slab of concrete. Your best bet would be to cover it with a carpet or mat. Puddleblocker makes an...
stay calm.... put one of your legs in the back of both of their knees, then the other leg in front of their ankle (you'll have to do this sideways, then twist in the water so they get twisted forward... also if they push you underwater grab and squeeze the back of their thigh.... above all stay calm...
I wouldn't say it is bad for you unless you are easily nauseated, it is simply carbon (the base element for most foods).
Plantations for tobacco answered by dr.j-wad
The cap does NOT come off. It is all part of the handle. To take the whole handle off, there is a set screw at the back that can be undone with an allen key.The older discontinued models, the cap can be pried off with a small screwdriver.
The UAE, or United Arab Emirates, does not have a postal code thatcovers the country. There are no street deliveries of mail, soeveryone has a post office box number.
Once the leaves areyellow-green is the time when tobacco is harvested. Specifically, color clues theharvester into the plant in question's ( Nicotiana sp p ) optimal maturity. The leaveshave to yellow, a process which requires 80+ days from germination(or 60+ days from transplanting). They...
The ingredients should be listed on the box or bottle.
Depends what lily you are talking about some are winter flowering and some summer. Example: Zantedeschia ethiopica flowers in winter and Zantedeschia pentlandii flowers in summer
it is more a monument then an artefact
You Press "Edit igloo" Then click "View items" And Finnally click the igloo picture!That how you save your igloo On Clubpenguin!
What is the problem of operating a on-load furnace transformer with center tap
There are many different hammers and they are classified for usage, such as claw hammer, framing hammer, engineers hammer, dead blow hammer, etc.
You saw peas, germinate them, water and feed them and lo and behold they grow!
DaffodilTulipRoseZinniaPeoniesThe Mountain LaurelGiant AlliumsClematisHyacinth
foods which are firm or crisp, help to clean teeth as they are eaten. ( e.g. carrot, cucumber, apple, pop corn etc. ) for better results 'make detergent foods the final food' , you eat in your meal.
Go to ask.com and type in the words "feet to meters" without the quotation marks and there will be a box for you type in your amount and find out.   165 inches is equal to 4.191 meters.
  == Dont ruin hard money spent ==   I just had this done - I was told to wait on average about 72 hours. But since it was real hot the week we had it done, we waited a week before we drove on just to be sure it was settled
The amount of water needed by a tree varies from tree to tree. A tree's consumption of water also depends on the weather. On a warm day a single birch tree can dispose of 60 to 70 gallons, or 227 to 303 litres of water. Young trees need less water than mature trees, while some trees like junipers...
tomatoes,watermeon,sunflowers,daisys,peppers grow the fastest:)
it can be grown everywhere as long as you have the seed.
Varnish is to highlight and preserve bare wood.
Sounds like you are getting backflow from the sewer. As the waste gets flushed down through the waste pipes going to the sewer, some of it will stick to the wals of the pipe. As it breaks down, it usually becomes black and oily. Greases and oils are particularly prone to sticking to the pipe walls,...
Concrete is made from filler made of small pieces of rushed rock,gravel or sand held together with a water and Portland cementmixture. Different kinds of concrete use different ratios of thematerials or even different kinds of material added to the mixtureto give it strength, flexibility, durability...
A igloo is both permanent and temporary. It depends on how it is built.
All i did was use my water hose on high power and scrub it with a sponge, it worked pretty good(:
Looking between the gear box assembly (metal housing) and the top of the trimmer head, locate a u-shaped slot found on either side of the gear box assembly. If you rotate the trimmer head slowly while looking into that slot you will see a mating u-shaped cutout. Place a screwdriver, Allen wrench or...
What do you mean by drive belt. If your talking about the serpentine belt, it should have an auto tensioner. Same goes for the timing belt. There is no adjustment. If the belt is loose then it needs to be replaced.ed724
  It will usually get there on the second or third day... that is, if you mail it Monday it will usually get there by Wednesday or Thursday at the latest.   - Nico in Denver
it would depend on where you got it from but i would say it would cost around 2 dollars per square ft
A spray contact adhesive is made for this. 3 or 4 are available in Home Depot.
It means the area of the carpet in 'square meters'. Multiply square  meters by 10.76 to get the equivalent area in square feet.
Becuse of the sun makeing the ground so fertail
Having poison ivy will not kill you.
First Class Mail is delivered in three to five days.
The Spire of Dublin was built by Radley Engineering Ltd. of Dungarvan Co. Waterford. Many wonder what the design on the base is. Simply, it is the representation of the soil composite which surrounds the foundation of the spire.
  == Answer ==   Check fuses, and for the blinkers, check also the flasher relay.
you move......bring in your student I.D. papers to your new school and do all that stuff................
Once the male frog attaches it'self onto the female the thrusting continues for several hours till the female dies. Then the male continues in a frenzy. Or is that ferrets?
1. You don't have all the stress of a partner. When you are with someone that you like, your body seems to feel the stress of the other person. When you are single, you have a lot less stress. 2. You don't need to worry about some things like cheating, saying the wrong thing, times to come home so...
3mm ~= .11815"   closest equivalent drill bit-- 7/64" (slightly undersized @ .109")
Well it all depends on the color of the roses. There's dark red roses which symbolize unconscious beauty, regular roses which mean sincere love, respect, courage, and passion. There's white roses which mean purity, secrecy, silence, innocence, and charm, or bridal white roses which mean a happy love...
You would have to contact the manufacturer of the canopy swing and  they would be able to give you a list of places that carry it. You  could also call companies like Lowes and Sears.
use sugar cubes or marshmallows
1 DVD in a mailer weighs less than one ounce but is considered a rigid object so the postage is 44 cents, plus 20 cent surcharge, equals 64 cents.
A countersink is a tool that creates a groove and a hole that allows the screw to be easily screwed inside of the wood's surface, while the countersink only creates a hole to allow the screw to be easily screwed in. The crown of the screw is exposed on the surface if the countersink is used. If the...
A Piece of wood arch looking use to close gap at the wall corner or between wall and floor.
Use it to read the letter that the mayor gives to you.
Yes, transformer losses will be the same for any linear load with the same VA. However, if the load is nonlinear, such as a rectifier, the load waveform will be distorted and the losses will be higher than with an undistorted sinusoidal load current of the same VA
Shoe Goop works well on most leather products. Make sure you degrease the surface where it will go first.
  == Answer ==   Drainage of the vessel for one.
  elcb (earth leakage circuit breaker ) is earth protection in generator, transformer and electrical equipment
well it all deppends on the type of trobole your in are you dating a friend well what ever the resone is first if you caused it talk to him/her say sorry tell them that you don't wana loose them over a silly thing (even if its not silly just say it is and if your a girl give some charm to is when...
the artichoke symbolizes peace
Arthropods with chewing or sponging mouth-parts are the bugs that eat leaves. Those with piercing/sucking or siphoning mouth-parts do not feed literally upon the under- or upper-surfaces of foliage. They instead extract the plant's internal, life-sustaining sap.
  life cycle of: tilapia mudfish catfish seaweeds shell milkfish
Yes. The challenges here are both mechanical and electrical. The mechanical challenge is finding a secure and reliable place to mount the new switch: you must mount it in a location that can support the repeated stress of someone tugging on it. The whole switch must be securely mounted. It is best...
When burned, a butterfly bush is not necessarily toxic. However,  when ingested, the butterfly bush is extremely toxic and can cause  death.
Jonathan David Young
Yes, airplanes do have a motor (according to what I know). There are many place in a commercial aircraft that have a motor. The engines also have a motor in them to turn the fan or propellers.
No. If it did then it could not grow naturally.
The max current carrying capacity of1mmsq copper is 2.2A to 2.4A&1mmsq Aluminium is 1.2A to 1.4A.
it grows on ground because it WANTS to take in water from the moisture of the air (don't copy this i GUESSED)