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Home is not only a dwelling with walls and a roof, but home is where the heart is. Our homes and our gardens that we grow and cultivate reflect who we are. In the Home and Garden category, you can ask questions about homeowners' rights and responsibilities, the best plants for your garden, how to do home repairs, and much more.
they are underpants for men usually they are y-front type or with a fly at the front they are brief style but not always really tight
A voltage test meter is used to measure voltage potentials in a circuit.
Dry most of it up with a towel then try to vacuum it out and after that leave a fa next to it for 24 hours
the normal red one is 6 pounds. the normal red one is 6 pounds
put the shingles in water then press them with a vise
Dandelion is from the French for teeth of the lion [ dents de lion ] because of the tooth shaped leaves.
First say if the book was any good or not. Then list reasons why. tell what the author did to make the story better or worse.
Run a diamond glass scribe completely around the neck of the bulb back to the starting point. Tap the cut with the handle of the scribe and remove the inner section. Be aware that the inner section is larger that the neck of the bulb and some pieces may break off on removal.
48,000 Gallons? That's a big pool! . Being in the pool service business, I have installed many chlorine generators in residential pools. I haven't come across a residential unit that will accomodate more than 40,000 gallons (and I don't necessarily trust the manufacturers' optimistic estimate). ...
The purpose of the fireplace damper is to keep the outsideelements, outside. The damper is opened only when there is a firein the fireplace.
Acid works. Try Drano , your mom will never know what you have been up to.
Glue traps at entry points, Diatamacheous Earth outside & just in case get some ECOPCOACU for a contact spray. It works great, smells good, is edible & chemical free. Don't forget sanitation. No food debris=no roaches.
Paper towels. Newspapers aren't absorbent and are not meant for cleaning.
If you live in their range, make sure that, if you have one close by, that you see it regularly. Maybe keep track of them around you with a journal. Also, you can publicize your thoughts and help stop hunting. You can help to keep their main food scource, rabbit, population at a nice balanced rate....
Answer . yes. they are called insecticides.
Brassicas allowed to run to seed will have small yellow flowers.
Stripped nut can not be reused. If the nut is the kind that was putonto the hose end before the hose fitting was crimped, then theentire hose will have to be replaced along with the nut.
to make paper and to make furniture.
No. This years blooms this years berries.
Quartz is often found in the stone used as the aggregate. This addsa 'sparkly' element.
A reel mower is a "old school" you could say "green" evironmentally sound grass cutting push mower. Usually with 2 wheels, bearings and 4 to 5 curved blades (the reel) set in rotation to spin as you push the mower with the "T" Handle. Pro's: good for small yards that are level with little weeds, no...
Simply a 'mouth' or 'trap'.
If you are talking math this is what you do: line your group of numbers into a line from least to greatest. Take your least number and your greatest number and basically subtract to see how much is in between. Example: 4 7 9 3 8 (take your numbers and line them from least to greatest) = 3 4 7 8 9 ...
Marcite was the material used to finish the interior of a concrete swimming pool. It is in simple terms a mixture of crushed marble and white cement mixed with water to form plaster which is then applied to the pool floor and walls with trowels to provide a smooth finish for the interior of the pool...
It used to be, but now the ground wire (which replaced the aluminum strip) in the BX cable is used. The ground wire is now used to complete the grounding of connected devices rather that the sheath of the BX.
You can put anything into the compost that will break down. Typically, you want to avoid plastic, rocks, bones, glass and large chunks of matter. The smaller the pieces, the faster it will break down.
dry powder water foam wet chemical vapourising liquids CO2 carbon dioxide
Mainly calcium sulphate dihydrate. There may be a few other minerals in very small quantities in specialised boards for fireproofing or mildew control..
The air bag light is on because there is a problem with the system and it is not in operation. Until the problem is fixed the light will stay on.
It depends on how rusty it is!
check for good quality chemicals specific for the purpose. To prevent rusting all together, put a hard thick coating of paint. Avoid lead.
A smoke detector that relies on optics would be affected by anything in the air that decreased visibility inside the detector.
to express your feels , or you just feel like pink is AMAZING!
yes. they help humans food grow which helps the humans by not starving them. Without food humans could not live.If your thinking about animals, animals need plants too, so without plants humans could not live.
Uncooked rice is clogging our sink...garbage disposal....we haveput bleach in it but doesn't seem to be working. Any othersuggestions?
A white mirepoix is made by replacing the carrots in a standard mirepoix with parsnips & adding mushrooms & leeks. Some chefs prefer to use a white mirepoix when making a white stock, as it produces a lighter product.
Zip Code/City/Area Code 49610 Acme ( 231 ) 49301 Ada ( 616 ) 49355 Ada ( 616 ) 49356 Ada ( 616 ) 49357 Ada ( 616 ) 49220 Addison ( 517 ) 48367 Addison Township ( 248/947 ) 49221 Adrian ( 517 ) 49705 Afton ( 231 ) 49901 Ahmeek ( 906 ) 48701 Akron ( 989 ) 49706 Alanson ( 616 ) ...
White, blue, red and pink.
the oak tree lives in a temperate climate.
It would take the too pipes 30 minutes to fill the tank when working together. This figure can be found in the following manner: . Find the fill-speed of the first pipe . 50 minutes to fill 6000 Liters. 6000L/50m gives us 120L/m (liters-per-minute) . 6000 Liters in 75 minutes = 6000L/75m ...
no. Why cant u inhale dry powder from fire extinguishers
Absolutely not! For one thing, what type of wall paint do you refer to? There is more than one. Nail polish is normally a solution of nitrocellulose plus other bits and pieces in a solvent like butyl or ethyl acetate and is generally very fast-drying.
The overall weight doesn't matter so much as the lbs/ sq inch. Is the 1000 lbs distributed over a wide area? If so it's much more likely that you can. It will also depend on your subfloor. If the ceramic is over concrete then you are likely fine. If the ceramic tile is over a wood subfloor the 1000...
I spilled coffee with milk in my car and it was RANK. I used the product in the pet store to remove pet urine called Nature's Miracle and it worked great. You pour it on, let it soak in until it evaporates and the smell goes away. While not suggested, I sponge up the residue with a clean cloth as...
all smoke is harmful to lungs.Windpipe not a chimney
9 cubic feet per per cubic yard
twice on a Sunday of April in November on a Wednesday while eating a large cotton candy blizzard from dairy queen
Life Cycle of a Fern Ferns, unlike some other plants, do not flower in order to propagate. Instead, they reproduce sexually from spores. The life cycle of a fern is very different from the life cycle of many other plants. While many plants grow a mature adult form straight out of the seed, ferns...
if it's fozen about an hour in hot water
As long as the eggs are completely covered with brine, they will keep for several months in the fridge. Be sure to use only clean utensils to remove them from the jar. Doing otherwise can lead to bacteria and mold growth.
2-3 weeks, it's a little longer due to customs etc.
The electrical code states for non vehicular area 18 inches, for vehicular area 24 inches. This is the minimum cover distance between the top surface of the conduit and the finished grade.
Table salt containing iodine as potassium/sodium iodide or potassium/sodium iodate. Also salt for animals must contain iodine.
depends on climate, for colder used 10-20 or 10-30, for warmer use 10-40
Yes. The resistance of a light bulb filament increases as it gets hotter. It is not unusual for a bulb's cold start power to be ten times its running power. A typical incandescent 60W bulb may have a cold resistance of 30 ohms, 500W, with a hot resistance of 240 ohms, 60W.
it is well it could be a deer a goat or maybe a fish but I'm not so sure about that tho !!
No. There are losses involved with each stage of the conversion, from DC to AC, and from AC back to DC. The battery running this would gradually discharge. Any other result would constitute a perpetual motion machine which, in this imperfect world, is impossible.
Plants will not grow without water. With water they will grow in their natural state. Given fertiliser they will normally grow better but still need water.
What is the ecological importance of the zygospore in the lifecycle of Spirogyra
It most likely means that the unit is working as it should. Some explanation is in order... First the air conditioner in your home is designed to cool the air. When air cools, any moisture that is in the air gets squeezed out. This is called condensation. Most air conditioners have a condensate pan...
Try manualsonline.com or managemylife.com. These two sites have many different manuals online available for free download.
Here's the formula for volume: length*width*average depth*5.9 (if it's round) or 7.5 (if it's square) 78 = 6.5 feet 6.5*6.5*2.6*7.5 = 823.88 gallons of water
4 types of vascular plants are ferns, conifers, clubmosses, gyrosperms.
3 2x4x8 for the uprights 1 2x4x10 for the top and bottom
Being on a lease has nothing to do with it. If they are living there, lease or not, you have to evict them as you would someone who was already on the lease. first, give them written notice and follow through with your states eviction process.
There has been some evidence that there is an increasing voltage relative to ground with increasing altitude. Creating any electrical power would be a matter of design engineering.
Mine is 20 x 40 but has rounded ends. (Double Roman) Takes 24,500 Gallons.
Exactly the same way you remove a car tire from its rim. Everything's just bigger.
The flower becomes the fruit. As hard as it may seem, to have larger, healthier fruits it is recommended that you pick some of the flowers off of the plant to thin and encourage growth in those fruits instead of many small fruits.
Well you could try the auction,keep checking the trading post. You could also get the lab map. But color changes are random and you can also get species changes and gender changes. You could also try pet trading for an island pet
Due to its widespread use among Plains tribes and its instantly recognizable form, the tipi is an almost universal symbol of Native American life. However, the most unique structure to be designed by indigenous architects has to be the igloo. Constructed of packed ice and snow, this domed structure...
First Class Mail is delivered in three to five days.
That value was valid for airmail postage in 2009. It could be an airmail stamp, there is one picturing the Grand Teton Mountains. Consult a catalog to fully identify the particular stamp..
Cost of a postage stamp was dependent on the face value of the stamp. The most common rate stamp is for First Class Mail. In the United States 1982 that was 20 cents for the first ounce.
No, in order for grass to grow properly, it needs dirt/soil for it's roots to dig into the dirt, if you sprinkle grass seed on cement (putting dirt on the cement first), it may grow but pure ground works the best.
Use this formula W = A x V . Assuming that the saw is using 120 volts. 15 x 120 = 1800. Start up current on a motor will draw up to 300 % instantaneously so a 2000 watt generator might just do it. It would lug at the start but then catch up and run the saw. On motor from generator uses higher...
there from pennsylavania.
You first have to reference your lease. Does it say anything in there that you are limited to the number of people living in your unit? Or, something to the affect that you are the only one allowed or have to notify landlord of anyone additional that moves in? The lease basically spells out any and...
Ferns can be found growing. Fern species live in a wide variety of habitats, from remote MOUTAIN elevations, to dry DESERT rock faces, to bodies of water or in open fields. . BEST LUCK .
Average is a tough concept let me give range from a light 4 ounces per sq ft up to probably 16 ounces for heavy Linoleum
Is very important to date stamp incoming mail so you can have adate. For instance, time sensitive mail that need a response in acertain amount of days rely on this.
There could be a a ground-to-neutral fault somewhere in the appliance, its cord or its plug. For more information click on the Related Question link below. . . The breaker is not ampere rated high enough for the dishwasher. The dishwasher is miswired. There is a problem in the dishwasher...