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Home is not only a dwelling with walls and a roof, but home is where the heart is. Our homes and our gardens that we grow and cultivate reflect who we are. In the Home and Garden category, you can ask questions about homeowners' rights and responsibilities, the best plants for your garden, how to do home repairs, and much more.
1)it absorbs sweat.rayon clothes are therefore preferred over other synthetic fibers in summer. 2)it is shiny and lustrous and resembles silk in appearance.
Replacement cushions for Wal-Mart swings can be found in the lawn  and garden area of Wal-Mart. They can be found in stores and  online.
A glue stick is about 4 inches. Or in centimeters it is 4 1/2 centimeters.
he has a smile and a "can do" attitude, you'll know a helpful slug when you see him. :)
no cause the soap just combines with the oil.
No. Grass is an insulator.
Stink bugs can live a very long time without food; sometimes more  than several months.
Over 100 years, so long as the tree does not succumb to Dutch Elm disease.
  Possibly the soil is too rich in nitrogen which promotes leaf growth at the expense of flowers. Potassium is necessary for flowering as is phosphorus but you have to get the balance right. Ash is high in potassium.
Depends on what area you are in. There are several regional offices.
    When you really want to kill a potted plant, you only have to give it lots of water every day till the soil gets muddy. When you practice this long enough the roots will start rotting and the plant dies.
a hydrostatic lawnmower is a transmission that runs off hydraulics rather than belts of gears
The surface area is about 314.16 square metersThe surface area formula is SA = 4 (pi) r2SA = 4Πr2 SA = 4Π52 SA = 4Π25 SA = 100Π SA ≈ 314.16
A sunken living room is usually found in split-level homes. The entrance is usually in the stairwell. You can walk up a few steps into the kitchen or step down a few steps into the living room. These types of homes often have what seems like a basement but is actually additional living space ...
Could be worn valve guides ,crankcase filter plugged or bad ringsHope this helps
It isn't. USPS Domestic Mail Manual 602 1.4: ZIP Codes are required on Express Mail, Presorted and automation price First-Class Mail, Periodicals mail, Standard Mail, Package Services mail (except single-piece price Parcel Post), all mail sent to military addresses within the United States and to...
on the surface worms eat a variety of organic materials such as dead grass and leaves
The native American Indians made simple glues from pine sap by mixing it with very finely crushed charcoal. -This technique may also work with "jack fruit" whatever that is - be inventive and try it out.
Depends on if it works or not and what kind of condition it's in. Anywhere from $50- $2000
Babydow.com is a website for children. It lets people get there own baby and care for it until it is 3 years old and then it goes off to school. The babies grow out of a rose which is a girl or a cabbage which is a boy. I find this site a very fun game. I recommend it to kids who want to get an idea...
Ferns mainly consist of 5 parts for its structure which are the Stems, Leaves Roots, Prothallus, and Rhizoids.Stems: the fern stems are called Rhizome and it grows horizontally under the surface of the soil. Some such as the above ground creeping stolon grows up till 20 m.Leaves: the fern leaves are...
A diaper rash (or one word "adiaperash" as written).
Dish-washing (not dishwasher) detergent and water is an effective bug spray.Specifically, it is available for purchase as insecticidal soap. But it also may be made at home. The amount of detergent to water depends upon the ultimate potency that is being sought. It is a particularly safe option for...
  == Answer ==     It is simple, I just did it on mine and you need a small hex head torque bit I believe it is a t33 I think.
The only difference is in length of the filter which is 1/2 inch  longer. The PH6607 and PH7313 have the same size threading so I  would go with the bigger (PH7313) if you have the space otherwise  for smaller (PH6607) should be used. They both do the same job.  Hope this helps.
It gives shade which prevents sunburn
Sweden uses the standard European voltage of 230 volts (+10% -6%)
  Meats do not last long in the refrigerator. Only about 3 to 4 days if it is raw. Then 1 to 2 days longer if cooked and placed in an airtight container. You should always cover meats when stored in the fridge.
Christmas time, in the season of Advent, Halloween decorations sometimes, Diwali. and that's all i can think of.
1 Make a list of the features you want your enclosure to have, including things like movable panels, walls, space for a seating area and the material you want to build it from. Note whether you would like the enclosure to be freestanding or connected to your home.2Determine your budget. A simple...
There are two seperate layers in these tiles
Plain concrete weight is 140Lbs/cu ft
What I would suggest is getting graphite oil.Put it on the key,then unlock and lock the doors.You can also use stuff like WD-40,Liquid Wrench,or Ballistol.(IMPROVE) Graphite can be EVIL for locks because some folks put to much in. Don't use petrolium products like WD-40 and such as a lube as it...
there were many ways to protect yourself, including;1.anderson/morrison shelters2.Blackout3.getting under tables4.go in the tramway repair pits
  remove the door panels and the lock should have a clip that holds it in pull that it actually should slide towards the front of the car and the clips on the rods need to poped aff
chemical energy--->mechanical energy--->sound energy
All fruit trees are hard woods. But please keep in mind that not all hard woods are hard. Balsa wood is a hardwood.
Yes, i have done two deployments overseas and both times used converters to step down 220-110. Just make sure it is a good converter. I recommend anything by radio shack.    More Answer Israel uses 220Volts at 50 cycles. You can use a step down transformer to step the voltage down to 120...
Well, first off, it's not gonna happen, so don't worry about that.   Trees, or more accurately, the photosynthesis they carry out, convert carbon dioxide to oxygen. It might sound odd, but yes, trees and plants breathe IN what YOU breathe OUT. Every time you exhale, you give a tree or a plant the...
allows crops to grow in poor soilHydroponics is the science of growing plants in mineral and nutrient enriched water without soil. Hydroponics can be used for large scale agriculture and right in your homes as well if you plan to have a little garden for yourself.The vegetables are of high quality...
Because he water on your skin starts to evaporate and that takes heat away from your body. On a dry day (one that is not humid) the effect is greatest, especially if the air is cooler than the water temperature.
We won't be able to live as trees provide us with oxygen.
  Ornamental cherries cannot spread beyond their natural habit if you have planted them too close you will have to prune them.
It's 13001, but if it's not then search for it using Google.Also, try 13060 and 81006
I've been using, experimentally at first, Mobil 1 synthetic with great results so far in a restored '40 ford 2 door. I got the idea from a friend of mine with four Packards in his collection...the oldest being a '48 and the newest a 1956 Carribean Convertible. He's been a mechanic on fire equipment...
The Largest Ball of Twine weighs 17,866 pounds.
  If both batteries are of the same voltage (12 or 6) yes, you can use the charger. make sure that they are of the same voltage.
996 square feet X 1/3 foot = 332 cubic feet. 332 cft / 27 = 12.3 cubic yards
Test your water for phosphates. Leaves contain it and phosphates are a growth nutrient for algae. Always use a sodium bromide based algaecide when dealing with yellow algae. (Yellow/brown/mustard algae is chlorine resistant.)
There are three methods I would suggest: 1. Step on them 2. Get a flamethrower and set them ALL on fire 3. A vacuum? Or you could run away. Your choice.
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Mushrooms are a fungus, the main body of which grows underground. The tops that you see that pop up, sometimes in little fairy rings, are the spores or reproductive fruit, of that fungus. Mushroom farms are located underground, are dimly lit and make use of tons of composted manure every year. The...
i dont know! that's what im looking for. if you are in usa go to  sears.
  If you eat it it can do bad things to your inside, but as long as you keep it outside of you where it belongs it can do no harm to you.
Fire doors, where required, prevent or slow the passage of smoke and fire for a limited time calculated to allow safe evacuation and to limit spread of the fire to reduce damage and permit safer operations for firefighters.
Potatoes, Yam, Turnip, basta amoy lupa un un! :)
Scotch guard the belt to keep the color from spreading to the pants. Or rub the belt with a vinegar soaked cloth to get the extra color residue out of the belt.
because plants need sunlight to grow
give me a symbiotic relationship with a plant found in a temperate decduous forest with another plant or animal
Most smoke detectors have a single 9 volt battery in them. It is the square type that snaps onto the circuit. You should replace them twice a year, one recommended timing is to swap them out when you change your clocks.
20 to 25 years. Some can last longer life.
assuming you meant Ash, it is a hard wood.
At least a BS in landscape architectural engineering.
In order to be considered "Certified Organic" in the United States, growers have to meet the requirements for organic growing set by the USDA and apply for certification to that agency. If certification is granted, the grower can use the USDA "Certified Organic" seal and their food is considered ...
We suggest painting the surface of cured concrete with either an  appropriate stain or paint available at your local "do it yourself"  type hardware store (such as home depot or lowe's). You can even  purchase a rolled stencil to place over the surface of the concrete  and will result in a...
  == mower engine speed ==   Most modern mowers are of the rotary type. Rotary mower engines are all made to spin at 3,600 revs per minute when not under load. During cutting, the rpm drops to between 2800 and 3300. There is a simple wire-based device for measuring rpm on a running...
Fire Prevention Week commemorates the Great Chicago Fire, which burned from October 8th to October 10th, in 1871. The actual starting date of the "week" in a given year depends upon which day of the week corresponds to the original tragedy.
usually from 100 to 240 years roughly.
Fiberglass pool shells are shipped in a single piece directly from the manufacturer. As a result, you don't actually line a pool with fiberglass the way you would with concrete or vinyl. Instead, installing a fiberglass pool simply means digging a hole in which to place the already completed shell.
Yes. He and Genevieve Cortese (who played Ruby on Supernatural season 4) were married Feb. 27, 2010.
I found this ebook online that will show you everything you need to know about apartment rentals. Also gives tips for people with criminal backgrounds on how to get approved for an apartment. And there's a link with a website of home listings inside. Look In The Related Links Its Called " Free...
For removal of moss, fungal and lichen Bio-Shield works very well as and out door cleaner and is the most cost effective at 85cents per litre. I have been using it commercially for 26 years and found it is effective in cleaning up any exterior surface that is exposed to rainfall. Once the affected...
It is generally the center of the roof where both rafters from each side kill into AKA ridge beam. On a trussed roof it is generally the highest point.
  == Answer ==     Is the cable or just the black piece broken? My black piece broke and I just take pliers and pull on the T on the end of the cable and it opens it.   == Answer ==   SAME THING HAPPENED TO MY 99 COUGAR! I TOO USE PLIERS, I FIND THE METAL CORD BELOW THE WHITE PIECE...
the foam which is produced releases carbon dioxide which takes away oxygen example burning flame
  == Answer ==   CODE 181, from service manual:     DTC -- HO2S Orientation -- Fault Definition     181 -- Right or Rear -- Rich limit reached.     Possible Causes:     -- Fuel pressure     -- Fuel injector     -- Air intake  ...