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Home is not only a dwelling with walls and a roof, but home is where the heart is. Our homes and our gardens that we grow and cultivate reflect who we are. In the Home and Garden category, you can ask questions about homeowners' rights and responsibilities, the best plants for your garden, how to do home repairs, and much more.
its commutator..which converts ac produced by and motor to pulsating dc ... more the commutator divide more accurate dc..means less pulse in dc
When using dry herbs versus fresh herbs, a good rule of thumb is to  use 1 portion of dry herbs for every 3 portions of fresh herbs. So,  one tsp of dried tarragon would be the equivalent to 3 tsps. of  fresh tarragon.
Are you asking where it is located, or where you can buy one? Most are located under the dash, on one side or the other, but some are found in weird places. Get hold of a copy of Chilton's or Haynes manual for your car, it will show you where it is, and lots of other stuff to boot. Well worth...
Read your instruction manual. If it says "Do not plug into a plug with a ground fault circuit interrupter," you are plugging it into the wrong type of outlet. Otherwise and most probably, nothing is being done wrong when the electric juicer keeps tripping the outlet. The outlet is tripping due to a...
my northstar pool pump is making noise.I think it might need new bearings.How do I take the motor off./
uneven distribution of gas among the burners.
I posted a 1st class letter on Thursday and it took till Saturday to be received, Friday being good Friday, I got a 1st class letter the day after it was posted. 2nd Class letters would take approximately 2-5 days
· Impatiens · Iris
mix a cup of vinegar and 3 tablespoons of lime juice. just scrub it off with a toothbrush or steel wool. comes right off.
Just buy a new zipper! Duct-tapped zippers are so last year!
think about the good things in life and move on
Rice Plant has parallel venation So, rice plant has fibrous roots.
A Class "A" Circuit breaker is a Ground Fault Interrupt (GFI or GFCI) breaker . "Class A" marking -- A "Class A" ground-fault device is intended to protect people. The Class A marking indicates that the trip threshold of the GFCI is between 4 mA and 6 mA. This marking may be in any location except...
I think shrinking a shirt is hard job. You may go to a tailor and ask him to customize it for you.
If you want a green, healthy lawn all year...mow high! That dark green color that everyone strives for only goes down about 3/4 of an inch. The grass will not only stay greener but will have the ability to combat disease, insects and heat stress. To answer your question 3 1/2 to 4 inches is good. ...
  This page will tell you how: http://www.dmv.org/wa-washington/dealer-licensing.php   DMV.ORG - The Unofficial Guide to the DMV
A neighborhood is referred to as a neighborhood.If you build onto your home you are adding to it, thus it is referred to as an addition.
Yes you can keep on using the same filters as before.
any type of food that is left in a tin can for a long period of time (such as 24 hours) will be poisoned by the led that the tin can contains. so, the answer to your question would be 'not long at all.'
  I don't thnk so. Nigeria has no zip code. But 234 is the international communication (telephone)exchange code to access Nigeria.
There are two windings on a split phase motor, a run winding and a start winding. To reverse the direction of rotation reverse the source AC to the run or the start winding but not both.
my collection includes ty cobb,dizzy dean,bob feller,whitey ford,lou gehrig,rogers hornsby,mel ott,satchel paige,babe ruth,casey stengel, honus wagner, & cy young. I have 15 packages, 14 are unopened and the one that is opened is in mint condition. where do I go to find out the value of this.
Warning! Do not mix! R-22 and R-410 they are chemically incompatible and use different oils as well. R-22 uses a mineral oil, and R-410 uses an ester oil, if they mix it will cause a foam and sludge that will destroy both the condenser and evaporator.
  == cant floor seal ==   30 pound roof felt before your finish material. 
I'll know after I try it!! Might be cheaper to purchase a new  bottle of rubber cement!
I do not know but that was apparently the cause of the FIRE in my oven on its first-ever use! That is what the fireman supervisor said; however the landlord does not believe it. THIS QUESTION REALLY DOES NEED AN ANSWER IF ANYONE CAN.
pesticides kill insects. Pesticides contain carcinogenic ingredients. Pesticides have warning lables that say not to inhale them or make contact with their skin. You do the math.
A person who makes syrup is called a sugar maker.
Perfume. Ferfume has flowers in it.
These flowers remain underground in the form of bulbs in the winter  and reproduce in the spring.
Most Express Mail International parcels are delivered within 3-5 business days. There is a faster service called "Global Express Guaranteed". Postage is a lot higher, but there is free tracking, $100 worth of insurance is included and delivery is made within 1-3 business days.
Yes they do respond to stimulation - by sun light - they respond  the same as flowers do by bending and shifting their leaves toward  the sun. The amount of movement is somewhat less noticeable than  the bending of a flower but it is there. If a tree is planted in a  location where the sunlight...
A Franking Machine is essentially a machine that prints stamps onto your packages, or your packaging labels. You simply 'top up' your franking machine, essentially giving you credit which you can then 'spend' by printing postage labels for any amount.
The first appearance of the Kenmore brand washing machine almost escaped notice. The Kenmore washing machine did not show up in the venerable Sears catalog that year, and no known photograph of the 1927 washing machine with a Kenmore brand on it exists. The origin of the name Kenmore is equally...
For domestic shipments, tracking is only available for packages sent by Express Mail. For international shipments, tracking is available for Priority Mail International (except if you use a Flat-Rate Envelope or a Small Flat-Rate Box), Express Mail International and Global Express Guaranteed.
Flora simply means vegetation, it does not imply completeness.
Heating degree day: For each regular temperature measurement in a day write down 0 iftemperature is above heating-balance-temperature. Otherwise write down the difference between balance-temperature and air-temperature. Degree days is the average of all the numbers written down.Cooling degree day...
Because there is air in the case which makes the total mass of the case and the soap less dense then the bar of soap is by itself.
In the United States, the NEC has no minimum height. The maximum height for BREAKERS, not the panel enclosure, is 6 feet 7 inches.
  == Answer ==     Most of this can be done easly by someone with basic knowledge. But will need some mechanical knoledge to finish. I did this and it worked.     Useing "thermos bottle" stoppers the kind with a trigger to open and close. I put one in each outlet or discharge...
They used candles for light, and sometimes to help melt clays.
It stands for Early Departure Procedure
My least favorite aspect of security is that you have to pay for a security system in your home.
which trees fruit is called white ivory.
I just got charged 3 euro 25 for 3 postcards is there private post offices? this is final straw not going back to eurozone till its sorted.......fuming
C3A stands for tricalciium Aluminate. It is one of the components in Portland cement, which is composed of also C2S, C3S, and C4AF.
sepals,pistils,patels,anther of different plants
tomato, cherry, dragonfruit, orange, apple and etc
  == Answer ==   A double pole 30 amp breaker can pass 30 amps per pole, therefore #10 wire should be used.
1 cubic yard is the amount of space inside an imaginary cube that's 1 yard long, 1 yard wide, and 1 yard high. It's the same amount of space inside 27 one-foot cubes, 46,656 one-inch cubes, or about 764,554,858 (almost 765 million!) little one-millimeter cubes.
The number of towels that can fit in a washer depends on the washer  and the towels going in it. The smaller the washer the less towels  that can fit.
yes, it has nothing to do with cleaning your pool though . soda ash raises the level of PH in you pool, baking soda does the same but it actually raises the TA (total alikinity), thereby stabalizing the PH and using less soda ash, you can buy soda ash alot cheaper at a farmers coop instead of the...
Pour a small amount of wine in several glasses and place the glasses in various areas within the hom. Deep glasses work best The bugs will be attracted to the sweet smell and will consume the wine. Gnats, fruit flies and other small insects will become intoxicated and drown.
Get everything out of the room that's going. Anything staying pile up in center of room (or move out but you'll have to move it back in again) Start at one end of room, dust with soft brush or feather duster from top doen to floor level. Remove dust from skirting boards. Vacuum it all up.Clean...
How to change spark plugs on a 2001-2002 Prizm: The manufacturer recommended iridium plugs cost about $10.00 apiece and last about 150,000 miles. The platinum plugs cost about $2.00 apiece and last about 50,000 miles. For the hassle involved in repacing the plugs, Iridium plugs are betterTools you...
Yes!All maple leaves are symmetrical!(I think.)
First Class Mail is delivered in three to fiive days.
Bamboo shoots or bamboo sprouts are the edible.
Yes, because mine just did and I am on the Internet searching for answers.
  == Answer ==   By using peanut butter or frezzing the gum with ice cubes
The instantaneous power consumption will be the same at any  temperature, but the overall power consumption will be greater at  higher temperatures, since the unit will run more often.    This is a consumer answer, not a scientific answer. Scientifically,  you would have to consider the...
First Class Mail is delivered in three to five days.
The best renovation to the interior of a house will always be the kitchen and the bathrooms, these renovations give you the best return. If you want to continue, the third most important renovation would be your floors, hardwood would be a good upgrade.
  Contact your car insurance agent. They will be able to help you with this.
Oak trees are monoecious, meaning that they have male and female flowers on the same plant. Unlike many other flowering plants, however, they have separate male and female flowers. The male flowers produce pollen, while the female flowers produce eggs that will be fertilized once the flowers are...
Really depends on what is being cleaned up. If its debris, it will most likely be tossed into large dumpsters. If its toxic materials, it will have to be handle by professionals. If its recyclable, hopefully it will get recycled.
The penny black was the worlds first postage stamp in 1840.
  == Answer ==   In my personal experience, lack of water. They look fine, i go to work, get home, they look near death. If planted in direct sunlight, water in the morning, then again before dark, but not as much.
== Answer ==   First, a seed gets planted. Then the roots push out of the seed and into the ground. After a while the stem pushes out of the growing seed. The roots carry water and food up to the plant to help it grow. Then the plant starts sprouting leaves.
Grommets are available in a wide range of materials, including plastic, rubber, steel, copper, brass, aluminum, zinc and stainless steel. Many types also can be painted and lacquered, or plated with a variety of protective metals, including nickel, brass, zinc, copper and tin. There is no one "best...
Yes, some stores even sell rugs and carpets from Iran and other places. there is a good chance that store owner is Iranian. Mostly they work in D.C.
the furniture in your backpack the one with the geen tags are the ones you click and drag to selected room
A sauna is warmer than body temperature. Inside a sauna your body has difficulty cooling off by perspiration. If your internal temperature gets too high, it can cause brain damage. That is why saunas have time limit recommendations. The owners do not you brain damaged in their saunas. Of course you...