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Home is not only a dwelling with walls and a roof, but home is where the heart is. Our homes and our gardens that we grow and cultivate reflect who we are. In the Home and Garden category, you can ask questions about homeowners' rights and responsibilities, the best plants for your garden, how to do home repairs, and much more.
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Filtration pumps keep things stirring.. Repeat question !
· No not at all the plant will die. 1. stomata will be blocked as petroleum jelly will not let the air to pass through and will make the stomata unable to respire. 2. The petroleum jelly absorbs heat and vaseline is a petroleum jelly. this will adversely affect the plant and will harm its...
The rafflesia plant has no stems, leaves or visible roots, since it is a parasite that lives entirely within a vine in the rain forest. Only the cabbage size bud or the huge flower is visible. The flower can be over three feet (one meter) wide and weigh 24 pounds (11 kilograms). It looks and...
Foam is a good insulator- this means that it traps still air and prevents heat travelling and being lost. Heat is lost more easily through the air in air-filled cavity walls as the air is not kept still.
For my experience as a mechanical technican, I'm using a handheld device to program the device, because all american cars have an ended with odd numbers and in Saudi Arabia,the default frequencies is ended with even numbers. Dimson Utto
First flip the syringe upside down and tap it to release all air.The numbers on the side of the syringe apply to the amount ofmedicine inside it.
you should wait at least 1 hour before you go swimming or else you'll get a cramp and you don't want a cramp it will hurt.
Wire Grass can be a pretty invasive weed. Unfortunately, there is no selective way to kill wire grass in your lawn. The best thing to do is to use ready to use Roundup and spot treat the wire grass. Once the wire grass is dead you can plant grass seed in any bare areas left by the dead wire grass....
The growing season in Montana is variable depending on the area inthe state. It ranges from less than 90 days to about 112 days inthe south.
\nIt can save billions of tons of green waste from going to the landfills. It also provides nutrients for the soil and is 100% ecofriendly it does not have any harsh chemicals like the commercial fertilizers have.
Okay so usually when someone thinks of painting they let their imagination run wild! Most people don't know it but its bad. People these days are looking for move in ready houses. Since the economy is bad they don't want to spend extra money to decorate and repaint. So here are some tips: 1. Don't...
You have to find out what the guard likes then use that method to distract him.You can contact me at Taylor244670@yahoo.com at yahoo.com
That's what a refinance is changing the terms. However, if you have equity, can get a 2d as alternative.
In the United States, the normal house that is being built has 220 volts alternating current to legs each one carring 110 volts ac to ground.
Depending on how many breakers you have in your exisiting panel if you only have a old 6 or 8 circuit panel then I would suggest a new panel, In the newer building world where you have a 20 or 30 circuit panel then I would suggest a sub panel.
21" minimum clearance in front of toilets, urinals, lavs and bidets.
Generally yes. That would generally create a tenant-landlord relationship. There may be no cut and dried answer to this question. Apparently there are other issues in the relationship, such as a lease/ rental agreement, or possibly some kind of co-habitation arrangement or you may be renting a...
No, by doubling the input voltage to the charger which is just a transformer you will be doubling the output of the charger. Batteries like to be charged at about a volt and a half above their working voltage.
If the pool is properly grounded and bonded, with ground fault interupt circuit, it is safe. I would not run if a thunder storm is approaching. Of course, they should not be in the pool during a thunderstorm at any rate.
give the tubes a quarter turn so you see the pin on the bottom end of the tubes and gently pull down
A low voltage relay will not solve the problem. Even through the relay the current will still be over what the code states is legal for the circuit. The legal wattage applied to a 20 amp circuit is 20 x 240 = 4800. The circuit on electric heat can only be loaded to 80% of the ampacity of the...
can you make it any faster than what it is??? L or GT model...go to Subaru club. www.Toronto-Subaru-club.com to get your answer.
3 to 4 Gallon per week for the first year cherry tree.
Most are shades of green though some have a blue tinge.
tell them it was canceled or tell them your teacher said that you were doin great so no need to go
Depending on brand and type of shingles, approximately 200-250 pounds per 100 square feet of shingles.
If you find an answer to this- I'd really like to know too! AND- how to get rid of it! I've got it growing all through my mulch beds- wrapped around branches on bushes, trees & other plants- I rip it out & 2 weeks later it's all back. I'm sure you are talking about milkweed vine. Gets pods on it...
Soffit vents can be painted as long as they are appropriately primed based on their existing finish.
In Ndebele it is "Yebo"
Assuming your pool is round about 800 gallons.
I bought a 1980 manufactured home last year which sits in the middle of a Kansas farm. The original vinyl skirting had been busted through by animals and blown off in several places due to constant exposure to Kansas winds and the home had a past history of considerable vermin damage due to the...
No candles worship; they are inanimate objects.
Well as a former resident, I figure that you are more likely to find a place in Dallas, close to the center of town, near the courthouse. There are apartments above a number of the downtown businesses that are pretty nice. My first apartment was right across from the courthouse, on the north side,...
You can try scraping it off with a putty knife. If you happen to gouge the drywall in the process, use drywall mud over the spot, smooth it over with a putty knife. After it dries, try sanding it. If it is still not flat, scrape on a bit more drywall, allow to dry and sand again.
If the word error appears on the cassette deck, the heads couldneed a good cleaning. Dust which collects can cause an error andreject the tape from playing. Try using a cassette head cleaner tosee if this alleviates the problem.
1000 Watts is one kilowatt - no matter how long you run it. Watt and kilowatt are units of power, not of energy.
The fate of a fuse depends on the current through it, not on the objects around it.
Well first get action replay then put it in you DS or DSI, or whatever. Look through the menu and choose the cheats you want to use. (If you don't have the cheats, or are wondering how to put them in, you should be rephrasing your question.) Some say that the more cheats you have selected increases...
Go round the back and up the metal steps there a door It looks locked but just pull the handle and the door will come of ! :)
check your ballasts, possiably harmonics from electronic ballasts, are the lighting fixtures sharing the neautral with the plug circuit?you might check all your neautral connections also..
I would chlorinate the pool and run filter for several hours, and you will be fine
Answer . Adjust your pH to 7.4 ; alkalinity to 80-120 with acid. Add more 12.5% chlorine. If you are using household 5% bleach you are getting nowhere fast. k. I agree. You can not control the chlorine levels with the PH being right first. Concentrate on the PH.
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Hands, herbicides, and hoes are used for weeding. Specifically, the term designates activities conducive toeliminating plants that are considered undesirable to thecultivator, farmer, gardener or grower. For example, undesirableplants may be removed manually if there is not the fear of...
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Probably every two to three years.
Liquid Light is a foliar spray. So the product is sprayed on the plant's leaves. It is supposed to help leaves take in more light. It affects the chloroplasts, which are tiny cells that process light and are responsible for the green color of leaves. The chloroplasts take light and carbon dioxide in...
There are a few things that you can try to free corroded aluminumfittings. A few of those things are soaking them in iodine and dryice.
When you want to use a MH bulb in an HPS ballast you must use a conversion bulb. It must be the same wattage as the HPS bulb
The question, as stated, cannot be answered sensibly. A yard is a measure of distance, with dimensions [L]. A pound is a measure of mass, with dimensions [M]. The two measure different things and basic dimensional analysis teaches that you cannot convert between measures with different dimensions...
The wattage depends on the size of the growing area. It also depends on whether HID is the main source of light or if it supplements sunlight. And it also depends on the types of plants.. 150/175 watts if HID lights 2'x2' growing area, and HID and sun light 3'x3'. 250 watts if HID 3'x3', HID and sun...
for DC load and if its copper wire the cross section of the conductor wire is generally calculated as 1/4 th of the current rating . Eg for a DC load of 16 amp the copper conductor with 4 mm square is selected.
While you CAN burn any wood (except petrified wood, which is now stone) the best wood for heating purposes will be dry hardwords, such as oak, ash, hickory, apple, etc. Softwood, such as pine, fir, cedar, has relatively low heat value (you burn a lot for a little heat) and produces a lot of creosote...
A film armour guards the use of firearms on the set so they shouldhave a background in handling weapons. They should also fill out ajob application and provide identification.
It's simple really. The is no need for all this guessing and frustration trying to look for signs of this or that. There's a site call Zfinger (google it). Its fast, simple and free. You just create your secret list of who you like. If someone on your list has you on theirs, the site lets...
Be very careful this has dangers of electrocution ! I would place a heater fan nearby to dry it first before you attempt any cleaning. Then possibly clean it only with compressed air from a blower gun.
Your elm tree could be producing sap because it was mixed with a maple tree. I know that our elm tree produces sap on a regular basis but my research has shown that it's a mix with a maple tree.
'Engrais chimique' is a French equivalent of 'chemical fertilizer. The masculine noun 'engrais' means 'fertilizer, manure'. The masculine/feminine adjective 'chimique' means 'chemical'. Together, they're pronounced 'awn-greh shee-meek'.
No, many electricians wire devices in "hot" but it states in the dimmer installation sheet that the dimmer should be in the switched off position. That does not mean to the lowest dim setting but to the off indent. If the dimmer was on and you shorted wires out when you were installing a light...
Stand the bike upright and examine the coolant gauge.
Calcium Hypochlorite -- avoid it . The best way to prevent calcium buildup is to avoid using calcium hypochlorite-based sanitizers. Use some other source of chlorine, but if you have a vinyl liner, make sure it's compatible.
If a car's lights are not working properly, the fuses should bereplaced. The light bulbs should also be replaced if needed.
To make a ghost image for a window, trace a ghost shape onto somewax paper. Cut it out and glue it to the window. When you want toremove it should peel right off.
Yes but its not recommended. You would have to replace the liner very soon. I have a customer who spent almost 60 grand on a pool were the liner was placed over concrete and now 4 years later she is spending almost 6 grand to replace the liner and redo the pool with vermiculite. Best bet is to...
StableCrete is a proprietary liquid penetrating sealer for all concretes, new or aged. Deep Penetrating product that reacts within a concrete interior to form a solid Inside the matrix to waterproof the concrete. Extremely low VOC content product that does not leave a film on the surface and is...
A round 16-foot wide pool that is four feet deep holds about 6,000 gallons of water.
To mark the boundary or section of the property that they are cutting down trees on.
The mixture is a 40:1 ratio, that's 3.2 oz of two cycle oil to 1 gallon of gas
Never change out a component when reloading unless it is published.
To open an in ground salt water pool after the winter, you shouldfirst test the water. It will have to be adjusted to bring thealkalinity and PH to where it should be, as well as the chlorine,and stabilizer. Adjust the alkalinity first, and then the PH. Nexttake care of the chlorine, and stabilizer....
Yes, all three phase motors can be reversed by inter changing any two of the three phase feed conductors.
compare two drums 1 23.5 " diameter by 16 " high = 4.01 cu ft 2 24.4 " diameter by 16' high = 4.32 cu ft
because the water inside the pipes freezes which causes ice to be created, which then expands and causes the pipe to burst
No, unless the motor was wound for dual voltage operation, which it will state on the motor nameplate, a 110 volt motor run on 240 volts will be damaged.
A DC voltage can be read with a VOM (volt ohm meter).
get one off google images.
Answer . \naluminum wire expands and contracts with heat. copper is more stable. unfortunately you have aluminum. in a device connection, its not an issue. just make sure that your connection is secure, by pulling on the individual wires of the connection to be sure the wire doesn't pull apart....
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Multiplex wiring is a new and clean way of packaging carelectronics. It keeps the number of connections to a minimum..
Most lawn mowers have safety features that will turn the engine off when there is damage to the blade assembly. That is very likely the problem.
Well.... lack of water, A certain kind of bug might of had ate it. Or Its in lots of sun. It probly needs water because, the nutrients in the rose leaf got thicker. It became smaller because the roots in the leaf moved down more in the plant and so it left the leaf dangling. Did that answers your...
Go on the website and look for the download. Click on it and click the button that says run. Wait for it to install. Close the dialog box to run your application.
Latex and acrylic (both water-based paints) do come in a semi-gloss finish.
No, under the definitions in the NFPA Life Safety Code, a "means of egress" includes an exit access, an exit and an an exit discharge. In that sense, "exit access" is everything an occupant must pass through on the way to an "exit", where an "exit" is a door to a safe place, either a fire door...
A plant growth inducing bulb or lamp operates on the red end of the light spectrum where plants favour that wavelength. It is closer to natural daylight than bulbs that operate in the blue end of the spectrum.
Its need to make a medicine that is the best working medicine for mind diseases like Alzheimer. and this remedy main acts on Alzheimer.