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Remote Control Toys (RC)

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RC models or radio-controlled models are steerable model of toys that make use of radio control. RC models include all types of vehicles including boats, planes, cars and helicopters and scale railway locomotives with installed RC system in them.
you will need the following parts...ESC (Electronic Speed Controller)Motor (Gas,Electric,or Nitro..... GO BRUSHLESS,IT`S WORTH THE EXTRA FEW DOLLARSWheels And TiresBodyServoPinion GearHardware (Such As Screws,Nuts,etc.)ChassisBumpersShocksSpringsBattery...GET A 7.4V 1200MAH IT`S THE BESTBattery...
  There are two types of cups for "tea time", Cup A - one has a handle & is shorter in height, (western style cup) Cup B - the other doesn't have a handle & is taller in height. (Asian style cup for tea) press left Button to pour tea into the left cup & middle button to pour tea...
The 1st commercially viable RC car was made in the 1940's, this was a nitro car. It was made by an Italian company called El-Gi (Elettronica Giocattoli).The 1st electric car that was commercially available was made in the early 1970's.
This is not a good question to ask. Someone might write a car up here and another person will have that car and cherish it. Therefore making that person feel bad. There is a link below to a RC forum, this specific one is about the worst RC's people have had.
Yes. They drift well anyway on dirt but it your taking them into an on road drifting competition then use a pair of worn down tires, or if its available, find some drift tyres that size and switch them.
Sure it can! Just like any Dsm2 transmiter you only have to bind with your Rx..... However, the HP6DSM has built in exponential designed specifically for Blade helicopters. And this cannot be reprogrammed or changed in the HP6DSM.
first you charge the helicopter then you get the remote and move up the right stick, the left stick is to turn.
It is possible to have too much lift. If you have too much lift and not enough forward momentum then it wont fly. Depending on the motor size the length of the wing has to be about as long as the main body of the plane itself. best wing shape is flat on the bottom and a hump on top.
what do you mean a free one? basically you cant just get one free . nothings free in life.RC cars can be very expensive and this high quality model is no exception. the only real way to get one free is to win a contest that has one to be one. also you might want to think about getting a cheaper...
well most rc planes come with instructions but if you made it yourself then just use the one on your left as the left/right and the one on the right well it depends some you can do things like up/down and diagonally so there is your answer bye
There are a large amount of variables in this question that makes it impossible to answer:*The speed of all push back toys is different*What RC car you mean. This is a big one as a REAL car attached to a Remote system still counts as an RC car*Over what distance the speed is measured, As push back...
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You have asked half a question here so I'm assuming that you mean is it possible. Yes it is possible to use your computer as your RC Controller. Providing you have both the hardware and software.
Here is 3 sites: . You Tube - How to make an RC plane in Mr. Herbert's Science c… In just under 4 hours, leftover parts were used to make a neat RC airplane as demonstrated in Mr. Herbert's Science Class. It's called "The Junkyard Dog... . http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ccD9zCBMeS0 ....
Online stores such as E-bay and Craigslist sell R/C Helicopters and if you have nearby Hobby stores, they may have pre-made R/C helicopters in stock.
Well according to the hand book it states no more than 110 to 120 mins...
In theory yes you can. As long as the engine will fit in the boat, is waterproofed, and can be rigged to move the boats propeller.
In theory yes you can. As long as the engine will fit in the boat, is waterproofed, and can be rigged to move the boats propeller.
It depends on what type of RC helicopter you have. Generally they take for the first charge at least 30 minutes or so. Then after that, 10-15 after that.
They aren't bad for your car. But all they really do is stop mud and dirt being thrown onto the car/person behind it, and sometimes inside the car itself.
yes....the fusion skyline RTR .21 does 80MPH with a 3 speed tranny
HPI Baja 5T with pro extreme strong and upgrade worth $10,000
You can buy a better battery, if you have 2 batteries you can connect them by going to youtube and write how to put 2 batteries on my rc car,it will show you.i hope it was helpfull!
Electric cars r definetly not slow, now the ones that r ten bucks r crap but i have a HPI Firestorm and with an upgraded battery i clocked it at 41 mph, also if you really want some electric speed then check out the Revo it does 90+
try adding a tiny bit of water (I mean a really tiny bit)
If geared, you should be able to roll it to turn the engine. Traction is key here. it's known as "Bump Starting" You get a vehicle up to a decent speed, then suddenly drop the vehicle into gear from neutral (or release the clutch) and the wheels will turn over the engine creating the first spark...
Most RC cars have a steering adjustment dial on the bottom of the car. It will be located between the tires that steer the car. Move the dial the direction that you want the tires to face. Keep adjusting this until the car drives straight.
Of course! I cannot get into much detail though, because I don'tknow what type of RC car you have. You can likely upgrade themotors used or the batteries used.
Traxxas of Plano, Texas, USA is an R/C manufacurer founded in 1987 and credited with the then-revolutionary concept of a fully assembled, ready-to-run, hobby-grade R/C vehicle. In fact, the company coined the now-common phrase, "ready-to-run" to describe its offerings, even going so far as to open a...
you cant! 8,(Well you can if you had a better antenna or a longer one
one of the ones that are tied to a pole and go round, 200mph+
3 channels allow forwards/backwards. up/down. turn left/right.The 4th channel uses a servo to enable side to side movement without changing direction!
i wood take apart a RC car and take the servo out 1 take apart the back whees and get the motor take the front servo out. get a boat frame .
Traxxas Stampede The Stampede is a monster truck, more for offroading. It will not go as fast at the Rustler (around 5-10mph difference) but is still a very good truck. Stampede is one of the best truck to start with. Traxxas Rustler The Rustler is like a hybrid, it can go offroad and onroad. You...
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Possibly, You have flooded your engine and you have to wait or you have a flat Glow Lighter. Or you'r actual Car batteries are dead!
No, but there are receivers with built in speed controllers, but only in micro.
to be honest i have no idea i was hoping to find out on this website try youtube
! First of all, at idle, a larger prop will slow you down more than a smaller one - more drag. If you are talking about slowing down on approach, you might want to check to see if you the idle is too high. If not, try adding flaps to the trailing edges of the wings. These can be controlled with two...
If it's polystyrene use poly glue if other parts use epoxy or super glue.
No you can not nitro rc's take a very special kind of fully they are mixed with oil and some other ingredients. if you want to use the same gas as in your regular car. I recommend buying a BAJA 5B SS or something of the sort. the only thing that you will have to do is mix the fuel with 2 stroke oil.
  == Answer ==   Yes, I have successfully used acrylic paints on plastics without damaging them.   == Answer ==   Yes, I have used acrylic paints on plastics without damaging them.
Most places are sold out. Try the following:   Toys R Us   Walmart   KMart   Target   KbToys     I had luck using http://www.linejumpers.com to find a Bakugan in-stock. They alerted me to when Walmart put them back in stock and when they go out of stock. They have desktop...
how to make the ford explorer radio transistor catch the radio  stations in the middle east
Well homemade might be a little difficult but if you buy one for parts or repair you could find out what the problem is and fix it.
I have found EBAY to be a very good web site to buy nitro rc's from. I have bought four of them and have not had a problem yet.
Only sold in japan.
The cost of a r/c helicopter depends on what type of helicopter it is. For example, if you were to buy a T-rex 600 it would cost up to $1,000 because of its enormous size. If your were to purchase a Blade MSR it would probably cost about $200 since it is miniature. Sometimes, if you buy them on E...
If you mean an engine that runs on Nitromethane I think they are no different than the normal RC engine. the engines and the fuel can be purchased at most hobby shops.
There are many aspects of building an RC plane. The main components that you will deal with are motor, esc, reciever, servos, battery, and airframe. A good place to start would be www.rcpowers.com. they have full support for building planes from their downloadable PDF plans.
assuming you have an electric motor with a controller as high as the signal will go far.
You get the last three cars of the game by beating the last tournament to get spin buster, carbide, and power bomb.
You can find some kits on ebay, craigslist, and other online stores; but you can also buy them at nearby hobby stores if they are in stock.
You will need: a foam hulla propellera tail ruddera servoa motora receiverand a remote
This is a very complicated question because it depends on many things. For example of it is eclectic or gas. If it is gas, when you pull the trigger it transmits a signal to the receiver which relays the signal to a servo that pulls the carburetor open thus speeding up the engine. As the engine...
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Radio control planes were before RC cars.
If the helicopter tries to drift in a certain direction or rotates without any control stick input, you may need to adjust your trim. Move the trim sliders in the opposite direction that the helicopter is drifting. For example, if the helicopter tends to drift to the right, move the aileron trim...
well it depends on a few difrent things like how fast you want it to go and wether you want an RC that has a gas engine or elictric you can buy some brand new at hoby shopsfor less than $120 and some top of the line cars can be baught for $300 to $400
Anywhere from $5 to $500. It depends on the size of the plane. I get all my motors from hobbyking.com
find some resources or take the electric stuff out of some other toy(make sure the engine is powerful enough. then find a strong biggish paper make it into a paper plane then put the electric stuff on it.. this is what i did take stuff out of the toys that you do not use ...................improvise...
plug it in and wait for the light to turn red
Transmitter and receiver(4ch+), ESC, Motor, battery, servos. Thats about it for the electronics
Yes, just swap any two wires to reverse it
Well you need the essential electronic equipment. A Transmitter and Receiver. (on the same channel)A set of servos to control the model.A motor to power the model's wheels, prop, rotor, or what have you.A battery "hook up" to give it all something to run on. Put all these things together, the way...
Yes, but there are other ways to protect the Rc gears.
  ... Probably not. Utter nonsense in this question, probably more in the other one. Daria is an actual name, and who's mister gift?
racing car
You answered it yourself. Nitro fuel Is used ( methane fuel and oil mixture)
At the idle rate, when no throttle is being applied, it is a low-pitch hum. Not very loud.Give it the gas... it is a whole other story. They get loud, the resonance becomes a HIGH-pitch screech. Unpleasant yes, but it screams power.
It depends on your price range, E-Flight makes great helicopters, and they cost as much as every one else. Helimax also has a great line copters, but they're geared towards performance, and expensive performance at that. I own the "Blade SR" it's a great 6-Channel heli with a lot of potential.http:/...
RC in our country is way too expensive..if you got friends orfamilies in other countries such as the US or here in Dubai, tryasking them to buy you one. car drifting RCs costs around 3000-4000AED thats around 45K-50K pesos. ive got an off road RC which ibought between these prices
You can store it at home, but of coure cant drive it. It is poisinous.
You need powerful engine...
  savage brand rc's have a range of an eighth of a mile.
Usually, the best recommended RC car for a beginner is an  electric-powered one. Gas-powered RC cars are for drivers with more  familiarity and experience, as this type of model can be  potentially dangerous and explosive. So it's best to start acquire  some skills driving electric RC cars. But...
The real difference is that the heli radio is like a little box when the car radio is usally called a pistol grip what is not really found on toy cars.
they run on petrol,nitro or electric
In a matter of speaking, yes. But not regular gasoline. They run on... NITRO. But yeah its a liquid fuel, opposed to battery packs.
Well, I am not from "AZ," nor am I a lawer. But, as long as you can use an RC Boat, and fish in those same waters... I don't see the problem with attatching a fishing device to an RC boat. And fishing. With it.