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She would behave like an old wise man, full of wisdom andknowledge. After all, she is said to invent writing itself.
Alexiares, Anicetus, Telephus, Hyllus, and Tiepolemus
King midas came across a drunken satyr, one of Dionysus servants,  and was given a wish from the wine god. Other than the satyr he  never came across one in the legends.
The satyrs of Behind the Aegis are more or less like in the legends: they live in small groups away from civilization (usually deep within a forest) and are happy to play music, dance and keep to themselves. Occasionally, however, they band into bigger parties of several dozen members and go on...
zeus's facial expressions!
He is god of Shepherd's and flocks.
He had a twin sister named Artemis. She was the goddess of the Hunt and the moon.
Demeter can be a persons name, but the Demeter of Greek myth was a goddess not a person.
When someone says "That is your Achilles' heel." They mean it is  your weakness. I would identify your weakness then practice on  making it less of a weakness. Remember though, everyone has an  Achilles' Heel.
They are a different religion
Yes. She is also the goddess of the hunt, childbirth, virginity and fertility.
Apollo was the god of the sun and even medicine. He rode in on a  golden charion, wore gold, sometimes had a bow and arrows, and  carried an instrument like a very very mini harp.
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He usually wore a wide Brimmed hat, an eyepatch on his missing eye, a blue cloak, his golden ring on his finger, and his spear Gungnir at his side.
She opposes Antigone's plan to bury their brother, but one=ce  Antigone is arrested for it, Ismene claims responsibility along  with her.
Achilles killed Hector in a sword fight then he dragged Hector's  body behind his chariot around the city of Troy.    Minor point: he killed him with a spear.
Lightning, the sky, and he is the god of the universe when he  "killed" his father, Kronos, and took his throne.
yes he is a tragic hero. he eventually gets murdered on the way home from Troy.
Yes, very much so. The "myths" surrounding the legendary ancient  city of Troy were shown to actually be true when it began to be  unearthed in 1868. "Troia" was added to the UNESCO World Heritage  list in 1998.
Psyche was a very beautiful girl. She caught the eye of Cupid.  He took her to live with him. Psyche was very happy with Cupid and  she loved him. One day, Cupid let Psyche's sisters visit their  home. The sisters made Psyche doubt Cupid and believe he was a  monster. Psyche sneaked a look at...
"thoth" is barried in the Valley Of the kings, where most egyptian  pharaohs were barried. The only tomb in the valley of the kings  that was NOT grave robbed was Tutenkhamen's tomb or (king tut) as  the most popular Pharaoh who died as a kid at the age of 19.
the myth of Dionysus, the god of the grape harvest, winemaking and  wine, of ritual madness, fertility, theatre and religious ecstasy  in Greek mythology.
Zeus was one of the Olympian gods, and all the Olympian gods livedon Mt. Olympus. There were twelve Olympians. They were: Zeus, Hera,Poseidon, Demeter, Athena, Apollo, Artemis, Ares, Aphrodite,Hephaestus, Hermes, and Dionysus. Hades was not considered one of the twelve Olympians, even thoughhe is...
yes, any god, or in this case titans, can change into any animal or  form. The titans are the parents f gods, so most likely they would  have the same qualities
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"There was once a king and queen, rulers of an unnamed city, who  had three daughters of conspicuous beauty. The youngest and most  beautiful was Psyche, whose admirers, neglecting the proper worship  of the love goddess Venus, instead prayed and made offerings to  her. It was rumored that she...
Yes, in mythology, Theseus killed the Minotaur.
In greek mythology, she is zues and metis daughter and aphrodite and apallos sister.
Hapi had 2 wives. One to represent the northern part of the nile and one to represent the southern part of the nile. One was Nekebet who took place as a vulture. The other was Buts who took place as a cobra.
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As soon as the character was created in story telling, he was a hero. On his return from the crusades, he found his lands were forfeited and his family dead or gone and he took to the forest to survive.
He is in love with himself and claims that he is more beautiful than any of the gods but Aphrodite, the most beautiful goddess, is angered by this and turns him into a flower.
No; Cerberus was only defeated by Heracles, never killed.
You can't force people to like things. Cronus was not the one who  created people. It was Prometheus who created life-forms in the  image of Zeus and Hera. He then added a little bit of Chaos to make  them come to life and to stay living.
They also called it the Minotaur
Well, this how it happened. Hephaestus or Vulcan is the son of Heraby accident. Hera was trying to prove that its not right to cheaton other goddessess
Well Athena and Hermes the greek gods gave him a sword and so perseus got hismother free
There are many. in brief: Minos was son of Zeus and adopted in Crete by mortal kind Asterion.When he became King, God Poseidon send a white bull from the sea tojustify him, but Minos instead of sacrificing the Bull he replacedhim with a regular one. Poseidon in revenge condemned his wife...
Yes, and his mother was Zeus' wife Hera.
Well, it's a matter of opinion whether she is dead or not.
Yes but only with her husband, never with mortals so all of her children became gods or goddesses (Ares, Hephaestus and Hebe, who fell in love with Hercules even though he was her half-brother)
She didn't fall in love with anyone. She wasn't married and didn't have any kids.
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Yes, Aphrodite does have a constellation. I wish your question had more to answer.I hope that answers your question. If not please message me on my message board to ask more specifically, I WILL have an answer.
Nike did not have a sacred animal.
Two Titans sided with Zeus; Themis and Prometheus.
Thoth, Hathor, Shu, and Tefnet. I think that's all of them.
It wasn't just her mother, her mother ran about trying to find her daughter. Demeter asked a youth named Triptolemus who said he saw his pigs disappear into the ground. At that moment, she knew Hades had taken her daughter. She rushed to Zeus and threatened that if he doesn't give her back, she will...
The gods usually don't, neither does Artemis.
It would probably be quite hard as he is the god of love and therefore mainly depicted as a handsome, nude young man.
Such details were left to artistic interpretation.
I do not know where you have read about Hermes' murder trial. It does not belong to the actual Greek myths.
explains the origins of humankind
They are involved in the myth in which Hades falls in love with  Persephone, and abducts her to the underworld to be his wife.  Demeter, who loved her daughter more then anything, stopped doing  her job and searched for Persephone. She found her in the  Underworld and talked to Zeus. An...
Paris, a Trojan prince, had stolen away with Helen, Queen of Sparta, and and the Greeks went to war against Troy to get Helen back. Of course, that's the romantic version told by Homer. More likely, Troy was charging exorbitant tolls on Greek ships trading between the Aegean and Black Seas, and...
At Athens there was a festival named Posidea after the god. At Eleusis there was a festival called Haloea on the 26th of the month Poseideon. The Haloea, a festival for Demeter and Dionysus, included a procession for Poseidon.The Poseidonia of Aegina may have taken place in the same month. There...
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Athena is the one that turned Medusa into the horrible creature we now know her as.
Aton the god was a very old god that was created to replace theolder mythology sun god named "ra". After Akhenaton, King tut or(tutenkhamen)'s relative replaced and made a religion whereeveryone would believe in one superior god named "aton" the sun godinstead of believing in the god of the sky...
Listen to good advice, even if you are a teenager!
Asclepius was really a demigod, but became the god of healing.
You need the Greek alphabet which is somewhat different from theLatin alphabet we use - there was no h in it so that is replaced byan apostrophe; ph was the letter phi, which we don't have a symbolfor; ae was ai; us was os. or eta phi alpha iota sigma tau omicron sigma
No Zeus is the ultimate god because other gods help him to be strong
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The daughter of Demeter, Hades abducted her to be his wife.
The hero experiences self-recognition.
Dionysus is associated with Tragedy, and thus the other half of theater than Comedy. He is seen as thus since he is thrice-born, and also at the end of each season he is torn asunder by Maenads.
He didn't have a wife but he was having an affair with Aphrodite, Hephaestus's wife.
Apollo gets angry that Orion is hunting with his sister Artemis andlater tricks her into killing Orion. Orion is then hung in thestars.
he is a constellation. Not a star!!!!
    There are very few sources that mention the death of Helen. Click the link below, and you will find two authors who tell about this.   According to the one Zeus made her a goddess (=immortal). According to the other she was hanged from a tree in Rhodes.
Gaea was the mother of Zeus and Kronos the father.
A recently discovered note found in the margin of a medieval history book may help to answer some of the doubts. Julian Luxford, an art history lecturer at St Andrews University, found the short note that had been scribbled in the book by a monk around 1460. The note said: "Around this time,...
Well Hercules is one of the sons of Zeus. So that means anyone whois the son/daughter of Zeus is a brother/sister toHercules/Heracles
Poseidon is known as the Earthshaker because he causes earthquakes, and known as Neptune in Roman mythology.
Maia, the daughter of the Titan Atlas and the Oceanid nymph Pleione.
Yes In a new myth Apollo got married to Athena and had a lot of kids!
Aphrodite was born from the foam of the Mediterranean. Athena sprang fully grown and armed from the head of her father Zeus.
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The realm of the dead = the Underworld.