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Countries, States, and Cities

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Countries, states and cities are geographical divisions. Countries are the largest units usually covering a large area. Some countries are made up of smaller areas, called states, and they in turn are comprised of many cities.


Dalhart, Texas, is located in the Texas Panhandle, and is situated in the counties of Dallam and Hartley. Dalhart was founded in 1901, and was named for its location in Dallam and Hartley counties.It is the county seat of Dallam county. The city's total area is 4.3 square miles (11.1 square km.) A…
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I just finished a paper on SIDS relating to cultures. I also lost my daughter to SIDS.I learned that the United States has the highest SIDS rate, probably because of the population. 2800/yr in the USA. China and Japan have the lowest at about .5/1000. I can't remember the rest...lol sorry! But that'…
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WEll, if your lover is over 16, then it would be odd if they do not have a DL let alone a DMV ID card. You need it for just about everything. And, as you probably know, you have to be a US citisen.   You do not have to be a citizen to get a driver's license or a state identification card, a l…
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Born here, citizen here.   A recent trip to my immigration lawyer suggests that there are plans even to have this long-standing arrangent changed...   If they are born here they are citizens if they are not born here they are not US citizens and ar from the other contry
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Possibly. The trustee will take into consideration that the filer has assets to purchase property. It is possible that the bankruptcy can be dismissed, due to lack of good faith on the part of the debtor.
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%REPLIES% Answer the 14th state
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the town of york being the shire town of the western section that portion gradually came to be called york district or county the other was called sommerset when masschuetts assumed control of the provice of Maine as far as casco bay in 1658 in 1653 settment of saco in 1718 the name was changed to …
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Hi Angela"Foreign"?Of the major participants in WWII, only Japan and the Soviet Union had not signed the Hague and Geneva conventions concerning treatment of POWs (and civilian internees). Thus all other states were bound by it and by and large all other states abided by it too, at least in relation…
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Germany and Japan.Germany definitely but the blamed the Jews for killing christ
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Czec Republic, Austria, Hungary, Poland, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Yugoslavia, Slovakia, and Turkey were created. Austria-Hungary, Czechoslavakia, the Ottoman Empire, and Serbia were broken up into new countries. This information is incorrect. Austria-Hungary broke apart after WW1 as did the Otto…
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The Answer is obvious NO. By interfering the American government has earned a bad name for its people and country. If it wants to last a little longer as a super power it must learn to respect other countries' sovereignty. Otherwise it will meet a fate similar to the Soviet Union. Here is a quote f…
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England (Lost Hong Kong and other colonies)HollandFranceChinaU.S. (Lost the Fillipine Islands in 1942) If you take "affected" to mean "suffered the greatest damage", then, that would be the Chinese, by quite a large margin. From a Chinese perspective, WW2 was merely the latter part of the Second Sin…
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This is a difficult question due to the fact the the major three each played a crucial role in defeating Nazi Germany. Without Britain, the Germans would have conquered all of Europe and then been able to focus on the Soviet Union. Also without England, there would have been no place to stage Operat…
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None, only diplomats have limited immunity from prosecution in the USA. This is referred to as diplomatic immunity rather than sovereign immunity.Sovereign immunity in a feature of Common Law in which the sovereign or the state is immune from civil or criminal prosecution. The answer to your questio…
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The following countries (in chronological order) were occupied by Germany in WW2: Austria, Czechoslovakia, Poland (Western half occupied in 1939, Eastern half occupied during invasion of USSR in 1941), Denmark, Norway, Belgium, Luxembourg, The Netherlands, France (Vichy France occupied in 1942), the…
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The United States, Russia, China, Britain, France, India, Pakistan, North Korea and, although they never admit it, in all probability, Israel. Michael Montagne
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World's Smallest Countries The 10 smallest countries in the world: Vatican City - 0.2 square miles (0.44 sq km) Monaco - 0.7 square miles (2.02 sq km) Nauru - 8.5 square miles (21 sq km) Tuvalu - 9 square miles (26 sq km) San Marino - 24 square miles (61 sq km) Liechtenstein - 62 square miles (160 …
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According to me the Germans lost the most land post in WW1 because in the end the central powers were defeated by the allied powers which had been consisted of Russia Italy France England USA & Japan.
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In this day and age, it is difficult to start a brand new country. Most new countries come from splinters of existing countries. This may be achieved by civil war or a secession referendum.
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Although New York is home to Wall Street and the New York Stock Exchange many of the large banks, insurance companies, equity firms and other investment oriented companies are headquarted in or around Boston, MA making that the true Finance capital of America.Any city that is deserving of the title …
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The first capital of the US was Philadelphia, Pennsylvania under the First Continental Congress from September 5, 1774 to October 24, 1774. When the US Constitution was ratified, the first capital was New York City (1789).
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The capital of Belgium is Brussels. In French, it is Bruxelles; in Flemish, it is Brussel.Brussels
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On January 29, 1861, Kansas became the 34 state to join the US.
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The capital of New Zealand is Wellington. Wellington, located in the far south of the North Island, is the southernmost national capital in the world, but it is not the largest city in New Zealand. Its first name was Te Upoko o te Ika a Maui, translated as "the head of Maui's fish", which is a refer…
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The beauty of the Internet is that products from all over the world are readily available at your fingertips. The main things you have to be careful of in this situation is the exchange rate and shipping costs. While you may be able to find rare products internationally, you need to make sure you ev…
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Of course they will hire a local lawyer, in your country, and take you to court, to get a judge to order you to pay, or go to jail until you pay it all up. Do the right thing, and pay your debts.
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Answer"Third World" is a term whose meaning has changed over the years.Originally, it was a country not part of the Old World--Europe--or the New World--the Americas. Then it was a country that wasn't aligned with NATO or the Warsaw Pact. Now it's a country that's lacking in at least one important r…
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Answer The age limit in Canada (I'm from British Columbia) are much the same as the U.S. It depends on your situation. Often, if the single couple are minors and she is expecting a baby and the parents are trying to keep the two people apart, the courts can decide if you both should be married fo…
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lesser known countriesItaly was the second power on the axis side in world war 2 after Germany but to be honest they werent a great help at all,they needed help invading grece,they needed help invading Egypt and when Italy was being invaded they even changed sides,its the only thing that makes me fe…
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ZA is the abbreviation for Zuid Afrika, which is the Dutch spelling of South Africa.
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Although there are 53 Commonwealth countries, there are 71 Commonwealth Games Associations (CGAs) registered that can enter a team in the Commonwealth Games. This is because some Commonwealth countries have more than one CGA, in many cases due to their past histories as separate nations in their own…
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Turkey is the open air museum of prehistoric civilizations. So many ancient civilizations settled in Anatolia and so many are still waiting to be discovered. Nearly every year an ancient city is discovered by chance. Ancient civilizations such as Hittites, Phrygians, Lydians, Ionians, Urartians etc.…
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Answer In the USA, some of the most popular newspapers are... The Wall Street Journal The New York Times The Chicago Tribune Kansas City Star Boston Globe USA Today I am not familiar with west coast papers. Can someone else add more? Thought I might add my bit. I did find this website ( http:…
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Living is easier in America versus a lot of other countries because all the money you make, for the most part, is not spent on living. You can usually afford other commodities that other people in other countries can not. Free time is also a factor you have more of in America versus other countries.…
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Answer Germany, Austria, Liechtenstein, most of Switzerland and Luxembourg. In addition, many other countries bordering on Germany have small German-speaking communities. As a second language German is quite widely spoken in Eastern Central Europe. It is also taught in a lot of schools out side …
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Russia is the largest country by geographical area. China is the country with the largest population (through 2012). Russia at 6,592,800 sq. mi. (17,075,400 sq km) is the largest country in the world. Measured by land mass, Russia is the largest country in the world. It encompasses roughly 11.5%…
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Answer There is the internet, and the phone! MSN messenger? Get to know him better first.. true soulmates are best friends apart from lovers. If you met him through the net, it might be dangerous. However, if he feels the same way about you, you can always migrate.. either you or him. True love …
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The welsh flag is green on the bottom half and white on the top half. A red dragon that faces to the left is placed in the centre of the flag. Please see the related link.
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Brief description: Built in A.D. 794 on the model of the capitals of ancient China, Kyoto was the imperial capital of Japan from its foundation until the middle of the 19th century. As the centre of Japanese culture for more than 1,000 years, Kyoto illustrates the development of Japanese wooden arch…
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Using the UN's Multidimensional Poverty Index (factors income, education, clean water, electricity, etc.), Sub-Saharan Africa is the poorest region in the world. In 2010, the Republic of Niger (in Western Africa) was reported as the poorest nation in the world with 92.7% of its inhabitants living i…
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Texas played a vital role in supplying cattle, a vital food supply, to Spanish forces along the Gulf Coast. Soldiers from San Antonio were sent to escort the cattle drives and even helped in battle.
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Answer Allied forces occupied those nations for quite a few years in an attempt to keep the defeated countries from re-building a military and starting their attacks again.
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Large American cities in the early twentieth century had distinguishable characteristics from other towns throughout the country. These cities often lacked farms which were replaced with industrial facilities. Store fronts lined the roadways, saloons could often be found only in these cities, and cr…
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China has a population of 1.2 billion people. India has a population of 1 billion people. But it will soon be home to over 1.5 billion people, while China has under 1.5 billion people.
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Countries Dissapeared = Ottoman Empire, Bosnia, Serbia, Austria-Hungary Countries Changed = Great Britain, Germany, France, Austria, Hungary, Italy, Russia Some countries Created = Turkey, Syria, Iraq, Lebanon,Palestine,Albania, Cyprus, Iran, European Countries created=Yugoslavia, Hungary, Austr…
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The area known as Hong Kong consists of Hong Kong Island, the Kowloon Peninsula, the New Territories, Lantau Island, and over 200 other smaller islands.
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Answer China: which, according to the CIA World Factbook, in July 2008, had an estimated population of 1,330,044,544. China has the most population. Its popultion is 1,327,480,000. The second is India.
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Immediately following the war, the number of nations with great militaries was small. The traditional powers with strong militaries, such as Germany, Italy and Japan, essentially had no military strength.The USA had the overall strongest military for many years after WWII. While experiencing various…
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The Axis countries were made up of seven countries: Germany, Italy, Japan, Hungary(switched to the allies), Romania, Bulgaria and Yugoslavia.
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The war costs to the US was $288,000,000,000 and the costs to Germany slightly less at about $212,336,000,000, according to the D-Day museum as reported by the National D-Day Museum. (Someone once said that even the little things cost a whole lot if you buy enough of them.) Figures lie and liars fig…
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First, a "developing country" or "developing economy" is a good thing. It simply means its "developing" toward a more advanced economy such as an Australian or German economy etc. There are a bunch of indexes used to measure the stages of a developing country such as: (life expectancy, access to hea…
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The countries which today are officially run by a Communist party today are: People's Republic of China, North Korea, Laos, Vietnam, Cuba, Nepal, Belarus, and Russia. So there are still 8 communist countries. Technically they are not communist because....  Communism is not where there's a le…
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Answer That would be a decision that would the judge would have to make if the parents could not agree on the change of visitation. The biggest obstacles would be the age of the child and the method of transportation. Most judges are open to such arrangements as long as the requesting parent ca…
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I do not know what is exactly the worlds smallest computer. But I do know that some companies like Asus and Samsung have come out with UMPC's (Ultra Mobile Personal Computer). They are normally 8 to 9 inches in diagonal length. They have 7 inch screens, up to 80 gig hard drives, 1 GHz Intel processo…
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By area, Canada. By population, India.
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SCUBA is an acronym for Self-Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus. These initials originated in 1939 in the US Navy to refer to US military diver's rebreather sets. As with radar, the acronym has become so familiar that it is often not capitalized and is treated as an ordinary word: for exam…
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Answer The world population of spanish speaking people is: 368,440,000 According to a recent research conducted by SpanishSEO.org, the Spanish Speaking Worldwide Population is estimated at 452,480,979 inhabitants as of March 2008. However, 22 countries were considered for research purposes based…
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Quito, Ecuador. It's closest to the equator (0º14'S / 78º30'W) Kampala, Uganda (0º19'N / 32º35'E) São Tomé (0º20'N / 6º44'E) Libreville, Gabon (0º30'N / 9º25'E) In South America: Quito, Ecuador. (Ecuador means equator.) In Africa: Uganda, Kenya, and Gabon have capitals near the equator…
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Answer There are 14 nations. South America Country - Capital Argentina - Buenos Aires Bolivia - Sucre (seat of government at La Paz) Brazil - Braslia Chile - Santiago Colombia - Bogot Ecuador - Quito Falkland Islands (overseas territory of the United Ki…
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Philadelphia, New York and Washington D.C.
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Answer to which countries were neutral well... many countries in world war 2 were supposed to be neutral... like Spain, Switzerland and a bunch of other coutries, however most leaned one way or the other if even a little bit. Spain for example traded a little with Germany as did swizerland... thanks…
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You can not work now. You are poor. You can get a duplicate for free. Go to Legal Aid. They can apply for you as a poor person. Then you do not have to pay the huge fees for a new certificate.
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A natural boundary might be something like a river, mountain range, or an ocean. These are generally considered to be obstructions which prevent crossing without additional equipment or assistance, such as a boat or horses to carry what you need to cross a mountain range. A political boundary would…
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This is based on square kilometers (area) 1 Russia 17,075,400 2 Canada 9,976,140 3 United States 9,629,091 4 China 9,596,960 5 Brazil 8,511,965 6 Australia 7,686,850 7 India 3,287,590 8 Argentina 2,776,890 9 Kazakhstan 2,717,306 10 Sudan 2,505,810 11 Algeria 2,381,740 12 Democratic Republic of the …
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Answer It depends. If you like the sound effects of the city such as sirens, barking dogs, car horns and other lound noises, you could probably do in the city. The country is very quiet, peaceful, and there is barely anything to bother you. Answer No. Actually it depends on you. I…
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yes.because several factors made neutrality difficult to maintain. As an industrial and imperial power the united states felt many of the same pressures that had led to nations of Europe into devastating warfare.
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Lusitania was built at John Brown Shipyard Clydesbank ,Glasgow Scotland. She was owned and operated by Cunard Steamship Lines of Liverpool, England.
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The United Nations is one of the most powerful organizations in the world. The countries involved with the organization include nearly all nations in the world. These include the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, and Russia.
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Answer Undoubtedly Great Britain. The British Empire was, for most of that period, far and away the largest and most powerful empire in the world.
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Kazakhstan was a part of the Soviet Union. During that time, its rich environment was not managed well. Even now it suffers from some problems in that area. So, Kazakhstan needs strict environmental policies to protect its land.
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Cotton grows from seeds of the cotton tree/plant/shrub - gossypium. The places it comes from include India, America, Africa, China, Brazil, Pakistan, Turkey. Cotton shrubs are native to Tropical and SubTropical regions internationally. The varieties of the native American are: Gossypium Hirsutum and…
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Almost every country involved in the war introduced compulsory military service, as such every city was affected. Some cities produced more war materials and would have more people exempt from the draft.
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As of August 2010 Shanghai has a population of over 20 million. Approximately 17 million permanent residents and more than 3 million temporary residents. Beijing is the second most populous city in China. Wikipedia lists the most populous cities according to the definition of a city being an urban…
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The term in absentia springs to mind... check with a divorce lawyer where YOU live.
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Answer The capital of San Marino is City of San Marino.
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Shanghai with a population of 13,831,900 people Tokyo, Japan (20,500,000)
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Answer 1 Mecca is the capital city of Saudi Arabia's Makkah province, in the historic Hejaz region. It has a population of 1,294,167 (2004 census). The city is located 73 kilometres (45 miles) inland from Jeddah, in the narrow sandy Valley of Abraham, 277 metres (909 ft) above sea level. It is loca…
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States and provinces are governmental units within a larger country, nation, or federation.
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Armenia:is one of the oldest countries in the world.It is a very natural country and has very beautiful views mostly it's green mountains all over the land ,it's a very peaceful country. Armenia is a small (former Soviet) republic is the southern Caucaus bordering on Turkey from west ,Azerbayjan fr…
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84 countries participated in the 1960 Summer Olympics at Rome: Afghanistan Argentina Australia Austria Bahamas Belgium Bermuda Brazil British Guiana British West Indies Bulgaria Burma Canada Ceylon Chile Republic of China Colombia Cuba Czechoslovakia Denmark Ethiopia Fiji Finl…
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There are 193 countries recognized by the United Nations. There are 201 countries by the interpretation of the Montevideo Convention of 1933 which defined a country as having a government and defined territories. (The eight additional countries are Western Sahara, Taiwan, Northern Cyprus, Somalilan…
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Quite a few. Almost all of Europe, including Japan and China, all of the USA and Australia, and Northern Africa. I counted 42 at one time. This is not an exhaustive list but it is comprehensive enough for you to count them. Allied Forces Ethiopia · China · Czechoslovakia · Poland · United Kingd…
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A Commonwealth country is a country that is ruled by the Queen.
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i think its 196 contries that make up this world
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14 countries border China.
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Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) declared independence in 1991 while Serbia and Montenegro (officially one country) formed in 1992.
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Answer new zealand
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Many nations are land locked, meaning they have no coast line at all. Australia is surrounded by water, the names of which (clockwise from the north) are Arafura Sea, Coral Sea, Tasman Sea, Indian Ocean (south and west), and Timor Sea. The United States is bordered by the Pacific Ocean to the west…
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Little Diomede Island (part of Alaska) is just 2.5 miles away from Big Diomede Island (part of Russia), so the U.S. and Russia are separated by only 2.5 miles. The International Dateline runs between these 2 islands.
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Scoria is a dark colored, extrusive igneous rock with a vesicular texture. It can be found in all countries that have volcanoes.
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The Maldives is the smallest country in Asia at 298 square km. Maldives is the smallest along with Singapore, Bahrain, Brunei, Lebanon, Qatar, East Timor, Kuwait, Israel, Armenia.
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The Dutch "States" I'm pretty sure it refers to the States-General - a kind of parliament. Joncey
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In terms of power in general, the US. It has the strongest economy, armed forces, etc.
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The disease has been around since before the rise of Civilizations, at least 10,000 years and likely far longer. The first known case is from an Egyptian mummy, dated to 1157 B.C., which shows signs of being infected with smallpox.
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latin America is located in the western hemisphere, south of the united states
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FIRST CASINO...?ITALY. The word "casino" is Italian meaning "a small villa or summerhouse, usually built on the grounds of a larger home or palace. During the 19th century, the term casino came to include public buildings where gambling and sports took place.
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