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Jamaica is an island nation of the Greater Antilles. It is located in the Caribbean Sea, about 90 mi south of Cuba and 119 mi west of Hispaniola. It has an area of 4,244 sq mi and an estimated population of 2.8 million as of 2010.


Specify question. Are you talking about the Spanish language or  people?
Crowds, litter etc. is spoiling the countryside and beaches. There are more and more buildings covering up beautiful landscapes and scenery for tourists. 90% of people who go on holiday don't think about the impacts they are making on the country/place.
Jamaica does not have a Minister of Security and Defense. There are two government positions, the Minister of Defense, and the Minister of National Security. The current Minister of Defense is Bruce Golding (who is also the Prime Minister), and the current Minister of National Security is Dwight...
Yes, in general most households in Jamaica have some form of electricity.
If flying out of Milwaukee airport, it will take just over 4 hours non-stop.
Saint Andrew is located in Surrey County and has a population of  541,000 people. It is the third smallest parish in Jamaica.
No. Jamaica is a Parliamentary Democracy and Constitutional Monarchy within the Commonwealth of Nations.
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i think its the independence day to celebrate becomming independent after British rule in 1947! xx
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He was deported to his native land of Jamaica, due to legal issues with the government.
''I like that'' translated to patoi is ''Mi like dat''
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Jamaica's an Island!
From around 4000BC to 1000BC
It is 80 kilometersm width and 234 kilometersm in length and contains about 4,300 square miles,
A bar is called a bar. A cafe is called a cafe.
it is easier to collect the countries revenues (TAXES)
Jamaica does not have a President, it has a Prime Minister. The current Prime Minister of Jamaica is Bruce Golding. And the population is approximately 2.8 million people.
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Jamaica does not have an official state religion; however, over 60 % of the Jamaican population is Christian
The following countries are smaller than Jamaica (by land area): Cyprus, Brunei, Trinidad and Tobago,Samoa,Mauritius,Sao Tome and Principe, Dominica, Kiribati, Singapore, St. Lucia, Andorra, Barbados,St. Vincent and the Grenadines, Grenada, Malta, St Kitts, Liechtenstein,San Marino, Monaco, Tuvalu,...
  queen Elizabeth ll was their sovereign (1952)   the governor-general was a man named Patrick Allen(2009)   prime minister was a man named Bruce Golding(2007)   the population of Jamaica is 2,801,544 people   the land area of Jamaica is 4,244 sq. mi (10,991 sq. kilometers)
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Whathemisphere isJamaica country located in
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could have worn their national dress after they escaped: Busiman-koosi - natural material from tree bark, leaves, reeds and creepers
Some student graduate high school around the age of 16-19
The coin they use is called the Jamaican dollar!
there is no natinal drink of Jamaica
The average rainfall is 1,960 millimetres (77 in) per year. Rainfall is much greater in the mountain areas facing the north and east, however. Where the higher elevations of the John Crow Mountains and the Blue Mountains catch the rain from the moisture-laden winds, rainfall exceeds 5,080...
Marcus Garvey died in 1940 in London, after two strokes. He was  reinterred in Jamaica after WWII.
Jamaica lies 90 miles south of cuba, and 118 miles west of haiti.
they came to jamaica in 1887
major landforms are the blue mountains.Jamaica and other islands of the antilles have evolved from an arc of an ancient volcanoe that rose from sea levels millins of years ago. by sr
i dont know anything about jamaicans culture, but i want to know how you say peace in the jamaican way.and the way they dress .
The answer is 43.8 of urban population
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Push Factors: Violence (has world's highest murder rate) Lack of employment opportunities/ Underemployment Political Division resulting in lack of development Lack of Transportation Urban Congestion Pollution Pull factors: Climate People Culture Arable Land Physical Resources (Land, Sea,...
Amphibians - 25 species of frogs and toads Reptiles - 31 species of turtles (Leatherback, Loggerhead, Green Turtle, Hawksbill), snakes (Jamaican Boa, Yellow Snake), lizards (Jamaican Iguana), crocodiles Bats - 25 species Birds - 324 species of birds (Doctor Doctor Bird, Scissors Tail, Swallow...
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Jamaican schools are like:
The Maroons did not aid the British invasion of Spanish Jamaica. Maroons did not exist in large numbers in Jamaica until after the British invasion provided many of the African whom the Spanish had held in slavery to escape into the inaccessible mountain of Jamaica and form communities.
Jamaica mines a large quantity of Bauxite.
Marcus Garvey spoke out for negro nationalism. The FBI feared that Garvey would bring an uprising within the negro community with his UNIA or Universal Negro Improvement Association.
the spaniard came to jamaica in 1494
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Rev. Henry Ward started what was known as basic schools in Jamaica.  In 1938 Rev Ward alerted the Jamaican government that there was a  need for organization of care and training for preschool age  children.
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Jamaica's relative location is southwest of Cuba and southeast of  the Cayman Islands. It is located in the West Indies.
Jamaica is known for importing goods such as machinery and transport equipment, construction materials, fuel ,food, chemicals, etc.
Jamaica is located just north of the equator in the tropics.
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The culture of Jamaica is sooo wide you can't narrow it down. A lot of people narrow it down to people with dreads & weed , That is not even half of Jamaica , we are about so much more than stereotypical proceeded. Music is a big thing , not only Bob Marley who had a impact on Reggae but so...