Luxembourg is a country in western Europe which comprises of only land, bordered by Belgium, France, and Germany. It has an area of 2,586 square kilometers and a population size of about 480,222 people. Ask any question regarding the history, geography and local culture of the country.
Luxembourg was invaded by Germany in 1940 and was an occupiednation for practically all of WWII. Germany annexed the nation intopart of Germany in 1942 and had a program of molding it into acomplete part of Germany during the occupation. Things like makinglanguages other than German illegal, and...
This excerpt from the history of Luxembourg comes from wikipedia and is a little long but it gives a good explanation to you about how the Nazis tricked several nations into signing neutrality documents and then invaded those countries any how. On May 10th, 1940 the Nazis invaded Luxembourg. It...
They give us Vehicle components, Weapons, Construction materials
Germany, It's in Germany or around Germany. :)
It is home to the second - largest steel - producing company in Europe and is a major banking center as well.
Technically only Luxembourg City can be regarded as a city, but Luxembourg's second town is Mersch.
Luxembourg is a constitutional monarchy with a Grand Duke as head of state and an elected Chamber of Deputies which provides members of the government. Luxembourg used to be in 'personal union' with the Netherlands whereby the King of the Netherlands was also Grand Duke of Luxembourg. In 1890 Queen...
Luxembourg earned its independence from the French Empire on June9, 1815. Luxembourg is a landlocked nation that shares borders withGermany, France, and Belgium.
Luxembourg is the capital of Luxembourg. Yes! The name of the city is the same as the country!
There are a number of youth hostelsin Luxembourg. Youth hostels are in Hollenfels, Remerschen,Beaufort and Echternach, Luxembourg.
Some of the things produced by Luxembourg are steel, iron, tires,aluminum, and glass. A good deal of information technology alsocomes out of Luxembourg.
99.0 is the current literacy rate of Luxembourg!
People: Luxembourgers, Adjective: Luxembourgians
Luxembourg has competed in 7 Winter Olympics ... 1928, 1936, 1988, 1992, 1994, 1998, 2006 Luxembourg has won 2 Winter Olympic medals, both silver and both by Marc Girardelli in alpine skiing at the 1992 Games in Albertville.
This takes about 4 hours, if you drive via Antwerp and Liege in Belgium
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Luxembourg - 998.46 square miles.
Luxembourg is a unicameral parliamentary constitutional monarchy, currently ruled by HRH Grand Duke Henri. The current government is made up of members of the conservative CSV and the social democratic LSAP.
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Answer . The distance between Amsterdam and Luxembourg is 198 miles (318 km).
Simple: France, Belgium, Italy, and Sweden. Luxembourg is now an independent country.
No, Luxembourg is a country in its own right. It is surrounded by France, Germany and Belgium.
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a few weeks, I'm unsure of the exact time. France surrendered in 6 weeks, for the Benelux countries it was more like 6 days.
Yes, only because the Nazi's and the French and the Belgium took away it's land in the 1940's but even then it was small.
Primarily the financial industry. The Luxembourgish government actually actively encourages growth in this industry by providing a favorable tax climate (thus attracting banks), and by introducing favorable laws for investment funds (more laissez-faire, ie by reducing administrative procedures and...
Holland: Dutch. They also talk Frisian in the province Friesland. In the west they sometimes talk a dialect of Low Saxon. Belgium: Dutch, French and a bit German. Also dialects like Flemish, Walloon and Limburgish. Luxembourg: Luxembourgish, French and German. They all talk English very well.
It depends on which Luxembourg language you are using: In French, you would say Bienvenue In German, you would say Willkommen
I just did a huge project on Luxembourg for school, and it has a free market economy.
The national dish is Judd Mat Gaardebou'nen. This dish is simply the smoked collar of pork with broad beans. To cook the meat you have to soak it in water for 24 hours then bring it to a boil with the same water. In a half an hour change the water but add some vegetables to the water. Cook for 1 1/2...
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Luxembourg is in France and is surrounded by the English Channel, Belgium, and Paris.
The population of Luxembourg in 2010 was around 490,000.
In 2006, average gross monthly earnings was €5,566 for workers classified as white-collar employees. For workers classed as blue-collar, the highest increase in salary was found in the production and distribution of electricity, and in the gas and water sectors. Average gross hourly earnings...
87% of Luxembourgs peoples religion is Catholic
A person's religion is not based on their locale. There may very well be Christians in Luxembourg.
Marie de Médicis, widow of Henri IV. She wanted to call it the Palais Médicis, but it had formerly belonged to the Comte de Luxembourg, and Parisians are eternally retentive of the old names of things.
The capital city of Luxembourg is Luxembourg.