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Located in the southern part of the African continent, Zimbabwe is a landlocked nation bordered by Mozambique in the east, Zambia in the northeast, Botswana in the southwest and South Africa in the south.
Great Zimbabwe grew into a empire built on gold trade. it becamecapital of thriving states.
Southern Rhodesia was named after Cecil John Rhodes, and Englishman with an enormous vision for the African continent. Read more about him, he was a fascinating man
  In Zimbabwe, the different regions use different dialects e.g. Matebeleland use the dialect Ndebele.   Some words are:   Yebo-Yes   Bamba-Get
SEDCO (Small Enterprises Development Corporation) has failed tofulfill its roles since there is no tangible evidence of what theorganization did to help the smes in 2010. Not even one firmbenefited from this organization due to a number of factors whichinclude financial and lack of proper management...
The Capital and the largest city Zimbabwe is Harare.
Zimbabwe's per capita income is US $487.
Robert Mugabe was arrested in December of 1963 and imprisoned in 1964 for speaking out against the government of South Rhodesia.
English is the main & official language. Shona & Ndebele second.
Avondale office - 04794511. Mobile 00263772135590-7 cheers
The Bantu no longer migrate to South Africa and Zimbabwe.
No it currently does not have a bobsledding team.
The Bantu-speaking people
It means great houses of stone.
Zimbabwe covers 390,757 km2
Sadza is corn porridge that is sometimes dipped into meat andgravy. Nhedzi is a soup made of wild mushrooms. Bota is porridgeflavored with peanut butter, milk or jam. It is usually eaten forbreakfast. Papayas are grown here and are sometimes made intocandy.
Zimbabwe is an abbreviation for two Shona words: Zvimbo, meaning place, and mabwe, meaning rocks or stones. In other words it is short for place of rocks
There are seven (7) cats species indigenous to Zimbabwe, theseare:- Africa wild cat, Black foot cat, - only in the far south west Caracal, Cheetahs, Leopards, Lions, and Serval cats.
St. Johns CollegePeter House SchoolSt. Georges' CollegeLomagundi CollegeChisipite Senior School
English,shona,sindebele,and many dialects
No, it's landlocked
In 1895, Cecil Rhodes created Rhodesia. It essentially was his owncountry run for his profit.
The most logical direction is to travel west.
IN Zimbabwe? maybe, but the real untold wealth pilfered from the Zimbabwean people is lying in the Isle of Man, Macau and other off shore banking havens, in the name Of R.G. Mugabe.
im pretty sure it can be classified as a rich country
No. Zimbabwe has been an independent country since 1965. From  1965-1979, it was independent as Rhodesia. That regime was  overthrown in 1980 by Robert Mugabe, who has remained as the  "President" and dictator of Zimbabwe to this day.
Latitude: S 17° 55' 54.498"   Longitude: E 25° 49' 32.0088"
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In 2008, President Robert Gabrielle Mugabe was reelected under the election rules of Zimbabwe. But he had to negotiate a power-sharing plan under which his opponent Morgan Tsvangirai, became Prime Minister. Tsvangirai's party, the Movement for Democratic Change, captured a majority of the...
Just like any kind of people in every other country but considering it si in Africa you find 95% of the populations being black Africans from all walks of life.Some are originally Zimbabweans & some are from surrounding African countries like Malawi, Zambia, Mozambique & South Africa.In...
The koisan people built The Great Zimbabwe,which they later deserted,only to be inhabited by the Shona
Answer . officially the Republic of Zimbabwe
  The longtime name for Zimbabwe was "Rhodesia", after Cecil Rhodes.
It had no official name before Rhodesia.
Recession in Zimbabwe, link your answer to business cycle
The evidence suggests that Great Zimbabwe was at the centre of an international commercial system, which on the continent of Africa, encompassed settlements on the East African Coast such as Kilwa, Malindi and Mogadishu. But this trade network also extended to towns in the Gulf, in western parts of...
whendid zimbabwe gain independence which party has ruled since and  whose its leader
Zimbabwe as Zimbabwe belonged to no other country. Zimbabwe as Rhodesia was a colony of Great Britain.
Huge economic problems have been caused by Robert Mugabe, a cruel and brutal dictator who has ruled Zimbabwe for too many years.
1: Zimbabwe. Zimbabwe is country not a continent. (Though South Africa does have countries contained within it) But if you mean regions....
That's a toughie. IN SHONA You could say "munhu anochengeta"-lliterally someone who protects/looks after. In Ndebele....?
Portuguese was denying that Africans built itit covers 600 acresover 2000 people lived herein 3 parts
Their name is derived from rocks because Zimbabwe is a rocky country Zimbabwe actual means "land of rocks"
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The country code for Zimbabwe is +263. Econet mobile numbers are +263 77 (changed from +263 91 in2010) . NetOne mobile numbers are +263 71 (changed from +263 11 in2009). Telecel mobile numbers are +263 73. (The plus sign means "insert yourinternational access prefix here." From a GSM mobile...
Derr.....Mugabe and Zanu PF.
Cars,buses , airplanes , trains , truck.
Yes. Zimbabwe is poor and it is the poorest country in Africa.
zimbabwe ndinoyizvonda zvekuti
something happend and all of the people moved somewhere else
"Urare zvakanaka" is how you say goodnight in shona.
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Mexico; it is in North America while the rest are located in Africa.
Zimbabwe came to be on the 18th of April 1980
Zimbabwe is to rhodesia as namibia is to south west Africa
the nations hopes and aspirations for the future
Whatever they can find because Robert mugabe is making all thses bad decisions about Zimbabwe, everyone is saying that. They sometimes try and catch fish with their hands, use sticky gunk to catch birds, have poisiness beans but peel the skin off and boli it sevaral times over. Zimbabwe was not...
12,521,000 - 2009m census
its about 1,902,384 in 2008
Central African Republic
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Harare is the capital city of Zimbabwe.   Lusaka is the capital city of Zambia.
Zimbabwe was given independence on April 18th, 1980
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In Triangle which is the lowveld area
The damage to the land through overgrazing and natural disasters like droughts and crop failures is a possibility of why great Zimbabwe was abandoned.
the name Zimbabwe is derived from the Shona words "dzimba dzemabwe" which in the local dialect means "houses (dzimba) of stone (dzemabwe)the idea came from a fortified stone structures found in the South East of Zimbabwe which were built by the Rozwi people which were built as safe houses for...
The name Rhodesia came from Cecil Rhodes. However when Zimbabwegained their independence, they wanted nothing to do with CecilRhodes. They renamed their country Zimbabwe.
Zimbabwe is located in southern Africa which is a region insub-saharan Africa. It is a land locked country just north of SouthAfrica, and also surrounded by Mozambique, Zambia and Botswana.
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