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Flightless Birds

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All birds have wings, but not all use them for flight. Learn about the world's flightless bird species in this category.
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they need ice because they're bodies are warmer then most ofanimals, and would heat up to non- usual temperatures, and wouldget very sick.
In Club Penguin, a daddy penguin is "Waddy"
There is no official name.
Emperor penguins are serially monogamous. They will have one matefor a season, but the next year they might find a new mate.
No, penguins don't go to school, unless they're cartoons.
its a day for penguins to ware dresses
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It's a game that you can play games and customize your penguin and play with friends
they swim up to 25 mph
A lot of Kiwi Birdslive in New Zealand but it mostly depends on the type of KiwiBirds..
Like many other penguin breeds, they eat: fish, squid, and anassortment of krill. Fish will make up around 80-100% of theirdiet, but in the winter months of July and August, it makes up onlyabout 30-40%. Squids provide almost the same amount of sustenance.
on amazon from china
no way are you crazy they would die
Penguins are not monotremes. Monotremes are mammals which lay eggs rather than give birth. A penguin is not a mammal - it is an avian (bird). Therefore it is not a monotreme.
yes, but in a cold habitat area.
First, it had really long claws to be able to kill its prey fairlyquickly. Second, it was very fast, so it could sneak up and kill its preyeven if the prey tried to run away. And third, it could jump fairly high so when it climbed on itsprey, it would be able to get it easier. Last, it had very good...
Not much of a real answer, but they're not endangered, that's for sure.
yes penguins are too heavy to fly. and their wings are used for swimming.
No. Emperor penguins are restricted to the Southern Hemisphere.
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because there is no air pressure or wind and its in a air conditioned enviorment if they are too warm.
Penguins are sea birds and generally prefer colder water. InAntarctica the water temperature can fall to about 28 degrees F.before it freezes.
King penguins are not endangered. Listed as least concern by the IUCN.
They can get up to 4 feet tall and 70 to 90 pounds.
You need to say what species of penguin. Emperor penguin mothers leave the egg they have laid with the father. The mothers catch fish in the sea all winter, then return just in time to give the chick its second breakfast and let the fathers make the long journey to the sea to catch food.
they devolop their own call/noise to exchange with the baby
Penguins have feathers, a beak, and they lay eggs!
you cant, it is a club penguin item that cant be bought.
yes most birds fly south.
Emus are very placid birds, so they two species could probably live together.
Adelie penguins usually sleep on rocks. If they are taking care ofan egg, they will sleep standing up. Like most penguins, Adeliedon't sleep for very long, instead they take short naps.
Answer . Yes, all birds defecate.
The predators that ostriches have usually go after the eggs forfood. These would include vultures, mongoose and jackals. As theostriches grows, they gain other predators such as hyenas,cheetahs, lions, African wild dogs and leopards.
Penguins don't really sit on their eggs. They put the egg ontheir feet and hunch over a Little so that fold of belly skindrapes over the egg to keep it warm. And both males and femalestake turn, so that the other can eat. . Yes it does so the egg is warm and so the female can go getfood.
The Royal Penguin is listed as "vulnerable" with a population trend posted as "stable", according to the International Union of Conservation for Nature, or the IUCN Red List. They are not listed on the US Fish and Wildlife Services, or the US FWS, Endangered Species List. They were submitted for...
Well one diffrence is that penguins live in antartica and an ostrich lives in africa.
Sadly this has not happened, but if it did the answer would be that the world would lose a very unique bird.
The only penguins that live in Mexico would be in a zoo. Mexico is far too warm a climate for penguins, as they tend to live on the Antarctic circle. Mexico, on the other hand, is a subtropical country closer to the Equator. There are penguins to be found on the Galapagos Islands which are near...
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Ostriches are not found native or naturally in Mexico but are keptas farm animals for their meat, feathers, and skin. Some escape andcan be seen 'wild'.
an ostrich can jump up to 22 meters long
well that involves using a trainer which is CHEATING!!!!! You can download a trainer as there are plenty out there but club penguin will ban you if you use them and many don't even work anymore because club penguin updated a long time ago so that they don't work. :-(
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The kakapo is one of the largest species of parrot in the worldwith the average adult kakapo growing to around 60 cm inheight. The kakapo is the heaviest species of parrot in the worldand it is due to this weight that the kakapo is one of the few birdspecies that is unable to fly.
The Ostrich hase the largest egg in the world
artic foxes, artic gulls,albatross,and sometimes the eggs are eaten by humans
It usually lives up to 10 years
Most penguins eat fish, and some of that fish may well becarnivorous. Which would make the penguin someone who eatscarnivores.
Penguins are not mammals. They are birds.
NO. They don't put there heads in the ground, it is a fake fable.
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There is no obvious physical difference between a male and female emu. Even experts are unable to tell them apart. There are no obvious physical difference between male and female emus as their size, shape and colouring is identical. The main difference is in the sound they make. It is the female...
The Southern Cassowary (like all birds) has a pulmonary systemwhere the lungs and the mouth are all connected.
They go wobble wobble then they poo in their pants
the Portuguese sailors became a predator to the dodo birds.
Penguins get shelter by huddling together. This is how they canmaintain a warm enough body temperature to survive frigidtemperatures outside.
Mother and father take turns, say the mother lays on the egg, whileshes doing that the father will be getting food, and they taketurns
Mostly in arctic seas.
\nBecause some of the babies die. Its just how it happens, some of the offspring of all species may die.
They are both conected to the sshoulder area
Probably not. I dont think they even feel jealousy, but you neverknow XD
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King penguins do not mate for life. They are serially monogamous.They couple with a different mate each year but are monogamous forthat season.
a penguin joke is joke that people think penguin say! Weired
As of 2001, there are about 800 breeding pairs.
Penguins were designed to be water masters. On land they stumblearound. In the water they glide like a missile because of theirbody shape. King penguins and most other penguins can reach speedsup to 7 miles per hour. The gentoo penguin is the fastest withspeeds up to 22 mph.
Young penguins huddled together in a group is called a creche, hey do this to survive their first cold winter.
22 - 6.3 = 15.7
Small penguins are called Fairy Penguins. They are also calledLittle Blue Penguins because of the blue plumage. They are thesmallest of the penguins.
Emu's are more active during the day, so they're diurnal.
Southern Cassowaries are endangered for several reasons. Habitat loss is a major factor. As the cassowaries leave theirterritory in search of food (due to habitat loss) they are moreprone to being hit by cars. Expanding urban development has meant the introduction of dogs andcats which are a major...
Same reason as any other animals move. To find food, shelter, amate, avoid predators etc.
Emperor penguins eat Arcrtic fish and anything it fits in its'mouth.
There is no salmon on the Southern Ocean for penguins to eat.Penguins survive on krill.
Penguins have underwater cruising (steady) speeds of 7 to 10 kph (4.3-6.2 mph). They can probably go faster than that if something with big teeth is after them.. Penguin walking speed is 3.9 kph (2.4 mph) to 2.8 kph (1.7 mph).