Dolphins and Porpoises

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Considered not a fish, dolphins and porpoises belong to the group of toothed whales that have skin, not scales. The significant difference between them is that dolphins have a beak, a melon-shaped head and a dorsal, while porpoises have none.
Yes. Island Dolphin Care use dolphin therapy, and other places aswell.
A baby dolphin is born tail first. This is important because thedolphin might drown if it came head first. The very first thing itdoes after it is born is swim (or get pushed to the surface) tobreathe.thats Wenter from dolphin tels.
Dolphins consume fish such as cod,mackerel, and herring. They alsoeat squid, plankton and krill.
big teeth and the damage of the teeth
Dolphins can only turn 359 degrees. Scientists believe that if a dolphin were to turn a full 360 degrees, it would die immediately.
15 to 20 feet (Females usually larger than males)
Females reach lengths of 15 feet ( 4.5 m), while males are almost 20 feet (6 m). In adulthood, falsekiller whales can weigh approximately 1,500 pounds ( 700kg ).
Yes, but since they are very smart, they live in packs where they are safe.
An adult is usually 2-4 m and a newborn is typically 80-140 cm
First of all, the correct question would be: What enemies dodolphins have? Second of all, the answer to your question is: only a few of thelarger sharks, such as the bull shark, dusky shark, tiger shark andgreat white shark, are a potential risk, especially for calves.
Well, considering the fact that Killer Whales prey on sharks, Iwould assume that yes, Bull Sharks are prey for Killer Whales.
Albino animals usually have white skin or fur, and red eyes.
Killer whales are usually found in colder and warmer climates, soconsidering where the killer whale is from, it will affect it indifferent ways.
The dolphins kiss and the babies form into their stomach..
Most are not. They are highly intelligent , curious, and people-friendly .
Killer Whales often hunt in packs. Killer whales probably tended to be bigger then they are today. Though they would not of needed to be in order to defeated the largest of Megalodon. Is some tactics such as latching onto the fins to manipulate path and tire Megalodon while the others ate away at...
They adapt together and need to know where they are going to gofirst before adapting, and have to make sure that there new home iscooler water than there old home because as they are older theyneed cooler water to survive.
there are 700 dolphins
Dolphins dont have beaks they have snouts or something like that.
i think that they can only stay on the surfes for 30 seconds and underwater for how long they wont to be
I don't think so, but because they're smart, maybe in the future we can use them for things like that.
Dolphins must look out for two of the seas bigest predators. The orca which is also known as the killer whale and sharks. These animals will try to attack a school of dolphins. Even take one away! The dolphins defend themselves by ramming their heads into the gills of a shark or circling an orca til...
Dolphins and seals are not related.
coz theyre ppretty and way more smart than you
Yes Dolphins and Sea Otters live in sea water.
i think dolphins sleep in a cave.:)
yes they do. orcas do eat leopard seals. they will chase the seal.
They catch penguins by sliding on sand bars or on ice floes
A girl that is petite enough to spin on a guys Dick with no effort. She's a spinner. Sexual compliment.
The killer whale's common name is the orca.
They could, but the top of them would start to dry up.
they dive down and come back up with fish or what ever they eat.
This is due to high propotion of demand and answering these wi killer whales
My guess would be love, the rose is a symbol of love, and the dolphin unconditional love.
No I don't think so
Without water, any dolphins will not survive.
Echolocation is the ability certain animals have to use sounds to navigate. They make sound and by hearing where it "bounces" from (hence the "echo") they are able to tell where something is located.
mostly in the day sometimes at night
seals or sealions
yes dolphins do have a good relationship with humans , they are very friendly to humans unless ............ you mess with them and get them angry so they might bite
yes ,some kinds of dolphins are in dangered. For example the chines river dolphin may be even gone
No never they only eat fish and things like that! Never in the hole history has a pink dolphin eaten a human. I hope this helps you!
Orcas eat fish, squid, and octopus. They also eat larger aquaticmammals like sea lions, seals, marine birds, whales, dolphins, andsharks.
The body temperature of the Killer Whale depends on the body fat. But usually the body temperature range of grom 45 to 65 degrees Ferhinite. Although it can be much, much more.
I'm not too sure. Actually don't even bother asking me!
Yes they do live in salt water, many dolphins live in fresh waterbut only 1 lives in both
They don't live in states they live in the ocean!
the niche of a hectors dolphin is really where it lives, what it eats, and any thing else about the dolphin that is involved with it.
Yes, killer whales eat sea otters, although they're less popular than the different kind of seals.
they also eat crab Sea otters eat clams, snails, abalone, crabs, starfish, mussels, scallops, squid, chitons, small octopuses, sea urchins, prawns, sea cucumbers, limpets, marine worms, and fish. The diet of the sea otter varies, of course, with its regional habitat.
Let me say that Orcas are not fish. Neither are they whales. They are the largest dolhins.
Download dolphin emulator and msvcr71.dll 71 from.
Dolphins can be drowned by becoming entangled in fishing nets. They are mammals and have to rise to the surface regularly to breath air.
Because they don't get caught up and killed in the mesh of largefishing nets
Megalodon it's mouth is bigger and better to eat the killer whaleand it depends on the animal's strength.
Whales are the largest animals in the sea. They have a thick layerof fat that is normally called blubber. The blubber helps keep themwarm while in water.
They are found worldwide, mostly in the shallower seas of the continental shelves. (Wikipedia) For the source and more detailed information concerning your request, click on the related links section (Wikipedia) indicated directly below this answer section.
well i think that it needs sound to know wher things are(pray) so that the sound bounses back to the dolphins and they know where thing are
What Killer Whales do the most, like pretty much every other wild species, is they search for food! Killer Whales spend the majority of their lives on a world-wide quest for food. After hundreds of thousands of years, the whales have learned the oceans from top to bottom. They know exactly where the...
Yes, orcas eat sea otters.
Orcas are known to prey on sharks.
They tip it over and drown it
dolphins weight varies from speicies to speicies.for the smallest dolphin the weight can be 30 Kg,and the largest dolphin speicies like the Orca can weigh up to 5 tons. Bottlenose dolphins can weigh up to 200 Kg.
Well, yes because when they catch fish and the dolphin is hunting them they get caught
Killer Whales don't hibernate.
The Bottle-nosed Dolphin (Tursiops truncatus) range in the Atlantic Ocean from Novia Scotia to Venezuela, including the Gulf of Mexico; and in the Pacific Ocean from Southern California to the Tropics. Their natural habitat is the inshore waters that include estuaries, shallow bays, waterways,...
yes although they live on the beaches along the east coast of florida
Until they're grown enough to be almost full-sized.
sharks and killer whales
I dont really know. Thats why I came to this sight so i could findout this information. But it doesnt have the answer I need to iguess I wont be a big help to you so I dont know why you are askingme this question
Dolphins live in warm waters
They protect themselves by being themselves. They don't have any predetors, and their only real danger they have right now is us, humans.
The Hector's dolphin has a population of less than one hundred worldwide, all focused around one island in New Zealand. The group seems relatively stable, but it is not growing either.
Crabs fish and other crustations however this depends on the type of Dolphin and Shark as they all vary depending on where in the world they are.
Animals can survive in the wild if they are raised in captivity, but mot are killed because they are unprepared for wild living conditions.
Because some people in Denmark kill dolphins and they do it as a sport. People in China kill dolphins every year because it is their tradition, This actress named Hayden Panettiere tried to save the dolphins. -- i hope this help (: btw poor dolphins :'(
sharks eat pink river dolphins
Structural adaptations of the killer whale include: . The blubber on a Killer Whale works as insulation to trap heat and keep the whale warm in colder conditions. . They are quite agile in the water, which helps them to escape from predators, and to hunt down prey. . The body shape of a killer...
Yes. All mammals give birth to their young alive. The babies are not born from eggs. Mammals only give birth to alive babies.