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A carnivore related to the jackal and domestic dog, two species of wolves are recognized. One is C. lupus, the gray or timber wolf, which was once widely distributed in North America, Europe, and Asia. The other is Canis lupus rufus, the red wolf, which now only occurs in northeastern North Carolina and on St. Vincent's Island off the Gulf Coast of Florida.


According to their ancient creation story, the Quileutes were  changed from wolves by a wandering Transformer. By legend, their  only kindred, the Chimakum Tribe, were washed away by flood and  deposited near present-day Port Townsend (where they lived until  Chief Seattle's Suquamish Tribe...
By completing the scenarios of Endangered Species campaign game, you get the conservation breeding center.
Just go to there web site and find the like book I think
Red wolves mate from February through March. Two months after  mating the female gives birth to a litter of between two and ten  pups.
Another name for a harrier pup is a pack dog
The canary wharf contains around 14,000,000 square feet (1,300,000  m2) of office and retail space.
The leader or parent wolfs are called alpha wolfs if thats what you  want to know
how many babies does a wolf have before they die
There was Live Pigeon Shooting in the 1900 Olympics
Most of the Indian wild dogs are known as Dhole.  They are also called Asiatic Dhole.
in a range of 30-45 mph
Her father is Black, and her Mother is White.
Humans, bears if they pose a great threat but a pack may not be affected by a bear as much as by a hunter or intruder.
You have to run around to the other territories, using the scents,  find a female you like, some are males, and say the right stuff you  get a mate!
Yes, there was too many moose that were eating too much of the  food.
A wolf in a dream represents an untamed aspect or instinct from the unconscious. Usually, the dreamer is required to befriend the wolf, and integrated this untamed aspect into the individual's day to day personality.
the wolf might respond in many ways or it will just love you and  follow you around
Just so you know, most of the time in a pack only the alpha of the  pack, mates. The specifics are a little fuzzy but the alpha chooses  a female not the other way around and as far as I know the female  doesn't argue, unless the male tries to kill her pups.
If you buy a special card or pay with Station Cash, you can get Goat's Cheese, something that allows you to turn into a goat for a certain amount of time.
If you haven't been there, I would definitely go there if you get  the opportunity. Besides the beautiful terrain, and the vast  mountain range, it has many cute shops and wonderful restaurants.
Mostly dances with wolves are to show courage or braveness before  battle.
Many wolves hunt small rodents in the arctic. This is supplemented,  when available with pack hunts for big game animals.
The Canis genus contains our familiar canine species. The Domestic  Dog, wolves, jackals, and coyotes are still alive in the genius.
The best I think is the arctic wolf since all of the clothes look awesome.
Paleontologists can never be sure because we have not observed these magnificent beasts ourselves but most likely yes because of its small size it would not be able to hunt large herbivores itself so it was forced to eat babies but that is not suppliant considering animal parent protection and...
yes and if they fought the wolf would win easily unless it was small like an Arabian wolf.
Wolves are born in the summer.
They have a small thin coat of fur but you know are covered in  blood until the mother licks them clean.
you are ether talking about taz the Tasmanian devil or wile .e cyote
Its something that lets you do multiplayer wolf quest and also lets you do cool stuff on the wolf quest website! :)
A wolf (male) is said "loup", a female wolf is said "louve".
Depends on how far back you look. . They're both land-living mammals and carnivores, so way backthere's a common ancestor. . But they're not closely related.
An Arctic Wolf has smaller ears and a shorter muzzle to help fend off the cold and keep body heat. They're also shorter than other wolves.
Wherever there is no work.
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The question is very ambiguous. If you talk about food, you cangive it the same as any large breed of dog, that is, concentratedfood combined with chicken or cooked meat. If you talk about theirneeds in general, the wolves need a lot of space and that theirowner is a dominant person, otherwise it...
cold place...........i think
Wisconsin but they are endangered because their homes are becoming destroyed and people are killing them.
7 years in the wild, in captivity, 10-16 years.
Not at the moon but werewolfs howl to express their feelings.
It is in least concern (are not endangered)
Yes and no. They will eat what ever they can find or they will kill something to eat. Because wolves are very odd animal's.
Well, they're kinda all removed but I think you can still find -rarely- some.
the more energy a sound wave carries the greater its?
Sirmiq --means glacier--Amak --father wolf--Anakkpok --god of moon--anyu --hunts for fun or knowledge--Cikuq -raven-Corazon -heart-Desna -boss-Iqniq -fire-Kanosak -gold-Keelut --evil spirit with apearance of a dog-Mahuyuk --howler-Yakone- red aurora-
Arctic wolves are very friendly creatures, there is even one famous one in Juneu named Romeo who is sometimes spotted playing with dogs and people. and though there was a story about him attacking a pug, you must know now that pug was never hurt, and the photographer had admitted he used his dogs to...
of course not, what a stupid idea!!!!well...i don't believe in evolution but wolves from bats???
45 miles per hour
Fourty milles per hour.
Arctic wolves colors when they are newborn can vary but the main colors you'll see are either black with a white belly, or Light light yellow with white belly. Hope I answered your question.
Belfast, Northern Ireland
* Speed 40 miles an hour  * Wooly Fur  * enhanced night vision
Because of the area they live in, most likely. Just as there are different types of humans, there are different types of wolves. It just depends on where that wolf was born. For example, Arctic wolves usually have a white coat throughout most of the year due to the snow up way north where they live....
  I think they say wolves are blood thirsty because people aren't sure about wolves.
  People have different opinions about wolves. Wolves are not mean.They are misunderstood, wolves only hurt people to protect themselves or there children.
Abiotic would be the weather, terrain, water, sunlight, etc. Biotic would be vegetation that it needs to eat or live in, predators, social structure with a herd of deer and competition with other deer, especially during breeding season.
In my opinion, greyhounds are faster. Wolves do have speed behindthem but, they prefer to keep it concealed until it is needed.Wolves are designed to go over long distances without tiring. Afast trot or lope is what they like. A mad dash is used only whenthey are sprinting at the last second to get...
All wolves do not really have a 'Captain', but packs of wolves have leaders. The leaders are the breeding pair and the two wolves who mate and rear their young. Usually in a wolf pack the leader is the founder of the pack(along with his/her mate). Sometimes other wolves challenge their leadership,...
Hoosier National Forest. There are no National Parks in Indiana though there is George Rogers Clark National Historical Park, Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore and Lincoln Boyhood National Memorial
that you are going to die in a fire. Typically Indian lore states that any wolf in a dream is a bad omen particularly because of the representation of their soul. They are perceived as majestic yet feared animals and are typically a sign of death and misfortune. Being that the wolf was black however...
No, just another one of those imaginative myths;-) But we all have different opinions, though!
  Little Red Riding Hood lied. Wolves do not kill prople.
Minnesota Gray wolves are found throughout America, Mexico and Canada. Gray wolves are also found in not only Canada and other North American coutries but also in Russia, the Middle East, and formerly India, the United States mainland, and Mexico. Europe and north America
Yes, yes they are.
they are one of the best hunters in the whole europe.they can be tricky and fast.they change colour of their hair by changing the enviorment.
Siberian wolves will attack livestock, and since they hunt in packs  they can kill larger prey such as reindeer. Since wolf populations  are not in danger in this area, hunting wolves is allowed.
pup,to a young wolf,pack wolf,adult wolf,lone wolf,then alpha wolf
Yes, wolves eat white-tailed deer, mule deer, moose, elk, caribou,  bison, Dall sheep, musk oxen, and mountain goats.
In the common sense, wolves can not be tamed . They don't subjugate themselves to humans in the way that domestic dogs do. Wolves can be coaxed to accept human companionship but only as equal partners.
how would the gray wolves be endangerd if they are not extinct? the gray wolves are not endangerd.
IMPROVED: Scientifically no, your bones cannot reconstruct back to it's normal size. Yes, when you get older you drop a bit - in height, but it's completely different scenario as the transformation changes the shape of your physique radically and that's not something you can return. But then again,...
The gray wolf (Canis lupis) originated in Eurasia during thePleistocene era, approximately one million years ago, and migratedto North America roughly 750,000 years ago. Wolf ancestors emergedin the Paleocene era, some 60 million years ago.
  == Answer ==   lots of em   from pipy the 5 yr old dog   ps.woof
  There are some 300 species of turtle, and the curious party would do some searching on the web and through a library to find out what they are called and learn something about them.
A wolf growls when its in danger. A wolf howls when an full moon is outs. A wolf yelps when it is hurt.
\n. \n Answer \n. \nNo, because you aren't the only one who has to go through that. If he's on TDY or over seas, or even on an excercise it's completely normal for him to have to work constantly. My dad had to leave me when i was two weeks old for a tour over seas for a year. this guy loves you...
The average length of a Webkinz Grey Wolf or a real Grey Wolf? I'm asking this because you put your question in a Webkinz category.
you can raise them and study them,that will help! ^.^
NO! only if it attacks you. or your pet. or something, but do not kill it if it's just standing there.
No, your pups are too weak and inexperienced to hunt.
well depends on what they act like and other things, you can name one jellybelly which is a cute name and also indicates that they are fat, cute, and super playful. just a example.
NO ! They love meat .. No they do not eat vegetables or fruit. They only eat meat such asdeer carcasses, bears, and other animals.
Wolves can run at a top speed of roughly 40 miles per hour.
A grey wolf looks kind of like a grey German Sheppard dog, but the wolf's nose is a little longer and a wolf usually has yellow eyes. The wolf will also have longer legs and bigger paws.
Average age is 13-15 years, some can live to be 16 or 17.
If you mean subbed (english sub titles) then you can watch it on YOutube