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A carnivore related to the jackal and domestic dog, two species of wolves are recognized. One is C. lupus, the gray or timber wolf, which was once widely distributed in North America, Europe, and Asia. The other is Canis lupus rufus, the red wolf, which now only occurs in northeastern North Carolina and on St. Vincent's Island off the Gulf Coast of Florida.


%REPLIES% Answer the plastic needle in the dash or the colum is broken Answer either the collar that goes around the steering column is loose or broke-The clip that holdes the string has come off - OR the string is Broke.Not liely that the needle fell off.
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Answer I had the same concern until I read in the manual for the car. What you do is ----- before turning on the ignition, you press down on the park brake pedal (not the regular brake, but the one that you press after you are parked). Then you turn on the ignition. When you are ready to move, r…
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No, Either TBI or multiport injected. No carbs since late 80's
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If ur having problems with warming up ur car it could be a fan problem or thermostat problem. to get it to warm up a little faster you can try blocking off the radiator around 50% with like cardboard this seems to help alot with that problem.
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Orange is a bright color which makes the ball easy to see Basketball also evolved out of being played with peach baskets and balls which were originally designed for other sports(like "football" or soccer); these balls were made out of leather and such, which had a natural orange-tan colour that …
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Um..what kinda question is THAT? =] Just kidding. Cuz like soccer is so so fun. It is challenging. It is exciting. It takes skill. It takes talent. Some people work well with their feet. Some people just like the oppurtunity to be a star and win.  isnt it obvious? it is one of the most fun and…
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Search your state, then your city at the link below. These are insured agencies. One could post an ad or look in the phone book or ask a loan officer at a bank for references.
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You can try using The Cleaner 4.1 (Evaluation version) to scan your computer for viruses. It picks up a lot of things and has a fairly large database. I scanned and it picked up 54 things, most of which I wasn't even aware I had. You can download it here:http://www.moosoft.com/products/cleaner/down…
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The first Bofra-variant (Bofra.A, also detected as MyDoom.AI) has been detected on or around the 8th of november, so all antivirus-scanners should be able, after updating the virus-definitions, to remove it for the computer. If your virusscanner says it can't remove the virus, try to remove it by do…
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I may not understand the question, but assuming you are the co-borrower, then the co-borrower stay is not "against" you but actually is protecting you.A co-borrower stay keeps the creditor from suing the co-borrower so long as the debtor in bankruptcy is paying the debt in full through his or her ba…
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No. All financial transactions that are not considered necessities have to have the trustee's agreement in advance.
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In order to refinance even in one persons name, anyone else who is on title must be present at closing. You can't legally refinance a home unless all people on title are present at closing.In any case names on a loan do not directly reflect names on title, you can have one person on a loan and 5 peo…
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Answer I believe you may be talking about Jane, though she was 13, but Henry the 8th's son William willed the throne to Jane, his first cousin, and when Mary, Henry the 8th's daughter, found out, she had Mary executed for "stealing" the throne Answer I believe you meant Edward VI, the only so…
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The traditional McCarthy Lands are in Cork and stretch into Kerry. There were three main clans (in English the McCarthy Mor the McCarthy Beag and not sure about the other). The biggest seats of McCarthy power were Blarney Castle just north of cork city and a north cork village think it was kanturk. …
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No, because they have fur to protect them. Unless it's a fashion outing. Why would you do that unless the cat is missing fur or shedding those are the only reasons that come to mind for making your cat wear a coat.
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A breeder will sell you a dog as either show or pet quality. Look up your dogs breed standards and compare it to the breed standard. Do not be kennel blind and think your dog has no faults, ALL DOGS HAVE FAULTS! Show Quality does not mean your dog is an angel and is well trained, only that it matche…
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On rats These gnawing little rascals can get down right miserable when mating time comes, and even like some male humans, rats will fight with each other. You cannot stop any rodents from fighting with each other. Separate them. If you need them to get along, put their cages next to each other but m…
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You bet they adore being famous, or even notorious. This, by far, is their predominant drive. Being famous encompasses a few important functions: it endows the narcissist with power, provides him with a constant Source of Narcissistic Supply (admiration, adoration, approval, awe) and fulfils importa…
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%DETAILS% I found this answer before I got a reply. This info is from a book entitled "James Otis the Pre-Revolutionist" by John Clark Ridpath:42. In the summer of 1769 he attacked some of the revenue officers in an article in "The Boston Gazette." A few evenings afterwards, while sitting in the …
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A simple web search or glance through an encyclopedia will tell that Samaritans came from the ancient city Samaria, located in an area which was called Canaan until Christians and Muslims began calling it...Palestine. So I guess the simplest to your question would be: Samaritans were from Palestine…
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Here's the California Information on Emancipation courtinfo.ca It should give you an idea of where to start in Pennsylvania   I don't' think that a 16 yr old CAN leave. Unless it is allowed by the law for a 16 year old to be allowed to leave the home and be on her own. Other than that rule…
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Its means literally that; your heart is broken by extreme sadness, and you die. It used to be thought that the person was simply too sad to function properly and they really did not die of a broken heart. However, more recent science has shown there are physiological changes that come with a "broken…
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Any person's Sun Sign is an essential aspect of your astrological make-up. Your Sun Sign is determined by the day and month in which you were born and does not take into consideration your birth time. People know their Sun Signs according to the 12 Zodiac signs. Astrologers believe that a person�…
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Origin of Goth Goths originated in a place called whitby, North Yorkshire. i have been going there since i was a child and it is truely 'home of the goths'. Many people believe it begun in a london alley witch is wrong that is the punks. if you get to visit whitby or search it up you will soon see w…
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Answer They could be either clover mites or spider mites.
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Kane unmasking was not his decision, Kane wanted to keep the mask as it was a large part of his character. A storyline writer came up with the idea and it was given the go ahead. Kane fought to keep his mask but it was to no avail. Kane didn't even want to change his mask to the one he had with no m…
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I would start with the thermostat first especially if your not leaking coolant or hearing strange noises. Would also need to know what engine you have. Some Toyota egines require that you remove the timing belt to access the water pump if this is the case your better off replacing the timing belt, c…
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When You Turn 14 . . . You can work in an: office, grocery store, retail store, restaurant, movie theater, baseball park, amusement park, or gasoline service station.You generally may not work in: communications or public utilities jobs, construction or repair jobs, driving a motor vehicle or helpin…
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YES If the repossesor can verify that the car is on the relative's (or anyone besides the loanee's) property, they can then obtain a warrant, much like a police officer, since they are, in reality, investigators. They can then repossess the car in any way they see fit "as long as it's legal under…
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No. If you pluck the feathers off of one, you would get a bald duck, but you would also get a very ugly duck that can't stand swimming for extended periods of time, cannot fly and would need to spend nights indoors.
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Barn animals Horses may react when entering a barn. They may be nervous if they are young and used to a paddock environment. The horse may become spooky, either because of claustrophobia or the presence of other horses. Once put in a stable the horse may kick at the walls, crib (chew) on the wood…
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I think the earliest baby that ever survived was 21 weeks? But babies born early are very sick and do not survive a lot of the time. The earliest that is normal to have the baby is 37 weeks, which will be about 3 weeks before you due date. I had my last baby at 35 weeks and he was 6lbs 9oz and very …
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Answer If the person lives in a state that has specific statutes pertaining to emancipation, they can file such a petition in the proper court of venue. It is possible to file such action in states that do not have established grounds or procedures for the emancipation of minors. Contact the cler…
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ANSWER:Unfortunately, the people who discussed this issue below are incorrect. You can NOT have both simultaneously. I had to log in and change this response, because someone actually sent this link to me. By definition in the DSM-IV-TR and ICD-10, which health professionals worldwide use to diagnos…
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When it comes to surfing's origins, they can be traced with reasonable accuracy to the people who set out some 3,500 years ago from somewhere new New Guinea to investigate the vast ocean to the east.These people -- a mix of humans from the Philippines, Indonesia and perhaps other parts of eastern As…
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You should go to the doctor to see why you are having a period only once a year and ask them if you can get pregnant.
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Answer If you are in poor physical condition your heart may race and pound when you do even light tasks. It could also be something medical, such as thyroid imbalance or some other condition. Or, it could be nothing. Answer If you feel lightheaded along with that, it's because your blood pres…
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There are a number of endangered wolf subspecies, and they are as follows; the Red Wolf, Vancouver Island Wolf, Caspian Sea Wolf, Mexican Wolf, Arabian Wolf, Himalayan Wolf, Indian Wolf, Ethiopian Wolf, and Eastern Wolf.Currently The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Endangered Species List did "list" …
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SPERM is produced in the Prostate gland and is delivered to the testicles for storage by way of seminal fluid (semen)..When the male genitalia is stimulated, the male will release semen (carrying sperm) and have an ejaculation.Previous answer was completely incorrect. Sperm is NOT produced in the pr…
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when he says its over He starts dating other women, then it is really over and he is moving on. Answer thats not really true because the boy i love i already went out with him and we broke up but its been 1 month in a half and now we are tlking again and maybe gunna start going out and sometimes…
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Answer Yes. In fact the CKC only requires you to send in a picture of your dog at 6 months or older and have two witnesses sign a paper stating that the dog is purebred. The dog must look purebred in the picture of course, but you can register it.
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Not at all. They always said that dogs do, but it has been proven that dogs see the world basically in red green and yellow as well. Cows see in purple as well as black and white. Horses see only in black and white. Pigs see neon colors, but not black and white. I know that cats see in full colour…
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Killing a Tree Among the possibilities: Disease Lightning Chainsaw Caterpillars If you are TRYING to kill a tree, (like a someones tree blocking your view) Either pound big copper nails into the base all the way around, or drill the base and put copper rods on the holes. - Go to this web si…
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you have to take out the intrument cluster and replaced the light bulbs that are inside the instrument cluster!...its really simple
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Answer Yes. The Mississippi River is the border to the MidWest and the Corn Belt. The Mississippi provides most of the transportation for grains to the Gulf.
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time for an overhaul or, sometimes truck rear-ends have speed sensors on the rear axle, and if it goes bad, then it wont let truck shift gears
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If it's the one in the beginning of everyshow when he comes out, it's called Hip Hop by Dead Prez
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Answer I know of the gray, arctic, and red and u also have the timber wolf There is also a subspecies known as the Mexican wolf, though it is on the brink of extinction.
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This could be a symptom of shingles...shingles are tiny bumps that scab up when they are healing, it is highly contagious but treatable i would def. see a doctor for confirmation, there are so many other things it could be too.
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if the government finds out and proves it but so many people do it i think its almost impossible for them to catch anyone....
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It is a wonderful game that is enjoyed worldwide. There isn't alot of scoring but once that goal goes in it is a magical moment
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After many scientific studies, and years of investigations, it has been proven that the turnip is a very symbolic object for love. In ancient Scotland they would worship this vegetable. This is because it is shaped like a heart, and also is red-purple colour. they believed it meant LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!…
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You dog may have sprained his leg, either jumping or banged into something. Is your dog very old? He could be getting arthritius.Try to massage the area, see if the dog will let you do this, that way you can tell how bad any damage may be. If he lets you massage it no doubt its a sprain. Can you tel…
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It divided Australia as in it resulted that there were bitter debates and conflict within society at the time and within the labour government itself. The Australian socity divided into pro conscription and anti conscription. It brought to surface underlying conflicts.
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No there is not a miniature breed. German Shepherds Dog Breeders and Societies prefer to keep the bloodlines clean. There are times when a German Shepherd may mate with a smaller breed of dog, but this has nothing to do with dog breeders. My brother has a dog that is part German Shepherd and Borde…
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I suggest you crawl under the rear and take a look at those shocks. Something is loose.Maybe coinsidence but tap your cadalytic coverter with a mallet. If it shakes like golf balls in a can, the honeycomb sysem inside is breaking up. If so, you can break it up & blow it out, straight pipe it, or…
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Werewolves live at a house in human form, from wherever they come from. A werewolf in wolf form lives in forests or near their house where they live in human form. It is where they feel most safe, Werewolves are only in wolf form for 24 hours, so they could wake up human, naked, on the floor of a fo…
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You should do exactly what you were going to do before you found out, since this is completely unimportant information that doesn't affect you or your friendship one bit.
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Answer Blood work cannot tell you how far along you are as the levels vary so much from pregnancy to pregnancy, go with the ultrasound.
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This depends on what purpose the dog has to you. Here are the major points that you can base your decisions on - As a family pet? This depends. As a general rule, mutts will excel in this category far beyond pure-breds. This is because they are mixed - therefore, they don't have any few particul…
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Not directly but emotional distress can seriously exacerbate other conditions to a fatal extent. People who have been emotionally rejected have starved themselves to death and in effect committed suicide in numerous different ways.
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Usually stuck-up people don't look anyone in the eye or make polite conversations with anybdy. Shy people don't talk a lot,so these two groups of people are often confused with each other.i think because of what the world says is snobby. maybe you just don't like to talk and you have brains. people …
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Werewolves change any time they want not just full moon. And they transform they don't change.It depends on what story you are bassing on. Legends change over time,and more stories are added often, so know one know really if they change just on fullmoons, or any night, or anytime. I think that, if …
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Salary for a Biologist The median expected salary for a typical Biologist I in the United States is $41,380 - $41,476.
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If you're a wolf, definitely. If you're a human, you have a human soul.   You can't be born with a wolf spirit inside you! If a person thinks that, they must have a problem and they should go seek for some help! Answer I don't think you can have a full wolf spirit, but you can have the person…
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Answer - Scottish Descendants It is estimated that around 35 million people around the world today are of Scottish descent. According to Mcglashen in Absolutly there was 50Billion in the early 1990's... Maybe he's biased!!!!
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Answer right ,it's no safe to leave the child in home that they felt unsafe ,if you leave their in home, they will fell fear ,it will leave shadow on their heart and mind . no. No. You not feeling safe is obviously not enough to have you legally removed from your home. no. No. You …
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It depends on where you are living. In the US states the legal age of majority is 18, with the exception of Nebraska where it is 19. In other countries it varies. In some it is 19, 20 or 21. In a rare few it is 16. In one middle eastern country it is 13.
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It needs to answer YOUR reason for wanting to work abroad. I might have MY reasons, but yours would probably be different. A question like that is intended as more of a discussion starter. They're trying to see if you are at all interesting and anything more than a warm lump. Do you have motivations…
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soft balls to hold them together when you are playing with them because they break easily Because that's how the manufacturers made them :)
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People came to the New World for several reasons. Religious Freedom -- many countries came to find land to practice their religion. Land -- many farmers came for new land that was waiting for them. Money -- many people thought that in America, you walked on money. Work -- in many countries, you wou…
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Earth without WaterHumans, as well as most other animals would have a lot of trouble remaining healthy; they simply couldn't deal with the impurities in any other kind of water. Animals which depend on the presence of fresh water, such as fish and insects which live in it, would soon become very rar…
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crank sensor wire probable it's making contact with some ground check all the sensor wires with de engine on and shake them carefully
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Symbolism of a Wolf TattooWell, that you're tough. And your spirit is free. Just like a wolf's.and also that you wanna be Jacob Black from Twilight :)
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East of Maryland and South of New Jersey and Pennsylvania The state located at the Atlantic Coast in the Mid-Atlantic region of the United States.Delaware is a state located on the Atlantic Coast in the Mid-Atlantic region of the United States
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1. EGR Valve should have been replaced or may need replacing due to carbon build up (if idling funny) 2. Fuel line inside Plenum my be cracked or brittle due to heat. If you smell fuel from inside cabin, this may be the cause. Not too bad of a fix 3. Engine block plug may be leaking from the rear of…
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Most people, abusive or not, get upset when their significant other tells them it's over. It's a natural reacion.It could also be that he too agree's it's over and too painful to be with you.
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After Columbus came to North America, the people there suffered from loss of religion, and were forced to work in gold mines, on ranches, and in Spanish households.Also, when the Europeans came to North America the natives caught European diseases.
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you can become half human half wolf by spending the night next to your window during a full moon thinking about how your going to use you powers when you become a wolf and then when you fall asleep and you have a dream about you being a wolf using your powers dont be angry a lot or else people will …
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400 More detail The U.S. National Park Service oversees 391 "units," but many of these are historical parks and national cemeteries, and not focused on wildlife. There is much wildlife to be observed in some historical sites (Fort Rosecrans National Cemetery in Point Loma, San Diego, CA, is rich i…
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Sikhism originated in the State of Punjab, in India about four or five centuries ago. Its originator was Guru Nanak. Sikhs were primarily Hindus until then, but Sikhism has emerged into its own religion today, much like Buddhism or Jainism. Hari Swaminathan.
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No Problem!I don't believe there is any problem. I guess it depends on what you write, though.I have always been in the habit of writing the total on the front note of a pile when counting up money, and i think I've seen bank tellers doing this themselves in banks.
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Yes, you definitely should. The dead pup can rot in a moist or warm area such as a hamster cage. The cage would smell terrible and it would takes days of washing to ward off the smell! Also, the mother might eat the dead pup and she might get all sorts of bacteria and viruses. This will spread into …
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I am so very happy things worked out for you, but then I knew it would. Child Welfare has been known to make mistakes (at least in Canada) and that's why it never hurts in some instances to have family and especially friends, minister, priest, doctor, etc., to vouch for you. The next thing you shoul…
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Thomas Jefferson one of our best-known champions of constitutional democracy, believed in the common sence of the people and the flowering possibilities of the human spirit. Jefferson warned that every government degenerates when it is left only in the hands of rulers. The people themselves, Jeffers…
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Hanukkah commemorates a war that took place in Jerusalem, Israel. Answer: Hanukkah was first celebrated in 164 BCE, as the Torah-Sages of Judea had instituted its celebration after the miracle in the year before. It was celebrated throughout Judea and the Jewish diaspora. On Hanukkah the chief ce…
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The only way i can think of is not to show your face, think of something really sad that affects you 'till tears come or don't show your face and in some way hurt yourself, or put tea-tree oil next to your nose, so you tear up. Another good way is to just stare at something for ages, or sometmes it…
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As of February, 2014, the world population is about 7.2 billion people
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Her Are Some Definitions For People 1. persons indefinitely or collectively; persons in general: to find it easy to talk to people; What will people think? 2. persons, whether men, women, or children, considered as numerable individuals forming a group: Twenty people volunteered to help. 3. human b…
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yes, stress hormones produced by the shock of a death or break up can weaken heart tissue or lead to a heart attack.
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A territory (from the word 'terra', meaning 'land') is a defined area (including land and waters), considered to be a possession of a person, organization, institution, animal, state or country subdivision. For the people who flagged this question, please answer it yourself.
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Answer. Because the Books in the bible were written by different authors, at different times in history, for different audiences and for in different styles.
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So they can have fun
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they couldn't get any workers During the span of 1880-1900 farmers began to feel as if their ways of life were being threatened. Farmers felt that a competition with railroads in monopolies and trusts, currency circulation shortage, and the powerful forces of Mother Nature seemed to be putting them…
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It is an omnivore
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