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A carnivore related to the jackal and domestic dog, two species of wolves are recognized. One is C. lupus, the gray or timber wolf, which was once widely distributed in North America, Europe, and Asia. The other is Canis lupus rufus, the red wolf, which now only occurs in northeastern North Carolina and on St. Vincent's Island off the Gulf Coast of Florida.


Red wolves mate from February through March. Two months aftermating the female gives birth to a litter of between two and tenpups.
The leader or parent wolfs are called alpha wolfs if thats what youwant to know
in a range of 30-45 mph
If your talking about Yellow Stone wolves then their pelts are pretty musch the same color as the snow. They don't use as much camo as team work when they are hunting, though. The ones in Europe also match their surroundings pretty well.
Humans, bears if they pose a great threat but a pack may not be affected by a bear as much as by a hunter or intruder.
Yes, there was too many moose that were eating too much of thefood.
Just so you know, most of the time in a pack only the alpha of thepack, mates. The specifics are a little fuzzy but the alpha choosesa female not the other way around and as far as I know the femaledoesn't argue, unless the male tries to kill her pups.
Many wolves hunt small rodents in the arctic. This is supplemented,when available with pack hunts for big game animals.
yes and if they fought the wolf would win easily unless it was small like an Arabian wolf.
There are many reasons why some people hate wolves but the reasons vary from each individual as well as their life and in some cases, experiences with aggressive wolves. Most people who detest wolves are merely afraid of them because they are only aware of the animal's body strength and the sharp...
Wolves are born in the summer.
Wolves will eat a lot of things, but among their favorites are deer, rabbits, foxes, coyotes, grouse, dogs, woodchucks, sheep, cattle, and antelope. The gray wolves prey are elk, beaver, deer, and caribou. They often pray on animals that are larger than they are, such as elk, caribou, and deer,...
The Red Wolf or the Mississippi Valley Wolf is native to Florida.
It means how the gray wolf may have adapted to certain areas tosurvive.(red wolf, tundra wolf) Like how they adapted to huntsmaller prey, in the time of the dire wolves, so therfore theysurvived. When the dire wolves mistorisly died out, but most thinkbecause they did not adapt to hunt smaller prey ...
They have a small thin coat of fur but you know are covered inblood until the mother licks them clean.
Domestic dogs have been bred down from wolves. they're resemblance is not at all different from the dogs you see today, their body's are shaped the same way too.
Wolves travel in packs. Only the top female in the wolf pack breeds. Any female dog will breed. A female wolf only breeds once a year. A female dog will breed twice a year. Normally a gray wolf is larger than a dog. The entire pack raises wolf puppies. A female dog will not let any other animals...
Depends on how far back you look. . They're both land-living mammals and carnivores, so way backthere's a common ancestor. . But they're not closely related.
An Arctic Wolf has smaller ears and a shorter muzzle to help fend off the cold and keep body heat. They're also shorter than other wolves.
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All wolves go where their food source goes. So if a herd that they know about is headed towards somewhere, they will follow it in order to survive. It's common sense for most predators. So yes, a red would would migrate if food is scarce or if a herd is moving.
Wisconsin but they are endangered because their homes are becoming destroyed and people are killing them.
The weight depends on where the timber wolf lives and is 70 - 140 pounds, or 80 - 175 pounds.
It is in least concern (are not endangered)
Yes and no. They will eat what ever they can find or they will kill something to eat. Because wolves are very odd animal's.
Arctic wolves are very friendly creatures, there is even one famous one in Juneu named Romeo who is sometimes spotted playing with dogs and people. and though there was a story about him attacking a pug, you must know now that pug was never hurt, and the photographer had admitted he used his dogs to...
45 miles per hour
Fourty milles per hour.
Arctic wolves colors when they are newborn can vary but the main colors you'll see are either black with a white belly, or Light light yellow with white belly. Hope I answered your question.
Speed 40 miles an hour . Wooly Fur . enhanced night vision
The Gray Wolf is federally protected and on the endangered specieslist. There are also organizations and people who work together toprotect the wolves. The gray wolf is not an endangered species.
Because of the area they live in, most likely. Just as there are different types of humans, there are different types of wolves. It just depends on where that wolf was born. For example, Arctic wolves usually have a white coat throughout most of the year due to the snow up way north where they live....
I think they say wolves are blood thirsty because people aren't sure about wolves.
People have different opinions about wolves. Wolves are not mean.They are misunderstood, wolves only hurt people to protect themselves or there children.
It depends on where you live. In the most places of the US it's illegal to own a wolf-dog, let alone an actual wolf! However, if you have lisence, you are allowed to take in an injured, or abandoned wolf, but if you do that, once the wolf can survive on it's own, you /have/ to let it back to the...
Yes, a few people are up for the major responsibilities of one.
Wolves usually go for the youngest or the sickest of animals when the animals they are hunting are in a herd. They also go for elders if there's any in the herd. They try their best to avoid the strongest animals.
In my opinion, greyhounds are faster. Wolves do have speed behindthem but, they prefer to keep it concealed until it is needed.Wolves are designed to go over long distances without tiring. Afast trot or lope is what they like. A mad dash is used only whenthey are sprinting at the last second to get...
All wolves do not really have a 'Captain', but packs of wolves have leaders. The leaders are the breeding pair and the two wolves who mate and rear their young. Usually in a wolf pack the leader is the founder of the pack(along with his/her mate). Sometimes other wolves challenge their leadership,...
Little Red Riding Hood lied. Wolves do not kill prople.
It depends usually there is only one, but if there are two they are mates. -The K10
Minnesota Gray wolves are found throughout America, Mexico and Canada. Gray wolves are also found in not only Canada and other North American coutries but also in Russia, the Middle East, and formerly India, the United States mainland, and Mexico. Europe and north America Ok, lets just be clear...
They are both the same kind of wolves, just two different names. The biggest wolves are the artic wolves (these are also gray and timber wolves, just with a different name). Artic wolves can weigh over 200 pounds.
Yes, yes they are.
they are one of the best hunters in the whole europe. they can be tricky and fast. they change colour of their hair by changing the enviorment.
The wolf marks its territory in the same kind of way that a dogdoes. A wolf will go around its territory spraying the outliningtrees.
Yes they are nocturnal hunters and, have keen sight,smell,and hearing obviously. There is also the claws and teeth. They also have very strong legs for speed and a unique way of communicating to each other
Siberian wolves will attack livestock, and since they hunt in packsthey can kill larger prey such as reindeer. Since wolf populationsare not in danger in this area, hunting wolves is allowed.
It is the largest wild member of the Canidae family best know as the wolf, its from the ice age, 300,000 years ago
Yes, wolves eat white-tailed deer, mule deer, moose, elk, caribou,bison, Dall sheep, musk oxen, and mountain goats.
In the common sense, wolves can not be tamed . They don't subjugate themselves to humans in the way that domestic dogs do. Wolves can be coaxed to accept human companionship but only as equal partners.
The gray wolf (Canis lupis) originated in Eurasia during thePleistocene era, approximately one million years ago, and migratedto North America roughly 750,000 years ago. Wolf ancestors emergedin the Paleocene era, some 60 million years ago.
Answer . lots of em. from pipy the 5 yr old dog. ps.woof
There are some 300 species of turtle, and the curious party would do some searching on the web and through a library to find out what they are called and learn something about them.
\n. \n Answer \n. \nNo, because you aren't the only one who has to go through that. If he's on TDY or over seas, or even on an excercise it's completely normal for him to have to work constantly. My dad had to leave me when i was two weeks old for a tour over seas for a year. this guy loves you...
Thank you for your question. Yes they can. Wolves have an acute sense of hearing being able to hear up to 10 miles away. Source http://www.wolfcountry.net/information/WolfObserved.html
Wolf puppies begin to eat regurgitated meat around 3 weeks of age when their milk teeth develop. They develop their adult teeth between 16-26 weeks.
there were no timber wolves in Wisconsin (0)
The Gray wolf is endangered.
you can raise them and study them,that will help! ^.^
NO! only if it attacks you. or your pet. or something, but do not kill it if it's just standing there.
Surprisingly, not as much as you think. See wolves don't kill that much livestock and if they do it's because humans have cut down their forest to build their house (that we don't need. I know I didn't answer your question but tough.
NO ! They love meat .. No they do not eat vegetables or fruit. They only eat meat such asdeer carcasses, bears, and other animals.
Wolves can run at a top speed of roughly 40 miles per hour. 45 mp avg . 72 kp avg \n .
gray and some black
I would have to say medium ears.
This is an excellent question1 Many people wounder about the old myths about wolves being monsters and eating people. Well, it's all false! Wolves have an excellent smell. So if you were in an area of a wolf pack the Alpha or leader would alert it's pack and would be out of the area before you could...
The dog is believed to have come from the wolves. They were just tamer wolves, which got tamer due to food left out by people and gradually over time when people started to "interfere". If you wanna know how they bred a chihuahua from a wolf or somethin like that, continue reading: They took...
wolves don't like to eat vegtables!
Nearly extinct once, the red wolf is now recovering and found in the wild in eastern NC Alligator River Refuge.
NO....in order for a relationship to be Symbiotic, both require each other to survive. The Mule can live just fine without the Wolf and the Wolf can eat other animals to survive. A far better example of a symbiotic relationship would be your heart. YOu can't survive without your heart but you heart...
Only the lead female is allowed to bear young - the other females may help watch after her pups.
They dont. They may cross a river and get cleaner this way.
All animals are related in some way, but wolves are not directlyrelated to cats. Wolves are members of the family Canidae, and catsare members of the family Felidae.
Yes. In my science non-fiction book called Follow the Polar Bears, there was a snow wolf and two polar bear cubs and their mother, and their mother smelled danger in the air. There were two snow wolves and because there was danger in the danger came from the wolves -- because the wolves eat bears.
Yes, Wolves rarely do kill Bears if the pack is here to help the pack leader by jumping and clamping it's jaws on the back or the butt and the muzzle of the bear & then the bear will be killed and eaten by the whole pack of wolves for them to feed, especially carcasses of bison, elk, horses, deer,...
yes wolves can climb trees. they might be dogs but unlike most dogs they have skinnier, leaner legs which allows them to menouver up branches
The best dog is up to the individual person. Some people like muttsand some people like huskies, but when you buy a dog you choose it,and to you that's the one you think is the best.
Yes, they are poached. Poaching of the Mexican Wolf is the reason they went extinct in the wild.
Wolves were abundant in the Yellowstone area- until they were hunted, poisoned, etc. in order to remove what local Americans perceived to be threats to their livelihoods. Yet because of less predation, elk and deer populations skyrocketed, this time causing a true threat to Yellowstone, due to the...
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Many American Indians share a respect for all animals, knowing that each animal has its place in God's world, alongside of man. Wolves are incredibly intelligent and their societal order teaches us how to organize for survival. Many natives have the wolf as their animal spirit guide, a strong,...
Gamma isn't officially a rank. Theres Alpha, Beta, and Omega, then the other wolves without a rank/title that make up the rest of the pack. I believe the Gamma is kind of like the Betas, though. They are the advisors for the Alphas and Betas, enforcing their rules/dominance and putting wolves in...