A carnivore related to the jackal and domestic dog, two species of wolves are recognized. One is C. lupus, the gray or timber wolf, which was once widely distributed in North America, Europe, and Asia. The other is Canis lupus rufus, the red wolf, which now only occurs in northeastern North Carolina and on St. Vincent's Island off the Gulf Coast of Florida.

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Endangered, Vulnerable, and Threatened Species

What are the gray wolf's defenses?

During a fight they use their teeth and claws.


What do you call baby wolves?

Pups, or puppies.

I have heard them called cubs before, but i believe pups is the official word.

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What repels wolves?

Urine from a male wolf, or human, repels wolves. While camping in the wilderness where they is a chance wolves could be lurking, a human male can urinate a circle around the camp to repel wolves. This won't work for females because the lack of testosterone in her body.


Are wolves a keystone species?

Yes they are because if they disspeared most everything they prey on would overpopulate and screw up the entire ecosystem they live in.


What do wolves eat?

Wolves are carnivores: they eat meat. They eat meat such as deer, bears, moose, ox and also more.
Wolves eat meat, so that means other animals. Wolves are carnivores (meat eaters) but they will eat other foods as well. Their diet ranges from big game, such as elk and moose, to earthworms, berries and grasshoppers.

To avoid using too much energy catching their food, wolves prey on weaker members of a herd, such as old, young or sick animals. In summer, when the herds migrate, wolves eat mice, birds and even fish. They may also eat carrion.
most of the time any other animal, but mostley eats any meat! Rodents and deer.

Deer: Elk, moose, caribou, regular deer like white tailed deer.

Rodents: rabbits, hares, squirrels, chipmunks, mice, rats, woodchucks, muskrats, lemmings, beavers, et cetera.

Other: raccoons, fish, birds like ducks and geese.


Wolves are carnivourous, which means they eat meat. Wolves go hunting in their packs. They usually hunt for larger ungulates (hooved animals) such as deer, elk, bison and moose. When food is scarce, wolves may eat animals from the forest floor like mice and voles, or birds. Wolves eat in order of how high they are in the pack, so low wolves will eat the scratty yucky bits no one wants, and if food is small, they will go without it
Wolves hunt and catch the different animals in the wild and eat their meat.

Wolves mostly eat the meat of Deer, Rabbits, Moose, Raccoons , Cats......

meat, beavers

mostly any animal
wolves eat caribou, moose, deer, hare, rodents, and many other things
Bison, Moose, Horses, Elk, Sheep, Goats, Deer, and Mammoths
Wolves are carnivores, they eat types of animals and berries, but three animals they eat would be rabbits, moose, elk, and many more.
anything, deer rabbits and something left over meat form something that has died.
Nearly all wolves eat meat. Some eat vegetation, but only if there is no meat available. All wolves are carnivores
Wolves Eat Hoofed Mammals,Seals,Fish,Rodents & Birds
They eat rabbits ,deer,fish, and any meat they can lay their teeth on
they eat raw meat. Elk, deer, caribou, rabbits, hares, mice and some other sutff.
they eat raw meat. Elk, deer, caribou, rabbits, hares, mice and some other sutff.
im pretty sure that wolves eat meat, as they are carnivores. I'm not sure what animal they hunt though. hope that's a bit of help.
Wolves are carnivores, so they eat meat. When meat is scarce, they sometimes resort to berries and such.

Gray wolves eat deer, elk, moose, caribou, sometimes wild goats, rabbits, mice, other smaller mammals, birds, fish. They have a wide range of prey, including carrion, which is one reason why gray wolves have survived so long. Sometimes they take down livestock. A wolf's go to eat.
Wolfs are carnivores they will prity much eat anything that is meat (Even humans). They will eat a huge range of animals from land animals like Moose, bears even (only in packs), even some birds that land on the ground to rest.
Wolves are mostly meat eaters, but do eat other foods as well. In the wild, they hunt in packs of six to ten animals. In the wild they cooperate and hunt together for large animals such as deer, elk, and moose. Wolves also eat smaller animals such as birds, small mammals, fish, lizards, and snakes. They are known to eat berries and other fruit.

Wolves also kill domestic animals like cattle and pig.

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What is the weight and height of a gray wolf?

Weight: male 44 - 157 lbs. (average 90 lbs.) + female 40 - 120 lbs. (average 80 lbs.)

Shoulder Height: 26 - 32" or 2'1" - 2'6"


Do wolf husky hybrids shed?

Yes, but there is a really good chance that your or the "wolfy husky hybrid" you are refering to isnt part wolf at all. Especially if where ever he/she came from came with the title "hybrid". That is a red flag for uneducated. The correct term is wolfdog. They are not hybrids because a wolf and a dog are the same species (Wolf is Canis Lupis, dog is a kind of wolf, Canis Lupus Familaris)


What is a group of wolves called?



What is the current wolf population worldwide?

According to National Geographic, only about 200,000 worldwide! (from National Geographic show, August 2010: "And Man Created Dog")


What do wolves use to protect themselves from predators?

packs alphas claws and teeth


How do sick or injured wolves get their food?

Sick or injured wolves, if they live alone, usually stay in a quiet, enclosed space, like a cave or hole, until they die or recover. If they live in packs, the rest of the wolves are likely to either carry food in their mouths to the sick/injured packmember, or regurgitate food from their stomachs.

Hey - beggars can't be choosers! ;)

A lone sick or injured wolf will die, but if the wolf is in a pack, the other pack members will regurgitate food for the injured wolf.

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What are female baby wolves called?

Both male and female wolf offspring are called pups or puppies. It is a common misconception that they are called "cubs" but the correct term is pup. Cub is used for bears or big cats.

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What is the climate and condition of the red wolf's habitat?

The red wolf became extinct in the wild in 1980. Recently, a population of 100 red wolves has been reintroduced to North Carolina. The climate here is temperate broadleaf forest, which is a somewhat rainy climate, with a distinct dry season. Here trees such scub oak, and longleaf pine make up most of the forest.

The red wolf was re-introduced to eastern North Carolina in 1987. Today, around 110 roam the forests of the Alligator River Refuge in Dare and Hyde counties.


Why are wolves stronger than coyotes?

Wolves are bigger, deeper in the chest and have a larger, broader head and jaw than coyotes do. This is primarily what makes them great hunters at taking down an animal that is bigger than themselves. Coyotes are more finer in bone structure and smaller in size and weight than a wolf, thus making them less stronger in comparison to a wolf.


Do owls or hawks eat wolves?

If they were a entirely new massive version of owls of hawks, yes. But not with the normal ones.

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Can a wolves eat pigs?

yes a Wolf can eat a pig


What to do if you encounter a wolf?

dont make sudden movement and dont stink


How do you get a wolf hybrid in Australia?

Check local breeders and websites, you will need patience since they are a relatively new breed, rare and treated with great suspicion by customs authorities. I personally live in the UK and Czechoslovakian Wolf-Dogs are relatively easy to come across (they are wolves bred with Alsations a few generations down the line.) They are the most common I believe and have the best temperment and training potential so you can ask for these when enquiring.

It is also worth checking whether they are legal since they were nearly banned in the UK.

Endangered, Vulnerable, and Threatened Species

How do wolves hunt beavers?

they hind in bushes and when they come out they grab them with there claws and there teeth.

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Does a hound dog or a wolf have the best sense of smell?

A wolf

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How long should you hold your dog?

forever because they are loveable


Where do you find a baby wolf?

the zoo? or the wild of the Midwest USA

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What do wolves represent?

Wolves usually represent American wilderness, or mystery, or even a teacher or a pathfinder.

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What is 'female wolf' in Italian?

"Female wolf" in English means lupa in Italian.


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