The Principality of Andorra is located between the southwest European countries of France and Spain. The country is so mountainous that farm production must be supplemented by food imports for an otherwise well-to-do population. Typical contributions include questions about the country's duty free shopping, French and Spanish influenced culture, summer and winter tourist resorts, and tax haven banking.
The distance between Joucou in France and Andorra-la-Vella in thePrincipalty of Andorra, is 94 km - the driving time is about 1H25. A differant source pegs it at 63.1 miles which is about 7kilometers more and another half hour of driving time. It includesa map and directions. I used Andorra,...
Andorra was once owned by Spain and that is where the yellow in theflag comes from. It was also once owned by France and that is wherethe blue and red come from.
Yes there is a water clock in Andorra La Vella.
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The national dish of Andorra is Escudella. It is a stewmade from chicken, veal, meatballs, pig snout and trotters,butifarra sausage with potatoes, cabbage and white beans orchickpeas. Another dish is similar to the British bubble and squeakdish using mashed potatoes, cabbage, leeks and pork....
Andorra la Vella is a major city in Andorra.
No, it has no access to the sea.
Andorrans tend to eat a mix of Spanish Catalan cuisine, such as sausages, cheese, Trinxat (a dish made of potato and cabbage) and Coques (which are flavored flat cakes).
The Official languages are Catalan and French.
It is 180.6 mi². The United States is 21,012 times bigger.
Andorra is in the Pyrenees Mountains. This means theelevation is high. No part of Andorra is less than 3,000 feet high.
It is known for skiing and shopping.
Andorra was established In 1278.
he Prime Minister is Jaume Bartumeu.
Andorra has tax free shopping and skiing.
No, it is a Parliamentary Democracy.
In Europe between France and Spain.
Andorra did not have a currency of its own before the euro. It either used the French franc or the Spanish peseta as a currency until 1999. Francs and Pesetas were accepted in Andorra until 2002.
High mountains and narrow valleys cover the country.
France and the bishop of Urgel held joint sovereignty over Andorra from 1278 to 1993. Voters chose to adopt a parliamentary system March 14,1993, although co-princes remain heads of state. Tourism, especially skiing, is the economic mainstay. A free port, Andorra attracts more than 10,000,000...
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It is a small country between France and Spain.
No, but a valid passport and Visa for France or Spain is required.
In the Parish of Sant Julia de Loria in southern Andorra.
No, but a valid Passport and Visa for France or Spain is required.
No it is a small country between France and Spain.
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Andorra la Vella is the capital andlargest city of Andorra.
The variety of a local apple.
Coma Pedrosa is 9,652 feet above sea level.
Yes. Only EU (European Union) citizens don't need visa to travel Andorra.
Antoni Martí is the Prime Minister of Andorra. He became the Prime Minister of Andorra on 2011 May 12, after the 2011 parliamentary elections. The Prime Minister of Andorra is the head of government, and is elected by the Andorran Parliament.
Simple, if you don't work you don't get money, there are no government payments for not working in Andorra. So the answer is, won't work, don't eat.
Andorra la Vella is the capital city of Andorra.
It has 3 vertical bars: blue, yellow, red from left to right. In the center yellow panel there is the Andorran Coat of Arms with a bishop's hat in the upper left corner, alternating yellow and red bars in the upper right and lower left, and two cows in the lower right.
Cannabis is not legal in Andorra. Laws are heavily enforced and thepeople are very intolerant of its use. That is not saying youcannot find it for sale.
the flag colors were taken from Spain and France
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Not directly. But Andorra does not have a separate visa. If you are already in France or Spain with a Schengen Visa, you can enter Andorra.
I want to say around 63 cities, but i maybe wrong. Andorra is apretty small country, it is half of Brampton and it has a largerpopulation of Andorra (Brampton is a city in Canada).