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Floors can be a challenge to install, maintain and change. Questions regarding the installation, maintenance and repair of carpets, tile, wood and other materials go here.


Try the spray "Totally Awesome" it really is awesome and cleans  just about anything.
They may live 20 years or more.
You cannot use sheetrock as flooring, period. If you meant on a  wall, there is no reason you cannot put sheetrock over tiles. The  question is why would you want to! Why not remove tiles and  material behind, which is probably sheetrock, and then install new  sheetrock. If it is an area prone...
Natural marble is best for kitchen flooring.
  A room that is 12' x 15' would be 180 square feet.
Any grocery or big box stores.
  abrasion resistance is the resistance in abrasion
Cleopatra VII is said by Plutarch to have done this,
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The very first Vinyl tile was created in the 1920s there's no exact  date. But it was only in the 1950s that Vinyl tile evolved and  become the self sticky vinyl tile.
You can put clorox-if brown carpet-then use dawn
Mop the floor with the tile cleaner. Spray the cleaner on walls and  counters then wipe it down with a soft sponge. Avoid abrasive mops  and sponges because these scratch the tile and can damage old  grout.
Maple andCherry are the strongest wood and also good choice for hardwoodfloors. In Spite of this, these hardwood floors gives a pleasantlook to your floor.
Purchase a can of ( AFTA ) at Home Depot, usually located in the  carpet section. Very little goes a long way.    Try to gently scrape the gunk off of the floor. Sometimes a small  spray of WD40 and a few minutes will work to remove the rest. If  you are trying to remove wax or Mop and Glo,...
Any room where the length times the width equals 59.
Firstly, you have to make sure the structural condition of the old laminate floor is sound. If it is not, then you would need to make repairs to ensure it is as solid as possible. You can easily damage your laminate floors by laying them on a weak foundation. You can either damage the board or the...
  Lay a moist, warm wash cloth atop the indentation and GENTLY rub with a hot iron. DO NOT press hard. The moisture needs to transfer to the carpet and swell the fibers.
Dupont is known for having a very scratch resistant floor. Generally, if you keep your dogs nails trimmed and they are not 200 lbs, you should be okay.It should be stated though that no laminate or wood for that matter is scratch proof. One down fall of a laminate is the limited amount of repair...
  I do it all the time. Avoid the very low end stuff and you will be fine. (I like Wilsonart squares my self for kitchen and bath but plank style will do also.)
700 sq ft = 700*12*12 = 100800 sq inches 16*16 sq inches = 256 sq inches So number of tiles = 100800/256 = 393.75 If this is for real, rather than a maths sum, allow for the fact that the shape you are tiling may not correspond to a whole number of tiles along its length or breadth and also for...
Laminate is a technique. Basically, it glues a layer on top of another substance. The patent for the original laminate expired years ago and the term has entered the language and has been used as a generic description. There are already all sorts of prices of laminate given. You will need to be more...
Either way, there is a metal strip available that has a groove in one side for the tile and a lip that goes over the carpet.The most common brand name for these metal strips is Schluter.
use $2. per sq foot as a base & you will get a lot of choices and pretty good product. YOu can always spend more or less, but $2 is a good budget.
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The carpet abd furniture absorb the sound,making it quieter.
any clother stain remover will suffice. i prefer grandmas secret  spot remover, find it on amazon or at most craft stores
5- 7 bucks a SF and most guys charge a minimum fee. Example average kitchen backsplash is 30 Square feet 210.00 wouldn't be worth doing most tile guys minimum charge is 350.00-400.00 Here in Chicago the average price for installation of your ceramic tile should be about 5.50 per S/F straight lay...
800 sq. mtr  area  how many tiles and labour charge all with matrial charges 
Cut pile carpets are generally found in Saxony carpets, also called plush or textured. They are also found in a frieze, also called twist or California Berber.
This all depends on how "unlevel" it is. Assuming this humps or valleys are not larger then 1" in a 6' radius, than yes most definitely. You of course will still be able to feel this unlevel floor beneath you. The vinyl will only telegraph to the shape of the floor it sits on.If the level issues are...
Generally speaking no. Most big box retailers offer installation for $100 or less as long as you buy carpet and pad. Unless you already have all the tools and the knowledge to install it, you are not looking at a more cost effective installation.Nearly all carpet manufactures require a carpet to be...
This is often a sign of an anal gland issue. There's a gland right by a dog's anus, and sometimes it can become infected, or impacted, and the dog feels uncomfortable. It could also be a sign of worms/parasites. In either case, it's best to have the vet check up on them.
This depends on the manufacture and the construction of the laminate flooring.Generally speaking, it is unwise to put laminate into a full bath. The frequent humidity changes from bathing, the water from people exiting the tub, and the change of a catastrophic amount of water getting onto the floor...
Yes and it is common when pad is being placed onto a cement substrate. It should be noted that when pad is glued, removing it later can be a very messy job.
I would also like to know the answer. I think it will, because it does attack the calcium, really cleans the surface. I've done a garage floor and it seems to have the same effect as the commercial acids, and appears to do the same thing (I've used both). However I"ll like to see further replies,...
My purple carpet is in my room and I love it so much!I use a carpet in the bathroom so that my feet do not get cold in the wintertime.
Most Vinyl Asbestos Tile (VAT) was out of the system by 1979 however in an effort to make sure the wholesale & retail pipeline was all clear & without creating a financial burden on the companies with inventory they were given until 1984 to clear inventory & certify that it was all gone....
My nephew had applied polyurethane to the bedroom floor and accidentally got some on the linoleum flooring outside of my bedroom. I tried taking it out with goof off and paint thinner to no avail. I decided to see if I could lift the stain by applying steam to it. So I kept applying steam with my...
As long as it took your mom and your boyfriend to finish last nigh! Some people love to give stupid answers. Depending on the size of the room, half an hour to an hour. Getting furniture out of the way will probably take most of the time. Not out of the room, just away from the walls.
goof off, painters friend, grandmas secret spot remover
'un tapis de fleurs' (for flowers), 'un tapis à fleurs' (for a flower-patterned carpet).
You apply ceramic sealer, available at your tile store.
It should also be noted that choosing the carpet that is well  suited to a given area is another factor that guarantees that the  carpet will be cared for its lifetime. Moreover, once laid, the  carpet needs an effective carpet cleaning that should include  vacuuming; cleaning with cleaning...
You will need 96 tiles by extra to allow for cuttings.
as long as it is dense and not thicker than 3/16" (the thickness of  a nicklel)
  100 Square feet
  Wouldn't recommend this ... it may warp your hardwood flooring and/or permanently damage the wood finish. There are "floor strippers" made for this purpose.
simple water and rag, it will disolve and even clean the carpet  some
There are 2 standard ways that carpet is sold, either square yard or square foot. Depending where you are shopping, both are used still.The carpet mills require orders be placed in square yards. Carpet stores began pricing their product in square foot because it was a smaller number and a more...
It's a little bit of incomplete question. In  general carpet pads are available in custom sizes, thus the cost of  it varies according to their use. If you want to know the exact  cost of a carpet, please share the size of your area rug or you can  directly take an expert suggestion at any rug...
  Thaks a lot it has shown me how the friends concrete dyo falls apart   I am now trying to be a dyo   Whats the secret time to to final finish with the float( wooden /steel   whats the rule of thumb to take out the edging   thanks Dave
It is best to remove the wall tiles. You need a flat service and a lot of times old tile will not be perfectly flat. If you remove the tiles you will have a good base to tile on. If you don't want to remove the tiles you may be able to add a backer board on top of the old tile and then tile on that.
The best base molding for a basement is pine or molded plastic.  They work as well as the more expensive options for a lot less  money. This makes them perfect for a basement.
They are not dangerous. There diet consists of small mammals, bats,birds and lizards.
Length (L) equals 4 x Width (W) Area (A) is equal to L x W and is equal to 16m2 We have two equations (1) L = 4W (2) A = L x W Since we know A = 16 (m2) we have two unknowns (L and W) Algebraic substitution of equation (1) into equation (2) gives us (3) A = 4W x W replacing 16m2 for A (4)...
Sales tax in Florida is 6% for the State. Other taxes by the  locality can make the total go up to as high as 7.5% total.
Not really...for tile to be properly set it must be on a hard surface. A carpeted surface will not provide the hard surface needed for tile to properly bond.
yes it is, if that is the bottom floor
The same reason we scratch ours. Dogs itch too, you know. This can be caused by impacted anal glands. They have scent glands right outside the anus, and they sometimes get impacted and/or infected. That causes pain, burning, and itching, and dogs will scoot to try to relieve the discomfort. In this...
General daily maintenance requires vacuuming, sweeping and dust mopping. Several generic cleaning solutions are also available to clean laminate floors. Most major laminate flooring manufacturers have their own cleaning kits with instructions. Most kits contain a flat cloth mop and a spray-on...
Baking soda is much effective for this purpose. Apply baking soldtill one hour
First, do NOT wax laminate floors in the first place! They are not supposed to be waxed. However, if you are in a situation like I am, namely the previous owners waxed your laminate and now it looks awful, you can try scraping the wax up with a credit card or store "club" card, or hitting it with a...
A friend of mine would always use a mixture of half and half water and vinegar in a spray bottle. She would spray a small area and then using a sponge mop wipe it up.
If you pour to a 4" depth, you will need at least 24.89 cubic yards. If you use a 6" depth, you will need at least 37.33 cubic yards.
Spray Windex on floor and mop it up with a mop. Or put Spic and Span in mop bucket and mop it up.
Carpets used in aeroplane meet the safety requirements for smoke,flame and toxicity.
The most effective way is to freeze the gum with ice so that it ishard and no longer sticky, then chip or scrape it out. As long asthe gum is sticky any attempt to remove it will only spread it.
1200 square feet is the same thing as (133 and 1/3) square yards. Depending on the style and quality, different kinds of carpet can cost anywhere from $5 to $20 a square yard. Maybe more by now, since I was involved with such things. $5 per square yard . . . . . $670 $20 per square yard ....
Use broom to weep all durty then after mopping never walk on the floor during this time
when no more solids will dissolve into the watre a what is  [produced
Don't do it! Laminate should be a floating floor -- not nailed or glued down. Just pick it up!
If this is drink then you dont need to worry. A cup of clean watercan solve this problem. hope this will help you.
  remove the offending grout with a tungsten grout remover and regrout
Yes, concrete floors are not recommended for aerobic activity. You should have a floor with cushioning, such as laminate floor or a sports floor which is specific for high impact activities to minimize injuries.
Use a high-quality sealant and its specifications depending uponthe requirement would be the best solution for the slate tilebefore grout.
 == Answer ==   If it is an older model with a 4 barrel carborater remove the top of the air cleaner leave the motor off puch open the top flaps on the 4 barrels (back 2) and then take a screw driver and tap on the flaps at the bottom sounds like the secondary flaps are stuck open slightly this...
If a dog is nervous about a surface, due to the floor being slippery or clear (grating) then they will not walk there. It is a safety precaution.
I have a quantity of these white tiles taken from a 1909 house in Wales. They measure 17.25 inches X 12 inches.
If the floor is dirty because of just every day use,then try a 70/30 mix of water and methylated spirits.Using a simple mop will be adequate.
There are a great number of wood species that can be used formaking hardwood flooring. Some examples are Birch, Hickory, Maple,Cherry and of course the popular Oak timber. BUt personally, if Iwill choose the type of wood for hardwood flooring, it will be theoak.
About $5 per square yard. Been doing it 45 years.
you should use laminate but make sure you also put down a vapor barrier first you could also use hardwood but it would have to be glued instead of nailed tooooo much trouble
Sandstone tiles will last for many years if cared for properly.  Dropping heavy objects on them can cause them to crack. You will  also want to use a sealer on them because they are porous and will  stain.
The vinyl in Vinyl composite tiles is pvc, blended with Limestonedust and pigments. There are a couple of other trade secret itemsbut the 3 I mentioned account for about 99% of the composition VCT
Antifreeze is water soluble. You can use water to rinse the  anti-freeze out of the carpeting provided you remove the carpeting  from the car first. You don't want to put water on the carpet on  the car while it is in the car because water will cause the floor  to rust and holes in the floor are...