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Try the spray "Totally Awesome" it really is awesome and cleansjust about anything.
Sure it is allowed but it will take 1-5 hours to dry. Warning: donot slip
You can fit nine 4x4 tiles in one squre foot (3 tiles wide by 3 tiles long). 56 square feet times 9 = 504. Add about 10% for cutting a/o waste (50 tiles) and you should buy around 550 tiles to complete the job. Good luck.
576 feet x 12 inches in a foot = 6912 inches 6912 inches/18 inches per tile = 384 tiles
They may live 20 years or more.
The foundation is built out of cement blocks instead of poured concrete.
You cannot use sheetrock as flooring, period. If you meant on awall, there is no reason you cannot put sheetrock over tiles. Thequestion is why would you want to! Why not remove tiles andmaterial behind, which is probably sheetrock, and then install newsheetrock. If it is an area prone to moisture...
yes they can sit anywhere! what a stupid question!
Natural marble is best for kitchen flooring.
A room that is 12' x 15' would be 180 square feet.
Any grocery or big box stores.
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The very first Vinyl tile was created in the 1920s there's no exactdate. But it was only in the 1950s that Vinyl tile evolved andbecome the self sticky vinyl tile.
You can put clorox-if brown carpet-then use dawn
Mop the floor with the tile cleaner. Spray the cleaner on walls andcounters then wipe it down with a soft sponge. Avoid abrasive mopsand sponges because these scratch the tile and can damage oldgrout.
Maple andCherry are the strongest wood and also good choice for hardwoodfloors. In Spite of this, these hardwood floors gives a pleasantlook to your floor.
Purchase a can of ( AFTA ) at Home Depot, usually located in thecarpet section. Very little goes a long way. Try to gently scrape the gunk off of the floor. Sometimes a smallspray of WD40 and a few minutes will work to remove the rest. Ifyou are trying to remove wax or Mop and Glo, use ammonia...
Laminate floors are made with a plastic or polymer based material. If you speak of the finish of the laminate itself, it cannot be resealed. The surface itself is nonporous, making it impossible to create a new bond that will give you an ascetically pleasing appearance. If you are speaking of...
You Have 200 Tiles of 15 cm x 15 cm. so the Are will be: 200 x 15 x 15 = 45000 Sq.cm and in 1 Sq.m there are 10000 Sq.cm So Devide 45000 to 10000 45000 / 10000 = 4.5 Sq.m so You Have 4.5 Sq.m So Did You Ger It Bro :)
Any room where the length times the width equals 59.
Firstly, you have to make sure the structural condition of the old laminate floor is sound. If it is not, then you would need to make repairs to ensure it is as solid as possible. You can easily damage your laminate floors by laying them on a weak foundation. You can either damage the board or the...
12feet/3=4yards 11feet/3=11/3yards 4yards*11/3yards=44/3sq yards as a decimal fraction 44/3=14.6666666666
Lay a moist, warm wash cloth atop the indentation and GENTLY rub with a hot iron. DO NOT press hard. The moisture needs to transfer to the carpet and swell the fibers.
Dupont is known for having a very scratch resistant floor. Generally, if you keep your dogs nails trimmed and they are not 200 lbs, you should be okay. It should be stated though that no laminate or wood for that matter is scratch proof. One down fall of a laminate is the limited amount of repair...
There is no reason to wet them.
I do it all the time. Avoid the very low end stuff and you will be fine. (I like Wilsonart squares my self for kitchen and bath but plank style will do also.)
700 sq ft = 700*12*12 = 100800 sq inches 16*16 sq inches = 256 sq inches So number of tiles = 100800/256 = 393.75 If this is for real, rather than a maths sum, allow for the fact that the shape you are tiling may not correspond to a whole number of tiles along its length or breadth and also for...
Laminate is a technique. Basically, it glues a layer on top of another substance. The patent for the original laminate expired years ago and the term has entered the language and has been used as a generic description. There are already all sorts of prices of laminate given. You will need to be more...
Fontaine Flooring has been installing hardwood flooring for over 9 years and can answer any questions about hardwood flooring. What is you exact question.
Either way, there is a metal strip available that has a groove in one side for the tile and a lip that goes over the carpet. The most common brand name for these metal strips is Schluter.
In Nova Scotia, the average cost per square foot for building a newhome averages between $130 to $150. This estimate is based on afinished general living area and does not include a basement orattached garage. If you wish to add a basement, this will averageanother $50 per square foot, and an...
use $2. per sq foot as a base & you will get a lot of choices and pretty good product. YOu can always spend more or less, but $2 is a good budget.
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The carpet abd furniture absorb the sound,making it quieter.
any clother stain remover will suffice. i prefer grandmas secretspot remover, find it on amazon or at most craft stores
5- 7 bucks a SF and most guys charge a minimum fee. Example average kitchen backsplash is 30 Square feet 210.00 wouldn't be worth doing most tile guys minimum charge is 350.00-400.00 Here in Chicago the average price for installation of your ceramic tile should be about 5.50 per S/F straight lay...
800 sq. mtr area how many tiles and labour charge all with matrial charges
Cut pile carpets are generally found in Saxony carpets, also called plush or textured. They are also found in a frieze, also called twist or California Berber.
This all depends on how "unlevel" it is. Assuming this humps or valleys are not larger then 1" in a 6' radius, than yes most definitely. You of course will still be able to feel this unlevel floor beneath you. The vinyl will only telegraph to the shape of the floor it sits on. If the level issues...
Generally speaking no. Most big box retailers offer installation for $100 or less as long as you buy carpet and pad. Unless you already have all the tools and the knowledge to install it, you are not looking at a more cost effective installation. Nearly all carpet manufactures require a carpet to...
With any tile project, you need to estimate 10% waste. 14 x 11.5 = 161 We still need to add 10% for waste so multiply by 1.1 161 x 1.1 = 177.1 You need to purchase 178 tile for a project of this size.
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This depends on the manufacture and the construction of the laminate flooring. Generally speaking, it is unwise to put laminate into a full bath. The frequent humidity changes from bathing, the water from people exiting the tub, and the change of a catastrophic amount of water getting onto the floor...
Yes and it is common when pad is being placed onto a cement substrate. It should be noted that when pad is glued, removing it later can be a very messy job.
Carpet cleaners provide a service or services. However, while providing the service to clean your carpets, theycould try to sell you a good or goods, for example, their brand ofspot stain remover.
Since a 12" x 12" tile is 1 sq ft, you would need 40 tiles. Generally speaking you always want to add 10% for waste, so you will need to buy 44 tiles.
I would also like to know the answer. I think it will, because it does attack the calcium, really cleans the surface. I've done a garage floor and it seems to have the same effect as the commercial acids, and appears to do the same thing (I've used both). However I"ll like to see further replies,...
My purple carpet is in my room and I love it so much! I use a carpet in the bathroom so that my feet do not get cold in the wintertime.
Most Vinyl Asbestos Tile (VAT) was out of the system by 1979 however in an effort to make sure the wholesale & retail pipeline was all clear & without creating a financial burden on the companies with inventory they were given until 1984 to clear inventory & certify that it was all gone. One other...
My nephew had applied polyurethane to the bedroom floor and accidentally got some on the linoleum flooring outside of my bedroom. I tried taking it out with goof off and paint thinner to no avail. I decided to see if I could lift the stain by applying steam to it. So I kept applying steam with my...
As long as it took your mom and your boyfriend to finish last nigh! Some people love to give stupid answers. Depending on the size of the room, half an hour to an hour. Getting furniture out of the way will probably take most of the time. Not out of the room, just away from the walls.
goof off, painters friend, grandmas secret spot remover
'un tapis de fleurs' (for flowers), 'un tapis à fleurs' (for a flower-patterned carpet).
Probably because you are using too much floor cleanser. I used to have the best cleaning lady in the world, but after she finished the kitchen, my bare feet would stick to the floor. I would wait until she left and wash the floor again with clear water and one of those microfiber rags. They really...
You apply ceramic sealer, available at your tile store.
It should also be noted that choosing the carpet that is wellsuited to a given area is another factor that guarantees that thecarpet will be cared for its lifetime. Moreover, once laid, thecarpet needs an effective carpet cleaning that should includevacuuming; cleaning with cleaning solutions; and...
You will need 96 tiles by extra to allow for cuttings.
Now that's a loaded question !! It would depend on a lot of things. What type of flooring do you have now and what type are you putting in, will there be a lot of prep work to do, or is it a new building? Are there a lot of jogs or angles to deal with? You would be far better off to phone a few...
as long as it is dense and not thicker than 3/16" (the thickness ofa nicklel)
Convert the tile length to feet : 12 inches = 1 ft then 15 inches = 15 / 12 = 1.25 feet Then the area of each tile = 1.25 x 1.25 = 1.5625 sq ft The number of tiles required = 378 ÷ 1.5625 = 241.92 (round up to 242) However, the actual dimensions of the area can affect the number of...
I would take a small cup of bleach and a toothbrush and dip the toothbrush in the bleach and brush it out. Then I would follow it with clear water to rinse!
\nSpot Clean using liquid cleaning agents that you should fist test out in a small not-so-noticeable area of the rug to see whether there are any negative reactions.\n. \nVisit http://rugcaremaintenance.wordpress.com/ for more rug tips.
100 Square feet
If you are going to post homework questions, please give us all the details so we can help you get the answer.. Re read the problem & divide the total yards moved by the total fuel used & that is the answer.
A square foot is 12" x 12" space. You have 4 ea of 6"x6" tiles in a square foot.
If the tiles measure 12 inches square then the area of each tile is 1 sq foot. Therefore 1400 tiles are needed to cover an area of 1400 square feet. However, the actual dimensions of the area being tiled can affect the number of tiles required so closer examination is needed.
Wouldn't recommend this ... it may warp your hardwood flooring and/or permanently damage the wood finish. There are "floor strippers" made for this purpose.
simple water and rag, it will disolve and even clean the carpetsome
There are 2 standard ways that carpet is sold, either square yard or square foot. Depending where you are shopping, both are used still. The carpet mills require orders be placed in square yards. Carpet stores began pricing their product in square foot because it was a smaller number and a more...
It's a little bit of incomplete question. Ingeneral carpet pads are available in custom sizes, thus the cost ofit varies according to their use. If you want to know the exactcost of a carpet, please share the size of your area rug or you candirectly take an expert suggestion at any rug and carpet...
Efficiency has to do with the amount of work done and the energy it takes to do it. If you want to heat the great outdoors, or parts thereof, there is no more efficient way than radiant heating.
Thaks a lot it has shown me how the friends concrete dyo falls apart. I am now trying to be a dyo. Whats the secret time to to final finish with the float( wooden /steel. whats the rule of thumb to take out the edging. thanks Dave
We can't tell without the 3 rd dimension of the room. The area of the 4 walls is [ two (length x height) + two (width x height) ], so we need to know the length, width, and height. (Of course, we'll also have to subtract out the area of the doors and windows, but that's minor.)
There are many type of Carpets. Depending on the face fibre &Condition. While nylon is recyclable and polyester is not commonlyrecycled. Some Companies will Pick it if you live nearby.
It is best to remove the wall tiles. You need a flat service and a lot of times old tile will not be perfectly flat. If you remove the tiles you will have a good base to tile on. If you don't want to remove the tiles you may be able to add a backer board on top of the old tile and then tile on that.
Every manufacturer makes many different models and all of them are different dimensions, no standard dimension. I would go to Home Depot or Lowes website & pick one I like & they will have the specs on there so you would know.
The best base molding for a basement is pine or molded plastic.They work as well as the more expensive options for a lot lessmoney. This makes them perfect for a basement.
They are not dangerous. There diet consists of small mammals, bats,birds and lizards.
The answer to this question depends upon several criteria: 1. The span of the floor framing members 2. The 'on center' spacing of the floor framing members 3. The nominal dimension of the floor framing members (2x12 etc.) 4. The grade and species of the wood 5. Size and location of any holes or...