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Stephen King

Stephen Edwin King (born September 21, 1947) is an American writer of contemporary horror fiction, science fiction, fantasy literature, and screenplays. In 2003 the National Book Foundation awarded King the Medal for Distinguished Contribution to American Letters.
In short, yes. Stephen King makes an appearance in all of his films. Whether it is a cameo by voice or physical appearance he is in them. Just like Stan Lee is in all of his movies. You'd have to look to spot him though, if you aren't looking for him you might miss him, it is usually just seconds.
Late last night and the night before, Tommyknockers, Tommyknockers knocking at the door. I want to go out, don't know if I can Cause I'm so afraid of the Tommyknocker man.
350 mil max on wikipedia under "stephen king" aka 16th most of all time impressive!
Type your answer here... The eyes of the dragon... He wrote it for his own children, it stands alone, but it ties in with other stories he wrote, if they grow up to be fans
Yes, Penny Dreadful was the name of the clown in Stephen Kings IT
He was raised in Maine.
what is trisha realtionship with other
StephenKing.com has officially discontinued downloads of "The Plant" and has no word on when the author plans to resume the novel.. I found a copy on eBay.
Stand By Me has the phrase 'there's nothing like a good smoke after dinner'. The movie is based on Stephen King's story The Body.
It is his latest collection of short stories.
No, Rose Red is NOT a real mansion, although Stephen King got the idea from a real mansion and a real woman: Sarah Winchester, and the Winchester Mystery House. It is important to note that no one has ever been killed or gone missing in the Winchester Mystery House. See the Related Links. The...
Stephen King and R.L. Stine are not the same person. They both write in the same genre but R.L. Stine is mostly directed towards kids while Stephen King has "older elements." This is why Stine is known as the "Stephen King" of children's literature.
i would say the two cleanest are firestarter and the girl who loved tom Gordon
I read my first Stephen King book at age 13, The Dark Half. And I loved it. It terrified and enthralled me, and I was instantly hooked. My next book was his infamous 'IT'. Even though I was 13 I could identify with his characters. Many of them were my age, after all. But he wrote the truth. And that...
She is currently working as a corpse, as she died 45 years ago.
If you are talking about the 1976 feature film, then Sissy Spacek portrayed Carrie herself. Piper Laurie played Margaret White, Carrie's mother. Amy Irving and William Katt portrayed Sue Snell and Tommy Ross respectively. A young John Travolta played Billy Nolan.
The water out is the only consideration. Long before he could have died of starvation, or been reduced to cannibalism of a dead cell mate, he would have died of dehydration. That takes little more than three days, and even high estimates would have it at ten. You need at least a month to starve to...
Stephen King's earliest works, often regarded as his best work, almost exclusively dealt with "nerds". And these were always his biggest fan base. "Carrie", his first work, was about a girl nerd. "Christine" about a boy nerd. Etc. That Stephen King as a child had at the least "nerd aspects" is...
No. While purportedly so, it was a "parliamentarian democracy", and there is an enormous difference. In the parliamentary style, there is a governing body - in the Boulder Free Zone's case, a "committee" - that decides things. The membership of the committee is "at large", meaning that the whole...
Theora Stephens did not invent the curling iron. It was actually used in Greek times by the upper class. Theora only patended it.
Yes, he has, the few poems he has written appear in his short fiction anthologies.
Edgar Allan Poe, one of the founders of modern horror writing, has also influenced Stephen King's writing. It is in human nature to delve into the morbid realms of life, and both Edgar Allan Poe and Stephen King do this in their writings. These two men appear to have an oddly similar morose...
George is killed and drowned by IT, also known as Pennywise. The recurring phrase "We float, we all float here" is first heard at this point in the novel.
His favorite stories of his own seem to be The Stand and The Dark Tower series.
Misery in 1990 and Dolores Claibourne in 1995. She was also in The Stand. She had a small role as Rae Flowers, a radio talk show host.
Good question! He makes the reference to them on page 354, I was thinking they were Xanax or another type of antidepressant/anti-anxiety pill, because Sammy (the character in book) mentions how depressed she is and thinks about ending her life with them.
There is no Stephen King movie with that title. You may be thinking of "Sleepwalkers" and the song "Sleepwalk" by Santo and johnny Farina. That film also featured the following songs: Enya-Boadicea, The Contours-Do You Love Me, Extreme-It ('s A Monster), Gaye Delorme - The Rodeo Song.
I am assuming that you are meaning the instrumental song that was also played in the movie La Bamba during Richie Valens funeral. If so this is the song that you are refering to:. " Sleep Walk " is an instrumental steel guitar -based song recorded and released in 1959 by Santo & Johnny .. (Found...
It's from The Dark Half. It's actually a character in a book serieswritten by Thad Beaumont/George Stark, the novelist who is the maincharacter in The Dark Half. So it's kind of an obscure characterwho's really a character of a book within a book. Confusing, butthere's your answer. Alex Machine...
Andy pleads to the district attorney that he is innocent. Andy gets into fights with the sisters. Brooks decided whether he was to kill Heywood to have crime worth of staying in prison. Tommy has a story which says Andy is innocent, warden Norton does not want to let him tell it. Andy escapes. Red...
After several stalls in production, it finally released on September 8th 2017 .
He doesn't have a nickname, as far as I'm aware, but he has used the PEN name (pseudonym) "Richard Bachman" on several occasions.
Stephen King's Thinner is about a very obese man who gets cursed by a gypsy to keep losing weight. He eats all day, every day -- hundreds of thousands of calories a day -- but he just keeps wasting away to nothing. So he spends the rest of the movie trying to get the gypsy to lift the curse. It's...
The audience of To a terrorist, is a terrorist.
would you let your child watch Stephen King movie
HArsh language would be my guess...
Douglas E. Winter's book about him says about 15 but its pretty old
Stephen King received an advance of 2,500 from Doubleday for his book 'Carrie'
The same letter was missing. I think it may have been an "M," but I'm not sure.. It was "N".
Fear for someone else . Fear of others (paranoia) . Fear of death . Fear of insects (especially spiders, flies, and beetles) . Fear of closed-in places . Fear of rats . Fear of snakes . Fear of deformity . Fear of squishy things . Fear of the dark
He has two sons, a daughter, and three grandkids.
Rage on the page and mean on the screen.
He's about 200 lbs and 6'4"
He does, of a sort. His book On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft is partly autobiographical, as well as being a guide for aspiring writers.
The 'sematary' was originally started by children as a place to bury their dead pets, hence the spelling-mistake on the sign which they erected.
It probably depends on the 11 year old in question, but as a general rule and speaking as a lifelong fan, I'd say by Junior High, you should be OK. At 11, The Eyes of the Dragon might be great - it is a knights-and-maidens fantasy, not a true horror story, and one of his best.
It probably depends on the 11 year old in question, but as a general rule and speaking as a lifelong fan, I'd say by Junior High, you should be OK. At 11, The Eyes of the Dragon might be great - it is a knights-and-maidens fantasy, not a true horror story, and one of his best.
His website. If you have to ask what the URL is, you probably can't read this anyway.
In the movie Carrie, Sissy Spacek played Carrie.
right around 50 were published but he also published a bunch or stories in magazines and stuff
According to Robert Grumbine http://www.radix.net/~bobg/books/banned.1.html Carrie was considered to be trash and harmful to young girls because the book has lots of violence and abuse. It may still be considered as witchcraft and has sexual scenes that is not for immature people to read.
because the stories in it are novellas, stories that are too long to be considered short stories and too short to be a full length novel, so he put them together all in one book.
Misery, by Stephen King, was published in 1987
Because it's a hugely popular (and quite amusing) line from The Shining.. The line was ad-libbed by Jack Nicholson.
No, he signs his full first and last names. the "n" at the end of Stephen also makes up the Back of the "k" in King and crosses the "t" in Stephen.
Naomi Rachel King. Joesph Hillstorm King. Owen Phillip King
The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon Carrie Firestarter Four Past Midnight The Gunslinger (Dark Tower series) The Dead Zone The Stand The shining it cujo 1408 the green mile
He witnessed a friend being hit and killed by a train. This later inspired his short story "The Body", a story about loss of childhood innocence.
The Green Mile is about a prison's corrections officer and his interactions with the Death Row inmates he's in charge of, particularly his relationship with one African-American inmate who has been falsely convicted for murder.
Technically speaking they spoofed movies based on one Stephen King novel, and two of his short stories. They Spoofed Misery , the one where Stewie played the crazy chick (Novel), The Shawshank Redemption , the prison one (Short Story called "Rita Hayworth and the Shawshank Redemption"), and Stand...
To the best of my knowledge, no he was not.
You may be referring to "Dreamcatcher" (2003) with Morgan Freeman as Col. Abraham Curtis. Also, Thomas Jane, Jason Lee, Damian Lewis, and Timothy Oliphant as the four friends, and Donnie Wahlberg as Duddits. It is from the Stephen King novel of the same name.
There is no Ellen Rimbauer mansion. Ellen Rimbauer is a fictional character from Stephen King's Rose Red . She is not a real person, and never was a real person. The Winchester Mansion in California is the real life mansion that gave Stephen King the idea. Sarah Winchester's husband invented the...
Since it never came out in the movies because it is such a long movie, it is rated TV-MA. There are several sex references and kissing, and there is a shower scene with a middle school boy, but no nudity is shown. There's a lot of blood and fighting, and profanity. The whole movie is very...
Other words that have the same meaning as 'solutions' as in to solve a problem are but not limited to:. Explanation. Key. Resolution. Result. Clarification. Elucidation
Richard Bachman is Seven King's pseudonym.
Rose Red isn't a real place.
175+ Popular series include . Brian's Saga . Mr Tucket Saga . Murphy Series . Alida's series . World of Adventure . Tales to Tickle the Funnybone . Culpepper Adventures
I don't believe he had a cameo appearance in IT (1990). First of all, he is not listed on the imdb (Internet Movie Database) entry for the movie, in the "Full Cast & Crew" section. Second, there is a website (see the Related Link below) which lists all the cameos he has done, and IT is not...
no Misery was written in the 80s
Many things. Most obviously, it is the title of a series of novels by Stephen King, as well as the title of the final novel in that series and a physical structure central to the series' narrative. More generally, it is the lynchpin of all existence, the center of not just our world, but all...
Stephen King's inspiration for the Dark Tower series was the poem "Childe To Roland The Dark Tower Came"
Minus two points for not wanting to read the book. Carrie dies and most of Chamberlain is in ruin. However, it seems that a young girl begins to develop telekinesis like Carrie.
The Green Mile was published in 1996.
You might make the argument that King wants us to see the potential terror of seemingly innocuous, everyday objects, people, and situations. A pet cemetery, a car, a clown, an unpopular girl in high school, etc. all have the potential to become frightening. Also, he is oddly optimistic, given his...
Stephen King wrote many books and there were a lot of really popular ones. The most popular ones would probably be Carrie and It.
The point of view in The Reaper's Image by Stephen King is 3rdPerson
It's a novella from the story collection called 'Four past midnight' called 'the library policemen'
Stephen King's IT was filmed in the following locations: . Buntzen Lake, Anmore, British Columbia, Canada . Chicago, Illinois, USA . New Westminister, British Columbia, Canada . New York City, New York, USA . St. Thomas Aguinas High School, North Vancouver, BritishColumbia, Canada . Stanley...