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The Republic of Madagascar is an island nation in the Indian Ocean. The main island, also known as Madagascar, is the world’s fourth biggest island. It is home to up to 12,000 plant species in the world.
The distance between Antananarivo and London the two capital cities of Madagascar and UK is 9.071.707,31 meters. If this is calculated between the two closest points [Southeast UK - Beachy Head and Northwest Madagascar] then the distance is 8.406.922,56.
Madagascar, the fourth largest island in the world, is located off the east coast of Africa in the Indian Ocean. GreenlandNew GuineaBorneoMadagascar
Madagascar was colonized by the French in December 1894.
Madagascar has 6 provinces Antananarivo (capital city) Toamasina Antsiranana Mahajanga Toliara Fianarantsoa
There have been many important events in Madagascar's entire history, so there aren't just five of them. However, here are five major events in relatively recent history. 1: the unification of Madagascar under a single state (a process lasting from the late 18th to early 19th centuries) 2: French...
The fossa can only be found in Madagascar.
English, French, Malagasy(all are official)
Madagascar has lemurs. It also has fassa which is a type ofmongoose that is only found in Madagascar. Almost all plants andanimals on Madagascar can not be found anywhere else in the world.
Madagascar has a number of famous buildings. The Queens Palace and  the Palace of Andafiavaratra are two famous buildings in  Madagascar.
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the quality of life is very bad children starve and only very few people have access to water and food. many people have to look thourgh garbage to find food
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shureYes. The Constitution of Madagascar came into force on 19 August 1992. Amended: September 1995, 8 April 1998, 4 April 2007
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Transportation, construction, simple sales, health care, farming, real estate, crafts, bike repairs, and auto repairs.
Madagascar is a large island off the east coast of the mainland of  Africa and it is an Africa country.   -----------------------------------------------------------   It is not an African country.
Matriarchy/ Matriarcal concept is a family run on will and decision making of a mother, as mother or a lady is the head.
They celebrate by officials giving speeches, laying wreaths on the tombs of the people who died. Malagasy people treat it as a family day.
Hery Martial Rakotoarimanana Rajaonarimampianina is the President of Madagascar. Rajaonarimampianina was elected in 2013, as the candidate from former President Andry Rajoelina's camp, as Rajaonarimampianina was previously Rajoelina's Finance Minister.
There are many historic sites in Madagascar. Not all are located on the island itself. Some are found on the islands located near Madagascar. Many of which have settlements of Indian villages and French settlements. There is also traces of the oldest Catholic church present on the island of...
The narrow-headed frog of Madagascar is declining due to loss of its habitat. Unlike the Mantella frog (poison) and Tomato frog (untasty), they do not seem to have any strong protection, but fortunately also few predators. These are lizards, snakes, and some birds.
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No. Madagascar is a country that is a long way from the US.
Already one of the poorest countries in the world, Madagascar was thrown into political crisis in March 2009 when Andry Rajoelina, the former mayor of Madagascar's capital city, seized power from democratically elected President Marc Ravalomanana. The Malagasy people continue to suffer on the...
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They worship according to their own religion.
Madagascar is off the East coast of Africa, along with Comoros, Seychelles, and Mauritius.
Yes, Madagascar have electricity. If you have money, you will be able to have and use all household basic needs in a developed countries such as oven, stove, washing machine, refrigerator, television, vacuum cleaner, computer, fast Internet connection allowing you to use VOIP communications, land...
  == Answer ==   Madagascar is an African country. It is an island located on the east coast of Africa, just to the right of Mozambique's coastline. 
Madagascar came into evistence 120 million years ago.
Here are some National Specialties: Ro (Pork and beef marinated in vinegar, water and oil, then cooked with leaves, onion, pickles and other vegetables, and seasoned with pimento) Ravitoto (meat and cooked leaves mixed together) Ramazava (Leaves and pieces of beef and pork browned in oil) Vary amid...
River(s): The Mananara River, Mangoro River, and The Maningory River.Lake(s): (Also Madagascar's largest lake) Lake Alatora.Surrounding body of water: Indian Ocean.Mountain range(s): Tsaratanana Mountain Range.
In the Human Development Index of 2003, an index created by the United Nations Development Programme which measures achievements in terms of life expectancy, educational attainment and adjusted real income, Madagascar is ranked #149 out of 175 counties. The average Malagasy (the term for a resident...
No. It is an African country, being a large island off the east  coast of the mainland of Africa.
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Madagascar has both a prime minister and a president.
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Madagascar is an island over 200 miles off the coast of Africa. Its borders are formed by the Indian Ocean.
Madagascar is so special because it is the world's 46th-largest country and the fourth largest island. It is slightly bigger than France
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Much of the island was once covered with evergreen and deciduous forest, but little now remains except on the eastern escarpment and in scattered pockets in the west. The plateau is particularly denuded and suffers seriously from erosion. The forest has been cut in order to clear rice fields, to...
The specialities of Madagascar are there food.
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50 to 260 inches of rainfall a year.
Madagascar was a French colony from 1895 to 1958 and French equatorial Africa was officially established from 1910 to 1958.Then it is true to assume that they both were colonies in 1914, under the French rule.
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Bauxite is an ore of Aluminium, Madagascar exports what it doesn't use itself.
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It has deserts, but it is an island.
Zahamena National Park, Madagascar
The culture of Madagascar is Malagas. \n. \n( Researched for a project)
Voice actor Danny Jacobs.
Madagascar is part of africa
The Indian Ocean is Located near Madagascar ;D
The lowest temperature lies between 10-17 degrees celsius
A recently discovered palm, Beccariophoenix alfredii from Madagascar, is nearly identical to the coconut, more so than the queen palm and can also be grown in slightly cooler climates than the coconut palm.
The average temperature in January in Madagascar is 28 degrees  Celsius. The average temperature in July is 25 degrees Celsius.
In Madagascar, French is spoken among the educated population.
Yes, when the french came to madagascar they left part of their culture behind(Food, Religion, Language etc...)
well i think madagascar does not have clean water
The distance in Madagascar from Antananarivo to Fort Dauphin (Taolagnaro) is 523 miles. That equals 842 kilometers and about 8.5 hours in driving time.