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An educator (or teacher) is a person who instructs and educates students. To be an educator, a person must obtain professional qualifications and teaching certification from a university or college.
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They are teachers who teach Kindergarten through Highschoolers. Most teachers are only permitted to do Elementary School specificly or Middle School and High School specificly.  
Arguments Pros Cons Lockers are school property; students are merely allowed to use them as they do with sports equipment, library books, school computers, etc. Lockers can be taken back without notice, for example if they are vandalised or become smelly with rotting food. Students are or should be...
When learning about integration, students can learn to accept  others for who they are without any bias.
Teachers will post farewell speeches on a public board such as the  homepage for the particular class. You can also look for the speech  on group sites shared with the teacher.
Liking your teacher is a very common thing. However, you need to realize that teacher-student relationships hardly ever work out. There is probably a pretty big age gap between you and your teacher, and you two are in very different places in your life. It's okay to have a 'crush' on your teacher...
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The following is written by and according to the U.S. Department of Labor and particular to the job projection for teachers. Employment is projected to grow about as fast as the average for all occupations. Job prospects are best for teachers in high-demand fields, such as mathematics, science,...
Obeying your teacher lets the class continue forward with the lesson. By disrupting the class, the lesson gets stopped and educational goals are not met.Nearly all teachers want to make sure their students have a good grasp on the information to pass the necessay tests. A good teacher also wants to...
This depends on the state you work in. Generally not, because some states consider the off school season as not unemployed. You need to check with your own state for criteria.
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Calling Students Fat   It's very doubtful that a teacher would be reprimanded for calling a student fat, though they might be reminded that heavy or overweight might be a better choice of words. So yes, unless a school has a policy that specifically states that a teacher cannot call a student...
Mostly it depends from the contract but my contract of a third grade teacher is from 7am to 3pm. . As a general rule, teachers are required to be at school for a minimum of seven hours a day. In Australia, formal hours range between 8am or 8:30am to 3pm or 3:30, but any dedicated teacher works far...
Revenge for Homework   Some teachers do seem to give a lot of homework, but wanting to take revenge for it is extreme. It's impossible for anyone to tell you why you're having such a strong reaction. You are the only one who can figure that out. Most teachers who give a lot of homework don't do...
To teach within the public school system in the United States at the pre-K through high school levels, you must have a minimum of a bachelor's degree in a teacher education program from a regionally accredited college or university and state teacher certification. This would take approximately four...
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What Could Happen   The teacher could lose his/her job, go to prison, and/or be labeled a sex offender for life. At the very least, the teacher would most likely be charged with some offense which would mean there would be a highly publicized court procedure that would have a negative effect on...
  the necessity for more accurate time keeping.
Becoming certified to teach Montessori involves a few first steps. After you have chosen to embrace the Montessori way, you should find a program that will certify you.   Most programs will require you to engage in a 'sleep-away' program at which you will hit the books, observe and be observed...
A Kindergarten teacher is in charge in building a solid foundation for reading, writing, math, and problem solving!
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  simple option: take a string, wrap it around the tube, cut off extra, measure the string. Divide by 3, use a ruler to mark the 3 spots on the string, wrap back around tube, and transfer the dots to the tube. DRILL! Accurate option: find circumference of tube. (you can find this by measuring...
  == Answer ==     First, per the Federal legislation NCLB (No Child Left Behind) you'll need at B.S. in Chemistry (4 years of college at an accredited college or university). Second, per your specific State legislation on Teacher Credentialing you'll need to obtain a Single Subject...
Of course. Just remmeber that education is not always what you learn, but how you learn to learn.
Yes, teachers follow a lesson plan. If a teacher teaches 9th grade physical science, then they will teach that same book, same assignments and same labs the next year.
A farewell speech by outgoing student should not only bid others  farewell. It should be used as an opportunity to encourage the  other students to work hard as they remain back. The speech needs  to be concise and personal.
A teacher uses a chalkboard or a whiteboard, plus items to write on them with.
Charracteristecs of the competency based approach
Typically, they do unless your state dosen't.   Another answer:   There are 2 possibilities; first, if there is reasonable assurance or contract that you will go back when school session resumes, you do not qualify. Second, if you lost your job through no fault of you own, you probably are...
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Doctors and Teachers Doctors might be considered more important than teachers because they are the ones we go to when we are ill or injured, and they can save our physical lives. Actually, though, it depends on what your needs are which one is most important. If you are healthy and not injured,...
The difficulty school personnel have with trying to collect unemployment is that most states do not allow unemployment when you are under contract or have assurance that you will return to work when school resumes and therefore "are not unemployed" in the regular sense of the word.
the teacher himself is accountable with his professional growth.
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Miss, Ms, or Mrs.   In the US, students can address unmarried female teachers as Ms or Miss. Married female teachers can be addressed as Mrs. or Ms.In Britain it is also the same but students also address them as Mam to be more respectful.
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Unless your principal is doing something unethical or illegal, attempting to get him or her fired is not justified and is a bit unethical on the part of the persons or persons who make the attempt, especially if they are students whose views might not be totally objective. If you are a student who...
Receiving the "pink slip" puts you in the same class as any other claimant, as opposed to teachers temporarily "unemployed" because of between class sessions, etc. Check with the unemployment office in your state because each state handles the matter a little differently.
Global teachers should be respectful of people of different cultures, and respect diversity. They should also be tolerant, and be willing to learn more about the people they are teaching; their interests, and things like that.
Unfortunately jackiechan here has no clue what a teaching fellow is, and erased the correct answer in favor of his asinine folksy answer instead. to the original poster - please ignore this person's answer until he decides to grant himself a clue or two.
There are many aspects of personality that lead to being a great  educator such as being open-minded. Other aspects include  determination and ingenuity.
Possibly a Teacher Trainer, or a Teacher Educator. For more information, see Related links below. I believe the Japanese term is Hanshi.
This is a result of a very western concept that everyone should excel. This view is reinforced in the US by the 'No Child Left Behind' program. The problem is that the bottom 15% and the top 15% cannot advance at the same rate, and never will. It is not an efficient strategy for optimizing the...
Loose-fitting but professional clothing is both practical and comfortable to deal with the rigors of bending over students' desks and playground duty. High heels are both impractical and will cause long term back or posture problems, given the amount of standing a teacher does. Students are quite...
he/she must be a BE/BTech. having 1st class or CGPA 6.5 ; OR/1st class MTech AMIE holders are not eligible
Mostly because teaching styles differ between them, and sometimes they criticise each others way of doing things. For example, one teacher may be very strict with his students, and one may be overly lenient with them. There is naturally going to be some butting heads between them.
Because it is wrong and unethical, plus there are usually consequences to committing plagiarism if you are discovered, like getting zero for your writing and/or facing discplinary action.
To teach correct, educated communications skills. People are judged by their use of language; low-level language vocabulary and usage is an indication of poor education and ability.
The Antichrist is Satan, and as Satan cannot appear in human form he cannot teach. He can but influence someone to teach his Antichirst doctrine. I believe that if a person is so evil, Satan may possess his body but you will not see Satan as he really is.
By actually listening and understanding what the student is saying, and helping the student through their question, paper or project that they are doing.
It's not an exact science. All children learn differently therefore there should be different teaching approaches out there to suit the needs of all different types of learners. In general, constructivist approaches (teaching styles that focus on hands-on learning) are the best teaching methods.
The traditional route to becoming a public school teacher involves completing a bachelor's degree from a teacher education program and then obtaining a license. However, most States now offer alternative routes to licensure for those who have a college degree in other fields. Private school teachers...
ilke 14.00$ an hour, if you're a substitute you can make 100$ a day.
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The amount that a teacher makes in Massachusetts will vary  depending on how long they have been working and where they work.  The average salary is between $55,000 and $60,000.
Teachers need skills such as preciseness, brevity, clarity and  creativity to make a bulletin board. They should also have good  presentation skills and the ability to attract attention with  written material.
Topics, areas of study, or more specific types of things (since you use the term "design")?If areas of study, I think philosophy should be added. Lower education (I actually mean high school most especially) hits Math, Reading, & Writing. The most important topics. But philosophy is an area that...
For the forensics league, you do not have to be an English teacher as long as you understand debate or can be there for the captains. Typically they are English teachers because there is a lot of writing involved and English teachers just enjoy being the coaches but over all, the answer is no.
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So you you log into teacherweb.org. Once you get onto the home page there will be a navigation bar in the right hand-panel of your computer screen. From there you can choose the state your teacher is from, what school he/she teaches in, and what subject they teach. To ensure, this is not a case of...
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Teachers LOVE homemade things such as food, crafts, drawings, and cards. You could make brownies, cookies, lemon bars, or cake for a teacher which are very easy recipes to follow. Hope this helps!
129,187 as in the 2009-2010 school year
ICT covers any product that stores, retrieve, manipulate, transmit  or receive information electronically in a digital form. For  example, personal computers, digital television, email, robots. The  world in the 21st century is witnessing a quantum leap in the  development and exploitation of...
In India PGT is a post graduate teacher and TGT is a trained graduate teacher.
Of course,teacher act to his students with a sense of gap. Gap which it means the teacher had his/her stand upon interacting with the students. Were the students response and respect to his mentors.Which you've sense understanding within it.
Affair With Married Parent   Any two people who decide to have an affair can, but serious complications could arise should the affair become public knowledge, which is likely at some point. It's probably best to keep personal and professional lives separate.
i think u have to be 18 or older to become a teacher
Dealing with Behavior Issues   Very simply, the teacher should be calm, firm, and matter-of-fact when dealing with students who misbehave. They also need to be consistent, fair, and maintain a respectful attitude and manner. It doesn't help to say anything that demeans a student or to yell at...
a good instructor needs to be confident to speack to others and people in public. a good instructor commuincates with their students so they know what to do and they can help them.
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so that we can see the effectivesness of it and the teacher cannot find difficulties in presenting his/her lesson or topic
I believe you mean 'thematic' teaching. If you are teaching using thematic units there is a good chance you are integrating subjects. Thematic Units or themes are great to use because they are cross-curricular and show the students connections between the disciplines.
Outstanding Teachers   First and foremost, outstanding teachers must enjoy being with students. That might be students in first grade or doctoral students in college, but if you don't enjoy being with students, you won't make a good teacher. Along with that, you must have a heart for teaching...
A teacher would be able to develop the qualities to become an ideal one by trying to observe other teachers. By this, a teacher would be able to acquire good qualities that a good teacher should really owned. Trying to observe also the students will help the teacher know what should be more improved...